75 Cool Neymar Haircut For You

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior or Neymar Jr is amongst the most recognized face in the modern football world, currently playing in the fashion capital Paris for Paris-saint german. He is undoubtedly among the best footballers in the world and equally famous is his Neymar haircut. The Brazilian manifesto is equally famous outside the football world for his stylish attire and luxurious lifestyle. Starting his career from Brazillian local club Portuguesa Santista from the early age of 12, he was quickly recognized by the Brazilian major league club, Santos. Santos was the major success for Neymar, and he collected fame for his tricksters and footballing skills. He then signed for Barcelona which made him famous globally. Playing along with the GOAT Messi and Suarez he proved his worth in the famous MSN trio.

Talking about the hairstyle, Neymar was stylish from the beginning. He wore a colored Mohawk while playing for the dos Santos. Similarly, he had a top bald fade when he was in Portuguesa Santista youth academy. In recent years, he has changed a plentiful number of hairdos with different occasion and time. His last haircut is a top long golden highlighted hairdo for FIFA 2018. Let’s see the best hairstyles of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior over the years.



Colored Fade With Spiky Top

neymar haircut

There might actually be only 3 or 4 times he hadn’t had fade. Similarly, to the start point of his great career, He uses to have a simple mohawk too. In the particular hairdo here, Neymar has a golden brown highlighted spikes to the top. To the bottom, we have a fade. Unlike a simple fade, he has colored the fade in golden brown color too.

Top Rise Mohawk

Mohawk and Neymar; These are the terms that always come together. If we look at the stats, then we can easily say that Mohawk is the one which Neymar adores the most. He had a simple mohawk to the start of his footballing career. The hairstyle then updated with a series of modifications to it. However, he had his signature look in his mohawk.

Bald Fade Pointed

We all know well that Neymar’s hair is diverse from time to time. While he signed for Barcelona, he wore a pointed hair form. Later, he modified them with a medium top pointed hair with some highlights too. Well as it was not allowed in the pitch, he wore an ear top outside the game to compliment his style.

Curly Highlighted Long Half-Mohawk

Half Mohawk is a particular kind of haircut in which we keep our side part of the hair surrounding ears in somewhat rectangular shape. Unlike Mohawk, we lose that tail hair view that was in parent hairdo. Neymar had a curly hair from his childhood so, he let them grow and highlighted certain strands bright. This add-on made his style better and catchy soon.

A Mohawk Braid

In his time at Santos, growing up as a professional footballer, Neymar once used this hairdo above. It was then while people started to know him for his hairstyle along with his game. Similarly, braids with Mohawk surprisingly matched beautifully with his thin and fit physique.

Spikey Backward Combed Fade

While Neymar was in the top of his form he had a spikey back Mohawk Fade as above. These hairdos look better with suits as well as with casual items of clothing. While attending Ballon’dor award after being second runner-up, he had this very haircut. Adding to that, he also had an ear piercing to compliment this style.

Top Long Fade

Long hair is popular among footballers. Many players think that this affects the agility of players while others feel them as an addition to their physique. Neymar looked more composed and confident with this mature look from long hair. Similarly, he had a fade in his side for balancing a total volume of hair in his head.

Silver Top Fade

Among the many shades used by Neymar Jr, an iconic one is his Olympic winner hairstyle. This hairstyle was iconic and stylish at the same time. His top part of a bright head was entirely silver in color. He looked better outside the pitch too with his style. Similarly, he had a fade to pair up with his silver-colored top.

Spiky Top Taper Fade

Among many Neymar haircut, we have seen, we can confidently conclude that which one defines his personality. We have a spikey top here. A spiky hairstyle might look messy if not cared properly. But, with a hairstyle conscious character like Neymar Jr, we won’t definitely have this problem. Adding to that, we also have a classical Neymar fade to pair up with these haircuts.

Neymar Haircut- Full Mohawk

We always look at the first professional appearance of every great player. If you search on google in case of Neymar Jr, you will get that one above in these pictures. This hairdo is a very hairstyle that 17 years old Neymar used to wear when he was starting his career at Santos. Similarly, these hairdos were also followed by many as the Neymar haircut for many years to come.

Neymar With Short Top

We might recognize these hairdos above as the Neymar haircut world cup 2014. World cup 2014 was a debut world cup for Neymar Jr. Everyone wanted him to be the center of a Brazillian team as he was constantly under pressure to perform. So, he had shown a haircut which got him a serious and bold look to conquer these countries with his magical foot. Sadly, for him, that world cup ended at quarters being injured but his efforts for his team, people will always remember them.

Left Foreward Taper Fade

We remember taper fade as Neymar’s Barcelona hairdo as he always had it there. He became a complete player at Barcelona, so many people remember his tenure there as a part of Barcelona’s squad. Similarly, he leaped his style factor after joining Barcs Football Club. Similarly, he also added his neck Roman Numeral Tattoo to go with his iconic hairstyle.

