124 Pompadour Haircut That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Pompadour haircut also called pomp, has been one of the favorite men’s hairstyle over the year. You might be shocked when I say pompadour wasn’t men’s haircut until the twentieth century. Back in 1800’s pomp was a haircut for women. The word “Pompadour” itself is after Louis XV’s mistress Madame de Pompadour  Despite being a women’s haircut it evolved through the time and, hairdressers found a way to blend into men’s hairstyles. Pompadours gained popularity in the 1950’s when Hollywood movies were grasping the world. Since then it had ups and downs until Roll and Roll sensation Elvis Presley revived again in the 1970s and 1980s and back in 2000s and 2010s by various sports stars and movie stars.

We can combine pompadours with different fades. You can combine pomp with taper fade, low fade, high,
mid-fade. In addition to pompadour can also be coupled with different variations of undercuts. Pompadour can have various lengths and sizes. Guys with round or oval face usually love small or medium-sized pompadours while guys with long face tend to like long or high pompadours.

Pompadour With High Undercut + Clean Shave

Big Pompadour Haircut With Medium Beard

Shiny Small Pompadour

Small Pompadour +Shaved Face

Wavy Pompadour Haircut + Edged High Fade +Beard

Mid Undercut Skin Fade With Textured Pompadour

Small Pomp With Low Bald Fade and Long Beard

Side Part Pompadour With Low Skin fade and Long Beard

Spiked Pompadour Haircut+ Shaved Sides

Big Colored Pompadour With Undercut

Guys love pompadour because it is quick to style, it is a classic as well as a modern hairstyle. Therefore, you can have pompadours in both formal and casual dress-ups; it also has various forms so, you can have different pomp as per your desire. In this article, I am going to show you different types of pompadours combined with other haircuts like fades and undercuts.

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Slick Back Pompadour
pompadour haircut

We can combine pompadour with piercing to give you a bold and sexy look. Colorful tops look cool with the line in with haircut.

Slick Back Pompadour Haircut

With beard or without beard pompadour haircut always makes a man look great. Dark black hair and black beard are good combinations.

Short Pompadour +  High Bald Fade

A pompadour’s length doesn’t need to be extended which starts from your forehead to your back of your head. We can combine short spiky hair with a high fade to give a clean look.

Small Combed Pompadour

Combed hair, thin little mustache, and beard on chin, does he look like  Johnny Depp? You can tell your barber to get little pomp if you are small-headed. I think he looks like Johny Depp. Am I wrong?

Pompadour + Thick Beard

I don’t advise you on smoking, but you should get this hairstyle. Dense black beard and long thick pomp and a tattoo on the arm give you a hardcore looks. You are lucky if you have dense hair and thick beard both at the same time.

Pompadour Haircut With Short Side Lock

A classic pompadour haircut with short side lock for a gentleman. I’m sure people will storm your Instagram if you post a picture with this hairstyle.

 Cute Little Pomp

If you reckon you need long hair for a pompadour, you might be wrong. It is cute pomp you can have with short hair. This pomp combined with a trimmed beard and a line in between looks cute.

Medium Length Pomp Plus High Fade and Thick Beard

A difference between modern and classical pomp is that modern pompadour is usually combined with a fade while latter don’t have fades. These haircuts are examples of contemporary pompadour with fade combined with a thick beard and pointed edges.

Medium Sized Pomp Plus Mid Fade

If you are looking for a haircut for a date, it is pomp you must have. Tell your barber that you want a mid fade and a pompadour. I’m sure she will get flattered seeing you in this hairstyle.

Small Pompadour and Long Thick Beard

Brunet or blonde, short haired or long hair pompadour is for everyone. He has good hair and a thick brown beard; pomp still looks great on him. He looks like a Viking ready to storm over an island from his boat with a giant ax.

Long Pomp with a curved mustache

The curved mustache was very popular back in the 20th century. You might have seen your old man with a curved mustache but, it isn’t much popular these days. The gentleman above rocks a curled mustache with a thick beard on the chin and a high fade and long length pompadour. If you have a long mustache, you should try curling up every day many times a day.

Elvis With His Various Pompadour Styles

After a few decades of decline, pompadour haircut was rejuvenated by Elvis in the 1980’s. We can see two different types of Elvis’s pompadours. Young Elvis looks cute in little pomp with thin hair while the second haircut is long-haired pomp with a thick long side lock. It is one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time. We all should thank this man for the revival of pompadour otherwise we would seeing pomps only in the picture of our grandfathers.


He looks like a big fan of both Elvis and pompadour.

He is not Elvis but, he is rocking and rolling in Elvis’s inspired pompadours.

Pompadore With a Fade and long hair

We can always combine any fade with a pompadour. Curved line cuts in between the fade provide extra style to your haircut. The sidelock thickens and gradually disappears into the thick beard.

Brown Haired Pompadour  Without Fade

If it has been many days since you had a haircut and didn’t have time for a new one, then you can comb your hair sideways and make a puff. There you go, your self-made pompadour.

