110 True Friendship Quotes And Sayings With Images

Friendship Quotes do an excellent job of reminding you about your relationship with your friends. You don’t love your friends, but you love your friends- that is friendship. You may not like talking about your friends, but you love everything that is related to them. Well, that is the reason you are even on this page. Those stupid idiots made you want to see quotes for him. They are unbelievable, aren’t they? You hate being with them, but you will have nothing to love if you are not with them. Well, this entire thing is bizarre.

For those weird people, today we have gathered 122 friends quotes. Go through those quotes and see how they relate to your buddies.

friendship quotes

World Is Beautiful with Friends

Imagine a world where you are alone. There is nobody you can share your good times and the bad. Friends are more than just important- they make your world somewhere you can live in.

Always Together

You don’t need to be together with your friends to express your friendship. Real friends are there with you even when they are not physically available.

Common Love

When you are friends with someone, you share common interests. That shared interest will ignite a bond that will always keep you guys together forever.

Unbreakable Bond

Friends are always important. When you make friends, you don’t make a random relation- you form a bond that is still in your heart. You should always cherish the fact.

Never Alone in the Dark

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” your friends will always help you in your darkest Times- and motivate you to reach to the light. be thankful for that.

Don’t Stop Talking

When someone whom you share so much with does not talk, you always happen to remember that very moment. It hurts a lot.

Nothing without them

You always feel that you have no respect for your friends. But when you imagine a world without them, that is when you realize that the world would be worthless without them.

Solve Problems together

A best friend will never let you face your problems alone. He is always there for you, no matter what the situation he is going through.Quotes on love and friendship are correlated in each other.

A mirror

Your friend is your reflection. You resemble your friends a lot not only in your behavior but also in your entire thoughts and beliefs.

Times Change

Real friends do not come out of Nowhere. As you move on with your life, you begin to realize the true nature of people. And you only be friends with the right ones.

Always for your Goodwill

Your friend may sometimes be out of the view of your eyes. What you will always be praying and rooting for your goodwill, no matter where and how he may be.

Anything to Protect

Girls are very choosy about their friends- but when they do make one, they will do everything to protect and defend their beloved ones.

Blind Trust

You close your eyes and believe blindly in your friends. You know they will never leave your back- betrayal is the word you have never even thought of.

Important Moments

Every time that you get to spend with your friends is very precious to you. Every second count- it will count for the rest of your lives.This type of quotes about friendship are appreciated by every generations.

No Way Apart

Your friend will always love you. You don’t have a heartbreak, you don’t break up with your friends, and even if you are quarreling with one another, you still love each other.

Not a Lot Asked, many Given

Your friends don’t ask a lot from you. They just want a little bit of time, and a little bit of place in your thoughts. in return, they will bless you with the best experience you’ll have in your life.

Everything is great

You don’t need to do anything exciting with your friends to be happy. Even having no fun with your best friends is itself funny.Some people send funny friendship quotes to their best friends to make moment memorable.


Always The Same

The friendship lasts forever. Even in the day, you die, still have the same compassion for your friends.

Be there for them

You don’t only think about your friends when you need them. A person should always be there when their friends need them. You people are the only things that you have for each other.

Make the world a Better Place

your friends make your life awesome. Just imagine having no one that you can call friends. ‘

Confusing to some extent

Friends may not be blood-related. The first time you see your friend, you may have no idea who that is. And after sometimes, you know him the best like no one can.

Nothing Official

Friends don’t say sorry, and they don’t say thank you. When you are excellent friends with someone, you can share any opinions you want- and there’s no problem on the other side.

Loves even after Bad

A friend is someone that knows every minor thing about you- in and out. He knows all about characters. Even after that, he still wants to be friends with you.

No offenses took

Building a friendship means giving another person every rights to tantalize and tease you. And getting the same for you, of course.

Riding Together

Life is an adventure- and your peers are your companions. You help each other in every single way to together complete the journey.

Not too easy to meet true

Meeting new people and knowing their name does not mean you are friends with them. People are always together with you when they want, but only your friends will be there for you when you need them.

Magnifying Glasses

Your friends help you to magnify every happiness that you experience. They make your life more wonderful.

Laugh then Help

Your best friend will always laugh at you when you put yourself in a dangerous or a dangerous situation. But remember that, he will still do everything that he can to get you out of it.



Your friends increase the happiness in your life and help to diminish the sadness. They are amazing.


Your friends are painkillers for your pain and a joke added to your laughter. What they give is little, but that means a whole lot to you.


A true friendship is tough to find. But if you are lucky enough to discover one, consider it as a blessing from the heaven.

