66 Boho Hairstyles That Gives You a Lovely Glance

Boho hairstyles give you a very lovely and fashionable glance. Bohemian style is a  very beautiful style and is perfect for summer and fall as it goes perfectly well with the weather.  To create this look you need not devote lots of time and effort. You will get the amazing look effortlessly. There are different ways in which you can create a boho style such as braid, buns, twists and turns, curls, straight hair and so on. Moreover, this hair can be styles amazingly in both long, medium and short hairs. People are bringing back the 70’s and 80’s hairstyles along with the boho styles in trend. This hairstyle has become very popular these days because of the gorgeous glance it gives and the creativity that the hairstyle reflects.

Bohemian hairdo gives freshness to your appearance. You can add some tints and accessories to your hair to make it look more glamorous. You must have the courage to experiment with your hairstyles that gives you a different glimpse. So, here are some of the bohemian hairstyle that we want you to try and look absolutely gorgeous.

  • Side-Swept Dutch with Flower Crown


The side-swept dutch braid with a flower crown makes you look utterly gorgeous. To get this look, you need to create a dutch braid and keep it to the side. Once you are done with the braid, just add a flower crown at the top that gives you a very cute and lovely glimpse.

  • Half-Up Hairdo with an Inverse Braid at the Side

Are you looking for a stylish hairdo for your day-t0-day look? If so, you can try this half-up hairdo with an inverse braid at the side.  To create this hair do you need to follow series of steps:-

  1. First, take a couple inches hair at the front and braid it as an inverse braid from top to the tip of the hair.
  2. Back-comb your hair at the middle to create a little pouffe texture.
  3. Once you are done with step 2, take your hairs form both the sides and pin it up with a clip to give a half-up look.
  4. There you’ll have your half-up hairdo ready to be flaunted and grab the attention of many towards you.
  • Braided Bun with Flower Accessory

Do you want to look glam during parties? Are you looking for a hairdo that makes you look elegant?  Then, you can try this little messy braided bun. This hair is a perfect choice if you are planning to wear a gown or a beautiful dress for different occasions.  To make it look more attractive and gorgeous you can simply add up a hair accessory.

  • Twisted Hair To Fishtail Braid

To create the look as in the picture above, you first need to take few inches of hair from both the sides and twist it up. Once you are done twisting your hair and reach the centre point, secure it with a hair tie. After that, continue as a fishtail braid till the tip of your hair. To make it more eye-catching, you can also decorate your hair with some flowers as well as colour your hair as per your choice of colour. Also, to create the half-up, half-down look, you need to leave half your hair open.

  • Double Twisted Hair

This wavy double twisted hair is a good option for any occasion. You do not have to devote much time and effort to get this amazing hairdo. Moreover, you can make your hair wavy, curly or straight as per your preference.

  • Dutch to Low Pony

This hairdo gives you a very unique glance. Take your hair in the middle and start as a dutch braid from the top to bottom. Once you are done with the braids, hold all your hairs and secure as a low pony with a hair tie. After securing with a tie, roll on your natural hair on top of the hair tie to make it look more striking.

  • Headband Dutch Braid

If you are looking for a modish and natural hairdo, you can try this headband dutch braid. To add more elegance loosely curls your hair at the bottom and decorate with flowers as shown in the picture above.

  • Several Braids

Grab a small section on both sides and start as a French braid and secure both the braids on the opposite sides. After that, take few inches of hair right below the french braid. Take four parts of such parts. Braid all the four parts of the hair all the way down and secure it with a hair tie. The perfect bohemian hairstyle is ready to grab the attention of many towards you.

  • Twist&Turns and Braids

Do you want to create an amazing hairstyle along with your best friend? Do you both want to look stylishly fashionable? Then, try these twist&turns and braids. If you have a long hair then you can try a double twist overlapped hair and tie as a pony. Whereas, if you have a mid-length hair you can create a Dutch Braid and tie as a knot in between leaving half your hair untied. A perfect hairdo for your vacation getaways.

  • Stunning Braids

You will love this absolutely gorgeous braided hairstyle for any season. Whichever season you try this hairdo, you must be able to pull it off. Moreover, this gives a different charm and grace to your overall personality. You can spend time trying out various hairstyles that will give you a completely different look.

  • Thick Side Braid With a Pony


Pony hairstyle never goes out of fashion. It suits for girls of all age groups and anytime, any day. Thick braids give you a very bold and daring look. To get this look just start a thick braid at the side moving all the way downwards. When you are done with the braids, hold on all your hairs and secure it as a ponytail.

