120 Cool Platinum Blonde To Try This Season

Life is mundane without adventure. So what if we have some thrill through platinum blonde? In simple terms, platinum blonde is a combination of platinum and blonde color shade. Days pass, a month passes and year also passes. Every day our daily works and busy office schedule hankers our priority. But we never give attention to ourselves. We have to glorify our lives. And how we do it? Trying something new which we have never done before. My dear companions, for this platinum blonde, is incredible.

My friends! Since our relationship resides not only on time, it has penetrated deep on our heart. For celebrating the beautiful bond of our relationship, we are presenting something extra special to you. Here, we show you 120 stunning varieties of platinum blonde. And we go like this-

Classy Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde

Attending parties is now a routine life of modern cities. We are in extreme need of such hairdo which can handle our pressure of looking well in these parties. Here we provide you classy platinum blonde.

With a Twisted Knot

Elegance drops out when you are confident with any style you carry out. Same is the case with a twisted knot. Let’s see some steps for forming it-

  • Initially, settle your hair in platinum blonde.
  • After that divide your hair into two parts from a side.
  • Form a twisted knot.
  • Create curls in rest of the section.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

You can see taper fade haircut enrolled in platinum blonde. Taper fade haircut is flourishing worldwide. Check out these above figures and try anyone which you prefer perfect for you.


Around the center-partition, here hairstylist apply dark purple shade to give extra touch-up. Why do you live an ordinary life with the same pattern every day? Experience an extraordinary life with these above-shown hairdos. Do you like this idea?

Lower Section in a Purple Tint

We know you girls, you prefer short hair. This time we have a surprise for shocking you. Aren’t you going to ask what is that? It is a lower section in a purple tint. Believe us, you will tremendously enjoy the shade and feel relaxed with it.

Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Your eyes may be tired. Give peace to them through cool hair shade.

Normal Hairdo

What is a normal hairdo? Sometimes this question may strike our mind. It is a hairstyle which we prefer day to day basis in our life. Have a glance over the above hairdo once; it will prove to be useful to you.

Party Theme

Rock an upcoming party with a fantastic hairdo! Party is for rejoicing, refreshing and revitalizing your energy. My mates, this time recharge yourself fully so that you can firmly uphold the pressure of future workload. Before any work pressure, go and attend a party.

 Being With Myself

Do you know what the last teaching of Lord Gautam Buddha is? It is ‘ be your light.’ It means whatever hardship may enroll in your life, whatever hurdles may be there, give company to yourself. Never leave yourself alone. That’s the whole secret of life. The hairdo we named ‘being with me” teaches the same.

Short Bangs

For ages, there was no freedom for women to have any choices. They used to question themselves like this. Do we ever exist? We do not call the modern period as modern for namesake only. It is because it provides women with their uttermost liberty. Liberty to have short hair! Privilege to have short bangs!

Little Waves

What waves remind us? A well spent day at the sea-beach. Sometimes slowly flowing waves and touching our feet, so silent yet beautiful. Sometimes being giant and violent yet giving a new frightening experience. So, I love little waves in my hair.

Eye-catchy Shade

I feel words are the only medium to describe. What is more important is to what we feel. Keenly observe this eye-catchy shade. Be aware of what you feel inside. Can you explain it in words? I know it is difficult. We better need not any explanation. What we need is to know about an eye-catchy shade.

Short Hairstyle

Those days are gone when it was compulsory for women to have long hair. Enjoy women’s liberation! All women, ladies, and girls celebrate your victory of emancipation through short hairstyle. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Reverse Ombre

Reverse ombre is the opposite of ombre. Make your life an epitome of grace and beauty with a platinum blonde reverse ombre shade. It is trending now in 2018.


It is in reality new age. Won’t you ask on what basis I say so? It is because earlier messed hair was not considered to carry out. But nowadays, the opposite of it is happening. The trend of messed hair is increasing day by day. Teenage girls and ladies love it.


The utility of ponytail is such that I fail to wrap up it in a few limitations of words. Anyway, a ponytail is our most loved and preferred hairstyle without any need of any specific season or event to try it. In other words, we like to define it as our soulmate hairdo as it is too close to our heart.

Super Short

Though we put caption as super short, there is medium length hair too. Clear all your doubts! Platinum blonde color shade suits well in any hair length.

Faint Rainbow Hair

Do you love to try this faint rainbow hair? If you like it, there is no big deal. Settle your hair in the shade. It is pretty enough to use it.

Shiny Hairdo

Anything that shines grabs peoples attention. Are you that who wants recognition amidst the crowd? If it is so, shiny hairdo is for you.

