120 Classy Balayage Blonde for You to Cherish on 2018

These days fashion trend is always on the air. So, this time venture out with balayage blonde. Balayage blonde is a technique for highlighting your hair with a faint yellow or pale dye for creating natural outlook. May it be the college girls to the teenage girls or may it be young ladies to the just married,  balayage blonde is all time favorite for all of them.

Though fashionistas rely on artificial beauty, these days genuine concept of natural beauty is flourishing and becoming famous. Balayage blonde is an ultimate choice for natural looking effect. So, this time try it. Below we are discussing 120 varieties of it. Choose the one you like most.

Here we go with these fantastic varieties-

Light Blonde Balayage

balayag blonde

Some days are there when you aspire for a simple and elegant look. So for that, you can rely on light blonde balayage. Check on these varieties.


Platinum outgrows the softer version. For having a look, apply the shade as shown in the above picture. Finally, leave the hair as it is.

Straight Bangs

Girls always love straight bangs. They add uniqueness to your style when having a quick glance. Apart from that, supply the right amount of tint starting from the mid-shaft till to the end.

Shoulder length hair

When we mainly talk about girls, they usually like to have short hair. But shoulder length hair is on trend nowadays. Supply the right amount of the dye in the hair and see how gorgeous you look.

Faint Version

Give peace to your eyes. You can express calmness with faint colored hair. Spread peace within self and let surrounding enjoy to fullest with color calmness.


We name it messed. Rather than clean and tip top hairdo, girls prefer to mess hairdo. It is super easy to do. Settle the hair with a proper amount of the tint as shown in the above picture.


Ladies prefer center-partition as it offers glow and fantastic charm. You can check above as model has got a beautiful smile. Isn’t it lovely?

Voluminous Hair

Voluminous hair may be a big problem for any women about applying the right color. Be perfectly cool. We present you with an enchanting type of balayage blonde. You can have a try if you like it.

A Quick Glance

Have a quick glance here! The hair shade, a flower tattoo, and proper dress up all seem a perfect combination. You can have a pretty right choice for you.

Sun Touched

Whenever you are amidst a crowd, everyone’s attention is to turn around you with this sun touched version. One can’t take their eyes off.

Short Hair

Short hair is cool hair. The best thing is you need not have to spend much time and put more effort in the name of caring for the hair. Isn’t it a relief?

Blonde Balayage

Balayage blonde is trending enormously in 2018. If you want to keep yourself in touch with the trend of fashion, you can approach for this above-depicted hairdo.

Straight Hair

Evergreen hairstyle! Look fresh wherever you leave everyone amazed with your presence on straight hair. Be the style icon.

Lovely Waves

Style always do not sense for fashion only. It is about cherishing and enjoying what you do to your hair. Keenly observe her. She is enjoying it.

Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

As brown hair is one of the natural human hair, it is all time favorite of ladies and women. What are you waiting? Check on the brown hair for excellence in your style.

Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown hair is famous for cool and freshening vibe it enthralls. Are you fed of tedious job and hectic schedule these days? Try for ash brown, and it refreshes you.

Caramel Highlights

We all know caramel highlights are famous for a vintage vibe. Create stunning style with brown tint along with the help of your hairstylist,

Shade of Platinum

As platinum is precious, so is the look it offers. As you see above, settle your hair with platinum and get in tune with energetic aura its glimpse.

Long Hair

You may go in deep thought about how to manage long hair on a day to day basis. Be utterly calm. Get in the shape of your hair to the figure above and enjoy thoroughly.


One prefers layered for a bold and complicated look. Create layers as you see above. Match up with your dress and make it your style.


Do you need a warm touch-up for coming winter? Which idea is hammering your head? Leave it aside. Brunettes are there to embrace you.

Managed Hair with Grace

Sometimes our mindset shifts to try on a faint shade. For this, what can be the perfect choice than this version balayage blonde? Don’t you think so?

Silver Tint

Silver is about shining, sparks and glows. So, this season why not try differently? Mesmerize yourself with a beautiful combination of balayage blonde and silver.


The fusion of balayage blonde with highlights is there for you to experiment new appearance. The fascinating thing is it is equally flexible in a short bob.

Icy Effect

There I touch ice and get a sharp cold feeling! If you are a lover of such feeling, try this icy effect for once.


Who is not going to adore these waves? Either for formal events or regular gathering, one can rely on beautiful waves.

Balayage Blonde Long Hair

Difficult to manage! Which hairdo to try! These are some crazy thoughts roaming in your mind regarding long hair. Leave it all aside. For once, check on to balayage blonde long hair.


Why rely on fashionistas for style? This time go on with some new idea. Carry out yourself with own style of grace and beauty.

Smoky Ash

Smoke is on the air; everything is blurry and unclear. Fall for smoky ash this time but with much clear and confident appearance.

Balayage Blonde Straight Hair

Every girl dream to have! It is a common preconception that straight hair is ultimate hair girls should have. But no worries if you don’t have. Step in the nearby saloon, and turn your hair as you wish with help of hairstylist.