Random Top Mohawk With Long Rear

With his national team kit, Neymar has an extended rear rough Mohawk here. Similarly, this hairdo is famous as Neymar haircut 2017 when he was set to leave Barcelona to a record transfer to Paris Saint Germans side. Then he got his old Santos to look for a brief period. Similarly, he had a sparse, short beard and a trimmed mustache to pair up with his haircut.

Carolina Dantas  And Neymar

These lovebirds look like they were made for each other here. Talking about Neymar haircut here, we have a thick medium fade with a thick short left forward hair. These hairdos made Neymar look more responsible as well as mature as he was given the captaincy of a Brazillian team in Confederations cup 2016. Similarly, He has his favorite ear tops to go with his overwhelming attitude and fade above.

Rough Top With Golden Brown Highlight

Among many hair colors and highlights used by Neymar Jr the best one that matches his skin tone and his personality is his usual golden brown highlight which also goes with almost all type of casual and formal items of clothing wore by him. Similarly, a golden brown highlight is one that gives freedom to a person to use different modifications. Above he has his naturally curly hair nature which looks even more beautiful with a golden brown highlight of hair.

Thick Even Mushroom Cut

While playing for Barcelona Neymar developed from a teen to a professional player. He has an evenly distributed hair here. Adding to it, he has some highlights in particular strands at the top. Similarly, our evenness here makes the hair look like a mushroom so-called a mushroom cut.

Curly Top haircut with Fade

We have a curly hair of Neymar Jr here. This a natural hair nature of Neymar before he made it straight. Hence, the quality of the hair is somewhat wavy. Similarly, he has a clean-shaven face to pair up with the hairdo. Neymar wore this style during his latest club at Paris Saint Germans (PSG).

Golden Top Hairdo

A golden top is a style in which you color a top half of your head golden. These hairdos are different from regular in a sense that all strands aren’t golden to the scalp. These hairdos show diverseness in the less area portion of a person’s hair. Here, Neymar haircut is in his confederation home kit with golden top and Fade.

Taper Fade Let forward

Taper Fade is an evergreen haircut because of its compatibility and Stylish ability. Similarly, we know Neymar haircut too where he has Faded along with different types of other modifications to the top. Here, we have a  famous Neymar haircut with slight brown hair color, and medium top head lets forward. These Taper fades assists Neymar and every other wearing them to get a composed and confident look.

Neymar And Sparse Beard

Along with different kinds of haircuts we have many types of beard styles of Neymar too that gives completeness to his attire. Neymar hardly keeps his beard thick or long as he adores them finely trimmed. Here, Along with Neymar fade haircut, he also has a finely trimmed beard to pair with his hairdo.

Comb-Over Bald Fade

A comb-over hairdo gives a person an organized look. Similar was a case with Neymar when he was in Barcelona.  Getting along with his teammates he used to wear a bald fade comb-over. This technique was that hairstyle which gave Neymar Jr easiness and Confidence. Similarly, It made him a gentleman whom the teammates can rely on during hard hour.

Neymar’s Son

Unlike Neymar, his son Davi Lucca da Silva Santos has a natural white hair from his mother. Here we have a perfect father-son combination of smartness and cuteness. Similarly, Neymar has a medium front let side with a clean-shaven face. He has a side lock hairdo to the lateral part in which a person’s hair to the side looks small, and Hairdressers use blades to obtain these hair forms.

Long Full Mohawk

How to get Neymar haircut 2016 Barcelona? Well, the answer is clear and straightforward. Take this picture above and go to your style artist, he would do it if you have a favorable hair. But our technical name for this hairstyle above is a full long mohawk with partial highlights. Unlike Neymar, you can wear braids or dreads on the top part of these haircuts.

Spiky Top Left Forward

Neymar haircuts came in different forms, but they never fail to impress us. Here we had a combination of left fore and pointed middle top. Along with it, he has a fade to decorate the bottom part of his head. Therefore, we can always have this Neymar haircut for confidence and effectiveness. Finally, this hairdo here is complete with an addition of a lining to top forepart.

Neymar In Formal

In football ground or outside it, an Informal or informal way of clothing, Neymar loves to look stylish and beautiful. We can always fell his diverse way of presenting himself. There are many Neymar haircut, that is also unique sometimes. We can see him in his Personal attire while he isn’t playing football and he still looks appealing. We all admit that he knows well how to blend the style best and how to present himself where he goes. Similarly, he combines his dressing well with his haircut and his other facial add-ons like piercings, tattoos, and other ornaments.

Double Steps Fade

These hairdos are among those popular ones that most people adore. Similarly, fade gives us a freedom to add any add-ons like piercings and beard forms to pair up with Step fade. It’s critical for players to be agile and fit on the ground and we can say that this step fade helped a lot to Neymar in getting his agility. Similarly, we can say that this Neymar haircut 2014 is a career changer for him.

