91 Breathtaking Side Braid Hairstyles For You

Braids are the complicated structure of hair formed by intermingling three or more strands of the hair. And side braid is an effortless way to style the hair where braids are on any of the sides. Though it is most natural hairstyle so far, it contends lots of varieties in it such as side braided hairstyle for short hair, side braids for black women, side braid bun, side braided ponytail, easy side French braid, etc. Here are some of the varieties of side braids.

Side Braid Hairstyle for Short Hairside-braids-hair

Braids are all time favorite. They look astonishing in short hair. And for black hair, they are of course best hairdo in the world. Don’t you think so?

Easy Side French Braid

French braids are straightforward. They are cool to adopt in summer. You can catch up with it. Anyone can make a stylish side braid and carry it out.

Easy Side Dutch Braid

Do you want to look stunning with a naturally sweet style? A Dutch braid is for you. Start from a side, and end towards the neck. Again continue with the simple twist. Here it is ready.

Side Braid with a Band


Do you love to keep bands in your hair? No matter at all. Slowly form a side braid in a way you wish and wrap up the section with the band.

Braid Hairstyle for Girls

Fashion always matters the most for girls. Try this hairdo of side braid and set a new trend of fashion. Isn’t it a pretty idea?

Side Braid Hairstyle for Prom

Do you want to try with side braid in a formal gathering? Then this can be the perfect choice for you. Free a section of the bang. Form side braid and wrap up all the hair.

Side Braid in Straight Hair

Straight hair is always lovely. Take a section of a hair from the side you like and form braids out it. Leave the other part as it is, and your hair is ready.

Easy Side Braid

Do you prefer to add something extra to side braid? Then, go with the twist and start with braid from the neck.

Sophisticated Side Braid

This excellent variety is the best for one who intends for sophisticated. Part your hair from the side. Taking the right side, start to form side braids out of it.

Glossy Look

Do you love to enjoy party time? Then cherish along with your hair. Lose your side hair freely. Take all section to a side and settle in a braid. Your glossy look is ready now.

Side Braid Bun

Buns are the right choice for parties, formal or casual gatherings or any season. Go get on with this beautiful combination, and enjoy the hairdo.

Side Dutch Braid

Dutch Braids! They are fabulous. And the important thing about them is they are best for summer. You can get a relaxed style out of it.

Side Braid Hairstyle with Bun

Are you a lover of the bun? Then enjoy this combination. All you have to do is to form a side braid continuously. After that, make a bun out of it.

Luscious Variety

This hairdo seems cool and charming. First partition your hair from the side. Start to form braid and leave the other section as it is. And the luscious variety of side braid is ready.

Stylish Side Braid

Is it in your case to attend formal gatherings frequently? And do you want to give something new hairdo a try? Then this stylish side braid is a perfect option for you.

Side Braid with a Ponytail

Take a section of hair. Settle it in a ponytail. Start with the braids, and here you go with the beautiful outlook. Though messy, it maintains well.

 Side Braid Hair Down

Are you a fan of side braid? Then have a look at this variety of side braid. Hairstylist set all the hair to a side, part it and braided it.

Longer Side Braid

Proper side braid gives more charm and grace. Braids glow higher in the long hair. As they are super easy to do, divide the hair into three strands and braid it.

Extra Outlook

Why not be a trendsetter? One can have a great thought of trying this hairdo. The fascinating part is you will be the center of the eye of the crowd.

Double Braided

Side braids are an excellent hairstyle for long hair. To get in tune with this, start with a loose thick side braid. Form the plaitss again out of it. Get them interconnected. And there is your double braid.

Braids in Blonde

Blonde offers charm to the appearance. Braids in blonde are quite suitable for having the simple yet elegant look. The best thing is it appears well maintained.

Bun and Side Braid

Is there confusion about how to style the hair? How can it be when there is side braid as an option? Get in tune with the perfect match-up of side braid with bun. And have fun.

Waterfall Side Braid

When it comes to waterfall braid, it offers the same pleasant feeling like when we view the waterfall. It does not demand much effort. Make a waterfall braid, tune it to the side to form the side braid.

 The Range of Side Braid

For this, turn your hair to a side. Exactly above the ear, take a section and make a tiny braid out of it. Simultaneously, form other ones too. And the great outlook is all set.

Brown Shade

Brown is a fantastic color preferred by most of the women. Start with side partition, and form a beautiful braid out of it. The superb comfortable style you can go.

Other Varieties


Side braids now are in trends along with its lots of variations. The range of varieties a vintage vibe, and one can relish with them. Check on all these and get the one which fits you.

Braids with Ponytail

Hmm. It appears wonderful. Don’t you think so? The hairstylist prefers the side braid. Then manage to form ponytail out of it.

