101 Trending Stacked Bob in the Year 2021

Do you want to rejuvenate the year 2019 with something new hairstyles? Then why not go for a stacked bob once? Well, stacked bob is a layered hairstyle that resembles more or less to round shaped haircut. This hairdo seems to go well along with short, super short, curly, straight hair and even with bangs also.

With the right styling, stacked bob looks mesmerizing for anybody. Its versatility opens up choices to women of varied face complexion and hair textures to choose it. Even after originating in the decades of sixties, it is still the number one choice of fashionistas.

What is in this hairdo that it is trending nowadays? It’s only because it takes anyone’s breath away glancing them. Stacked bob make your hair appear fuller and more layers so that you can get a magnificent look. Here we present 81 varieties of stacked bob. They are as follows-

Stacked Bob Curly

stacked bob

It’s true that all of us may not have natural curls. No need to worry in that case. Here we bring curled stacked bob for your convenience. It makes your hair appear voluminous. And to get an extra look, you can perform it little messy.

Layered Highlight

Manage to go with blonde this time. And add some highlights to the layers to get a chic look. I bet the vibrancy exported by blonde bob is unmatchable to any other hairstyles.

Medium Blonde

Chill out friends and have a medium stacked bob to have a perfect new look. For your kind information, straight your hair till to the tip to have a mesmerizing effect. Next time, when you carry out this hairdo, then everybody’s eyes will be fixed upon you.

New Style

Make your days more thrilling and exciting with a new style. Go and better be bold this time to get the hairdo done your heart strive for. Why you fear up so much? Let yourself expand and rise over time.

Curl Up

Curls in this season remind us of romantic memories. To get such memories fresh or create some new, make an effort for curled bob, and there you enjoy with it. This is the only hairstyle made especially for you.


In today’s world, everyone’s face is full of worries and tensions. Without caring for such a situation, let’s start to enjoy our company. And for it adopt a hairstyle with which you can enjoy very much.

Stacked Bob with Layers

If you love any type of layered style, then we brought above-shown hairstyle for you only. And what to say regarding bob cut? It is fantastic, and we don’t have to put much effort into managing our hair.

Medium Stacked Bob

No need to worry medium hair divas; we continuously remember you. And those different length add more charm to your appearance.

Stunning Style

If you really love blonde form the bottom of your heart, then it is a perfect time to shade your hair is blonde. This short bob hairdo is super easy to manage and gives Perfectly great relief to ladies as well as women saving time.


Layers cut makes your outlook so appealing. Perfectly sleek hairstyle! This hairstyle is favored most by ladies and me too. It’s not like that you always have to move on with trending styles. You are your trendsetter.

Rose Gold

It’s almost not necessary to shade your hair with trending colors. Make your mind free from all of the rubbish thoughts. Stay cool and rush to imbibe your hair into rose gold which you favor most.

Stacked Bob Haircuts 2018

As we all know, the year 2018 was thrilling and superb exciting with much fun. What was more lovely was bob trending in the market and preferred by fashionistas since the beginning of the year? Check out some of the varieties. Perhaps you may find which you were searching for a long time.

Purple Highlights

Are you in a dilemma to decide about to apply hair shade? If such confusion persists, then move to another tint both hues. After using a shade fully, prefer to have highlights of another tint. Believe us it appears stunning.

Icy Effect

Ice always reminds of cold love feeling. Love is as still sweet. So then, touch up with an icy effect and see how refreshing you feel. Perhaps girls and ladies look lovely in this hairdo.

Marvelous Effect

Such a fine look! I am completely bewildered. Valentine day is approaching near. So why not surprise your beloved on that day by getting this hairdo? Completely believe this valentine is going to be one of the best valentines you have ever experienced.

Ash Brown

We prefer to define this appearance as classy. The layers look perfectly ok with a grey tint. While the Kajol on the black eyes resembles with a respectable haircut. Glamorize your face with soft makeup, and it appears all natural.

Fine Look

This hairdo is so subtle that it is beyond any description. The bob is managed in such a way that it looks perfect. Earlier we were talking about extreme variations. See here, we bring you one of it.

