120 High Top Fade Haircuts That Makes You Look Different

The high top fade hairstyle is a haircut in which hair on the top is kept long, and sides are cut short. These haircuts were quite popular in the 1980’s and 90’s among black men. Besides, some variations of these haircuts are favorite until today. Twists, design and dreads done in these haircuts look so fascinating that has attracted many athletes, pop singers, actors to try high top fade haircut.

One of the exciting thing about a high top fade haircut is that a person Benny Harlem has a Guinness World Record for tallest top fade hair with top 20.5 inches. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, thinking about breaking his record with 21 inches, it isn’t impossible though. For more interesting facts about this haircut and its variation keep reading this article. Here I will explain 120 high top fade hairstyles’ variations for you to choose the right hairstyle.

Afro Fade Haircut

high top fade

Afro fade haircut looks fabulous on black men with a bushy beard. One neat thing about this hairstyle is that it seems perfect if you have a tattoo. You need about 3 inches on the hair on top to make afro top fade hairdo.

High Fade With Curly Hair

Most of the variations of Top Fade haircut match perfectly if you have curly hair. The top fade with curly bob looks more beautiful if you style with lines on top of edges like the above figure.

High Top Fade Haircut

The hairstyle of the man in this hairstyle is the classic high top fade haircut. Here, sides are shaved in fade style, while long top hair is risen above to make like a pan.

Taper Top Fade Haircut

Taper cut matches with a top fade for black men perfectly. One can look stylish by cutting this style. These styles match both curly and straight hair. You can pour art into hair with different styles.

High Top Afro Fade

If you have a frizzy top, then a high afro fade haircut matches your personality. This hairstyle doesn’t require you to have a beard and tattoos. One downside of these styles is that it requires regular maintenance.

Taper Fade Curly Hair

You do not need to be black to experience high top fade hairstyle. Some variations like Taper Fade curly haircut matches for white people too.

Cool High Top Fade Haircut

High top fade haircut looks so natural with some black people. It connects those people with their culture and tradition.

High Fade Top For Black Men

High top fade haircut which was popular in the 1980’s was revived when athletics cut their hair in the same style again. Nowadays, we can find many African, Americans with this hairstyles.

Flattop Skin Fade

Flattop is a kind of top fade haircut where the top part is flat and side edges are shaved completely. These styles suits youngsters and college students who are trendy.

High Top Fade With Designs

Another cool thing about a top fade haircut is that they perfectly match with any designs. For someone interested in designing unique styles in hair, this might be an excellent choice of hairstyle.

Top Fade With Carved Lines

Though carved lines are cut by experienced and expensive barbers, the cost is justified as it makes us look so astonishing. Sculpted lines can be formed on both sides to make even more fascinating.

Hi-Top Haircut

Here is a picture of hi-top haircut of a white boy. The hair is curly and messy at the front but this a high top fade hairstyle.

Blow Out For Black Men

Blow out haircut is best if you have a little bushy beard. It is common for this haircut to have some twisted hair on top. Though it is difficult to find people with these haircuts today, it looks fantastic on some people.

Will Smith Inspired High Top Fade

Will Smith is a famous actor recognized by most Americans if not all. He has inspired many of us to do things outside of our comfort zone. Not only that, his top fade hairstyle has encouraged many people to follow this different haircut. Till today, many fans have these hairstyles due to his inspiration.

High Top Fade With Twist

Twist seems ok with almost every hairstyle, but with a high fade, it looks wow. If you have twist hair and top fade, then you can try this hairdo.

Top Fade With Dreadlock

If you are worried that top fade haircut might not be fancy enough, then you shouldn’t. These high fade haircut with dreads are the perfect choice for such people. They look stylish and make you look as modern as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this hairdo.

Top Fade With Undercut

If you are a fan of undercut, then the haircut in the picture is an excellent choice for you. You have the freedom to show your manliness with the hair. These haircut suits best if you are in mid-twenties. You can style your beard as you wish with this cut.

High Top Fade With Part

High top fade with part has a shape of your choice in your hair here it is a half moon along with high fade. This looks perfect for a haircut of any options. These fade with parts hairstyle suits for teenagers going to colleges.

Box Fade Haircut

In the box fade haircut, a bottom part of a hair is completely shaved while the top part is left uncut. As box fade haircut is quite unique, most of the people don’t know about this haircut. If you find the barber who can get you box fade haircut, then you are in luck. Get ready for selfies from people.

Retro Men’s Haircut

Despite the name retro’s man haircut, these haircuts are perfect for the summer. They don’t look so unique, but they are popular among most black men as requires little or low maintenance among other high fade haircuts. So save this picture to your gallery for your next summer haircut.

