150 Awesome Forearm Tattoos That Will Help You Make A Statement

Many consider the forearm to be the perfect place to get a tattoo, that is the reason the forearm tattoos are popular. First of all, the axis in the arm makes it possible for unique designs and the next- the tattoos on the forearm are easily noticed by the people around you. And even while getting the tattoo for the first time, then the tattoo experts recommend the forearm for you because the pain tolerance of many people is found to be reasonably good in the forearm. And the most important factor of all, when you get forearm tattoos, this also means you can yourself take a look at your tattoos every time you like.

Well, if you decided to get forearm tattoos, then there are various other factors to choose the best tattoo for you. First, you have to see the tattooed figure that represents your life, and after that, you should look at the best tattoo design for the field of your interest. This is a very important decision to make because once you get the tattoo, everything is permanent. So, you cannot be wrong at all.

So, to help to select the ideal design, we have gathered the images of the best forearm tattoos for you. All of them represent various things and try to see if you find something that perfectly suits you.

Deep Diamond

Look at this diamond, I mean inside it. There is a telescope, the eyes of the sky itself and when you look at the upper part, it looks like Illuminati. Being creative with forearm tattoos results in great things, doesn’t it

Forearm Tattoos for men

Getting tree tattoos in your forearm also maybe a good idea because they look good and symbolize various things at the same time.

The Religious Galaxy

How do you interpret this great tattoo design for your forearm? Did you like this idea?

The Clock

The clocks represent time and time is omnipotent. Not only does this look good, but has a lot of meanings hidden to it.

The Statue Can’t See

Seeing how the humans have gotten selfish around, the Statue of Liberty is forced to close her eyes. So deep meaning within a forearm tattoo.

Geometry To Art

Geometrical figures themselves may not mean a lot, but when they come together, it may result in a fantastic forearm tattoo design like this.

The Compass

Do you think you have or need a good sense of direction of your life? Well, you can represent that with this compass tattoo on your forearm.

These Animals

Wolf with antlers, the eagle with a great vision, both of them tattooed in your two forearms in the sleekest design possible.

The Flower Art

Arts on tattoos like this may represent various symbols that the person looking at it may figure himself.

Rose and The Text

So, what about this tattoo design for your forearm. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

The King

Getting the lion in your forearm can also be a good tattoo choice.

Time and the Vision

Eyes and the clock- they both tell a lot about themselves and this tattoo is just sick.

The face on a Web

Well, what a great way to symbol how people sometimes feel trapped like they are in a spider’s web or something. If I got this tattoo, I would be looking at it for more than 4 hours a day.

Books and quotes

Spread out knowledge when somebody sees your forearm tattoos.

Crescent and Everything Else

Figurative arts are very popular as tattoos, and the crescent makes a huge part in most of them.

Skull and the Rose

Two hands- two very different things, but yet both of them similarly heartfelt. If you liked this tattoo design, you could also find similar in our list of the rose tattoos.

In the Moon

People often tattoo moon on their forearm- this time you do something different. Tattoo the first man whose feet touched the surface of the moon.


Looking at this tattoo, anybody will realise how our Milkyway galaxy, as well as our planet, are very beautiful at the same time.

Mulitple Roses

Yes, like I said earlier, the meaning of these rose tattoos for your forearm is in our page of the best rose tattoos. Do check it out.

The Omnipotent

This is another way to tattoo the clock in your forearm.

The Lines and the Flower

Include some other additions to the tattoo of rose or other flowers in your forearm tattoos to give them a distinctive look.

That Loved One

Well, how can I even describe this tattoo? All I can say is that this forearm tattoo is phenomenal.


Tree tattoos can also be a good choice for your forearm. They hold a lot of meanings as well.

The Hunter Bird

Any type of hunter birds like eagles, vultures and owls can look good on your forearm.

The Beautiful Flower

Roses signify a lot- they hold meaning to almost everything. That is the reason you will see many people’s forearms have rose tattoos.

Another Again

More rose tattoos, we don’t become tired of looking at them, right?

Much Elaborate

So many things accommodated in your forearm tattoo and all of them look perfect together. Why not ink your forearm like this?

The Navigator

Well, do you like Nami? Okay, that may be a little out of context to some people, but anyway, this tattoo looks very good.


Some people also like tattooing their best historical or religious figures in their forearms. You can try it too.

The Robotic

This tattoo makes the watcher feel like your forearm is made of steel, well played. The 3d art is brilliant.

The Wolf

Wolves signify a lot of things and what do you think about Wolf tattoos like this?

The Shape Made of Flowers

Tattoos like this are also getting popular nowadays. Get one if such designs intrigue you.

