98 Extraordinary Reverse Ombre To Try

A reverse ombre is the opposite of ombre. Here, adjustment of color follows as the color tone being lighter at the top and gradually the bottom with the darker shade.  The most thing about reverse ombre is the possibility of varied color combinations. Reverse ombre is famous for this unique and extraordinary style and hence has gathered the attention of many women towards it.

Reverse Ombre Technique

For reverse ombre, you have to use two shades. Apply first shade in the mid-shaft, and the tone is darker than your current color. The tip or the bottom section get another shade which is dark.  Below are some of the varieties of reverse brown.

Reverse Ombre in Short Hair


Life is beautiful with more colors. So, why not to add a variety of colors in hair to make it stunning? The purple tone in short hair is fantastic.

Reverse Ombre with Blonde Ends

As reverse ombre has been in trend nowadays, you can catch up with it if you have ash brown hairdo. The upper section is toned in ash brown while ends are wrapped up in blonde.

Reverse Ombre with Black Ends

Here the hairstylist has focused on adding black color to end texture while the upper portion is with white grey tone. If you prefer to be in carefree style, this can be your perfect choice.

Brown Ends

Slight curls give a romantic feel. And that too in black hair is magnificent. Add brown to the bottom of hair to get some extra look.

Blonde to Brown Variety of Reverse Ombre

This version of reverse brown from blonde to brown can be your choice. Another extra shine in this look is adding of black color to end texture.

Chocolate Brown Reverse Ombre

Chocolate brown with end curls looks alluring. In this hairdo, the upper portion is in brown tone while the bottom has been wrapped up in chocolate brown.

Casual Hairdo

If you have to go often too casual gatherings, this hairdo can be the best option for you. That’s why reverse ombre has become fashion trend these days.

Red Reverse Ombre

Red reverse ombre makes you noticed when you stand in a crowd. People see you, and there is going to the aura of shine around you. The best thing about reverse ombre is to cherish different shades of color combination.

Reverse Ombre in a Short Bob


People believe that reverse ombre outcomes excellent tone in long hair. Reverse ombre in a short bob provides lots of fun, and one can cherish this style.

Red Reverse Ombre in Long hair

Reverse ombre from black at the top to the red at the bottom gives the killer appearance. And the brow-skimming bangs in black tone offers a super sexy outlook.

White Platinum to Silver Brown

It is the perfect choice for those to look gorgeous. The mixing of color offers lots of shine and glow. The top has white platinum while the ends are in silver-brown with little waves.

White Platinum to Dark Purple

The top section is embedded in white platinum while dark purple has wrapped bottom part. Slight waves are there in the bottom to provide more elegance.

Brown Shade

Hairstylist recommends trying with brown shade once. The color transition shifts from the lighter shade of brown from the top to a darker shade of brown at the tips.

Purple Embedded in Platinum

Here is the best possible version of reverse ombre-purple embedded in platinum. As the shade grows darker o tips, the curls are seductive.

Ash Smoky to Brown

One prefer ash smoky to be carefree. If you shift to become intense, then add brown to the tip as next type of reverse ombre.

Reverse brown in voluminous hair

The hair softens with black color at the bottom and waves so formed adds extra softness. It has been looked more voluminous, and the top section is in brown touch up.

Voluminous Curls

From blonde to brown in this voluminous hair, the curls give fun to the overall texture. It offers a chic look.

Extra look in Blonde

Curved side braid, consistently joined ponytail, the look is extraordinary in blonde.

Blonde Curls

Hair is most intense when it comes to style. You can curl your long hair and put them in blonde reverse ombre which is gorgeous.

Brown to Black Version

As black and brown both are the natural color of human hair, this hairdo gives pure and original sensation.

Black to Blonde Highlights

Reverse ombre is not all about different color combination. It is really about gaining confidence about your presence. So, get on with this black to blonde highlights.

Other Varieties of Reverse Ombre

Reverse ombre is a coloring method with lots of kinds of color combination. Here are other varieties of reverse ombre.

Mix Match of Honey Blonde with Reddish and Black

The hair brightens with the glow, all credit to honey blonde, some reddish tone and black at the endmost tip. Just be carefree to style with this mix match of honey blonde, reddish tint with black.

Reverse Brown in Two Layered

As you see in the picture, up to the first layer faint blonde has been used. Another layer seems eye-catching with darkest reddish tone. Get in tune with this variety and have a tremendous transformation.

White Platinum to Purple Balayage

The white platinum at the top offers enchanting expression. The purple balayage at the subtle curls of the bottom provides even more striking making the hair to look nice to an extreme.

Blonde Hair with Reverse Ombre

Blonde hair in reverse ombre provides lots of grace. The black tone at the bottom with little curls is adding more extra shine.

Ash Brown to Smoky

The color combination is soft and sweet. The upper section is in ash brown, and the lower part is in smoky tone. The hair looks voluminous.

