125 Best New Year Quotes and Wishes To Start The Year Positively

The new year is really important, and so are the Happy New Year Quotes and Wishes. Everybody in this day in the world is busy in celebrating and make new resolutions for themselves, and the words of inspirations or good wishes mean a lot to anybody. The first day of the calendar is the day where everyone is looking for a fresh start, and every hearts are refreshed. Every thought is positive and exchanging and receiving greetings while being happy and so active means the words during those time will have the most and the best impact.

Today, we searched over the internet for the best new year quotes that have ever been said. We found so many new year quotes that would be perfect for you to start your year and we have included all of them. So, once take a look at the 125 Best New Year Quotes To Start The Year Positively.


Warm Happy New Year

This new year quote is simple, straight and effective. The words mean a lot.





Brighter Tomorrow

Greet someones new year more brilliant with a bright new year quote like this.




Why not greet your loved ones with inspirational new year quotes like this? 


Another voice

With this quote, tell the people you care to start a great new life this new year.t


Us he devours

This extract from the poem “Gerontion” from Eliot makes a good new year quote.


New Begining

Like Taylor Swift quoted this, the new year should certainly be made a new beginning.



My Year

This is one of the best new year motivational quotes for yourself.


Making it happen

This year, every day make this quote the motivational quote of the day.


The Only Reason

The struggling people in your life must hear this in the new year.


Happy new year quotes

This is one of the cute relationship quotes that can be used to greet your loved one in the happy new year.



Everday is the Best day

Make sure you remind your people to live to their best every day in this new year.


Slow down

For many years, this has been one of the most famous new year quotes.


New opportunities

With this new year quote, remember to find new ways you can go on with your life.


Believe in yourself as this quote says- you really need to do it this new year.


New Year In

See the new year in, and welcome any challenges it brings with open arms.


Will Get You There

But, like this quote says, have a note of your destination anyway, you will need it.


Another chance

The new year is another chance. See chances and opportunities every day.


A beautiful story

With this inspirational quote for the new year, don’t forget the story you write is going to be a fantastic one.


Chapters and Books

From the first chapter, write so good that this book is going to be the best seller in the upcoming year.



This should be one of your main quotes for the new year. Keep on learning.


Within You

Be happy in all the moment this new year and the quote also says you can take on any difficulties easily, doesn’t it?


Write Write

See, another quote the similar. So many people already want to read your masterpiece.


All Hail

With the new year, forget every wrong thing about the past. You won’t need them anymore.


Don’t Give Up

Keep on going with this quote this new year. If you give up or not, the course is sure to change.


Joys and happiness

One of the classic happy new year quotes, it is still the best new year quote for friends.


Bring to the table

This quote is true. All you need to do is bring great things, and I know you will.


Brand New Ending

This should be your new year resolution quote if you are tense for any reason.


Let Yourself

You are yourself- don’t let anybody drive you starting this new year and find your own ways




Isn’t this quote so emotional? This is why new year is a very important festival.

New year New Person

As a quote for the new year, try to make that new person the best you have ever been.



As this quote says, this new year make friends with positive people only.


Single Step

As the new year is coming, you are about to take your first step. But, make sure you are heading in the right direction.


Be Happy

This is the new year resolution for you. Resolute to be happy no matter what.


Set Goals

Every chapter in the book of your new year should consist of a goal and the story of how you reached there.


New Begining

Celebrate the new beginning. Beginnings are always awesome, you know.


Loving Yourself

Love yourself when you actually need motivation. Not during those times while slacking off.


Brighter Tomorrow

Wish for your people’s goodwill with this new year quote. This could make their future better.


Lovely New Year

If you need new year quotes for friends, you could put this quote in your greeting cards.


Still Shards

Don’t forget your past completely. As this quote says, make use of the experiences of the last year as well.



Yes, this is actually true. We have made the concept of time, but it is still not wrong in believing in the experiences.



Never Been

Yes, new things are going to happen in this new year as this quote says. Get ready for the journey.