Kinky Curly Haircut

If you were born in the 1980’s and want to see what it feels to have a fashionable haircut at your childhood, then this is the haircut. You can relive those days, and older people will gaze you for some time for this haircut.

High Top Fade With Dreads

Dreads are quite popular among black men. These haircuts in the picture with dreads make people obsessed with dreads in a top fade haircut. If you are willing to have these haircuts, then you need to take care of the hair by going to a saloon at least a week. Besides that, some colleges hair strict hair code for such a haircut. If you are a college student then first look up your hair code before doing this cut.

Drop Fade High Top

Drop fade has the hair length dropped behind the ears and back. It is quite a unique haircut with less effort to cut and care. This suits perfectly for youngsters.

Box Fade For Black Boys

For small black boys, box haircut matches perfectly. It looks unique and makes your son stand out from the crowd. So, give this haircut a try for your child if you loved it.

Colored Fade Haircut With Part

By looking at this picture, you can say that top fade hairstyle suits, small children, too. If you are a cool parent, then your kid can get this haircut. Such hairstyles make children stand out from the crowd.

Hair Dyed Blonde For Black Boys

It is quite unusual to so see children with dyed blonde hair which makes it an excellent choice for daring kids to try this haircut. If you are of that kind, you should definitely try dyed blonde bob.

Curly Top Fade With Skin Fade

These haircuts have beard designed and meet with the bottom of fade. If you are in the thirties with a beard, then this haircut sounds like an excellent option.

Classic Top Fade For Black Boys

If you want your child to have just a simple haircut, then these haircuts are excellent choices. They look beautiful and straightforward for your smart kids.

World Record Setting High Top Fade

Benny Harlem’s set a Guinness world for tallest high top fade hair with 20.5 inches hair. He takes 2 hours daily to comb his hair uses natural homemade ingredients to nurture his hair. Do you think you can do break his record? It’s tough. If you still think you can, best of luck keep nurturing your hair.

Flat Top For Black Men

Whether you have colored hair or not, flat top hair suits you if you are black. Above pictures, shows that these flat top haircuts match person of any age.

Hip Top Fade With Line

The first figure is curly fade whereas others two are a flat top with a line style in the edge. They are like other variations of unique fade hairstyle. You might want to try this cut if you loved the line on the side.

Hairdo’s Of 80’s

If you have watched the cinema House Party, then you might recognize the face. Cast in 80’s with these hairdos proves the popularity of the haircut back then. Fun fact about this haircut, people of North Korea were advised to have an exact haircut by the government.

Stirring Curly Fade

These haircuts look elegant and so eye-catching. These perfect fit for anyone whether they are small or older.

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyles are popular nowadays. They can almost be mixed with any haircut like a mohawk or top fade. Thus, if you are a fan of undercut hairstyle, then you should try this hairstyle at least once.

High Fade With Taper

Next time you want to cut high fade cut but are unsure about which haircut to choose, then I recommend you should opt for these taper high top fade hairstyle. These look so eye-catching that no one can deny it’s awesomeness.

Obama’s High Fade Hairstyle

Though this picture of Obama is fake, he looks cool in the haircut. This photoshopped image can show that top fade hairstyle can suit everyone from presidents to small boys. Now, you might have a proper reason to choose these haircuts.

V-shaped Hi-top Haircut

The v-shaped hairstyle is loved by many people due to its awesomeness. Above figure, shows that v-shape haircut also matches with a high fade haircut.

Blowout Hairstyle For Black Boys

Don’t these boys look cute? Of course, they do. One of the many reasons they look so astonishing is their hairstyle. The blowout haircut looks so cool on black boys. If you are worried about the hair for your child, then blowout haircut is an excellent choice for you.

Freeform Dreads With Hi-top

These freeform dreads aren’t meant for everyone. But if you are few people willing to put on these haircuts, then you are bold. If you want to look trendy and bright, then this hairstyle might be a viable option for you.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is lesser known haircut rarely followed by today’s youth. But it doesn’t mean that this haircut is not right instead it is due to lack of attention. So, if you are a unique kind of person, that breaks the stereotype, then you should try this haircut.

Fresh High Top Fade Haircut

Like the name suggests, these haircuts are fresh. The people with these haircuts look attractive like a magnet. If you don’t have a beard, then also this haircut suits you.

Nappy High Fade

Top fade style like this matches your personality and works like a charm. It increases your confidence. One neat thing about this haircut is that it suits every person of all ages.

Long Curly Hair With High Fade


A long curly top fade haircut is also another variation of fade where a top portion of hair is longer than other styles. If you love long hair and have time to continually manage your hair, then you can opt out for this haircut.

