65 Of The Most Beautiful Winnie The Pooh Quotes

Winnie the Pooh quotes- these are not merely the quotes told by another cartoon character. Common, everybody knows who Winnie the Pooh is. He is among the favorites of many people, and this teddy bear is someone everybody aspires to be. He is thoughtful, always filled with positiveness, friendly, brave, gentle, e.t.c. Actually, he is a complete package. Though sometimes he maybe dim-witted and sometimes worries a lot, he is still wise. So wise that we like to review what he said.

Winnie the Pooh quotes about life are something that inspires us. The words spoken by him are all blessed with wisdom, and everyone should once look at what our cute teddy bear has to say.
So, here are 90 of the best Winnie the Pooh quotes that we have gathered. Reading them will certainly make anybody’s day become better.





This Winnie the Pooh quote is one of my favorite quotes. Just see, how he cherishes the day he is living in. This quote is very motivating and uplifting.

Sometimes go to them

This quote is something that gives us the courage to make bold decisions. Things always don’t automatically come at our grasp, we have to find them.



What do you call this quote? Is this one of the best Winnie the Pooh quotes about friendship or Winnie the Pooh quotes about honey?  But anyway, see how he values friends as his favorite anything in the world.


More than everything

Yes, this quote is true. Actually, every human is built the same. So, you are as strong as the strongest person there ever is. All you need to do is realize that fact.



Well, I included this quote again to make you promise. The previous quote was something I hope everyone would follow, so I am just double checking. 



Eeyore can be really wise at times. Yes, it won’t be so much of a burden to always keep searching for the happiness you want.


This is a real heart touching quote. As you see, it is all about the heart in the first place. The heart is a special place, once you put people in there, you will never be apart from them.



Now, this is a really funny Winnie the Pooh quotes. But, look at the bright side, if “nothing” is really impossible, why don’ t we keep on doing it to make it possible?

Hug For You

This quote is simple, yet means so much. Even reminding a person that you are thinking about them is set to make their day. So, give everyone hugs like Winnie the Pooh.


Little things

Have this quote as your motivational quote of the day, every day. Do this so you will remind yourself every morning to search for fun in everything you see.


So hard

Winnie the Pooh quotes about goodbye like this could be really sad, but they are motivating as well. Optimism in everything- that is the quality we all need right now.

Never Without You

Love quotes from Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh quotes about love surely relate to every people who have experienced the great feeling.


Most Room

Smallest things may be small, but they can mean big. Some of them really do, so we reserve a large place in our heart for them.


Enjoy the Ride

I made a list earlier about hippie quotes, and I seriously hope I included this in it. Out of context, but still, all of our destinations is death. Everything that matters is which way we take to get there.

An Adventure

Every time you make a new friend, this is indeed what happens. You know you are going to have a lot of new experiences, and you are going to live life as you have never done before.


The passing river

Look at this quote and wonder what it means to say. Did you realize that the time is moving on at its own pace and won’t stop? Do you think that you are going to make the best use out of your present?



Forever is something that practically does not exist. Accept that, but look at the good point. You value your time more, experience new experiences and still, you try hard to keep yourself happy- I mean trying to reach forever. 

Big Boots

Do you want to see someone wearing big boots? Well, it is easy- you make friends with an adventurer. Or you can put on the big boots yourself as well. 

Who We Have

Well, how good can a quote be? About it, see- when you have someone, you have a soul, a lot of feelings attached to you. But when you have something, it is only the breathless thing with you.

After All- Positive

Be positive always- that is what this quote says. Never have any place for negativity in your thoughts. Because everything is good- it only becomes bad when you make it.



Yes, weeds are as beautiful as the flowers, The only thing to complain is our perceptions. We must be brilliant enough to see the beauty in everything- and when we do, this quote is lovely as well.


Best Present

I hope all of us understand this quote and hold it in the bottom of our heart. Friendship is something really valuable. It is all about the value it carries, even a group of the most expensive things in the world can’t match what true friendship means to an individual.


Whats Hard As well

All you need to do is keep yourself happy. What Winnie the Pooh quotes above is that not being bothered by anyone when you are happy is a true champions trait. 



All that all of us can say for now is that our heart is magic. Our heart has more dimensions than the universe we live in. There is a lot of places, and we need to stuff that with gratitude and love.

I Wish Me Too


This Winnie the Pooh quote is simple, yet uplifting. Winnie wants to do what Piglet is doing- that means what his friend is doing. Even if they are not together, he still wants to share the same mutual feelings with his friend at the moment.

Be Sure

Winnie the Pooh quotes about love. And see how deep they are. When you truly love someone, you always want to make it sure that they are still with you. Even if you know that they are so precious that they are worth being checked every second.


Called Love

Yes, caring means love. People only care if they love something. For instance, think about a thing or a person that you love. And then take a moment and ask yourself if you love them and you will find this quote to be accurate.


Grand Adventure

As this quote says, Winni the Pooh has new adventures every day. It is simply because he wakes up another morning, cherishes life as it is supposed to be cherished and he also has friends worth every small bit of his trust.



Think Everywhere

Why is this quote awesome? It tells you to think about things from every aspect. Even if you conclude that it is the way it is supposed to be, you will still need to look at other directions if it isn’t. Only then make your decision.



All we know it is not actually a Winnie the Pooh quote, but this is something Charlie Chaplin said. But, Pooh and his friends are the ones who abide by this quote every day. They laugh and so they never waste a day.