  • Half-Up High Bun

Bun hairdo itself gives you a very cool look. There are different variations of bun hairdo and one of them is a Half-up high bun. This boho style makes you look very cool and fantastic. To make the hairdo look more appealing, you can make a three strand braid at one side moving all the way downwards.

  • Twists, Bangs and French Braids

Are you looking for a quick and easy to make hairstyle? If so, you must try the hairstyle as shown in the picture above. To get this look you need to follow certain steps:-

  1. First, cut your hair at the front as a full-length bang and sweep it at the side.
  2. Take couple inches of your hair at the front and twist it. Pin the twist somewhere in the middle of your head.
  3. Sart making a french braid moving downwards and secure it with a tie.
  4. The hair is ready to be executed.
  • Waterfall and Dutch Braid Along With a Hair jewellery

Waterfall braids give you a very stylish and attractive glimpse. The braid is named as a waterfall braid because the hairs passing down from between the twists or braids gives a waterfall appearance. So, to get the look as shown in the picture above, first take two strands of your hair from the corner of the ear and twist it. From between the twists make your hair pass as a waterfall dropping. Pin your hair to the opposite side. After that, Create a dutch braid just above from the same side where you created a waterfall and pin it to the opposite side. When you are done with the braids, decorate your hair with a hair accessory. Furthermore, you can keep your open hair wavy or straight as per your choice.

  • One-Sided Braid on Short Bob

If you think you cannot style or change your overall look because you have a short bob hairstyle then, you are completely wrong. To style you short bob, you can simply make a side french braid from the top moving downwards. You can pin up your hair once you reach the middle and leave your hair untied. For adding more grace you can add a bit of wavy texture to your hair.

  • Pull Through Twisted Half-Up Hairdo with an Accessory

The pull through twisted half-up hairdo with an accessory on a blonde hair looks amazing, doesn’t it? To get the amazing look as in the picture above you need to create a wavy texture to your hair, take couple inches hair from both the sides, separate it into two strands and twist it. Once you are done with both the twists, pull from below to give a pull through look. Pinup both the hair at the middle and leave half the hair open. For adding more grace, add a hair jewellery.

  • Two Side Braids combined as  Knot

Why always try a boring and dull look for your daily appearance, right? You might be wondering what hairdo to try to look chic and elegantly fashionable. You can try the hairstyle as shown in the picture above. To get the look you need to follow series of steps:-

  1. Take few inches of your hair at the side and start your braids.
  2. For the first part, braid as a fishtail braid continued till the bottom.
  3. Do the same as step 2 for the second part of your hair and secure it with a hair tie.
  4. Once you are done with the braids, take a first braid and open hair at the back and tie it as a bun making the second braid fall from between the knot.
  5. There you have your sophisticated look ready to be flaunted.

Moreover, to get this look you need not colour your hair blonde as shown in the picture. If you have the clour it is okay or else you can simply get the look with your natural hair colour.

  • Multiple Braids

This hairstyle looks very complicated but the end result will be worth it. Follow certain steps to get this look:-

  1. Take couple inches of your hair at both the sides.
  2. At one side, create a thick fishtail braid and pin it up at the centre.
  3. At the other side, twist your hair and pin it up at the same point where you pinned your braid.
  4. Right below the braid and twist, create a french braid flowing downwards.
  5. To add more poise, give a wavy texture to your hair.
  6. Your hair is ready to grab the attention of many toward you.
  • Long Hair with Boho Accessory

At some point, you might not want to create any kind of hairstyle. During that situation, you can simply clip your hair in a messy way and add a boho hair accessory to get that Oh! so chic glance.

  • Half-up Two-sided Braid

Half-up two-sided braid makes you ready for different occasions from parties to daily looks. Just create a fishtail or dutch braid on both the side and clip at the middle. Leave half your hair open either straight or wavy as per your choice.

  • Side-Swept Thick Fishtail Braid

The most simple yet elegant hairdo. If you want to get yourself a simple updo just try this hair, braid as a fishtail and keep it sideways.

  • Double Dutch to Bubble Form

This hair looks extraordinary and looks very eye-catching. Create a double dutch braid at both the sides and secure it with a hair tie once you reach half-way downwards. After that, continue as a bubble hairdo securing your hair in between. You have your extraordinary hair ready to grab the attention of many towards you.

  • Side-Swept Twisted hair with a Hat

This hairdo is perfect if you have a  naturally thick hair. Take all your hair to the side, divide it into two sections. Separate each section into two parts and twist all the sections. Once you are done with the twists, combine both the twists as one. To add extra style, put on a hat.

