120 Most Adorable Disney Tattoos Of Your Favorite Characters

Before talking about Disney tattoos, let me ask you, how do you like the Disney movies? Tell me about every Disney movies you have ever seen. I am pretty sure they were funny and emotional at the same time- and most importantly, they have rooted in your heart. Not only they were great movies to us, but they also taught us the way of life- adventure and how to love. Well, that is what has happened for the most of us- every Disney movies that we have seen, we don’t want to forget any of them.  So, to never let those movies escape from your heart, having Disney tattoos could be a great idea. For, every time we look at our tattoo, we could remember our favorite characters- and how they went through a great journey and so many struggles to “live happily ever after.”

So, if you are thinking of getting one of the Disney tattoos as well, then I am glad that you made a great decision. But, deciding is not enough, you still have to look out for the perfect design for you. Well, to help you exactly with that, we have gathered some beautiful Disney tattoos. Look at these Disney tattoo ideas and ask yourself how you feel.


disney tattoosYou remember him, right? Well, I put it wrong- you love this guy- just say you do.

Little Mermaid

A Disney princess who made our childhood- what do you think about her design?

She’s White Like Snow

Her stepmother’s mirror displaying this- well, that is where we got a great Snow White tale.

Different Reality

Remember this quote from Alice in Wonderland? Motivational quotes in Disney style- they also reflect how those wonderful movies from the company helped you in your life as well.

Inside A Mirror

Every household has one- right now, even your arm has it. The blue theme of this tattoo inside the mirror is worth a see.

One Out Of Seven

Well, if this guy is your favorite character- all because of his great personality, then, what a great tattoo would it be?

Funny Cup

Well, we have seen this character in Alice in Wonderland. He definitely loves having fun.

Cup And Simba

Irrelevant in the story- a lot of significance in your heart. Combine your best characters in your Disney tattoo.

Rose In A Jar

Everybody has to embrace its beauty- it definitely is amazing as it is one of our Disney tattoos.

Bidding Father Goodbye

This was when she started all her adventures, don’t you think?

Tintin And His Ship

The 2011 version of this movie that is something I will never forget because it was the first 3D movie I had ever seen. And it is only natural I will have praises only for this Disney sleeve tattoo.

A Wise King

A tattoo that makes you cry, actually- don’t lie to me. Definitely, you also have a lot of emotional attachments to this one.

Oliver And Company

Here is a great arm tattoo of these two endearing characters.


Here’s an adorable tattoo of a lovely character. Well, this one was dedicated to his daughter as these numbers probably are her birthdate.

Various Characters

Wouldn’t it be a great sight to see? All these characters meeting in real life.


Well, tell me if she is one of your favorite villains. And also, if you like these dots on this design.


What do you think about this one? A slight sketch like bold outline plays an important role in making this a masterpiece.

Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

These two characters gave us a lot to learn, didn’t they? Helped us to realize that there is love hidden in all of us,  we only have to find it.

All Mad Here

Here is another mystic creature from Alice in Wonderland. All of its characters teach us valuable lessons in life so it could be that this one made a difference in yours.

Moana’s Chicken

Moana’s chicken- too little screentime, still he managed to be many ours favorite character. So, why not have an arm tattoo dedicated to this guy?

Empty World And Love

Wall E- this movie keeps us thinking. Here’s a great design of it inside a heart.

Disney Pairs

Going to the Disneyland with these tattoos- who could be prouder than her?


Stupid- yet, wise. I am talking about Pooh, of course. A little-rugged design inside its outline gives this a different flavor.


What do you think about this pose? A black and white Disney tattoo- which actually looks like the 3D design of goofy.

Beautiful Mermaid

We definitely are seeing a lot of cute Disney tattoos, aren’t we?

Chesire Cat

With that smile, frankly he could be a little creepy on the first look, but then in the next second, he will turn out to be one of the cutest characters you will ever see.


We did find a lot of great small Dinsey tattoos on Tumblr. A cute design, absolutely.

Families And Characters

I will have to say this idea would only be implemented by the die heart Disney lovers only. Tattooing your leg with all Disney characters that you have always loved- definitely shows how much every single one of them means to you.’

Laughing Stitch

Many people have been attached to him- and if you are as well, then you already know what you should be doing.


Happy and laughing- even on your hand. Even looking at her makes everyone smile.

Palace Of Magic

Every Disney movies start with this thing- and maybe its only this time we don’t skip intros. The colors have been perfectly blended with one another.

Tiger And Eyeore

Well, I guess Eyeore is having fun like always- being depressed. And look at Tigger, there is nothing that will kill his mood.


Sometimes, even looking at a villain makes you smile. Which was probably the case with you in this design, seeing Ursula with her sidekicks.


Great use of watercolors in this tattoo. And also the getter’s skin complexion to make it seems like it is the little mermaid’s skin.