Hidden Smile

There I hide my smile amidst the beautiful shade! The model as you observe in figure wraps herself in a secret smile. Get color done and you can get it.


After a new hairstyle, who heart will not strive to please with a selfie? That’s why she is full of fun with herself.

Silence with Shine

Once you wrap with shiny shade, it does not need any effort and much time to style for elegance. Above all, it shines beautifully.

With the Pink

Girls both college and teenage, treasure pink the most. First of all, part your hair into two sides. After this, settle your hair in pink. It is ready.

Blonde Balayage on Blonde Hair

Many times you can be irritated by the idea of styling your hair with various trends. Give a damn look to them. Rejuvenate yourself with a superior style.

Blonde Ombre

Do you prefer to have ‘eye-catchy look?’ Embed yourself in blonde ombre. As you keenly watch here, keep your upper section in black color. Let down section rejuvenates itself with blonde.

Brown Shade

As we talk of brown, it is not seasonal but the whole year round. You might get the chance to suggest to your friends about any hairdo. So, why not to tell about brown shade?

Bright Ends

Listen to your heart this time. Apply brown tints, have bright ends, and finally revitalize yourself with glorifying appearance.

Balayage Blonde Bob

Are you tedious of managing hair? Cut it short, and highlight with balayage blonde. It looks outstanding from the side.

 Blonde Balayage

Do you notice there is a change in fashion trends? A stylist is venturing for a natural effect. So, try natural blonde balayage. You will feel good.


After severe cold days, it is nice to move in the sun and take delight with the shade you adore most. Take a look here! She is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Refresh with Platinum

Aren’t there conditions in your life where you strive for a time-saving hairdo? Endeavor with platinum and leave the whole section.

 Look Natural

Natural looking effects fits all round year. You will not have a complicated job of changing color or hairstyle in different seasons. There are several variations. But this time we present you with two versions.

Honey Highlights

Is there anyone who does not love honey? Firstly, divide your hair into a partition. Through mid-shaft to end section, supply honey highlights.

For Myself

I name it for myself. Sometimes our heart longs to go from the crowd and spend time alone. It is leisure time we want to refresh ourselves. For such an instance, go for myself version.

Warm Touch-up

Surely one is going to have a warm feeling after viewing it. Once the shade is done, this style is super easy to manage. Women of any age group can refer to this.

Glittering Effect

Silver always grabs our attention and is on the trend. Women of all age group prefer it, and it suits all of them. Move to a nearby parlor and apply balayage blonde.

Balayage Effect

As the hairdo grabs full attention of the crowd, use it on a glamorous evening party. This is one of a trendy female style.

Lower curls

Don’t you get any romantic feeling when you are in touch of curls? And curls at the ends. They do not need any of description. Carry oneself with lots of elegance and grace around.

Balayage Blonde Short Hair

Modern life is complicated by a hectic schedule and lack of time. This situation creates a problem for women as they get less time to manage their hair. Get in touch with balayage blonde short hair.

Towards the Face

If you are a suspense lover, then try with this hairdo. I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun.

Ageless Beauty

Who says beauty lessen along with age? Look on our ageless beauty. Now, do you know the reason why women of more age lean on balayage blonde? That’s the secret.


Hmm. The model is supplying an aura of sparks around her. In the beginning, divide your hair into two parts from a side. Supply blonde shade as shown in up picture. Finally, it is ready.

Middle Length Hair

Are in dilemma of how to style your middle length hair?  We are your companion. Try this, and we swear you are going to fly in the sky.

Black Short Hair

Since the ages, black hair is always admired.. This summer decrease your hair length to short. Keep your natural black hair same. If your hair is other than it, you can supply color.

Messy highlights

What a new era started! Earlier messed hair was thought to be rough and untidy. But now, it becomes a new fashion sensation especially among teens and college girls.

Be Cool

Do you want to show your personality? Initially, decrease the length of hair. Then, apply right amount of tint as shown in this figure. Be cool. It shows your daring persona.

 A Guy with a Blonde

We are in acquaintance with lots of varieties of balayage for female. There are none for the guys. Here is one such variety which will be ok for guys. Don’t you think so?

Half Tied Ponytail

Hmm. A ponytail is enchanting. First of all, take half part of your hair. Then, tie it in a ponytail. Leave other section as it is. But please do not forget to add balayage blonde dye.

Some More Shine

Yeah! It is the perfect time to shine more. A question may strike one’s mind. How one is going to do it? Your best hairstylist is waiting for you.

Love With Curls

If I have to confess what is close to my heart among the hairstyles, it will be nothing other than curls. I adore them. I am madly in love with curls. Haven’t you fallen in love with them?

Grey Tint

Do you want to get on different look which is extraordinary? Then try this grey tint. Whenever you are in the crowd, you are quickly going to be noticed. Everyone’s eye will open wide having a glance at you.

Natural Shine

Are you genuinely in love with nature? Do you admire it so much? Be near to it as much as possible. So, fall for adorable natural shine.

Smoky Tone

A smoky tone is there for you with a combination of sophisticated look and perfect style. Smoky tone eventually outcomes that glimpse which an individual desire.

