109 Powerful Hope Quotes That Will Enlighten Your Entire Soul

Losing some hopes at the moment and you need some motivation?- Well here are the hope quotes for you. Hoping means not only doing something that you are always doing- but it also means having the best belief in the meagre of the opportunities that show your ability to never give up. Before anything really turns into a reality, after all, you still need hope. Sometimes, even a bleak hope can change the entire course of the time. So, having hope is really important and thus is requiring enough reasons to hope as well.

This is when the hope quotes come into play. They are not only some mere words said by random people, but they have a broad meaning in all of them. The hope quotes first point out our position in our life very accurately and then give us the words of wisdom- that always tells us to hope for the better in the situation that we are.

So, for this reason, we have accumulated 109 best hope quotes that have ever been said. Let’s go through all of them together.

Losing Hope Quotes For Love

hope-quotesYou should never be losing hope. As this quote says, true love does come back.

Dare to Make Dream A Reality

The idea here is like that the people who indeed dare to change their dreams into reality as said in this quote are the people who find the true meaning of hope.

Every Night I Pray

Quotes about hope and love- when the two of those beautiful things meet, the words are magic after all.

High Hopes

Like this quote says, even hope needs to have its limit. Don’t let it turn into expectations.

Stronger Than Fear

So, rather than having fear, you need to replace the same exact spot in your heart with hope.

Hope and Strength To Smile

So, smile with hope. For more on the smile, you can take a look at our smile quotes as well.

Positive Thinking

That positive thinking Shiv Khera talks in this quote are hope. Also, for helping you be more positive, we also have these positive quotes.

The Plans Given By God

Even quotes from the Bible say you to have hope for the future. Now, that is the most accurate book you can get your hands on.

Still, There is Hope

You can abandon your hope, but you hope will never leave you like said in this quote. So, you need to value it.

That One Rope

You have found this quote to be prevalent at many times, haven’t you?

Quotes About Hope

They are both each other- this short hope quote clears it.

Grow Miracles

Well, miracles always come from the difficult situations. So, even if you are in one, then as this quote says, you still need to have hope.

Natural Flights

This quote is so true. We do keep on thinking about another hope after one.

A Little Tomorrow

This is definitely amazing, isn’t it? So, do you have hope for tomorrow as well?

What Hope Does

Everything Helen Keller said about hope in this hope quote is accurate. Our hope does what we cannot do.

Hope and Optimism

See, where having a lot of hope takes you to. So, will you be optimistic as in this quote as well?

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Yes, you will need to read this quote carefully and do whatever is told in it.

Don’t Lose Hope

Hope quotes like these will push you to never give up. You will need to completely believe in these three words.

She Wonders

And, she does it so because she still has hope. Who is she? She is a lot of us.

Great Men

After reading this quote, we realise one thing- I mean, common of all the people that we idolise, we can look back at their life and see how many hopes they had that they made it turn true.

What You Had To Give Up

Well, this is one of the most heart-touching never give up hope quote, I will have to say.

Though all that

Well, after reading this quote, I hope that you will soon get to the point where you will do the same.

Place where caterpillars used to be

Well, the caterpillar in the quote is you. But the butterfly can also be you. It is all about time. For more like this, you can also take a look at our time quotes.

Infinite Hope

Martin Luther King didn’t lose his hopes, ever. So, we need to follow his quotes wisely, then who knows, maybe we can at least make a small change in the world as well?

Capacity Ends

Is praying good or bad? Well, praying isn’t but wishing is not so practical.

Despite All the darkness

The metaphors used in this quote- they actually relate perfectly to what hope is, don’t they?

Your Strength

Strength quotes are also needed to nurture hope, aren’t they? Well, all of us indeed are really strong.

All These

As this quote says, you will reach to the top in the best case scenario and will not be hurt even in the worst case.


Well, after this quote I would say I am now reading all the religious books if they all contain motivational quotes like these.

Be Strong

Time will change everything, just don’t lose hope. Just be strong, and you might as well get some help with our time quotes.

The way of Working Out

This quote is true, it frequently happens. Your experience has told you so too, hasn’t it?

Behind Your Hopes

This hope quote tells a lot by one using the word hope itself.

God Answers

Well, the god answers like that as said in this quote. He always likes to keep a low key.

Hopes, Faith and Miracle

Hope would equal to the miracle if it were some sort of mathematics. This quote would be a method for that.