Very Short Stacked Bob

Are you a professional working woman who remain busy almost all the time? In such a situation, we are going to help. Keenly observe above shown bob hairstyle, we hope you now get the solution to save time for managing your hair.

Platinum Shade

This hairdo ends at a point giving a crushing effect. I really mean it. With it, you are going to impress meeting today. If you are going to have the start of your new project, get this hairstyle and move fresh with it.

Looking Perfect

Not everyone has an eye-catching silky voluminous hair. In such a case, you can rely on a bob style for getting a unique look from getting distinguish from the crowd. If you are working women, then it is fantastic to match with your professional attire.

Messed Up

Hope you will go with it next time.

Long Stacked Bob

Long stack bob is which I prefer to name this hairstyle. For once, take help from your hairstylist and get a new version of long bob if you prefer to have some length. Afterward, you can easily carry yourself anywhere you want.

Girls Style

It reminds me of the somewhat cool styling of hair and enjoying the lovely days of vacation. What it requires especially is to keep more layers and more than this it is all easy to work out.

Looking Lovely

Light hues seem to go perfectly well with short stacked bob. Elegant look, side-partition, and a smile in your face keeps you fresh throughout a hectic schedule. If you are currently seeking a refreshing professional outlook, it can fall in your preference.


If you love the platinum shade, go for it. It versatile your style and gives you an iconic look. For sure, everyone’s eyes around you are going to open their eyes wide open.

Orange Shade

Love to have a romantic moment! Surprise your beloved by planning something special for him. Also, valentine day is approaching near. This Valentine makes him proud with an orange tint and bob combination.

Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Naturally, all women desire for thick hair. If you are one of them having a thin one, no need to worry. Here we brought a stacked bob for thin hair which not only refreshes you but also makes your hair appear voluminous.

Vintage Vibe

Straight hair requires a good haircut which looks best for you. Have a bob cut. Then side part your hair and finally leave it as it is. It will give a fabulous appearance.

Purple and Black

Who says styling comes only with a shade? Next time go with the two. After having bob haircut, shade it in other portions of purple as shown above. And finally messed it up according to your convenience.

Slight Brown

Manage other shades of brown in your just finished out haircut and keep it original. It can be a suitable choice for professional workers who don’t agree to go with much variations in their hair because of time limitedness.

Snow White and Black Combo

Snow White! One of my loved characters from childhood stories. Show your intimacy again by shading yours in other tints of your natural black hair and snow white. The only outcome is an incredible look.

Rainbow Hair

If you aspire to make life colorful, then why not start by approaching mix shade? You have no tension in choosing a color. Paint your hair with rainbow varieties and enthralls the best fragrance all around.

Chocolate Brown

Do you long to have a royal look? Yes, this hairdo doesn’t have many layers but tints of color added to make it appear elegant and beautiful. If I have it described in two words, I would call it classic and lovely.

New Style

This new style seems to suit all types of facial complexion and better go with straight hair. After having a hair cut, divide it into two partitions from a side. Finally, attach it with a hairpin.

Pleasant Appearance

Sleek part, light layers, and magnificent color enthrall a positive aura around people. You can even use the magic of light and dark colors to reflect versatility. To experience something different, manage the messy variety.

Light and Dark Combo

Appreciate everything, show tremendous love to each once by accepting them. Then see how your life beautifies within few days. So, go for this hairdo as the starting act of living a beautiful experience. What view do you have regarding such an organic idea?

Brown Curls

Among those little curls in brown color with the companionship of a beach, wait for tiny waves slowly coming to touch your feet. Feel it, deep dive in those feelings and rejuvenate yourself. I usually do it to celebrate moments with myself.

Slightly Messed Up

Get out of the feeling what should be done and what should not be done. Make yourself a free wanderer. Take a car, drive to an unknown destination for some refreshment. And if in the process, your hair gets slightly messed up. Then don’t worry at all.

Blackish Bob

I love only those moments of my life where I have no necessity to pretend. I don’t know the reason, but from my childhood, I have a deep attachment to originality. So, coming summer, I am going to go with a black shade, removing the current shadow.