Teach People

Learnings are what have kept human beings alive. This new year, devise a resolution that you are going to share your knowledge with as many people as possible.



Read this quote. And you realize that God always refills you with more confidences in every new year. You need to make use of that.


Simple Wish

A short new year quote, this wish means a lot more than it seems to say.  You wish someone’s goodwill with your pure heart.


Fun and Colors

Wish your best ones that they are going to have a lot of fun in the upcoming new year. Remind them to be as happy as possible.


With the God

This quote wishes that God will help you with his blessings in this new year. Well, he always does so.


Change the Conditions

Don’t wait for everything to get in your way, this certainly sounds like a Winnie the Pooh quote. But anyway, you will need to adapt in situations this new year. 


Language and Voice

Use all your learning from the last year and forget everything ungrateful that have happened to you.


What the Hell Resolutions

Now this new year quote is funny, but it also helps you to inspire yourself that no matter what, you won’t take your legs off the track that you decided to walk on.


Most Important Part

This quote says the beginning is the most important part and it is real. So, how do you plan to make your beginning like?


Anything You Want

New Year is the beginning. But it is all up to you on what do you want to begin to do. I hope you are thinking of something positive and uplifting.


No Losses

Losing something you gain another and gaining something you lose the previous. This new year, on what are you going to put your thoughts into?


Learn Live Hope

Like Albert Einstein said, you will need to do all these this new year. Your life will be great.


Same or New

It is all up to you whether or not you need to make a change. It all depends on the circumstances, and I hope you make the right one. 


Everything Good This New Year

Will this new year quote, hope that anyone who you are sending it this year is going to have everything great.


Endless Possibilities

Well, you already realize that by now, don’t you? You have so many choices and opportunities you will need to grab in the new year.


What We Make

Well, this quote is just telling the simple truth. You use what you make. This is life- so make it better in the new year.


Source of Knowledge

This quote is one of the best new year quotes for teachers and professors. Be thankful for what they did the past year and hope that they will do the same in the new year too.


Fresh New

The omnipotent time is fresh new in the new year. So, everything you do in the new year needs to be the same as well.



This new year I wish that you will get stronger. Maybe my list strength quotes will help you a little bit?


Party And more Party

Just don’t keep on making resolutions in the new year. Turn the new year into a happy new year- celebrate the day as well.



Friendship quotes and new year quotes together look so beautiful don’t they? This new year you should wish for more friends than the wishes themselves.


Common Sense And Preservance

With this quote in the new year, remind yourself to search for goals on the surface of your thoughts as well.


Just A Shelve

Now, this could be too funny for a new year quote, but remember that you spend as less time in the bed as possible.



My Dear Parents

New year quotes for parents like these help you to be grateful for everything that they have done.


Bright Life

Gratitude in New Year to the people that have been good to you. This is a must, you can see this quote for the words you need.


Fun Filled, Joyful and Fortunate

Another simple and great Happy New Year wish.



Dreams need courage. From this day onwards in the new year, try to be the bravest person that you have ever known.



Funny New Year Quotes like this are a need in the 21st century. You too, use your phone wisely and not so much starting this year.


Dreams and Efforts

Use this new year quote to wish that everything that they have done will pay off. This will mean a lot to the people receiving the greetings.



Start and don’t relinquish- that simply are the only things that you need to gain success. When Lord Buddha said it, you certainly have to believe in this quote, right?



You will need to have this character. Don’t be active only during the day of celebrations. Keep up at it, I mean how hard it can be?


Luck and Fortune

Gift someone with the blessings of good luck and fortunes in this new year.


Ideas that never make you regret

Well, this is one of the most inspiring new years quotes one has ever said. 


Only Regret

In the New Year, just realize what you are doing and whom you are doing it for.


Who I am

Set out in the search for yourself in the new year. Well, the adventure is surely going to be very fun.



Wish them every excellences possible with an excellent new year quote like this.


Dreamer and Achiever as well

Don’t be afraid of dreaming this new year. And you do everything that you can do to achieve your goals.



Forever Green

This is another approach for a new year wish. Instead of only wishing them good things, you can as well hope that nothing bad will happen to them.