Chocolate Brown Shade

Wow! Chocolate brown shade grants the most pleasing appearance. And preference to styling is quintessential selection indeed. Are you in the mood of trying?

Side braid in Ice Blonde

Ice Blonde! Are you getting an icy feeling? Do you want to keep this feeling intact? Then select side braid as your alternative.

Platinum Side Braid

Platinum gives a pleasant feeling. The Dutch braid with platinum shade clean looks along with a bit of style.

Gentle Bun

Lose a tendril to look extra classy. After the side braid is ready, form the plaits of the rest section of the hair. And finally, arrange a bun out of it.

Side Braids for Black Women

Side braids give better fresher looks to black women. It projects a stunning, stylish appearance which is super easy to form. Divide strand in three-part and merge to form braid and then pin it.

Pretty Braids

You can try this hairdo if this match with your facial complexion. It provide you with a lavish appearance.

Black Side Braid Hairstyle

The black always refers to the epitome of beauty, grace and flawless. The color is magical. To a side, hairstylist divides hair in the different section and then manage to form the plait.

Crossed Side Braid

You can do many things with side braid as it has endless possibilities. Finalize two different section of hair to form the braid. Cross them and join to form the parallel braid.

Side Braid in a Short Bob

See here! Aren’t you astonished by short bob? Start making plait and end above the ear. Your style is quickly ready.

Lovely loops

The loops look lovely. It takes your breath away. This hairstyle is perfect for long and straight hair. Wrap up the bottom with an elastic band.

Side Braid with Bang

Bangs are for seductive appearance. Lose your fringe. Settle hair in the braid from a side. Here, the plait is thick, and it is wonderful.

Sided Braid with Bouffant

Are you a lover of sophisticated look?  Settle a bouffant in your hair. Then loosely take all the hair to a side and form braids out of it. And you get sophisticated outlook as the outcome.

Half Up Pony

Take half section of your hair. Get a half up pony out of it. Leave the other part freely. Manage to form plaits considering mid strands of a side. You get a new hairdo.

Rolled and Attached Side Braid

Start with rolling your side hair. Form loose plaits out of it. Your hair is all set then.

Side Fishtail Braid

Hmm. The fishtail braid is always lovely. Aren’t you fascinated by it? Leave some section of your long bangs. Then go with the fishtail braid.

Beautiful Side Braid

Don’t this variety of side braid take your breath away? The first start is with thick side plaits. When the plaits reach the neck, they are formed in thin section. The end is tied with elastic band.

Side Twisted Braid

Starting from top section of a side, strands of hair is rolled. Cross a roll with the other and form a knot. Continue with the process till the bottom and tie with a elastic band.

Girls Going Side Braid

Hey girls! It is girls going side braid as it matches the style. Part your hair. Make a side braid. And your girl going style is super easily ready.

Prom Side Braid


Prom is coming and you want a sweet and pretty hairdo. Right! This variety of side braid is the best option to create a vintage vibe. The version suits best in straight hair.

Effortless Side Braid

  • Side part your hair.
  • Form an effortless side braid.
  • Tie it with an elastic band.

Tiny Braids

Huh! Tiny braids. They are capable enough to make you noticed among the crowd. They are much popular. Get a new outlook.

Side Braid Black Hair

How gorgeous Anushka looks into this hairstyle! For this hairdo adopt these steps-

  • Get a center partition in your hair.
  • Move all the hair to the left side.
  • Slowly form plaits out of it.

Front Side Braid

This hairdo does not cost much of your time. For this, follow these steps-

  • Make a side partition.
  • Get a small twist in the upper section to look stunning.
  • Move hair to the right side.
  • Form finer plaits as shown above.

Highlighted Bob

It is the nice version of the highlighted bob. One can create this side braid. Settle a side partition and start to form tiny plaits out of it. Your hairdo is ready.

Easy Bun with Braid

Why manage the hair in only one style? Apply this combination of side braid and bun as well. The result is a smooth appearance along with a vintage vibe.

Messed Side Braid

It is a messy side braid with a bang. Below are the points to take into consideration for making this hairstyle-

  • Settle a side partition with the bang.
  • Leave some section of hair along with bang so as it looks messed.
  •  Loosely form a plait.
  • Tie it with an elastic band.

Short Bob

Do you love Bob? Get your hair done with it. There are no worries either as one can enjoy the side braid style in short bob too. Won’t you believe? Have a look into this picture.

Side Braid for Black Women

This side braid is perfect for black women, and it suits them. How to make them? Below are the steps-

  • Make center-partition.
  • Start to form braid from both the side.
  • Merge both the braid.
  • Take a left one to right and vice versa.

Twisted Side Braid

If there is anything that adds something extra to hairstyle, then they are twists and knots. For this hairdo, follow these steps-

  • Make a side partition in your hair.
  • Start with the twist from both sides.
  • Merge the twist in a knot.
  • Start to form the braid.