Reddish to Dark Purple

Do you want to style your curls with the different color combination? Here is the combination of reverse brown with reddish and dark purple. The curl looks full of romance in this combination.

Brown Reverse Ombre with Platinum

From platinum to brown, a variety of reverse ombre seems super cool. Up to the lower section of mid shaft, there is platinum tone. And the bottom part is in brown.

Reverse Ombre from Brown to Black

The shade shifts from light to dark when one prefer reverse ombre. The little waves down the layers puzzle you from brown to black tone.

Reverse Ombre from Light to Dark Blue

Little wavy curls remain in the tip give a romantic feel. The color combination with reverse brown with blue end tip suits nice.

Reverse Ombre Light to Dark

One of the commonly used versions of reverse ombre is from light to dark. Wavy curls from mid-shaft to the end, twists in the midsection is the surprise for everyone.

Layered White to dark

White is the symbol of peace ant this style gives a pleasant feeling. Adding of some amount of darker shade offers new vibe.

Blue Tint to White Tip

Do you want to try something unusual? Reverses ombre is the perfect option for you. One can try with the shades shown in the picture.

Reverse Ombre Brown to Black in Short Curls

Curls look attractive on black women. The reverse ombre brown to black in curls gives so much glow to the face and one look very enlightening.

Chocolate Brown to Black in Curls

Huh! Chocolate brown to black in curls enhance the appearance of black women. You can get try of this version. Reverse brown looks excellent in short hair.

Reverse Brown hair very Light to Dark

As the color proceeds from light to dark in the curls, the look becomes stunning. Women these days prefer ash brown for unusual yet excellent outlook.

Brown to Black in Thin Wavy Curls

Reverse ombre styling makes it so easy going and full of fun. These thin wavy curls from brown to black profound a gorgeous outlook.

From Blonde to Soft Red

People approach ombre for unique outlook. The shades preferred are not loud as always. It’s pretty to wrap yourself sometimes in soft tone like from blonde to soft red.

Reverse Ombre in Short hair

Are you a lover of diversity? Have a short hair and hesitate to try reverse ombre? It looks sweet. You can get a try though you have a short hair.

Reverse Ombre in Layered Hair

Reverse ombre is the coloring technique from light to dark in different shades. And it suits most in the layered cut long hair than any other style. Isn’t it?

Short Hair Reverse Ombre

The top portion until the mid-section shines in platinum, and the tip wraps up the appearance in black color pleasantly. Don’t you have goosebumps with such stunning presence?

Shouldered Length Reverse Ombre

Reverse ombre is all about the use of different color shades. It is about experimenting. So why not to give a chance to your shouldered length hair too? You will feel nice.

Light Brown to Dark Reverse Ombre

When it comes to styling, brown and dark shade is all time favorite as they match to natural hair color. Why not enjoy these both shades with reverse ombre coloring technique?

Blonde to Reddish Tips


It is the age to try on some new. Why not become a trendsetter? It is a perfect idea. Try with the reverse ombre coloring technique from blonde to reddish.

Reddish Brow-skimming Bangs

Who does not love these lovely bangs? And the glow that it is throwing in red attire is commendable. The black tips can make you style icon over the crowd.

Reverse Ombre Caramel Brown to Black

Do you prefer to look fascinating more than ever? Then reverse ombre hair caramel brown to black is all there for you. These waves look excellent.

Honey to Purple

Honey!The honey brown from top to mid shaft is damn good. And the purple towards the tip offers a killer presence.

White to Black

Do you consider yourself a fan of reverse ombre? What are you waiting for then? This combination of white, black reverse ombre is wonderful. One can’t put off the eye out of it.

Reverse Ombre Blonde to Reddish Brown

Most of the women use blonde a season in a year. Then it is super cool to enjoy it with reddish brown reverse ombre coloring method.

Long Hair Blonde to Black

Reverse ombre looks fantastic in long hair. Your appearance eventually outcomes to be seductive. Apply blonde shade in the upper section, and the tip is in black.

Reverse Ombre Light to Dark

Reverse ombre is the opposite of ombre. The color combination goes from lighter to darker shade to the bottom. It is fun with reverse ombre.

Reverse Ombre in Orange Tint

Wow! The whole hair texture brightens. Little waves are flawless. Gradually darker shade is on the tip. Reversing ombre in short hair is good.

Unusual Hairdo

Are you fed of trying the simple hairstyles? Then this can be a chill out hairdo. The only requirement is hair should be long.

Brown Varieties

Brown is an inspiration for calm and fresh presence. You can watch up to this combination of reverse ombre in the brown shade and try it on.

Amazing Hair Tint

Hair is such part which tells a lot about personality. So, people prefer those colors which offer them a confident outlook.

Sweet Browny

Waves and curls are all time favorite of girls gang. Reverse ombre in this brown shade is for you girl next door.

Perfect Curls

Down from the section of the neck, slowly start to curl your hair. Before it, shade it in the brown version. Your hairdo is ready.