Well, still makes sense. But maybe this is the only time I could ask you to quit something. Try your best not to repeat any of your bad habits in the new year.


Nice Heart

The heart is the most important of all. Heart defines the type of the person. So, this new year wishes everybody’s heart will be pure. 


Keep Going

Everything happens when you keep on going. This new year, you do everything if you keep on going.


This is one of the best motivating quotes for the new year. Yes, promise yourself you will have that fire in you that will let you go through your day in a really strong manner.

Your Family

Wish good things for a family with this happy new year quote.  Words like these mean a lot to the families.


About the Future

This quote is really awesome. First, it tells about to focus on the future and the next thing, it also wishes for the present. 


Strength for tomorrow

You always have needed to be strong, and it is the same in the new year as well. Strength, as it always has, is still going to be one of the most important things you are going to need in the new year.


All the Blessings

Wish your loved ones all the blessings in the upcoming new year. That is all they want from you.



Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

This new year, as this quote says you should let go of anything that is causing you harm. A positive change is all that’s needed for you to live better.


Reflection and Resolution

The new year is not only the date that comes around every year, but even the date itself is also brand new in this year. You will need to make your new plans and see how the previous work out.




This is a new year quote for your work-mates and boss.

New Not Past


Don’t look at all your problems and the mistakes you committed in the past year. Instead, look at all the good things this new year will bring.



Look at this quote, it gives another reason for the new year celebrations to take place.


Don’t Gaze

You don’t have eyes everywhere, if you face front somewhere, you will not see anything that is in your back.



Many opportunities have been stacked for you in this new year, and you are supposed to take all of them.


Learn For Your Mistakes

Only wise people will want to follow this motivational quote. You may as well look at this the first thing this new year.


Never Go Back

Well, from this new year, you will also need to make the same resolution as the person who said this quote.


Celebrate With High Spirits

Celebrate the new year- the more you do, the more this day will mean to you. So will all the greetings and the resolutions.


Accomplishing Great Things

You certainly want to accomplish all the great things that you start in the new year. So, do take all these measures.



Future Death Anniversary

Even in this new year, there is going to be a day such as this. Don’t only look at the funny quote, also look at the motivational side as well.


Generous and Positive

Be generous, positive and kind this new year- like a kid would want to say, a good person.


New Heart

Well, as this quote says, you need a new heart this new year. Not changing the hearing, of course, just the positive thoughts in there.


What does Accomplishing mean?

Set the resolutions, and after to complete the tasks, you will feel glorious. Put yourself in that position and think about it once.


Fellow Members

Well, this is the perfect new year resolution quote. Let all the humans resolute to bring the best to the world of humans. 


Magic Of Begining

As we begin, many things come. Begining is essential- well it is magic as this quote says.

Will See You

This is one of the most romantic love quotes for the new year. It feels great to know that this year you are going to meet your loved one again, doesn’t it?




New Chances

Yes, you will get 365 of them. So, how many are you willing to take?


Meant To Be

Be thankful for the past, thank it and now look at the present. Next year as well, you will have to do the same so be careful where you are going to put yourself in.



If all the humans celebrate the new year at once, it will be the perfect gift for the world on its birthday.


For Old and Young

This quote wishes for exactly the needed things for people of all age group.



My Dear Neighbors

Well, we will need new year quotes for neighbors as well, don’t we? You and your neighbors share a lot of things, so always be in good relations with them.


Short Life

Life indeed is short. So don’t waste your time in useless little things that only annoy you.


All of these new year quotes were true and simple. They wished you in various ways, but all of them meant the same thing- be good in this new year. Be positive and make resolutions and don’t go back on the promises you made to yourself. You are in the future of your past and the next time you be in such similar situation, already become successful, then you have ever been.

So, which quote was your favorite among these new year quotes? Did they inspire you at all? Are you using any of these wishes in the gifts you are sending to anyone? Let me know, and from my side, I have included almost every famous and profound new year quotes, so it is a simple “Happy New Year.”

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