Thick Side Braids

Do you have a thicker hair and worry how to manage it? Then this thick side braid can be the best choice for you. Side braid your hair and lose the plaits to look thicker. Here you move with it.

Twisted Bun with a Side Braid

Do you want to try this one? Below are the process-

  • Get a side braid.
  • Move all section of hair to the back side.
  • Form a twisted bun attaching side braid.

Numerous Braids

  • Do side partition in your hair.
  • Make many braids in the right side.
  • Leave aside rest section of the hair.
  • Your style is perfect now.


Knotted Side Braid

This version of side braid is alluring. Do you want to get a try? Consider these points-

  • Leave a section of the hair.
  • Form side braid.
  • Attach the braid with other section of hair and get it knotted.

Side Braid for College Girls

Whose says you can’t style your hair in the braid while going to college? See how fascinating is this style to get on to college. And it is super easy to make as you all know.

Easily Twisted Fishtail Braid

Everyone wants appreciation for their hairdo. Then get this beautiful combination of twists and knots. Wrap up the upper section of the hair with twists and knots. After reaching neck, form a fishtail braid.

Iconic Side Braids

What an iconic side braids? Do you want to be in this attire? Hold your breath as here is the procedure-

  • Side apart the hair.
  • Taking the frontier, start to form side braid.
  • Take it to the back section, and it is ready.

Casual Side Braids

Do your friends inform you at the last hour for a gathering? And you worry about the hairdo. This variety of side braid is there for you. Leave aside your part hairs. Form side braid and put the end in an elastic band.

Easy Side Dutch Braid

Do you want to look stunning with a sweet style? The Dutch braid is for you. Start from a side, and end towards the neck. Again continue with a simple braid.

Ash Brown Hairdo

Hmm. Ash brown hair is always alluring. The back portion looks super-sexy in this hairstyle, and it is too easy to get on. If you are searching for a sophisticated look, then also it is the perfect option.

Golden Variety

Proper braids hairstyle makes you more attractive with lots of grace and charm. Golden shade always flourishes stunning appearance. For this hairdo, get brown shade done. Perform a side braid.

Side Braid hairstyle for Wedding

It is essential to look warm in formal gatherings. For this, you can try on this variety. About the upper one, it is the side braid attached in a bun. The lower one is a lavish pony attached to a beautiful hairpin.

Ageless Style

There may be the common conception that braids are most suitable for girls not for the more aged women. Look at this kind of side braid where you seem gorgeous all above your age.

Blonde Touch- up

Pull a section of side hair and get some plaits on it. Shade the hair in blonde from the mid-shaft till the end.

Side Braids with Waves

Waves offer a romantic feeling. Consider these steps-

  • Side apart your bangs.
  • Get a side beautifully braided.
  • Turn the hair from the mid-shaft till to the end a luscious wave.

Messed Bang

Keep the mid-shaft portion frizzy as it gives a messed touch-up. Then divide the hair into three section. Manage to form braids and the messed style is now ready.

Classy Look

The shade is itself enough to provide a classy look. And the magnificent combination of side braids directly takes the breath away. Many women prefer this hairstyle for events as it is super easy and demands so less time.

Magnificent Look

The best thing about side braid is that it gives an excellent look in such super easy hairdo. And the steps are very ordinary. Have a look-

  • Side apart your bang.
  • Form braids.
  • Tie the end with an elastic band.

Loosed Bang Fishtail Braid

Consider these points for this beautiful hairdo-

  • Leave a section of the bang.
  • Roll the small strand of hair.
  • Finish the hair a beautiful fishtail.
  • End the bottom section with the hair only.

Fishtail Braid

Who is not going to love fishtail side braids after watching this spectacular style? Start with braids but make it lose thick one to get a relaxed appearance. Get in touch with fishtail braid after the neck section.

Minute Braids

Consider the points for this hairdo-

  • To a side, divide hairline in the different section.
  • Take the section into braids.

Shouldered Length Side Braid

The side braid is very straightforward style. Get the brown shade done. Manage your hair to shoulder length. Attach a pin the formed side braid.

Side Braid Attached with a Pin

White is the color giving a pleasant experience. Form a side braid and attach it with a pin.

Varieties of Side Braid

There are different varieties of side braid. Different shades with varying lengths of the hair are there. You can go on with the type that matches you the most.

Side Swept Bang


Here, the hairstylist focus on side swept bang. It looks alluring. One can take hair to the side, and braids form out of it.

As we all know, trends of different hairstyle always come. But what has remained always is the braids. As side braids are super easy to get on, most of the women prefer it. Side braid has a lot of variation with it ranging from side braid for short hair to the long one. The Fascinating thing about side braid is the eye-catching glance that the plaits so formed offers. You can style your hair with side braids according to the occasion.

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