Always The Hope

Every time you have been in your low, you came back with a lot of help from your hopes, haven’t you?

A Little Hope

Well, if we get that little hope in our hardest times as in this quote, that is set to change a lot of things and bring a lot of positivity as well.

Believe With a Hope

Isn’t it so? We just become excited about tomorrow and give our all today.

Hopes and Expectations

When you take what comes as said in this quote, you will be satisfied with the best you can get.

Shape the Future

We need to do so, right? This quote is an eye opener for real.

Ruin and a Treasure

The way that this quote connects to everybody’s real life is excellent. Ruins are the hard times, and the treasure is what we make out of them.

Small Things

Your strength lies in those small things. And among the small things- one is hope. It is not so hard for you to hope, is it?

Like The Sun

If we think it that way, yes hope is the Sun. This quote is very well said.

The Thing with Feathers

Well, hope is also the first thing that we have to have before we fly.


Abandon the fear as said in this quote- and that is the gateway to the hope.

Flowers and Hope

Well, all of our hope has definitely bloomed in the most beautiful places like this quote just said.

Hoping to be alive

Well, to be frank, this hope quote made me realise this thing for the first time. Even having an alarm is hope- this is very uplifting.

From The Ashes

This quote will bring goosebumps to anybody who likes to lose themselves in the word. This is a really high definition of the hope rising.

Hope is Hope

Hope is the way. It is very different from the dreams or wishes.


Friendship quotes also help us to know how our friends are intimately connected to our hope. They certainly make us hope, don’t they?

Anchoring the soul

Well, our soul certainly survives on the hope. The hope is it’s a really good companion.

Not Enough

As this quote says, we know that hope is essential. But, frankly, we have realised that the hope itself is not enough. We have to take other steps as well.

Patience with the Lamp Lit

So, did you get what this hope quote say? Well, it means. First, we have to work and give our best. And then when we wait for the results, then that is real hope.

Best You Can

Yes, man, you are doing the best you can. You don’t have to criticise yourself so frequently.

Never Talk Defeat

After this quote, maybe now you see that hope is one of the words spoken by the people who don’t lose. So, it is easy- just become one of them.

The way you Carry it

This quote goes hard- just like a punchline. So strong words and so real.


Well, the lines of the dictionary in this quote already give the entire definition of hope.

God Can Hear

The God does hear. This short hope quote does an excellent job of making us realise that.

Doesn’t mean it

So, why are so so tense about right now? Well, the time will change- don’t forget to hope.

Beyond our Comprehension

Hope quotes like these tell us so fluidly where our hope lies. Well, as humans, our hope has also reached the place where even light takes a lot of time to reach, hasn’t it?

The word

Well, this is another one of these hope quotes which give us the elongated and precise definition of hope.

Wait and Hope

The wise people do both of these things. Well, then it is time for us to become wise, too.

Hope when hopeless

Hope and hopeless- see how the hope has been chained so much in our emotions and thoughts? One hope after the another.

Don’t lose it

The quote is straight- you don’t know entirely what is in store for you, so you do not stop to hope.

As Long

Well, when we have the God, we have someone that protects us- a person with power who is always right. So, there is always the hope that remains.

The Whispering Hope

And so many times, that whisper from the hope turns out to correct rather than the entire world.

The Activation of Hope

Say everything to yourself which is in the quote. And then you will already start to feel so many differences within you.

Listen, child,

Well, look at this quote- I mean this man is undoubtedly longing to change the lives with his words. First, he makes you talk about everything that you deem impossible- and then finally he congratulates you saying that you can do all of them.

Hopes and causes as well

Yes, that is what the strong minds can do. They can make the world believe in them and finally hope for them.

No Matter How Hard

This is because even if it is hard and you still have a hope that it will be more comfortable, then you at least feel that it is easier than it actually is.

The beacon to prosperity

If you are prosperous, then anybody can say that you did your job with a lot of hopes. And you have had it too.

Hope and Confidence

The positivity and the hope- they are both connected to themselves as well. We need both of them.

The God

Even if you don’t believe that there is no god, a little bit of faith won’t hurt you, anyway. Let him be your hope.

No Vision No Hope

Well, this quote is so correct. Common, only the people who plan to do something big or accomplish things are those who have hope.