The Stripped Jungle Cat

The roar of the tiger always looks splendid. And if you can see it in your forearm, that’s the plus point to it.

The Whale

Well, if you like the sea, then you also like the creatures in the sea, don’t you?


Lotus is a holy flower, especially in the Hindu religion. So, different designs of lotus tattoos also suit in the forearms of amazing people like you.

Those Eyes

Eyes of a tiger- you know what that means, right? Tell me you don’t like this tattoo design.

Three of them

The number of roses in rose tattoos represent the number of people that you are close to- this is obviously good to know before you get a rose tattoo in your forearms.


When the tattoos first came into existence, only designs like this were considered as tattoos. But, anyway, they are still classic, and their great look holds a reason for all that.

The Analog Devices

Face everything, every time everywhere. You could be motivated from that everywhere if you got this amazing forearm tattoo.

The Anchor

If you are really interested in the sea or adventures, then you might want to get tattoos like this in your forearm. First, they look mesmerising, and the second, they tell a lot about you.

The Hours and The Minutes

In tattoos like this, the clock usually points to the time when some important event occurred in your life. For example, you might have a forearm tattoo with the time of your birth.

The Romantic Rose

A rose tattoo and the heart with the name of your loved one- another great idea for your ink.


Why not have your own motto in the forearm tattoo you are going to get? Doing this thing will help you abide by your thoughts till the end of your life.

The Maiden Deities

This is yet, another great idea for your forearm tattoos.


Tattoo words having significant meanings for you. Have the “font” chosen out perfectly?

The Mermaid

Mermaid tattoos are also some of the most famous tattoos these days. Take a look if you are interested in these mystifying creatures.

The Soldier

Everybody respects the troops from their country, don’t they? Well, if you are or were a soldier then, you can tattoo those things that were your symbol.

Around the Axis

The forearm is a great place to tattoo because the art in there can be made compact, just like this forearm tattoo.

The Direction

If you liked the previous forearm compass tattoos, then there is more for you.

The Thirteen

13- this number is what many people consider a sign of something bad. Well, tell the world that you are devilish with the number in your forearm tattoo.

The Regimen Number

You are a very tough man if you are a troop for your country, we respect you. Well, here is a forearm tattoo idea for you.

The Stars Pattern

Did you recognise the family of starts with this tattoo? Well, if you are fascinated by astronomy, then I guess you will find an interest in this tattoo.

The Smiling Crescent

Moon tattoos are a good choice to have in your forearm as well.

The Skull

The head of the skeleton- the skull is also one of the most popular forearm tattoos you will ever see.

The Elephant God

Ganesha is the Elephant God in Hindu Mythology. He is the symbol of wisdom and well- being so your forearm tattoo will mean a lot.

Heart Forearm Tattoos

The human heart is the most important part of the body. You already have one, that doesn’t stop you from the fact that you can get another on your forearm.

Everything Visible

If vision is the best quality you have and you are proud of that, then this tattoo could resemble that for you.

A Full Grown Rose and A Bud

Maybe you have just given birth to a kid, or you have recently become a parent- let the roses in your forearm tattoo tell your story.

 Two Roses, another one

Well, this is another two rose tattoos and with a skull as well. That means your relationship just went through a difficult situation, but you figured it out.

The Sword

Forearm tattoos like this tell more stories than fairy tale books.

Music Love

Everybody loves music. But, is it your passion? Well, your tattoo can tell that for you.

Thrones on your Rose

Thrones on roses mean that you have your own values and beliefs and so that is the reason you are not going to let anyone near them.


Here is another Lotus tattoo for your forearm. The knife has a hidden narrative here.

Flowers, Again

So, how do you like this tattoo design for your forearm? Looks so good when it covers your entire forearm.

Sparrows on The Rose

Well, this is another cute tattoo design for forearm suited to the most innocent people around. Actually, you may also get this even if you don’t think you are innocent at all.


Different flowers in the forearm tattoos have different meanings. You would like to select one which is the closest to your soul.

The Blinded Child

If you want to reflect on your past, then you can do it in your forearm tattoos. You can try something just like this.

The beautiful knowledge

Well, when a flower and books make up your forearm tattoos, there is only positivity all around.

The Suns’ Family

This is another way you can design your forearm tattoos if you love the space and the galaxy outside the land and the sky.

On a Vase

Can you see the vase is shaped into a female body? Well, this is another forearm tattoo that represents female beauty.

Religious Rose 

You can also design the rose tattoo in your forearm in a religious way.

Show the Way

3D tattoos suit very well in the forearm. They look even better when the analogue devices like the direction compass are the art in your hands.

A Tool

This is another cool art to show what your forearm is made up of. Many people like having their tattoos about steel or something similar that make the hands of a superhero.