Hairline Style

Twenty-first is the beginning of a fantastic era. A new concept, new ideology, and new trend start with it. Take an example of the hairline style. Guys we are living at a beautiful phase of it. So better rock it, kill it and fulfill your necessity.

Platinum Blonde Hair Extension

It does not matter if you have a short hair and want to try out different color shade. For that, you can use any hair extension you like.

Pixie Cut

As described earlier, this is a new age, so is the hairstyle. One such haircut is a pixie. It is becoming a popular haircut option for teenage and college girls these days. If you know any of these girls, you can better suggest them about it.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle

That day is gone when people believe only long hair is fantastic. It’s about style only. You can look adorable in any hair length ranging from long to short. Shoulder length hairstyle is seductive.

Blonde Highlights

Why do you toil out so much for hard work? Is it because you can fulfill all your wishes? If it is so, do not wait for the correct time to achieve them. Go to any nearest saloon and settle your hair with blonde highlights.

Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

Isn’t it an evergreen style? Little shiny, little white giving peace to you with a relaxed feeling. My girls, suggest your friends about platinum blonde hair dye whenever they ask you about any dye next time. What about that friendship if you do not give them the right advice?

Layer Cut

Layer cut is above all description. I am clueless and speechless as I am completely mesmerized by it. Every moment we should thank god for giving such an ability to create different varieties of a haircut. All are free to try this haircut. It suits girls, ladies, and women too.

Such a Transformation

With such an innovative mind, a human can experience a higher level of transformation than any creature in the earth. The essence of being human is to enrich oneself with beautiful experiences. Can’t that experience include experimenting once with a platinum blonde?

Pink Platinum Blonde

Pink shade! It is a girl’s favorite. Are you interested in it? Then why we are here? It is because we can provide help to you regarding hairstyle or color shade. First of all, cut your hair to medium length. Then apply platinum shade. Finally, separate your hair into two parts from any side you prefer.

Twist and Braid

Astounding hairdo! Aren’t you completely shocked by this hairdo? We name it twist and braid. Get two section of your hair and roll it. After that, create a twist. Finally, start to form braids there. Your hairstyle is now set.

Round Braid

Does the summer season scare you? Perhaps you may be fed off it. Do you know what the best thing about being human is? It is to be free. So, choose to protect yourself from summer. And how are you going to do it? Settle your hair with round braid.

With a Cap

What do your friends mean to you? Do they have a lot of importance in your life? If it is yes, do not waste your time unnecessarily. Spend some times with your friends. How can we imagine our life without them?

His Style

You can glow only in your hairstyle without relying on any fashionistas hairstyles. That’s why we name above picture as his style. It is necessary to make everyone realize that he/she is unique and can set his/her style. So, one of our efforts is to make an individual realize their beauty and accept the way they are.

Medium Length Hair

No long! No short! Yes, it is medium length hair. Dear mates, it is easy to carry on, need not require much time and effort to manage and care.

Side Braids

Time passes, many things happen, and people come, and go. But what remained through all this is craziness for side braids. It helps you to manage long, voluminous hair. All you need to do is form braids to a side. Isn’t it super easy?

Long Hair Ponytail

Even the little girl living next door to me, sometimes say,’Aunt! tie my hair into a ponytail.’ A ponytail is highly favored. So we bring this variety of ponytail.

Cozy Look

Do you know when you can relate beautifully with other people? It is when you better relate to yourself. The human exists on his relationships. To make your relationship better, you should be well first. For that, feel excellent about yourself. Try cozy style once for this.

Beauty Amidst Defect

Who on earth loves to have a defect? Even those person having it do not like it. But it is not their fault for having a defect. If it is there, accept it rather than fighting with it. The above picture signifies us that beauty is ultimate in itself. No defect can alter it. That’s why we see beauty amidst defect.

Friends Style

Have you ever seen those teenage girls wandering around the streets and laughing with their friends? Without any worries and full of energy, they spend their life. So, we present above hairdos for those girls.

Platinum Blonde Men

Hey boys! Are you upset with us as we describe platinum blonde for girls hair? Do not be miffed with us. Here we present shade for you. And it is called platinum blonde men.

Straight Hair

Straight Hair! People simply adore them. And a pleasant feeling we get after viewing it cannot be better summed up in words. This season get your hair straight and supply platinum blonde shade.

Wavy Hair

Nature and its presence are beyond description. So is the waves. For once, try wavy hairstyle and get the feeling.

Thick Plaits

Do not constrict yourself. Feel free leaving beside all your worries and fear. Try to form thick plaits and be carefree. Life is for once. So rejoice every moment ahead.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

2018 is turning to a fantastic year with lots of varieties, discoveries, trends and innovation marching the fashion market. We bring platinum blonde hairstyles. As you know, we get satisfaction and a deep pleasure by serving you.