Minions know about the hope as well.  They have given a perfect meaning for what hope is in this quote.

The Best Fruit

You get what this quote says, right. I guess you know now where to put your hopes on.

The cure to find

Well, the search for everything starts with a hope to see it. The cures of every pain have been found with the hope as well.

I Feel That

So, is it one of those sad quotes or a hope quote that helps us realise how the dope is driving our life? Either way, this quote is profound.

The Patience

Good things do come if you wait. Just have the ultimate hope in your heart. But anyway, don’t overdo it.

The Stars

Even in the bad times, the good things do happen. So, do you have enough hope for those times?


We know that love is the greatest thing of all, but we also see how hope places with it in the most important things that we need.

The Stars Come Out

One good thing ends doesn’t mean there are others as well. So, just follow this hope quote.

The Butterfly

Well, the butterfly is more than enough reasons for us to not lose our hopes now, isn’t it?

Hope on the Easter

This hope quote could also be one of your Easter Day wishes this April.

Just A Start

Like we have learnt earlier, the hope itself is not enough. But, it is where we can start all our actions to lead ourselves to the glory.

A Very Powerful Thing 

Well, it definitely has to be. Because we know, that even the most potent things all start with a small thread of hope.

The Dream

Like this quote, well, isn’t the hope the dream that pushes all of us dreamers? It is a crucial thing.

Start of Everything

This quote I will have to say is one of the most inspirational hope quotes for the future.

Once You Choose

Well, that slightest bit of hope that you chose to keep within you can make anything possible. This quote is interesting how it relates so perfectly.

Something that Summons the Future

The hope brings the future to us. I mean even if we don’t think we hope, we are actually hoping always and whatever we carry in our future is still related t what we hope in the present.

Never a Night

See, how this quote values the sunrise and the hope of keeping them together? Well, both of them are very mandatory for us to live.

And Start Believing

Well, if you don’t do so, it will never happen. So, we need to do what this quote tells us to do.

Not the Infinite Hope

Well, if we do, then the purpose of the life is all over, isn’t it? I mean if we don’t hope, then there is no way that our life is getting better.

In the Letters

The letters in this quote say what can be told by the same number of sentences. Well, not getting too deep, I just mean the design is outstanding like the moral of the quote.

Believe in Yourself

Well, live the day well like it has been said in this quote, and that can be done if you really start to believe in yourself in every aspect.

You Deserve

Well, you deserve to live happily, and you will get what you deserve. So, have hope as you don’t let others ruin you at all.

Asleep Before Falling Apart

Well, this quote could be sad, but this indeed is word porn.

His Hopes

Abraham Lincoln said it with his hope, and maybe that is what pushed America to really be a place which he dreamed about.

New Story

Well, every day is a new story, so you are always free to hope for it. For more of this, you can also take a look at your quotes of the day.

Still There After Losing

See, even after we lose hope, we still have that with us. We just need to value it even more.

Hope on The Way

Confucious, whatever words he says, is to be believed. See, we want peace, and in the way for that, hope is the thing that gives birth to it.

A Few Bad Memories

You read this quote, Okay. But, now, seriously it is time for you abide by this. You have hurt you enough already.

Maybe The Best Thing

Well, you watched this epic movie- and the quote about hope in this is epic as well. True thing, it will never die.

So is Hope

Pain makes you feel bad -really, and the hope does the exact opposite thing. So, you should learn to feel good with hope.


Well, let us not push anything out of the hope. Only then we can make them true.

The Hope in The God

Believe me, even this quote can keep us safe from many worries and many sadness. We just need to learn to follow it.

Don’t Stop Questioning

We need to learn from yesterday and hope for tomorrow- but we need not stop questioning because questioning well let us repeat the things tomorrow as well.

Hence, from all these quotes we have got an idea how important the thing called hope actually is.  The word contains so much more meaning than a person normally sees in it.

If you stop hoping, then the entire thing stops and you lose everything that you have done till today. So, it is mandatory that you have hope, always, this is what the most of the hope quotes have told you. So, I would myself hope that you always follow these hope quotes and also maybe come back to them everytime that you need the slightest of motivation. Never forget any of these words and keep in your mind that these quotes can change your entire life if you want them to- that is if you really follow what they say.

So, were these hope quotes any good? Any favourites? If yes, then let me know, and till the next time, I will be hoping with these hope quotes that you will have a great time.

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