  • One continued as Two

If you want to look very attractive on a daily basis then, you can try this hairdo. This hairdo gives a very unique glimpse. First, take a thick portion of your hair at one’s side and make a thick braid flowing downwards. When you are done with the braids, take hair from the other side and tie the hair and braid at the centre point with a hair tie. To give a different glance, roll on your own hair above a hair tie. After that, continue as a braid from the open hair that you’ve tied at one side. Your One braid continued as two is ready to turn heads towards you.

  • Crown Braid

Crown Braid is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a wedding hairdo or just a party hairdo.  You can complement this hair with a hair jewellery if you want to or else you can leave it that way.

  • Multiple French Braid

This hair is very easy to create. First, take two small parts of your hair on both the side and braid it the French way. After that, take a portion of your hair at the middle and again braid that hair the French way. Tuck in the small braids into the middle braid to get that astounding look.

  • Wedding Hair

Are you looking for a very fresh, elegant and natural but glam look? Then, you must definitely try on these hairdo’s either loose braids or twisted hairs. This hairdo is simple yet elegant for the most precious day of your life that is your wedding day. Moreover, braids are great for occasions as they always keep your look together.

  • Combined Fishtail Braid


To get this gorgeous hairdo, first, take couple inches of your hair at both the sides of your head. Then, make a fishtail braid on both the sides and combine both the hairs once you reach the middle of your head. There you have your gorgeous updo ready to grab the attention of many.

  • Braided Knot

As you all know that the half-up knot hairdo is very trending these days. To add more style and poise, add-on braids at the centre part as shown in the picture above. Moreover, it offers you a very different glance that the rest of the hairstyle.

  • Bohemian Style

A bohemian style that is messy and graceful at the same time.

  • The Perfect Twist

If you are not a pro at making braids, you can simply twist your hair the perfect way and get the astounding glimpse.

  • Perfect Sports Look

At most times, it might be very difficult for you to concentrate on your sports events or gym because of the disturbance of your hair. So to avoid that disturbance, simply try on the double-sided inverted braid that makes you feel comfortable and cool at the same time.


  • Bubble hairdo

If you want to try a very cool ponytail then, you should definitely opt for this hairdo.try this hairdo and see the worth it results.

  • Flower Accessorized Hairdo

This is a very easy and manageable boho hairstyle with braids or the twists going downwards at the back. This hairdo makes you look incredible. Furthermore, an addition of those flower accessories enhances your beauty to a different level.

  • Half-Up Knot Bun

A very easy and manageable yet fabulous updo for a casual day. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle on daily basis.

  • Side-Swept Fishtail Braid

These loose braids are so beautiful, aren’t they?  The braided pony is side swept to give a different glimpse. It makes you shine in any event or occasion that you go to.

  • Baby Braids

Tiny braid at one side of your head complements your look the best. You can try on this style if you love to keep your hair untied no matter what.

  • Braided Bun

Dutch braid a three strand braid and fishtail braid a four-strand braid. Make any of the braids on either side of the head and secure at the back. Then, hold on all your hairs left at the back and turn into a low messy bun.

  • Combination of Two Fishtail Braids

The combination of two fishtail braids looks absolutely amazing. This hairdo takes your personality to a next level. The best style you can try on during summer days.

  • Two-Sided half-up Knot

This two-sided half-up knot is a perfect beach look.  This hairdo gives you a very fresh look. You can style this hair anytime, any day as it reflects versatility.

  • Half-up, half-down Pony

The half-up, half-down pony is in trend these days. The unusual braid from one side looks very cool and extraordinary. This hairdo gives you a modish boho glance.

  • Incredible Braid

You do not need accessories when you can use your own hair to make a braided crown. This hairdo looks very unique but if you want to stand out in the crowd with your uniqueness then, this is the perfect solution for you.

  • Side Braid Complemented by Low French braid

To get this look, take a small portion of your hair at the front and braid an inverted french to the middle of your head and secure with a hairpin. Ater that, hold on all your hairs and create a french braid. Finish by securing the lower braid with a hair tie.

  • Fishtail Braid to a Pony

Do you want to become the centre of attraction on any special event? Then, this stunning fishtail braid to a pony is perfect hairdo for you. Moreover, the pony looks too voluminous. This is one of the most fabulous hairdos that you can try and is a perfect option for summer. But can be flaunted during other seasons too.

  • Boho Hairstyle with a Hat

Do not want to style much? Then, that’s completely Ok! You can look elegant without any stylish hairdo as well. Just leave your hair opened and wear on your hat. Also, wear a very cool dress so that you can slay the overall look.

Thus, these are different kinds of bohemian hairstyle that you can try on for different events and occasions to add more charm and poise to your overall appearance. Bring a freshness to your style this season with these looks. Moreover, be creative and experiment with your style and get yourself the look that you had been wanting for so long.

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