Platinum Blonde Ombre

Ombre is in trends for many years, and it is still loved. The hairstylists experiment it in a different shade. The figures above depict platinum blonde ombre.

Braided Half Updo

Yes, your choices matter the most. For that, let your soul guide you. If you want a combination of two styles for styling your hair, then there is braided half updo. Form braids in the midsection of your hair and then create updo by following steps gradually.

Platinum Blonde Dye

I don’t know why but people most often ask me about dye. Maybe same is the case with you. Give better advice to these people. You can say about platinum blonde color. It is the latest known variety and cool to use too.

Sleek Outlook

Do you love winter? Then we have an excellent idea. Turn your hair into snow white and rejoice both, your hairdo and snow too. But approach for our opinion if only you are ready for it. Otherwise, forget it completely.

Attach a Hairpin

Take two sections of your hair and criss-cross it through mid-shaft. Then attach a hairpin. Do you like it?

New Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

Change is at the core of existence. Each moment new is coming up, and old is vanishing soon. Humans are also not far from these changes. So every time they prefer new. Hence we offer you new platinum blonde hairstyles.

Combination of Flower Bun and Braid

Isn’t it a pretty concept to have a flower bun? What do you need to do for combining flower bun and braid? See the steps are here. Create a flower bun. Attach a flower. Finally, form braids with rest section of your hair.

Turned Upwards

How much gorgeous she looks in this hairdo? There is no such mystery behind it. But it looks magical. The front hair is turned upwards from a side. That’s it.

Relating with Nature

We exist in nature, or it is better to say that nature defines our existence. So, every alternating moment we need to recharge ourselves by relating with nature. Better do this by applying platinum blonde.

Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding season is marching up. Are there a row of your friends booked to get married soon? So, you are in a dilemma to try which hairstyle. You need not worry. We provide an option of wedding hairstyle for you. Here is one of them.

Romantic Curls

It’s ok to be romantic to set your mood. What can give a better taste of romance rather than curls? Go to your hairstylist and turn your long hair into lovely curls.

His Style

Be a man. Set your style good.

Other Varieties of Platinum Blonde

Our journey with platinum blonde and you are becoming interesting. To make it more exciting, we present other glamorous and fabulous varieties.

Four Strands

Accept your hair the way it is. We present to you an alternative for managing your thick hair. Form four strands braid in your hair right from the top. And see how quickly you can create.

Winter Vibe

All dry and dull yet sparkling snow reminds me of trying warm touch-up for an upcoming winter season. Do you have any plans for it? So get in tune with winter vibe.


Beauty remains incomplete without referring it to women. Women is all about the beauty of vision, love, care, compassion, forgiveness. They are the center of relating. Relate with beauty this time by trying flawless variety once.

Mesmerizing Look

Mesmerizing look! The word says much, and I need not explain to any further level.

Silver Tone

Silver is all about shining, glittering and sparkling. Firstly, cut your hair to medium length. Create some waves. Finally, apply silver shade.

Half Updo

There I carry out myself with my style and a lot of confidence. My style can comprise of half updo in a medium length and platinum shade. Do you like to comment on my style?

Love the Effect

You need not put much effort. First of all, move to your nearby saloon. Settle your hair into the shade you preferred. And finally, love the effect. You can become just an observer here. All you need to choose is hair color.


Yes, these are some mostly preferred variations. Check out if you like any one of them.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

Your love towards your beloved one should not be by your looks. Let him/her be free to choose. But trying platinum blonde highlights is super easy.

Strive for New Experience

Do you strive for new experiences and love to have them? Here are a new set of platinum blonde varieties. If you dare to become bold, experiment with any one of them once.

Your Choice

Do you stand out yourself or depend on other’s opinion? If you are true to yourself ever, then always prefer your choice. Even for hairstyle, rely on oneself.

Formal Events Hairstyle

Formal events are trending rapidly in these days. And it is a compulsion for you to attend it. So we present you formal events hairstyle.


If you are a great fan of updo, try once for the hairdo shown above.


Attending night parties is common these days. Do you wish that your hair also glitter such party? You can try sparkling hairstyle then.

And, here we finish our incredible journey of platinum blonde with you. We deal with 120 enchanting varieties of platinum blonde. My dear, I know a lot of anxiety and fear upholds you whenever you wish to try for something new. Overcoming fear is hard. But you can try new amidst fear. So, my companions better be bold and try platinum blonde once without thinking what other will say. I guarantee you will chill out.

See, we are not demotivating you. But if you do not experiment with it once, then you are missing something valuable. Till next time, have good moments.

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