Distance won’t Matter

Where ever you be you never lose your real friends. Your heart is always with you, and your best buddies are always in your heart.

Be Careful

A lot of friends does not mean anything if they do not have any quality that is required in a good friend. You don’t need a lot of friends, but you need the best ones.

No Stop

Friendship is timeless. It is boundless. Nothing can separate the friendship once it has been made.

Always Good

Friends make every small thing feel big. Those Idiots boost the most miniature fun present in everything.

Sorry for Fight

Even when friends fight with the smallest of thing, that is a huge issue. That is a huge issue which will be resolved in no time.

My Shadows

When you are friends, you are never alone. Even if you are lost on a new planet, the Spirits of your friends will always be there with you.


A true friend will cry when you are in the saddest moment of your life. But he will cry tears of joy when you find your goal.


when you are with your friends, you don’t need to think about anything else.you forget what you talk with your friends, but you won’t forget the moment when you speak with him. 

True is together

If someone runs away when you are in a tough situation, that is not a friend. A true friend will enter the fire to rescue you from it.

Love Disturbs


You are annoyed when your friends disturb you, but you still love it. Well, that is when you realize they are always with you.

Nothing Different

People will think of you differently. But your friends know the actual you. They know that you are different from everything else.

Just some Support

People don’t need to kill your problems to be your real friends. Everything they need to do is have your back when you go face them.

Never Alone

Being endowed with friends and being lonely? That is just not possible. There is no way your friends will let you feel lonely.

Nothing awkward

What is weird for the world is not for your friend. Every crazy thing that you do with each other that is nothing crazy for you guys.

Nothing Concealed

You can’t hide anything from your friends. Even if you don’t say anything, your friend can hear everything.

No fakes, please

When you have a friend, you trust your life with them. But if they turn out to be fake, that is the saddest thing that will ever happen to you. Choose your pals wisely.

Still, No Fakes

Never let a fake person be your friend. The definition of friendship is precious- no one should be given a chance to play with it.

Hard To Find


Among a group of a lot of people, just little human beings can be your friends. Sometimes, even being lucky enough to find a good friend can be surprising.

Quality over Quantity

Thousands of people cannot give you the same affection that your friend can give you. Being in someone’s brain and heart are different things.

Most Valuable

Diamonds Are precious- Your real friends are even more. Actually, your ugly friends are better than a beautiful, polished diamond.

No Conditions

A true friend does not need a condition to be a friend. Is always your friend no matter whatever that you are.

Soul is there

Your body’s don’t make good friends. Your souls make friends. When a friendship is made, the two of your souls always hold hands together.


A friend has no reason to trouble you. He will give you problems, but always in the sweetest way possible. He thinks everything that you own is yours, even if it is not. And he does not care if you have any problems with that.


You make a lot of friends, but only a few of them will be by your side forever. And those are the people who are called true friends.

Same Childhood

Your childhood friend certainly is a reflection of you. You guys have grown together, and you have learned the same things in the same way.

Small Time

you could make a true friend in a day- the only thing that is required is that you two be there by your sides forever.

Never Let Go alone

Your friends don’t let you do wild things. But if you let them join you, they will always be ready for that.

Remember always

You stay staring at your friend’s eyes without speaking a single word- and you will remember absolutely that moment for the rest of your lives.


You are fresh in the morning- but with your friends, you are fresh even in the night. You owe them for that.

Are they worth

Even if you know that you don’t need time at the moment- Your friends still consider themselves as an important asset to you.

Not Much Asked For

You don’t need million dollars from your friends- you just need a minute of their lives to join the pizza with you.

Make your own Family

The God gives your family. He also lets you choose another family, which you have to decide for yourself.

Still Together

The fights between the friends- are actually the fights that tighten the bond. Even the fights become funny memories for friends. Friends are energies. Your friends make you energetic for everything. Making new friends means that you are not holding back to try new things.

Don’t remember

Actually, you do borrow the money- but you are just unwilling to remember when you did. You don’t care even if he is going to feel bad about you not returning that back.

You Get it, Right?

Your friend is never allowed to get pissed off. Even for the most stupid things you do straight in his face.

Don’t Touch My Friends

Nobody is allowed to hurt your best friend. If they do, they will have to pay the best price. The price which nobody wants to pay.

Always There

You are always ready for your best friend. That precious person does not deserve to have any problems.

Select Your Members

In your lifetime, you make a family. And only your friends are in there.

These Words

Best friend. This term is very precious. Those letters mean a lot to you.

That One is Important

It is rightly said that that “You find true friends only when you are in your hardest Times.” your true friends help you get through that.