High Top Fade With Curls

By far, you might have realized that curl hairs go hand in hand with a top fade haircut. These pictures are also no different. If you have long curly hair, then you can show these haircuts to your barber.

Stunning Hip Hop Haircut

You can look hip-hop after cutting your hairstyle in these styles. As they all seem attractive, you can try the one that suits and interests you.

High Top Fade With Designs On The Sides

We human beings by nature love art and creativity. We try our best to pour that into our houses, notebooks, and even our hair. Owing to that nature of human, we try to decorate our hair with unique and stylish designs. Like the above figures, different designs suit a different person. If you are trendy, then you should try your design with a high fade haircut.

High Temp Fade Haircut

Whether you are a renowned celebrity or a simple man, these temp fade haircuts have you covered. Such temp fade suits every individual so it may worth the try. Even if you haven’t done, high top fade haircut, you will feel extraordinary.

High Top Fade With Braids

Most of the youngsters like to have braids in their head. For such people, this haircut will be an excellent choice. One downside of having twists is that they require maintenance from time to time.

Tupac Haircut

Tupac Haircut is a variation of high fade haircut where a thick beard is present with a flat top hair. These haircuts are suitable for the winter season as they can be little nasty due to sweat in summer. So, if winter is coming, no pun intended, in your region, then try this hairdo.

Flat Top Fade Haircut

Among other variations, flat top fade is the most common type of high top fade. For, most of the people high top fade means this haircut, so if you tell that to your barber, then you will get this haircut.

Temple Fade

Temple fade differs from other as they have a low fade near the back temple. They match children and adults and give them a gentleman’s look.

High Top Fade With Designs

If you are worried about not finding a date on tinder or not being cool in school, then don’t worry these haircuts with designs is your solution. You look so masculine and bold after getting this haircut. You can pour your art into the hairstyle and make it more impressive.

Top Fade With Short Dreads

If you are not still convinced that top fade haircut will give you hip hop look, then try this haircut. Short dreads are maintainable and require less nurture than other complex hair designs. Sounds right? Go ahead, try this haircut.

High Top Fade For Curly Hair

If you are a black man with a curly haircut, then these hairstyle suits you perfectly. It matches for men of all ages and attitude. Whether you have a marriage tomorrow or you are attending the first day of your college, these haircuts are excellent options.

Sharp Fade

Such classic top fade haircut is rarely followed by anyone nowadays. But if you don’t want anything fancy instead you want to experience top fade haircut, then you may try this haircut.

High Top Fade Wig

If you are a performing artist and you want a high fade, then you are in luck there are wigs of these haircuts. Technically, this picture is not a hairstyle instead it is a wig for the stylish high fade haircut.

All around Taper Fade

All round taper haircut gives you glimpses of hairstyle in the 1990’s. This fade is in shadow nowadays due to popular haircuts like mid-fade Despite if you liked it, then you can try this haircut.

Low Bald Fade With Perfect Beard

Isn’t the guy in the picture attractive? Of course, he is. If you want to be the boy that girls wish to, then you need to have low bald fade with fade shaved the beard.

David Beckham Photosophed Top Fade

Didn’t recognize him? No, it’s not your fault. It’s David Beckham with a fake high top fade haircut. This picture proves that one’s personality changes completely because of the hairstyle.

Old School Hair Afro

These haircuts are from 90’s when high top fade was famous. In those days, celebrities, singers, and even ordinary people used to dream of cutting this haircut. Though, that trend has gone now this haircut is not absolute obsolete.

Box Fade Hipster Haircut

For fashion enthusiast like you probably have heard about hipster haircut. It was also quite popular in hip culture. Such hair, when combined with high fade, gives a hybrid haircut like above picture.

Creative Fade Haircut

Designing a haircut is an art though it is not as popular as other forms of art. In high top fade, you can design parts like a half moon, arrow, etc. to make haircut different.

High Fade Blowout Hairstyle

Blowout haircut suits you if you are in mid-twenties. Tattoo in the neck also makes it a breathtaking haircut.

 Cute Haircut For Black Girl

Till now, we have discussed top fade haircut for boys, but girls also can have these haircuts and look beautiful. If you are a girl and a fan of these haircuts, then go to salon show designer this picture.

High Top Fade With Colored Part

Colored hair for black men is quite common, but with a top fade, it is not universal. If you are stylish, then you should get this hairdo.

Wow, those were a lot of high top fade hairdos. I believe that you now have a pretty clear understanding of high top fade haircut and it’s variation. Some of these haircuts are old while some are quite popular till today. You have a lot of option to choose from for your next haircut.

In a nutshell, a haircut is not just the design of your hair instead it is something that defines your culture, shows your personality and shapes your identity. Similarly, you should choose haircuts that match you not only what is popular.

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