Ready for Formal

Try this formal hairdo that sheds lots of confidence either you are in any corporate sector or any other platform.

Watch me at Party

It is necessary to have better fresher looks when you are attending a party. The hairstyle projects stylish, stunning looks. Do you have any mindset of trying once?

School Style

Schoolgirls are a bit disappointed as preparation for varieties of hairstyle is done keeping in fashion sense of ladies in mind. No matter at all. This style is for you school girls.

Grab the Attention

If you are fed of easygoing looks, attempt style to grab the attention. It will give you a chic look, and everyone’s mouth will open wide.

Lost on Self

Amidst the crowd, it is hard to find oneself. This time you become lost within yourself. This variety of balayage blonde helps you.

Can’t-Wait to Touch

Look different! Here we provide you with a completely extra variety of balayage blonde. I can’t wait to touch, can you?

Innocent Look

Center -partition always provide innocent but classy look. Do you want to try? It is all time hit hairstyle.

Go Flawless


Are you planning for an outing? Enjoy at a beach with seismic sea wave and your flawless, wavy, curly hair. I promise you won’t regret.

Effortless Beauty


Beauty means much to girls if it is effortless. Catch up an effortless grace with homely appearance.

Change the Style

Bored with heavy styling! Let’s try this version and make yourself feel free as the hair does.

Choose Your Own


Damn care about the weather !! Go out with style and mark your presence.

Pretty Enough

No matter what the occasion is! Make own presence memorable with pretty looks and simply side partition of hair.  Try it weather with curls or straight.

Classy Look

Protect own eyes and make other to save theirs with a classy appearance on spectacles and short managed hair.

Shine on Brown

Challenge summer! Use natural brown and shine yourself in these hot summer days.

Flaunting  Waves

Everyone praises waves for a seductive look they fully offer. Why not try this time?

Bang On

Trim your front side hair, and your lovely bangs are ready. Don’t you believe? Check out this variety.

Get the Attitude


Getting some attitude provides a spark in your overall personality. Fall for this style and get in touch with a right attitude.

Look Kind

Women are very kind and sweet. Go on with women style.

Mix Shade

Shine in the party hall. Use different colors to match up with shimmering disco light.

Silver Blonde Balayage

Are you dilemma about suggesting your friend for new year eve? Silver blonde balayage is a calm option.

Casual Hairdo


Are you with your friends right now? Enjoy being carefree. You can convince your friends for like this casual hairstyle.

Chocolate Brown Highlights

You know, chocolate brown is a cute color. How eye-catching it looks?

Smooth Breeze

A condition of the hair above reminds us the moving of slow breeze spreading coolness around.

Group in Unique Looks

Why anyone prefers to look unique? It is so they reflect their own individuality amidst the crowd. Above group follows the same ideology.

Variety of White

White is the color giving a pleasant feeling. There is a boon for you with a combination of white and balayage blonde.

Simple Wave

Simplicity brings out originality which is close to our heart. Try this pure wave once.

My Choice

How often think about your choice? If it is a bit complicated for you, you can see the above image.

Balayage Blonde Curly Hair

We talk about curl nothing other than romance strike our mind. But this time chooses differently. Settle your hairstyle in balayage blonde.


It is not bad always to go on with contemporary trend. It illuminates the spark in your personality adding confidence to your presence.

Soft Touch

Don’t go harsh always. Show some love towards hair, using a soft hand for middle partition and give a touch up.

It’s Cool

Colors are always catchy! Leave hair untied and play with air and beautiful color.

Party Look

Is it a matter of worry to manage hair for formal events? This time we bring you the best version as possible.

With Friends

Waves are always elegant. So why not try this hairdo when you are with friends?

Make Right Choice for You

Making a right choice about the hairstyle may be the toughest decision for you. If it is so, we are here for you.

Thin Hair

Curls make hair look voluminous. Style up with this hairdo if you want to give a super sexy outlook.

Black Hair Blonde

Black is mostly wanted color. Then why not go for it? At last, supply blonde from midsection till to the end.

Go with Short

Busy with your daily schedule! Still, want to look stylish enough? Go with short hair in any way you like.

Balayage Blonde Highlights

Why always straightforward? Change your approach for hair either messy or managed.

Keep in Touch

Wait for a while. How can one remain untouched by this beautiful and elegant hair? Try as soon as you can.

Sophisticated Look

Soft or strong! It’s your choice. Here you go for a strong or soft appearance with this above hairdo respectively.

Slanted Braid

Braids are always a girls first choice. Start from the top of a side and gently form braids as shown in the figure.

My love for Curl

Love the curly hair but worried that your hair looks short! Then don’t worry this style will not give shirt look even after curls. Better to try once.


Okey to be busy! But let your hair get some rest. Manage it peacefully.

Here, we know about 120 varieties of balayage blonde. One can choose any varieties which match your complexion and suit you the most. It provides us with amazing natural looks. So we can try it in any season. Whether you move to formal events or casual gatherings with your friends, you can rely on that which matches you. Balayage goes well with any hair variations may it be long, short, medium, straight or curl. Do not worry at all. Move with your choice.

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