Well, we know that Little Mermaid is a cartoon character, and here is a cartoonish design of her. No one will say this isn’t cute.

My Favourite Toy

Is it only I or everybody thinks that everything Disney characters do looks sweet? To be frank, I have felt like this in every Disney tattoos.

Peter Piper And Tintin’s Ship

Everything inside the frame has been colored, and outside it, there are outlines of characters. Well, that is what gives this one such fidelity.

Big Ears

So, here is another design that depicts him. The wrinkle lines in different part of his body make him look so adorable.

A Drunk Chicken

Here is a funnier design of the chicken of the princess. Almost looks like he had some fun at the inn.


Well, with a quote in the foreign language and his outline, Alladin and all his friends look so cool. A beautiful design I will have to add.

A Painter

Well, it was your tattoo artist who inked Mickey, and it’s the mouse himself who added watercolors to your design. He is quite an artist himself, don’t you think? Like even if he is just spilling colors, he did in the perfect way possible.


Well, do you remember him? You definitely have seen him in quite a few movies.

The Lovely Couple

Well, lovely couple. Design filled with affection. And beauty. And all the good things that hold two souls together.

All Over The Body

She definitely is a hardcore Disney fan. And all over her body, there are ideas you could implement into your own tattoo design.

The Leader

Woody- here is one of the lead protagonists of the Toy Story. Also, a favorite toy for many, and most of us- I mean all of us are waiting for the next movie of the series, aren’t we?

Halloween Mirror

Well, have you ever had a nightmare before Christmas?

Castle Of Happiness

Here is another one of the Disney tattoos showing the Disney castle. You are proud of having visited Disneyland, aren’t you?

Tod And Copper

If you have watched the fox and the hound, this is one for you. And if not, believe me, you have to do it already.

Haunted Mansion

Tightrope girl- what do you think about having her tattoo?

Mermaid And A Fish

Another cute character, this one reminds us of the wonderful journey that they had.

Rich Stitch

He definitely knows where his interests are. Well, whatever he does, Stich does it awesomely.

You’re Choking Him

Look at her expression- the bird is you, can’t take your eyes off her face.

Circus Stand

Lilo and Stitch look like they are having quite a good time. With the teddies and all, we feel really happy looking at them.

Oh My Mickey

Well, sometimes I guess even Mickey has to do it. Even if that is to help you reflect on how you feel all the time.

Tailored Love

Well, everyone needs to love, this is what all the Disney movies taught us.

A Girl With Pink Nose

Well, who else adore her? Vanellope von Schweetz- she did make Wreck-It Ralph a great movie, didn’t she?

Larry And Barbara

Well, here is a tattoo depicting the love between these friends in Lady and The Tramp.

The Little Mermaid

Now, this is a stunning graphical tattoo design. Disney tattoos can be made really cool- and this time I am implying it both ways, for the water looks chilled as well.


A carefully worked layout above in the picture and the craggy design on the below introduces a lot of varieties in this design.

Beauty And The Beast

Well, here are all the major characters from the epic tale. Colorful, happy and full of life.

Dalmatian Pair

These lovebirds inside a heart- they obviously were made for each other. Actually, they were, I mean that is how Disney designed them. Anyway, the grainy heart makes a perfect background.

Stich And The Moon

Well, the tribal elements look incredible when introduced in the Disney tattoos as well.


A man who everybody wants to be. His strong character makes this design one of the most ideal Disney tattoos for guys.

Flying Shadows

From the little mermaid to Peter Pan, all these characters are the ones who could defy gravity. And the inclusion of the Mickey and Minnie heads give this a nice Disney representation.

A Kiss To Her Friend

The little mermaid on one of her happiest times with her sidekicks- endearing characters in a great colored design.


Isn’t he funny and cool at the same time? Even the tattoo of his enchants the watcher’s eyes with his fantastic personality.

Red Apple

An eye on this tattoo and we want to yell, “don’t do that!”. Anway, an excellent portrait of the beautiful princess in this tattoo.

Movie Itself

What do you think about this beauty’s idea of tattooing all the characters of beauty and the beast? There isn’t a small area undone on her back.

Beauty And An Owl

You will have to take a look at our owl tattoos as well.

Pink Palace

.Such a strong resemblance of the place with this Disney castle tattoo. The palace filled with colors- and only your favorite ones. This definitely is a place where everybody would want to be on.

Carl Fredricksen

His story makes everybody emotional, doesn’t it? This is tattoo is a beautiful Disney tattoo, but with that, it is also symbolism for never dying love.

Cute Stitch

Maybe he is thinking of food at the moment. And I bet you are as well. Pearls, flowers and the yellow star, there’s just the inclusion of beautiful things in this tattoo.


Well, this definitely is one of best Disney quote tattoos, what’s there to notice is that the paw itself looks like Mickey’s head.