Darker Shades of Red

Here, the hairstylist put faint red tint in previous white color. Gradually the shade is darker more towards the tip, and the curls look naturally beautiful.

Light Brown to Dark Reverse Ombre

When it comes to styling, brown to black shade is all time favorite as they match to natural hair color. Why not enjoy these both shades of reverse ombre coloring technique?

Cool Variety

You can settle your hair in blonde that a very cool glimpse. This maxing of reverse ombre is a calm and pleasant presence.

Platinum to Black Smoky

Make a transition of hair starting from platinum at the top section and black smoky to the bottom part.

Straight Hair in Black and Red Touch-Up

Manage the top section with red touch-up. After finishing with red, shade rest section of hair with black. The straight hair settles in sexiness.

Highlighted Reverse Ombre

Use some of your creativity and make a braid on one of the sides. Start with a brown tone and highlight the lower section. You are sure to get this style.

Black Reverse Ombre

From the tips to the mid-shaft, the hair is on black color, and few parts of upper is with brown shade. This reverse ombre brown to black gives an intense look.

White to Pink

It is good to put on new color combination to explore the new style. And for women, what is more, lovely than pink? Reverse ombre is actually on trends due to these unexpected matching of colors.

Three Toned Reverse Ombre

Though reverse ombre is the approach of two shade, people can apply three tones if they wish. Here, the upper tint is in platinum followed by blue highlights in the midsection, and the bottom is in black.

End Wavy Blonde to Brown

Who does not love these waves? And the color combination from blonde to brown gives fantastic feeling, and one will cherish it on whenever or wherever you are.

Reverse Ombre in Bangs

Get a choppy bang. Through the bangs to the mid-shaft, there is same shade and the lower portion in another shade.

Platinum to Black Smoky

Make a transition of hair starting from platinum at the top section and black smoky to the bottom part.

Super Fun Reverse Ombre

Mark your style as uneven with these two amazing shades of reverse ombre. The transformation to new hairstyle is classy.

Ice Blonde to Brown Ends

Do you want to strengthen your hairstyle? You have to settle upper portion on ice blonde and manage the ends in brown. The tip is in black shade.

Faint Golden to Black Ends

All these layered tips rolled in the black shade while rest of the section is on faint golden. There is proper incorporation in hair texture.

White to Slight Brown

It is the straightforward variety of reverse brown. Let upper section in white and ends in slight brown. The look is chic.

Side Bun

This side bun is perfect for formal occasions. Gather all of your hair to a side and secure a bun out of it. Your bun is ready.

Pink Brown Combination

Make sure you settle top section of your hair in the pink and bottom part with light brown. Here, you go with the beautiful combination of pink brown reverse ombre.

Platinum Bangs

There is platinum shade in the bangs. Middle section is in brown while the lower end curls are in the black shade.

Black Brown Reverse Ombre

The hair is lovely and unusual. The upper section of mid-shaft in brown gives calm glance while the lower part in black shade is just glittering.

Brown Black Longer Curls

Anyone can shine much in a curl. The brown black reverse ombre in curls is obviously superb.

Side Sweeping Bang with Mild Toned Pink

There is sweeping side bang. All the portion of hair swept to a side and slowly rolled. Heading from the top the mild pink tone grows darker towards the tip section.

Blonde to Reddish Brown

It is one of the soft tones of a reverse ombre. You can match half of the section with blonde and the rest with reddish brown. The style looks fantastic for any season.

Two Layered Curls

Are you planning to shorten your hair if they are long? Wait a minute. Have a look over this hairdo. You love it.  Long layered reverse ombre gives the good glance.

Reverse Ombre in Straight Hair

Put ash blonde in the top section and wrap the tip part in black tone. It is a the best choice for the one with a fair complexion.

Astonishing Varieties


Selecting a shade that compliments you is a big issue. No worries at all. Here are other astonishing varieties of reverse ombre and you can go with the color you want to pursue.

Greenish Hairdo

Have a glance at this new hairdo! If you dare enough to try some new and crazy, this hairdo is there for you. You will surely love green.

Messed Hairdo

Who says reverse ombre is only for well-managed hair? This version of reverse ombre in messed hair is giving the view of something which is out of mind. The idea is super cool.

Super Cool Tips with Platinum Mid Shaft

With the fabulous color combination, reverse ombre is the center of attraction for women. Platinum through the midsection provides much glow, and the black tips give fresh sensation.

Sided Braids

Do you want to cherish in the side braid with reverse ombre version with the platinum combination? If yes, see how you are going to be.

Glossy Looks

Colors and style are always for fashion. Reverse ombre is also available in glossy look-up. You can approach this hairdo for any formal gathering.

Because of varied color combination, reverse ombre is the choice of all women. As we see in the above varieties, most popular version of reverse ombre are reverse ombre blonde to brown, reverse ombre brown to black, reverse ombre short hair, reverse ombre red, reverse ombre light to dark, etc. The variations in the reverse ombre are alluring. That’s why reverse ombre is all around the year.



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