What I eat

For Winnie the Pooh, he is what his best thing is. He loves honey, and if he thinks he is honey as well, he loves his life too. Like this quote says, find yourself- who you actually are and be glad- because you are what your best can be.


No Hurry

We certainly don’t need to hurry as this quote says. It is also how the river moves on to its destination. The river will never leave it’s path no matter what. So, it will eventually reach where it wants to. That is what we all need to do.


Proud of That

Is this quote something that you can relate to? Actually all we keep on overthinking about stuff that cannot be changed. If this is what the god has given us, so why would we even need to change it? We are made to be unique, so we need to be proud of that as well. 


Oh! Pooh!!

Well, long words certainly do bother you don’t hey? Short funny quotes from Pooh make us laugh, but not at the words itself. You can be so dim-witted at times that even you can’t count your wisdom. You are so wise but not aware of it.



When we do something while traveling- that is when it can’t be done by ourselves, it is that when this quote becomes literal. We have taken help from the others, it is because of the coordination and the love between two people.



Making theories is not enough, we also have to take measures practically to know about things that we don’t. Books do teach us a lot, but we still haven’t learned the thing completely until we have experienced it.


Wait and See

Look at this Winnie the Pooh quote- so much affection and so sure. Our friends have made their decision- they have made it sure that they are going to be friends forever. Just wait and see. Well, all I can say is that Ashdown Forest will exist until the world of the human exists. So yes, that is forever.


Too Short

Even the longest time is short. That is what happens when your life is filled with nothing else but delights and blessings. You are virtuous to appreciate everything that you see and experience. So, there is not just enough time for you to live.


They Touched the Sky

This Winnie the Pooh quote is all about adventure and love. They touched the sky- after so many adventures together. But after all, they touched the sky together- still standing by each other’s sides.

Fun and Memories

Fun is fun when you have it. But as this quote says, after the time you do it, you always think about it. When you really enjoy the time, that time won’t just exist in the world but also it finds a way inside your thoughts- where it will be safe forever.


Dance in the Rain

Oh my Bother! This Winnie the Pooh quote is so inspiring. I mean – you don’t always have to wait for another moment to be happy. You can enjoy yourself in the time that you already have. Only waiting for the time to pass means wasting it as well.


New Favorite

Well, actually every day is my favorite. That is when I spend my time with someone I love. The time is too good to not be called favorite. And es, Every Winnie the Pooh quotes are my favorite.


With a Balloon

Well, now I can prove my thoughts again that Winnie the Pooh is an idiot at times. Well, this anyway is funny. Our cute teddy is so sure of himself that he even thinks it is just too simple to trick his opponents that he means no harm.


Until You Have Them

People certainly have a tendency to laugh at things until they happen to themselves. Even when it’s that the characters in comedy movies are running for their lives or putting themselves in huge troubles. The receiving end of that is not so funny.



Oh, my brother, you are so innocent at times and manage to tell things too deeply. Yes, just be patient when somebody does not listen to you or does not care. In time, they will realize that they need you and that is when they will listen to everything you say.




Yes, Eeyore, when you quote things like this, there is nobody in the world that wouldn’t notice you. And for what you say, nobody would promote love like this. Sometimes even the smallest things we do can mean really big to the people around us. We need to be aware of that.


Feel it

Love is not a word- I mean it is a feeling that will never be expressed in words. Because that is not something that cannot be done, but it’s something that is not done. All that is done is feeling the love, always.


Nicest and the best

Winnie the pooh’s speech has a history of including cute friendship quotes like these. But this quote explains what a member in friendship being is all about. We need to be thankful we have friends and need to be the best of our friends as possible.


Only By My Side

Well, what this quote says is the perfect relation between the best friends. You may be not be walking the same path, but still, you are there in the other way that your friend is walking on.



This funny quote about life sometimes expresses our feelings as well. Yes, we keep on working our best to make the things come our way- but sometimes they just don’t seem to.


Bold, Brave, Strong

I don’t think I will need to elaborate this quote any further. If you manage to be all the things included above, you will be the wisest person that you know. That is the only possible way of leading a happy life.


All Over

This quote about goodbye is sad, but if the words are felt enough, they will bring out the tears of happiness as well. The time we enjoyed is really precious, we just don’t want to let go of it.


Wrong Places

This funny quote from Winnie the Pooh actually shows what I am as well.  Still, I guess Pooh actually has a better handwriting than me.



Did You

Pausing is an option, but stopping is not. As this quote says, there is no reason to stop. So even if you have stopped for a while, don’t forget to start it again, what you are working on will gradually be complete. Because it is supposed to be.


Winnie the Pooh quotes about life are not only fun to read, but they also help us to learn a lot about the world that is going on. We know that Hundred Acre Wood is one of the happiest places on the Earth. The residents in that place are sweet, innocent and always long to keep themselves happy. They are endowed with the wonderful friendship and for them, every day is an adventure. Every morning becoming a start of a new journey, these people keep on experiencing new things and love everything that they and their pals do. I bet, even the annoyed bees love the place.

Well, all we should aspire to be what Winnie the Pooh and his friends are. We should do our best to turn our world into a place like they live. A place filled with love and those people don’t know anything about hate.

So, did you like these Winnie the Pooh quotes about life and everything that comes with it? Among them, which one was your favorite? Tell me and till then keep on being happy as Winnie the Pooh is.

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