126 Mind-Blowing Blunt Cut Bob for Summer 2019

Blunt cut bob hairdo gives you a marvelous appearance. The agreeable and sensible sway haircut gives you an immaculate glance be it on your day by day go to look or captivating occasions. In addition, this haircut came in appearance in the early-1900s the point at which it was considered as one of the hottest and chic updo. Like whatever other hairdos that we have been discussing since past months, blunt cut bob likewise has varieties and can be made in both long and short hairs. The long bob/ sway is essentially known as the Lob and the short or mid-length weave is known as Bob. Let’s have a look on diverse varieties of blunt cut weave that may look alluring and upscale on you.

  • Middle-Partitioned Blonde  Bob

blunt cut bob

Blonde: light or dark, has been the most loved hair shade of all young ladies nowadays. The haircut appeared here to us as short blunt cut bob blonde is basic yet gives you an entirely in vogue look. To get this look, simply ask your beautician, to apply on a shade of blonde at first and after that, slash off your hair to your ideal length. In addition, ask your beautician to keep the edge blunt as appeared in the above picture and leave your hair free in a centre partitioned way.

  • Wavy Blunt Cut Hairstyle

Are you are searching for a haircut that encourages you to rock your summer 2019? If that is the case, you should without a doubt decide on this blunt cut wavy bob. Ladies! simply go and endeavour this haircut and be a talk in the crowd.

  • Blunt Cut Bob With Bangs

Bangs and blunt cut bob are both a modish looking hairdo that you must experiment with at least once. Over and above that, this hairstyle is a special recommendation for ladies of mid-’30s and above that. This hairdo gives you a very smart and graceful appearance.

  • Messy Updo

An impeccably brushed haircut on occasion may look exceptionally dull and repetitive. To dodge that bluntness, you can give your hair a chance to free messily. In any case, for that, it will be less demanding and reasonable whenever set your hair medium-length as blunt cut weave.

  • Light Ash Blonde Hairstyles

As obviously appeared in the image, the light ash blonde haircut tosses an exceptionally sophisticated and poise appearance. By applying on a light ash blonde shade, go ahead with any of the hairdos referenced here as it is exceptionally attractive and inconceivable.

  • Natural Brown Bob Updo

Do you fall under those who incline toward normal looking hair tints and a stylish hair in the meantime? Provided that this is true, try different things with the style referenced above without having a second thought. For this ask your beautician to first, apply on a natural brown hair shade. From that point forward, tell them to chop off your hair as blunt cut weave with the front part kept longer compared with the back segment. You’ll get a sassy and chic appearance that will make you fall in love for yourself.

  • Dolled Up Glance

Do you adore when you get totally dolled up? Additionally, would you like to toss that striking look while walking down on a special event? That being true, attempt this simple yet totally impressive updo. Furthermore, for this, you should simply apply on a blonde hair tint: light or dark blonde according to your decision and let it free straight. You will have an astounding final result to rock your special event.

  • Side-Partitioned Bob Updo

You will confront circumstances when you won’t have enough time to get ready and thus, may wind up looking entirely unfashionable. To stay away from, situations as such revamp your look as blunt cut bob blonde as in the image above that will help you to standout anywhere despite the absence of time.

  • Wavy textured Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob wavy hairstyles are a must try hairdo’s if you want to look trendy. Within no time, this updo helps you look glam and gives you a fashionista feels.

  • Bangs Followed by Brown Blunt Bob

Discussing bangs at first, there are long and short bangs which are shown in the above pictures respectively. Also, about the blunt cut weave, everything is the same as portrayed in the upper sub-topics. What makes this haircut distinctive is the blunt cut bob on a glossy brown hair. It gives you an extremely perplexing appearance.

  • Green Hairdo

In the era where young ladies prefer blonde, dark dark-coloured and shades accordingly for what reason don’t you go for something that is extremely remarkable and striking? The haircut shown here is a mid-length blunt cut bob with a green tint applied on. From this time forward, simply make a green haircut and get a remarkable glance.

  • Wavy Bob Accompanied By Side Bangs

Summer heat and long hair may make you feel irritated and disturbed. To avoid irritation as such, trim your hair short and give a little wavy surface. Additionally, keep bangs along the edge which may go about as a cherry over the cake.

  • Casual Updo

It feels so better and agreeable when you get ready in a casual way. This haircut is an accommodating short bob hair styling ideal for your regular occasion.