Pompadour Plus a Low Taper Fade

Here, we have a pompadour with hair parted sideways from the front and a massive beard. It is a simple hairstyle that you can have at your home.

A Big Spiky Pompadour With Low Fade

What do you need when you have thick spiky hair, a thick beard, and great tattoos. He is enjoying curling his big mustache. Spiky hair and thick beard are everyone’s daydream.

Medium Sized Pompadour with Mid Fade

Black hair with black beards and black shirt are the best combinations. Brunet guys go for it.

Slick Back Pompadour

If you have long hair that doesn’t curl up, moisturize it and comb-over; you will have a slick back pompadour. Get a mid fade and ask your barber for a smooth back pompadour.

A Perfect Big Pomp

A perfect big pompadour not only looks great but it might also make you look taller than you are. This haircut is a mixture of classical big pompadours and high bald fade.


Side Parted Pompadore With Mid Undercut Fade

It is the hairstyle made by parting the hair sideways and merging pompadour with mid undercut fade.
Here the sides are shaved for clean looks.

Small Pomp For a Casual Day

You can wear a checkered shirt with a shiny black hair. The haircut consists of a small pompadour, a high line separating pomp and side hair with a clean shave and shaved sides.

V-Shaped Pompadour Combed From Sideways

The hair is parted sideways form both sides long undercut. The back of the pompadour has formed a V shape which looks cool.

Pompadour With a Mohawk Fade

Here, we have a pompadour with small pompadour with an edgy line in between pompadour and side. Cute pomp and big top on ear give a bold look. Don’t get fooled by the black and white picture its an example of modern pompadour.


Pompadour For A Golden Haired Knight

He deserves to be a knight for protecting the world of hairstyles because of that golden hair. Shaved sides and skin fade makes him unchallengeable.

Beautiful Pompadour Haircut

Your appearance reveals many things about you. Therefore, you need to have a gentleman’s hairstyle. Perfectly round pomp and an undercut give you gentle look.

A Combination of Classical and Modern Pompadour and Mustache

Here, we have an epic combination of vintage mustache style, ultra modern fade, and pompadour. These mustaches were famous in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century but, he seems to combine all of them.

Curled Pompadour

You are going to walk on a runway but, you are late; what do you do? Make your hair yourself with hands and get on the ramp. Here we have cool pomp that you can quickly do yourself in a little amount of time.

Another Elvis Inspired Hairstyle

If you love Elvis Presley’s rock and roll music, then you must love his hairstyle too.

Tall Wavy Pompadour

If you want to try, an old hairstyle checks this out. It is a perfect combination of a tall pompadour, trimmed beard, and thick sides.

Coolest Pompadour Ever

I present to you guys one of the best looking haircuts of all time. Trimmed beard, long sides, big pomp parted fro both sides, a heart shape, and lines the back makes this hairstyle most stylish of all time.

A Messed Up Pompadour

Did you forget to put on hair gel? No problem, apply some water, grab a mirror, and make your hair yourself.

Some Hairstyles Don’t Have Fade

Here we have a pompadour with no fade but, it has thick sideways and short sidelocks. Combine it with your favorite denim jacket to get the best results.

Small Pompadour Combed From Sideways

Here we have little pomp which is combed from sideways.

Ginger Or Brown

Are his hair and beard same colored or different? I think his hair is brown and the beard is ginger. Correct me if  I am wrong.

Shiny Black Pompadour With High Line Undercut

Combs produce great textures, don’t they? You should get this haircut if you are a fan of textures and shiny black hair.

Slick Back Pomp With Short Sidelock

Sidelocks aren’t reserved for the military; civilians can also have short sidelocks. Pompadour, undercut and short sidelocks are perfect combinations.

A Beautiful Pomp

Black hair, black suit, and black wrist watch are the recipes for the best look.

Curly Hair Pompadour with lower mid fade

Don’t worry if you have curly hair. I have curly hair myself. This is what I want to do with my curly hair. You should get it too.

A Gentleman’s Pompadour

David Beckham revived pompadours in the 2000’s when he played for Manchester United and Real Madrid. His trademark hairstyles are various forms of pompadours which include spiked pomp, quiff, etc. Beckham has been one of the most iconic footballers who not only played beautiful football but also brought style and fashion into the football world.

Medium Sized Blonde Pompadour

Pompadour looks excellent on blonde guys too. Here, we have classic medium-sized pomp with shaved sides. If you like to try something new, you can color your hair. Are of tired of being a brunet, go for blonde hair color.

A Medium-Sized Pompadour

Do you know facial hair protects your skin from dirt and heat? A good beard enhances your look and, at the same time, it protects your skin too.

Fine High Undercut Fade  Pompadour

There is a large number of things that I appreciate about this haircut. I genuinely adore the smooth high undercut. Clean shave and shaved sides match with the undercut.

Pompadour With Lines In Sideways

I think the lines in haircuts are underrated and they don’t get much appreciation. Lines in hairstyle show how good barbers are.  When lines are coupled with a pompadour, your hair looks just amazing.