Grey tone

Yes, it is a truth that we have not met each other till now. But it does not matter. What concerns is the adaptation and appreciation for the varieties we present here before you. In case of changing hairstyle for your professional attire, go with above shown grey tone.

Silvery Purple

Give yourself a glamorized look with a brilliant purple color combination. Finding perfect hairdo for straight hair isn’t that much challenging as it sounds to be. Guys all the best for your selection strategy.

Super Short Stacked Bob

We, Humans, need not have wings to fly. Make some of your wishes a reality. Yes, it is a must to live for others. But in the course of living for others, how can you completely forget that you also exist as a human being with desires and emotions? Fly higher and higher with a super short stacked bob.

Truly Magical

Some shades of blue highlights over light blonde and white coloring! It is superb and magical. If you are overwhelmed by it, contact your hair specialist once. I hope you like it.

Voluminous Curls

Each one of us may not have voluminous hair by birth. But you can make your hair appear lustrous through styling. Keenly observe above shown voluminous curls. Perhaps you may get an idea of what I was hinting.

Pretty Bold

This time you need not worry about any things. Go different and do as your heart strives. You are not doing anything wrong until and unless your act harms others. So, my dear companion, shine through your bob.

Your Choice

Your choice is primal to take your life in the direction you aspire. So, why not start with your choose style of hairdo? I find it lovely and inspiring too. Don’t you think so? Feel free to comment.

Golden Highlights

Yes, my girls, they are golden highlights especially designed by our team of expert considering your choices and likes in our mind? We better hope you are overwhelmed by these highlights.

Blonde in Ash Shade

Never limit yourself in anything. Feel free. Make the best of every opportunity you are to have. Then see to which flight ti will take you along. So, this time goes for blonde in ash variety.

Length Varies

Yes, it is the age of uncommon and do you love to go for it? The same applies in case of a haircut too. There is no necessity that you should have an even hair-length. Sometimes, uneven can also be amazing. For your contentment, have a glance above once.

Purple Tone

I really don’t know why but from my very childhood I had a deep attachment towards the purple. Hence every time when I love to interchange the tone of my hair. Then without thinking even for a moment, I go for a purple tint.

Golden Streaks

Gold replicates your beauty. Though it is costlier to have it, instead go for a golden streak in your hair. I hope you may find it fascinating. If you have no interested then also you can suggest to others.

Fascinating Highlights

As usual, your hair shade reflects originality. But in cases, highlights also sparks natural look of the hair. If you find it hard to believe us then also you can try once. I bet you will not regret it.

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Caramel chocolate Combo

Hmm. Who is not going to love those incredible combinations of chocolate and caramel tints? Especially girls go on crazy for it. So why to be in a dilemma of choosing either of one? Enjoy both variations once at a time.


Occasionally incline towards simplicity rather than complicated hairdos. So, chill out after taking a deep breath. Side part your hair with a bob haircut and preferred shade. My dear, you are ready within a minute. Don’t you find it super-exciting?

Shiny Bob

Leave aside everything, take a break, plan something different and revive your friendship by surprising your classmates. Again re-create warm memories which you used to have in your college days. After all, life is meant for living each and every passing moment. Cherish with a shiny bob.

Soft styles

With such hectic schedules, I question up myself is it really that life which I was dying to live? Yes, works, priorities, ambitions, dreams are there but yet one need to take a break and enjoy your leisure time. Such that you can have a touch over soft hairstyles for refreshment.

Variations Of Short Stacked Bob

I know I am not that high school girl. But yet my heart yearns to get feeling of a high school girl. To relish the vibes and experiences, I decided to go bold and add variations to my new hair styling. Now I have short hair, and I am having fun like a bubbly girl.

Finally, we are done with 81 varieties of stacked bob. We firmly believe that you get the right idea about which style to choose.  Please take out some time to forward your valuable comments and suggestions to us. We always welcome them. Stacked bob proves it. Short hair also looks stunning the same as that of long hair. Do you even believe in it or have some other aspects regarding it?

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