This forearm tattoo is all about your unique identity. Well, this tattoo itself is the phrase “different from everybody else.”

The Antelope

Who doesn’t like these cute creatures? Especially when they also make a great design for the forearm tattoos.

Through Him

The quote exactly doesn’t need to be this, but romantic live quotes are also preferred by some people to write in their forearms.

The Anthropoid

Spiders- aren’t they cool? Well, they are, and they also are a choice for you if you are looking to get a great forearm tattoo.

The roar of The King

This is another Lion tattoo on our best forearm tattoo designs. So, you may as well put this tattoo design on your wishlist.

The Scenery

Well, have you thought about having your favourite place inked as your forearm tattoo like this? If you have not before, maybe you could now consider this.

The Astronaut

Well, this is another astronaut tattoo on the best forearm tattoos. Well, this art is perfect as well.

The Elegant Flower

Well, go to the tattoo parlour to have this tattoo done, the tattoo expert is going to praise your taste.

The Stripped Jaguar

When you are going with the jungle cats on your tattoos, then you might find it convincing to design your own animal. Like something that seems like a different breed of the forest cats.

On the Both Hands

If you want to get tattoos on both your forearms, then it could be a good idea to have the tattoos match each other.

This Design

I will have to say this is one of my favourite forearm tattoo designs ever. I mean I just love the feel of it.

The Tree Behind the Triangle

When you have this tattoo on the front part of your forearm, then every person you are talking to will automatically look at the art and embrace it.

The Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of many things but most importantly hope and beauty. Well, this is only another reason to get a butterfly as your forearm tattoo.

Eagle On The Earth

Having tattoos of your favourite organisations or teams also is something many people do, and it turns out really good if they know what they are actually doing.

Cover Your Arm

When you say tattooing your forearm, have you wondered if covering your entire forearm with a tattoo will look good? Well, I am glad to say yes, if you choose an eloquent design like this.

The Swinging Sad Girl

Well, when we look at the handle of the swing, we come to find out this tattoo doing is just perfect. This art could be a good selection if you are into arts like these.


Having Lord Jesus means having the saviour in your tattoo. If you like the design, then there is no reason to stop yourself.

Time On That Pyramid

Metaphorical excellence. If the person who is getting a tattoo understand the art as well, then all the forearm tattoos that he will get will be outstanding.

The Cubes

Mathematical figures, if you can back them up with your own explanations, will make good forearm tattoos. Actually, if you can turn them to be like this, they will make great inner forearm tattoos.

This One

Well, covering your entire arm- not only the forearm with tattoos will turn out to be good if you choose great designs like this.

Keep Yourself Thinking

Well, this is great, one among the best outer forearm tattoos.

The Girl

I mean all I can do is gasp looking at this forearm tattoo’s excellence. You can see so many emotions in the relaxed face of the woman.

The Feather

Being a little more enthusiastic can result in tattoo designs like this.


Well, this is another forearm tattoo that represents one the strongest Hindu Gods. If you are looking for an epic Ganesha tattoo, then this is the one for your forearm.

The Spirals

Well, don’t you think that this spiral design is good? I think it is great for your forearm.

The Gentleman Ghost

A skeleton, but this dude looks funny instead of scary. But, anyway he looks good- I mean all the other ghosts would fall for his charisma.

The Biggest Cat

You have seen some great lion tattoos, but now it is time for you to see this. The colour shades on this one are epic.

Tree Tattoos

Well, you can get this one as well.

The Robot Woman

This could be said to be some great forearm sleeve tattoos. The person who first made this was a very talented man.

Shall Pass

Well, this is another one of the forearm tattoos to reflect your love interests.

The Snake And The Flower

Adding multiple objects in your tattoo means you have to be sure that they look good visually and carries a meaning behind them. This tattoo says it all.

The Son Of The God

If you are quite a Christian, then this is another Jesus Christ forearm tattoo for you.

The Dog

Everybody love dogs- and having them in forearm tattoos, this could be an excellent idea. You could actually print your pet dog.

Tribal Forearm Tattoo


we can also ink tribal tattoos in our forearm.


Well, getting a forearm tattoo means making a statement. It means having some thoughts and being proud to let the entire world know what is in your soul. So, the tattoos are always a good thing to get- if you know what you actually are doing. Hence, it should be your interest to find not just what your eyes want but get what your heart wants. All I can say is you should look at numerous tattoo designs before getting one and be patient to make a decision, you should never rush things on this matter.

So, did you like these forearm tattoo designs that we included in the post? Did they finally help you to find the tattoo design you were looking for? Well, let us know and till the next time, enjoy.

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