  • Pink Vibes

Hair shade and styling both play an important role to take your appearance to next level. The hairdo shown hair is manageable yet looks very stylish. For this, all you need to do is, colour your hair in any shade of pink and style as shoulder-length or short blunt cut bob. Also, flaunt it loose in a side-partitioned way to add an extra enchantment.

  • Mushroom  Bob

This mushroom-shaped hairdo would be perfect for women who love to look stylish even in their old age. Ask your hairstylist to style your hair as mushroom bob and grab the attention of many towards you.

  • Short Blonde Bob

Blunt cut bob short is the best choice on the off chance that you cherish short hairdo’s. This haircut is manageable and causes you to look mind-boggling right away. Additionally, you can clip your hair in a half-up,half-down way or let it free as appeared in the individual pictures above.

  • Vibrant Sleek Hairdo

This blunt cut bob red looks very vibrant and striking. And, the long straight  bangs has added an extra allure to your overall appearance.

How To Do Blunt Cut Bob?

  1. First, cut your hair mid-length with long bangs at the front.
  2. Then, colour your hair with vibrant red as above or any shade of red that you prefer.
  3. Once you are done with step 2, straighten your hair to give that perfect sleek result.
  4. Moreover, this hairdo with red looks good on girls with both fair and dark skin tone so, an attempt for it without any hesitation.
  5. Lastly, you will have your hair ready to get compliments from your loved ones.
  • Lovely Wavy Bob Hairdo’s

For those who feel that hairdo with slight waves and that too on a short to mid-length hair looks outdated, we have presented you a few pictures as to how you can look lovely and up-to-date with wavy bob. Try any of the hairstyles mentioned above and look attractive in an endearing way.

  • Spiffy Styles

By taking a look at the image here, you may ponder as to how these updos would give you a spiffy look, isn’t that so? In any case, don’t accept just by taking a look at the photos, go for it once and see the brilliant look this hairstyle will give you.

  • Hairstyles For Different Facial Structures

You may realize that all people be it young ladies or young men have diverse facial structures and all of which has its very own specialty. For ladies, there are different hairdos that suit the best on particular facial structures. We’ve posted a couple of pictures for various face shapes that you can attempt to get a complimenting result.

  • Swept To The Side

The side-swept hairdo is perfect for girls with a round/chubby face. Regardless of whether you cherish centre separated hair, you better not settle on it as it makes your face look bigger. So, go with side swept hair which makes your face look slimmer and helps you to look exquisitely and stunningly trendy.

  • Punky Appearance

Do you want to get that punk look? If that is the situation, the punk look does not generally go on the stream only with long razored hair. You can vaunt punk appearance through a basic and manageable blunt cut bob as appeared. Besides, the punk look has more to do with a facial make-over and less of the haircut. In this way, oversee both the hair and makeup to get the punk look as you need.

  • Discerning Updo’s

At this point, you may have figured out that there are variations of blunt cut weave updo’s which encourages you to be the centre point of fascination. Among many, these are likewise few of the bob hairdo’s that causes you to look graceful and stylish in appearance.

  • Selena Gomez Inspired

Selena Gomez an American singer, actor, and producer is the heartthrob of many girls these days. If you are a Selena Gomez fan and wish to revamp yourself as she revamps herself, then why don’t you attempt for this first? Get a straightforward yet incredible look with this makeover on yourself.

  • Pink Highlighted Hairstyle

This is a simple blunt cut bob natural brownish hair with the pink highlight at one side. To get this look, follow certain steps as mentioned below:

  1. Cut your hair very short in a way that it gives a flying bob appearance accompanied by bangs at the front.
  2. Next, straighten your hair to give a very sleek finish.
  3. Then, take a certain portion of your hair at the front and highlight it pink: any shade of pink that you prefer.
  4. There you have your sophisticated look ready to be vaunted.
  • Ocean Waves on Bob Cut

The wavy ocean  texture on short hairs gives you a sweetheart glance. Never think that you can’t pull off short waves because it is what helps you throw a stupendous glance.

  • Wonderful Blonde Bob with Side Bangs

Do you wanna give your hair another look? On that note, go for this blunt cut bob with side bangs which goes into some rocker vibe for your special occasion.

  • Ombre Blunt Cut Bob

You unquestionably may know about ombre style which is on trend nowadays right? Here’s a snappy lookbook of how you can pull off your ombre style on short bob with the in-vogue outfit.

