95 Death Quotes That Help You Cope With The Great Sorrow

What do the death quotes talk about? Well, the tell the story of the death- that is the end. Something that brings everything to a close and one of the biggest reasons for tears and sorrow. Once a person dies, that is the end- and that is the last time we will ever hear from them. That is the reason we cry. And are we right? As per what we see, we exactly are. It ended for them, and that is the last time we will ever hear from them. So, what we need to do is plunge ourselves into a stream of tears. It’s all about death and death quotes.

But, you know what? We are wrong. First off, we can’t exactly say what happens after death. Wouldn’t it be stupid to cry just because someone that we love reaches a place that is better than everything else? Like even if they are supposed to be happy, they may feel guilty about having the huge weight off their shoulders just because we mourn for them? These things are what the death quotes are about.

So, whether you want some words of magic that help to wash your tears away, or you just want some emotional readings, these death quotes are for you. Not only the quotes said originally in English, even the death quotes from various other tounges like Urdu and Malalayam have also been translated. So, here some of the best death quotes from the corners of the world.

When It Hurts More Than Death


death quotesIt may sound sad, but all of us have been in the situation that has been pointed out in this quote.

The Fear Of Death

Well, for every person who has a life which he thinks is worth living, the fear of death is always abundant.

I’m Coming

Well, many times in our lives, we have thought of the words that are exact in this quote.

That Thing That Cannot Be Chosen

For some people, it may be unfortunate, but the death may come as soon as before they think about it. But, that’s what the fate is and something that can never be changed.

My Tears

Yes, all of us someday will be in the situation just like in this quote. For one day. We are going to lose someone that we love the most.

The Relationship

For real, we need to understand the essence of this quote. We know that the deceased members of our family are still in our hearts and in the heaven- and someday, we are supposed to join them.

Love Left Behind

Here’s one of the inspirational death quotes. If we do look at the positive side, we miss the people because of the immense love they left us with.

Death Gun

If you have played the game called GGO, you are familiar with this character. But for now, look at what he has to say in the quote.


None of the sad death quotes could be more heartbreaking as this. And it is hard to say that this is someone’s Mothers Day quote.

The Thought

All of us thought- yes we really did. Sometimes, we have thought of ourselves as the destroyers.

Forgetting The Death

This quote is the reason that we always keep the dead people it our hearts, don’t we?


Every word in this poem is really deep. Well, yes- these are the questions that we would ask ourselves if someone said that we were to die today.

The Silent Tear

For this poem was written from the perspective of a person who is dead, it is really heart touching. I wonder how the dead feels like.


The Well-Lived Life

Now, this is really uplifting. If we indeed live a great life like we wanted to, this positive surge of thoughts is exactly what we are going to have in our mind in the day we die.

The Trap Doors

The words in the quote- they are some of the words that weigh heavily on our ears. Something we would never want to hear.


Poems are wonderful- sometimes, they bring tears to our eyes. Anyway, there indeed is some hope that we can get to meet the people we sometimes lost after.

Nobody Could Replace

Even to read this quote is really tough. We realise something that we would never want to.

The Death

The person who wrote this poem is not afraid of the death, and all for good reasons. He knows that the lord is with him and the memories of the way he lived his life will never let him be sad.

Your Love

Imagine coming this from a little girl as in the picture of this quote. I know it is wrong, but I made you sadder.


This is not just a religious story. Like in this quote, we also have the capability to rise like Christ, don’t we? In a way that we won’t be dead even if we are dead.

The Wage Of Sin

Here is this quote which urges us to ask ourselves why did a death occur. Was it for a sin or if it was because the God wanted the person within him?

For John

Do you get what this quote wants to tell? This tells you to have faith. Then you will always be alive.

Five Facts

Something that will happen and something that we can’t avoid- we will need to welcome those facts into our lives.

Life Before Or After Death

Well, this one is epic. Really motivational- we definitely need to ask ourselves the question that has been told in this very quote.


Her’s the positivity that we get to take from something sad like death. Sometimes, it is for the best that we are glad for the people who left the world.

The Preparation

Here is one quote unique from everything else. Something that urges us to not be afraid of death.