No one in your Place

Your true friend will be close to a lot of other people. But your true friend will always have a place reserved for you in his heart- where you will not let anybody else to get into.


Your friends will always inspire you. They will be the funny, times for you in your worst seconds.

Your friendship makes you members of a family. A family that is fun and a family where you have nothing to hide.

Use the Time

Instead of you wasting your time talking to a fake friend, you could use your time finding a true one. After having a true friend, you will find out how fun the time is.

Same Kind

You are crazy- I know. But maybe you don’t think so. Well, your best friends don’t think that you are crazy as well. Because they are the same as you.

Once Then For All

It is too hard to find a true friend. But after already having found one, you won’t forget each other even if one goes to the hell and the other to heaven.


Your You friends will laugh at you- but will never let anybody else laugh at you. That’s the beauty of true friendship.

Important Trust

trust is very important in friendship. Without it, there are no friends.


Most of the best moments in your life always happen with your best friends. They share the same joy and the tears of the experiences.


Blood makes you related, but the love makes you bonded. You are best friends are your siblings- but only that you don’t share the same parents.

Still, Friends

Even if you are away from your best friend for a lot of time, the next time you meet them you are still the same. You have never change for them, and they have never changed for you.

Just For You

a person is everywhere else to go- but real friends will never tell you about their significant problems until they help you solve your minor ones.

Nothing Is Scary

With a best friend, you will be laughing at the naked devil instead of being afraid of him. There is nothing as fear when you are together with your best friend.


When you make new friends, you join them on various rides. Those rides teach you valuable lessons in your life.

Friends More Important

You earn things because you have to earn, you Just your friends because you want to If them. Your friends are precious to you than any other physical things that you own.


Your best friends will be your friends, and they don’t care about what about the world thinks. Laugh at every single thing that you do even if the entire world thinks it’s crazy.



Surely this is funny, but you feel jealous when your best friend calls someone else a good friend. Don’t worry, you have every right to feel so.


Your life is supposed to be precious- your friends are supposed to make your life precious. They are really important to you.


Death Won’t Matter

Believe me, your true friends will be there for you even after their death. Even the God can’t separate the true friendship.


Friendly Fight

You have a fight with your friends, and you are still friends when you have the fight. You are always friends even after the fight.


Wishes Heal

Even the prayers of your friends will help a lot to heal your sickness. There is nothing as pure as the hope of your friends.

Always Welcome

True friends surely are hard to find, but if somebody is supposed to be a true friend, they are always welcome to you. You are always waiting for a good friend.


Shared Problems


You are really serious about solving your problems. But when you have friends, they are as serious as you with your problems.

Still, There’s Love

Your best friend will remember every insult that he directs towards you. But he doesn’t even realize any love that he will show to you, no matter what the situation.



Best friends always make everything good. When you are working with the best friends on something bad, you still find a reason for it to be good.


Everything Good

Your best friend is honest with you. Your best friend trusts you. That person will always love you with a love that has no end to it.

Don’t Let Go

Only one in billions will be your true friends. If they come by, never let them go.

You are Blessed

Everybody doesn’t get to experience the feeling of having obtained a true friend. If you have, remember your blessings.

Everything Ok

You never have a problem hearing from your friends. They can tell you anything they want about yourself, and you won’t mind.

Short Time is Good

You don’t need to know a person for a long time to be friends. If a person is supposed to be your friend, it will show in the first few days.You can find here too many cute friendship quotes.


Even when the world has lost its hopes on you- your best friend is still there is saying that you can do it.

Ok With Less

You know your friends can’t give you a lot- but they still give you all they can. Just make friends with people that are okay with it.Short friendship quotes are more touchy than long quotes.

Numbers Don’t Matter

You don’t need a lot of friends when the friendship is right, even a small amount of people is indeed better than having a lot of people but no one that near.

Nothing As Shame

You can go and ask for any help with your friend- There’s no reason to feel awkward or ashamed. That’s why they are there for.

Together In Hearts

Your friends are not just the people whom you meet and talk to. The love for them is rooted in your heart.

Well, these true friendship quotes sometimes were funny, weren’t they?

When the jokes are taken apart, which apparently are not so quickly- your friends are the best people you have ever met. At this moment, you can’t even imagine a world where you have not run into them. Your friends just don’t help you with your life- but actually, make you-you. You love your friends, and they truly love you- it is as simple as that. Losing them is not an option, and you just want to be with them forever. So, were these friendship quotes near to anything you feel about your friends? Let me know. Make your friends see these friendship quotes as well and ask them if they think the same about you. I hope your friendship will last forever and you people will always keep on having fun together as you do.

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