Neymar And Shades and Suits

Shades always give us a funky look, and with these beauties, we can mark our impression wherever we go. Eye-shades go well with different forms of a haircut too. Here, we can see Neymar jr in his suit and wear reflective blue shades. Talking about the hair, we have a fade with highlighted top in our first picture. Similarly, in our second one, we have a comb-over with fade along with his natural dark hair color.

Side Long Haircut With Golden Brown Mid

Here we have an old Neymar haircut 2012 when he was still in Brazil playing for Santos. Here we have a long mohawk with the middle colored golden brown highlights. In the first Pic, we can see a single highlight while we have light highlights in our second one. Along with it, we have an unusual type of long side hair which gives him that constant volume in his head.


Neymar With Head Bands

We can get a straightforward feeling of a Brazillian aura when we see Neymar in above hairdo. Along with style we also know many Brazilian legends who were wearing this very hair form. Some of them are Ronaldhinio and Ricardo Kaka. Also, we have a look of bolder and broader body physique with these hairdos here. This technique was among Neymar haircut 2014 when he was a little younger in age and experience.


White Colored Hairstyles

Among Neymar new haircuts we have some unique ones that define his personality. This hairdo is that one which he wore in his Paris Saint-Germans season 2018. He was undoubtedly a center of attraction there with a hefty price tag PSG paid for his release from Barcelona. Along with his Playing abilities, he was also a style icon here at Paris. So, this hairstyle above gave him a unique look which couldn’t be ignored.

Top long Mohawk With Partial Fade

These are the terms that always come together. If we look at the stats, then we can easily say that Mohawk is the one which Neymar adores the most. He had a simple mohawk to the start of his footballing career. The hairstyle then updated with a series of modifications to it. However, he had his signature look in his mohawk. Half Mohawk is a particular kind of haircut in which we keep our side part of the hair surrounding ears in somewhat rectangular shape. Unlike Mohawk, we lose that tail hair view that was in parent hairdo. Neymar had a curly hair from his childhood so, he let them grow and highlighted certain strands bright. This add-on made his style better and catchy soon.



Neymar-Fade And Piercings

Neymar Jr is very passionate when it comes to using piercings and ear ornaments to add along to his hairstyle. It, of course, make his stylish as well as Modern. As piercing ornaments are not allowed in the footballing pitch, he either has to open or tape the ear tops before entering there. Similarly, when we see Neymar Jr in awards or celebrity parties, he always let his personality flow through his hairstyle and his ear piercings as well. We know that most of his hairstyles either contains A Mohawk or a fade so a piercing matches with both.



Neymar Haircut- White Hair Colour

We often hear that one can foresee a person’s ambition by judging them with colors. Neymar Jr haircut has many modifications and changes so, we can assume what steps he might take after looking at these things. Similarly, Neymar changed his Hairstyle and colors Many times likely to make a bold move. One of such examples might be his hair coloring to white when he was about to transfer to PSG from Barca. It shows his boldness as well as his love for the club and teammates before leaving peacefully.

Neymar Haircut- Inspiration

Ever felt that your hair is pulling you down as you want to take over your goal. Well, this might be a case if your hair doesn’t match your personality. As in the case of Neymar Jr, it might just not be any case to worry about now. His hairstyles are perfect for him inside and outside the ground too. Similarly, we have a large variety of hairdos to follow on in case of Neymar haircut in comparison to that of most footballers.

Hawk And A Fade

With or without his jersey Neymar always has an appealing attitude. Continuously enhancing his personality is his hairstyles. Here, we have a mohawk in which the parts in the side is fade. As you might not know but for the first Neymar haircut, his hair nature was curly. So after making his hair straight too when he keeps them a bit rough, it seems a little wavy. Well wavy or not we can observe and conclude a fact from above that Neymar’s hair always looks good with a slight coloring of it.


Neymar With Clean-Shaven Face

Neymar Haircut; he looks in better in his clean-shaven face as well.


Trend Neymar Haircut

Being trendy personality is not as easy as it seems to be. You must always be conscious of your looks and your personality too. If we talk about the hairdo of Neymar he chooses them between looking stylish as well as being comfortable. Well, we can conclude from this Neymar haircut that he is most comfortable in one above here.


We often say and hear that ‘A person can never attain Total perfection.’ Well in the case of Neymar Jr we can say confidently that he has got to the nearest that anyone will reach. With Neymar’s never die attitude and confidence in and out of the pitch he is continuing to inspire everyone and anyone who knows him. A person’s personality is directly connected to his style. And when we talk about Mens personality and style, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is his Hairstyle. Similarly, we can conclude from Neymar’s hairstyle that his attitude and personality comes from the top of his head.

In Brazil with Santos, in Spain with Barcelona or at Paris with his new club Paris Saint Germans (PSG) everyone knows and Loves Neymar Jr for the character he plays in his footballing pitch and outside the football arena. We always have tons of things to learn from many people in this world tried to the end to attain success. Such a person is Neymar Jr too. We can be inspired by him and follow his path. Start from his struggle and make a goal of reaching that level. So learn from Neymar, Love him and his style and follow his ‘Neymar Haircut.’

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