For the people who live their life perfectly, they are the ones who wish there was something after death. For they know the fun of not being still.

Her Beauty

Here is one of those romantic quotes that tell how a person truly in love is ready to die for their better half.

The Curious

And for the curious people, they hope that the adventures never end, even after their death. That is the reason they are called blessed.

From The Place

After the death, people definitely go to a better place. A wonderful place is exactly like how it has been termed in this quote.


Yes, these are the thoughts that will come to our mind someday. Sad, but we will need to be strong during that time.

The Book Excerpt

These words are intense if that is the way we should be describing them. What would you do in such a situation?

The Memory

Here is another one from the book- don’t get me wrong, we are not advertising it. Just the death quotes in it are amazing.

Temporary Trip

Maybe we need to believe in this quote. For you know, being people with a lot of faith, we can as well sometimes feel that this quote is absolutely true.


Well, we grieve so much because of the love we have. So, it is not necessarily just a bad thing.

After The Moment

Well, we don’t want them to be sad when they see us sad after they have already reached the place where they are supposed to be the happiest- now, do we?

The Invention Of Life

Here, this quote is a very philosophical explanation of the death. Something that says what death truly is.

Beautiful Lie And Painful Truth

This quote also makes us aware of what about the things that we value for the wrong reasons. We human beings definitely seem to like lies.

Life After Death

You can also read the death quotes in Islam. And yes, this cycle is the same in almost all the religious beliefs.

Never Stop Loving You

Well, see the birthday cake with no candles but rather with a quote? It’s a sorrowful death quote hidden in a sweet birthday quote.

When I See You From Up Here

This quote can enable all of us to feel happy because the people who we lost still love us the same way we love them. These words are not just some imaginary ones, they are the true feelings of the people up above.

When The Biggest Sorrow

Here is one- even if we think that the world is really cruel, there still are some purest of the souls waiting for us above with open arms.

Nothing To Bring You Back

After reading all of the previous death quotes as well, we must try to understand that now it is not just practical to think about bringing them back. They are in a better place already, and now if we try to bring them back, we are just greedy.

The Hammer

Here is another one for the people who are interested in the creepy stories.

Plant In Our Hands

Here is another scary tale of the death. Sometimes, scary stories are really fun to read.


The tattoo she has had holds a lot of her emotions, that is for sure.


Well, for the strong and the tough people, death is absolutely nothing. There is no reason for us to value it so highly.


Religious death quote- and it tells the ultimate truth. Death is just natural, it is not so much of a big deal if we try to understand the truth- which is just too hard because of our emotions.

Older And Matured

There are some deep words in this quote, everything that we can relate to. Or let ‘s say, everything that we are supposed to experience in the coming times.

The Unfamiliar Death

It is unfamiliar because we have not experienced it. And that is the reason we think that it necessarily is a bad thing.


Sad, very sad. Sometimes, we need to feel ashamed of ourselves. Even though we may say that we have never killed people for no reason, we still don’t care to stop those who do.


So, after reading this quote, ask yourself if you have lived. And if you think that you may have not, then it is time that you really do.

Don’t Know Everything

We necessarily don’t know what happens after death now, do we?

What It Leaves

As in this quote, death leaves memories- and when we come to realise that the memories will only remain memories, that is when we feel all the pain.

The Low Chemical Trick

Here it is, this quote says it all. After all, we humans are chemicals as well. And death is when the chemicals stop working after all.

Next Great Adventure

Well yes- it indeed is an adventure. Only some of us realise that.


Isn’t this quote accurate? After death, it is all over- when we say all, then we also include all the sorrow.

 Death Cure

The tale in this quote keeps you thinking. This could be how apparitions talk to each other.

The Trigger

We don’t know what the book is all about- but see only these two words we can see- they themselves tell us a very long story.

Warm Hugs

Here is one of the saddest death quotes for loved ones. Dad is one of the hardest people to miss.


We get braver as we grow older and at some point in our life, we gain this courage as well.

Who Gave You So Much

You know what? We don’t need to forget them at all.