Well, she has made the name even more lovable. Maybe that is how other’s call her. But, Minnie is sweet, and any tattoo she is on will naturally be the same.

Disney Princess Tattoos

Take your pick- all of them are here. For the girls, if you get this tattoo, guys are set to try to check your tattoo out more often. Nah, just kidding.


Anybody’s heart would melt looking at her reactions.


The witch that made Sleeping Beauty sleep- also the one who turned the circumstances such that the prince would meet her.


So many colors- there definitely was a huge chance of this design being a mess, but the artist was a very skilled one, we could easily confer.

Witches Grin

Here’s a cartoonish style with her devious laugh. Still, too cool to see.

Stitch With His Doll

What do you think about him holding his favorite toy? Another one of the cutest stitch designs we have seen.

Eternal Love

Two of them- destined to always be together. And the Hakuna Matata gives this tattoo a touch of the movie.

Keep Swimming

If you liked Finding Nemo, which you obviously did, you would like this art as well.

Little Pony

Here’s one of the characters from my little pony. I would say it is more of a feminine design.

Vanellope von Schweetz

These lines and boxes make it look like a computerized design.

Simba On Hand

Well, everybody is going to see this many times a day- and you as well.  Having a tattoo on your hand means you do it of something that you always want to remember.

Girl And Alligator

Another tightrope girl Disney tattoo for you.

One Little Pony

Rarity- even her name is sweet. And for the tattoo, it is the same- when she rests on the glittering cloud.


You remember them from Toy Story, don’t you? Like their characters, this tattoo is interesting as well.

Beauty And The Beast Outline

Even with no colors, it still looks colorful. Even those scarce colors bring in a lot to this design.

Minnie Key

What about this key design? Surrounded by love and your favorite Disney character.

Little Bambi

Here, this could be a great idea for matching sister tattoos as well.

Beast’s Stuffs

Humans turned into household stuff, but they are still smiling. Don’t you think this is really motivating?

Tropical Princess

Here is a tattoo representing Moana and her little pig. She did go really far on the sea, didn’t she?

Big Hero 

Big hero- little and sweet.  This colorful design is cool for kids as well as adults.

Vintage Mickey

What about this classic design? Black And White Disney tattoos bring back a lot of memories, don’t they?


Another Beauty And The Beast tattoo for you- a mesmerizing picture idea tattooed on arms.

Flower And Trunk

Here is another tattoo of our endearing little elephant. Dumbo looks really happy- smiling as he always is.

Two Princesses

What about these two beauties as your tattooed Disney princesses?

Mickey And Minnie 

These two matching designs also make great king and queen tattoos. Classic Disney love design.

Disney Palace in an Oyster

Another great design for your best castle. A castle wherefrom many prince and princesses come from.

Up And Up

This really was a fun adventure, wasn’t it? Balloon taking the house up to a flight- what a great journey it was.


Here’s a Halloween skeleton from our very own Disney palace.

Palace And Some Of Its Residents

Colored characters and the outline of the palace, a heterogeneity makes it noticeable.

Minnie’s Ribbon

Ribbon of your best character- a great idea for the Disney tattoos for girls.

Mermaid Under Sea

This one, inside the mirror, does a great job with the ambiance of the ocean. The sea plants, our mermaid princess, and her sidekicks- they are thrilled being in your tattoo.


Everything he does is funny, don’t you think so as well? Dude is really enjoying his holidays.

Beauty And The Beast Outline

This one looks fly already, but what is great about designs like this is that we can fill colors in anytime later- that is anytime we like.

Mickey And Walt Disney

Disney tattoos showcasing your respect and love together- here is Walt Disney with his son.

Out There

Well, reflect on how the Disney movies motivated you in your Disney tattoos- and what you learned from them.


They are really cool- first, they are a fast racing sports car and then, they can speak. Lightning Mcqueen is really enjoying his race, isn’t he?


Colors representing the sky- Tintin with an abstract background. He is looking forward- and far in the sea, and his goal will lead him there.

Friends And Love

Here’s Peterpan- just like how you love him. Spirals designs inside the mirror- they give this tattoo a life.

Ukele And Evening Sky

I wonder how he plays it. I really hope he does it well because Sitch is really enjoying it in the evening sky.

Galactic Warrior

That sword looks like it’s from the 22nd century. This tattoo could be a symbol that you are an adorable but a strong fighter- just like him.

Bambi And Thumper

Best friends- for most of us, we only live because we have got friends like them, don’t we? And with the painting profile, it looks like one of the most woked designs on a painter’s canvas.

Tattoos are made of our favorite things- that is something you will have to remember while getting Disney tattoos. First, you have to make sure that the character has played a major role in changing your life and then look for the best design. Also, don’t forget to go to the best tattoo parlor in your place.

So, if these tattoos helped you, then I am really happy for you. And till whenever, have a good time.

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