  • Black Hairstyles

Many girls out there reading this post might have thought that it is not possible to look up-to-date with natural black hair. But, No! That’s a completely wrong perception that you’ve been moving on with since so long. Take a look at these blunt cut bob black hairstyles and try anyone that suits you the best. The final look will surely leave you awestruck.

  • Colourful Hairstyles


Having being said that bob hairdo gives you a fashionista feels, you can make yourself prepared for any occasions through blunt cut bob with bangs. Distinct varieties of hair are shown here which you can experiment with to update your appearance.

  •  Style it with a Clip 

Short hairstyles might create irritation with strands falling towards your face. For that reason, secure your bob updo with a clip which avoids irritation and adds on extra style too.

  • Light Shaded Updo’s


You might be aware of the dark and light blonde tones, aren’t you? We present you the lightly shaded bob hairstyles which make you appear brighter. Moreover, the lightly shaded hairdo’s suits best for girls with fairer tone than those with a darker tone.

  • Retro Updo

Do you wish to look glam with the stunning retro bob hairstyle? Are you one of those who loves experimenting with different looks that give a whole new touch every time? That being so, this hairdo would be a perfect option for you. Furthermore, you can also apply some vibrant hair tints if you wish to do so.

  • Fashionable Bob Hairstyle

Everyone wants to look fashionable, isn’t it? To get the fashionable look as shown in the pictures above, all you have to do is ask your hairstylist to chop your hair as a blunt cut bob with bangs. Also, ask to apply a little shiny hair tint as per your preference. Moreover, you can leave your hair either loose or slightly wavy as per your desire. The final result will make you ready for any of your programmes and be the centre of attraction.

  • Kids Hairdo

Talking about short bob haircut’s it’s not just for high school young ladies or matured ladies. In fact, this haircut can be styled for children also. It gives an adorable and fine look for children and additionally, makes less demanding for a mother to make girls prepared.

  • Voluminous Bob


We have just discussed simple short blunt cut bob this far. Yet, other than the typical straightforward bob, you can likewise style yourself in a voluminous bob as showed up in the photos here. To get look as above, you have to request that your beautician keep the front part longer contrasted with the back part and add a little pouffe structure to the posterior of your hair. This consequently gives you a discerning wrap up.

  • Sleek Updo’s

The few pictures referenced here are smooth weave updo’s which is a standout amongst the most pleasingly bright and straightforward yet alluring hairdos. There is not a lot that you need to do to get this look, basically, shape your hair as blunt cut bob and afterward, apply hair tints according to your desire. Lastly, straighten your hair to give a smooth wrap up.

  • Captivating Hairstyles

Got a special hangout with friends or your loved ones? Give your hair a captivating touch as above. Simply accept this photos as reference and make something new that makes you a trendsetting fashionista.

  • Glam Updo

To get this look you need to follow certain steps as mentioned below:

  1. First, colour your hair brown and trim it short or vice-versa.
  2. Then, with the help of electric curler or the non-electric one, make slight waves.
  3. Sweep your hair to the side: any side as you feel comfortable with and let it free.
  4. In addition, to make your style look more glam, go for natural-looking makeup with a vibrant lip shade.
  5. You have your complete glamorous look ready to grab the attention of many toward you.
  • Prominent Style

This updo has the excellence and appeal of its own. It may look somewhat unpleasant in the image however it’s about how you carry yourself with this style on. Simply feel good with any style and you’ll understand that noticeable style with you being no.1 in the crowd.

  • Vintage Styles


These are the looks that never get outdated. You can get that incredibly excellent look with the vintage looks. Above all, vintage looks don’t generally need to be twists or waves rather you can style yourself in any type of style that runs specifically with the vintage looks.

  • Voluminous Sleek Bob Hairdo

For some events, it would be better in the event that you keep your hair smooth, straight, and each of the one length or longer at the front for a rich bounce. Likewise, add some volume to your weave which gives an alternate structure to your face.

  • White Short Bob with Bangs

Women, on the off chance that you are developing old and astute step by step and stress over not having the capacity to look smart any longer at that point, simply keep that idea aside and endeavour for this haircut. It gives you an engaging and appealing touch which makes you feel and look youthful.

Accordingly, these are diverse varieties of blunt cut bob hairdos that make you prepared for any occasions be it your special gatherings or everyday work look. What’s more, these haircut’s will give you a chic and in-vogue complete which makes you the talk in the crowd. Along these lines, attempt any of these hairdos in any event for once and catch the eye of numerous towards you.

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