Just The Unknown Fear

Just a fear. We don’t know about its origins, we even don’t know if it is right having it in the first place.

Morning And Night

Here is another inspiring one. Everyday- a new life.


It is not only about football- replace the word with what you love the most. And it is much more important to think about it rather than your death.

In My Fathers House

Death quotes do a great job of assuring you that you are headed to a great place.

Biggest Tragedy

When this thing happens, it just is not fair. Someone dying without even getting to live- there seriously is something wrong with that.

Great Gift

For the people who have lost their child, they are the strongest ones. Anyway, their child lived- he got to live in the happiest time of one’s life and didn’t have to feel the tragedy of growing up.

When I Think Of Death

Here are all our thoughts about death reflected in the art of the words. Something that is relatable.

The Equal Thing

A straight fact in this quote. We have to realise that there is going to be a time where all the people will be considered the same.


So many tears in the heart when the parents try to transcend this message to the soul of their loving daughter.

Always Moon

Same goes for humans, our number may increase or decrease, but we still are us.


Something that will never end- someone that will never die. Our spirit is the same as this quote says.

Eye For Eye

This is the spirit talking. Once you see the anime, you will know the entire context of this one.


Here’s another death quote from the manga. A spirit saying that the humans are monsters, and he is entirely right.

The First Quote

Well, we were supposed to read only the death quotes, but it won’t hurt if we read the other quotes as well. Anyway, the first one is why we are even here.

Nothing Far

This means if we want to do something, there are a lot of reasons that we to do it already.


One day, maybe if all the people are wise as well, the death will also be celebrated in a positive tune like this.

Died Every Night

This one’s a love quote as well. Very interesting, don’t you think?


For the people who don’t do anything wrong, they have lived their lives like they have to.

Love Them

God gave us them- and God is the one who will take them back. This quote is really motivating.

A Life Beyond

Maybe it could be a little hard right now, but you know, we can still wish that we will be familiar with this quote after our death.

The Empty Chair

Here’s one of the saddest death quotes images. The chair is still there- which means only the person who owns it is allowed to touch it.

Always There

If we can realise, these are the words that come out of the lips of our deceased ones. They mix in nature- that means they are always with us in the air.

Two Hardest Things

Many people have to be surrounded by fate like this. And living through all of this requires something really special because parents don’t want to die because they want to keep the memory alive.

Beside Us

All these death quotes are not something said for no reason at all. They are absolutely true, we just need to believe in the words.

What It Happens

Having tattooed quotes like this, this man has definitely been through a lot. All the words are heartfelt.

Power Of Tongue

Well, one day, this quote will be apparent to all of us. We definitely have done a lot of wrong things, now it must be our interest that we try to keep the amount as low as possible.

Not The End

Here’s one of the uplifting quotes about death of a friend. Even if we are sad for us, we may need to be happy for them.

End Of The Best Love

Here, this quote says how losing a parent is like. It is the end of the best love that you will ever get. Even the best things come to an end, don’t they?

Part Of Us

Whatever we say, death still is a pain. Sometimes, we just hope that we never had to experience this whole thing called life which makes us go through the death of someone we love. And see the world dying itself as well.

 Takes The Best

Like this death quote says, who knows? Maybe God is just testing us to see if we are fit to live inside the heaven gates? And for the people whom he took away, all of them were.

Death- for the people in the Earth, it could be an end. That is what our perspectives tell us. But, who knows, maybe better experiences are waiting for us, and there is almost no reason to fear this natural occurrence. And for now, what we all need to do is focus on our lives. We may have a death to face, but we still have a life to live. So, let us try to do our best such that there will be nothing that bothers us on our death beds.

Aren’t these the things that these death quotes taught us? After all, we have read all of these quotes, and now it is really important that we don’t let our knowledge go to a waste. And we also need to remember that these quotes were not told for no reason at all. Words can change lives- even if we can’t change the fact that we will die as well, we still can change the way we live.

So, what did you think about these death quotes? Were they motivating? Did they seem to help you at all? Do you think that now you can just get over this overrated thing and realise you are stronger than this thing itself? If your reply is positive, then I am sincerely happy for you and till the next time, keep on smiling.

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