Textured Pompadour + Lines + Thin Beard + Piercings

If you have piercings in your face, then you should have lines in your haircut because they provide extra boldness and style to your look. Lines in hairstyles are modern approaches so are tattoos and piercings. A combination of a classic pompadour, modern fade and lines are rocking.


Small Pomp With Mid Undercut Fade + Glasses

Summer is all about fun with holidays, vacations, parties and more.  If you want to enjoy your summer holiday then you need to have this haircut because it is short and sweet, it is easy to maintain when you are home or abroad. This haircut is not only good for parties and stuff but also for formal occasions.

Pompadour Haircut With Mid Skin Fade

You can have a skin fade if you don’t like hair touching your ear. Additionally, you can have a pompadour if you want to look sassy and classy.


Another Classic Elvis Pomp With Thick Sides

Young John Travolta With Curly Pompadour


Young John Travolta was also a fan of Elvis’s pompadour with thick sides. Though John had curly hair, he managed t make it look great.

Robert Pattinson With Messy Pompadour

He didn’t have a beard when he appeared in the Twilight movies but, now he has grown his beard and mustache. You know how good he looks with the goatee and messy pompadour. After seeing this picture, you might want to see his hairstyle without facial hair.

Jonas+ Short Pompadour + Suit

You have a red carpet ceremony for music or a movie award and thinking of which haircut you should get. You might want to try a pompadour. Guess what; Nick Jonas got a pompadour haircut.

Pompadour With Medium Fade Plus Beard and Piercing

Short Blonde Pompadour

I know many of you guys do not like long beard and long hair. If you don’t like them long, cut your hair short, get little pomp and trim your beard short.

Mid Undercut Fade + Pompadour

Generally, fade haircuts take more time and effort. Therefore, if you are in a rush, you can get an undercut combined with a pompadour.

Pomp At Home

You can make this pomp yourself at your home. Get a hairstyle gel from your favorite band, grab a hair drier and get a nice looking pompadour.

Very Small Pompadour

You can have a pompadour even if you have short hair. Here we have a gentleman with short hair. Short pomp looks excellent in formal dress ups.

High Undercut Fade Pompadour + Beard

It is a black and white picture, but the pompadour haircut is modern with high undercut fade and beard. You might want to take a black and white photo with your pomp.

Golden Pompadour + White Suit

Millions of teenage girls from all over the world love Justin Beiber. He had slick back pomp in the music video of “What Do You Mean” and now he has medium-sized pompadour which looks great on him. He is indeed a golden boy with golden hair.

Highlighted Mid Fade Pompadour

I love the long line in the sideways. It divides the skin fade and slightly dense hair. Lines are always attractive when combined with a pompadour.

Low Fade Wavy Pompadour with Long Beard

I have always dreamt of having a long dark beard. This haircut and beard are ideal for the guys with a long dark beard.

High Undercut Fade With Small Pompadour

Ginger Pompadour

Ed Sheeran is the most famous redhead person but, I have never seen in a pompadour. I  want to see him in pomp. This guy above has coupled pompadour with low fade, and he looks great in it.

Platinum Blonde Pompadour

One thing I like about pompadour is that everyone can have this haircut, it doesn’t matter if you are young, adult or old.

Mariano Di Vaio Rocking In Pompadour

After seeing this picture, I am sure you will follow Mariano on Instagram.

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High Highlighted Pomp

Brushed Up Pompadour

Small Pomp With High Line Uppercut

Small Blonde Pompadour With High Uppercut

Pompadour With Mid Taper Fade

Side Parted Small Pompadour With Low Taper Fade

Fauxhawk Pompadour

High Side Parted Pompadour

When Classic Mustache Meets Modern Pomp

Side Parted Pompadour + Boxed Beard

Short Combed Over Pomp Rocks

Black and Blonde Pompadour Haircuts

Big Blonde Pompadour With Undercut

Side Parted Pompadour Haircut

Small Pomp With Boxed Beard

Long Combed Over Pompadour

Classic Pompadour With Mid Undercut Fade

Pompadour With Spiky Hair

Combed Over Pompadour

Shaved Sides With Tapered Pompadour Haircut

Small Pompadour + Low Fade

A haircut is one of the most striking features of man’s beauty. Pompadour is considered a gentleman’s hairstyle. If you want to look cool for summer, get a pompadour with high bald fade or medium fade. If you want a haircut for winter, you can leave the sideways as they are and get cool pomp. Long hair or short hair, straight or curly you can have pompadour for any hair. There are different types of pompadours you can choose.

I just posted more than 100 different variations of pompadours; you can select one from this article. If you don’t like the above hairstyles, you can create your unique style, or you can have pompadours like your favorite actor or sports star. You can go to the saloon to get a new pompadour haircut, or you can grab your comb, hair drier and hair gel to do it yourself at any time in your home. Pompadour is often combined with fades for best results. You can blend classic pompadour with modern fade.

A haircut is one of the essential parts of man’s personality, so, you should always be careful how your hair looks and what kind of hair suits your personality. If you are a guy get a pompadour haircut or if you are a girl then recommend pompadour haircut for your boyfriend or brother or dad or male members of your family.

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