115 Salient Foot Tattoos For Men And Women That Can Impress Anyone

Foot tattoos- yes, they are popular because the foot is one of the most preferred parts to get a tattoo. It is especially because they go really well with matching apparels and also, the unique shape of one’s foot gives a great place for distinct and unique tattoos. Which means everytime a foot tattoo is made, it is highly likely that it will look different from any other foot tattoo that has ever been made. So, it is only natural that the foot tattoos are really popular these days.

Thinking of getting a foot tattoo? You are in the right place. For we know you could have a lot of questions in your mind and here are us, willing to help you just with that. To help you get the best design for yourself, we gathered some best foot tattoos from the internet. Take a look at these designs carefully and hopefully; they will help you make your decision.

Heart In A Mirror


foot tattoosYes, if that is what you are thinking, your foot indeed has a lot of place for a tattoo. Which means, your foot can accommodate a bigger design if you want it to. 


ATLA- maybe this means a lot to whoever has this tattoo, but we can’t say what. What we can say is that these letter designs or fonts, they are splendid.


A floral anklet stretching to your foot- what a beautiful representation.


Let their eyes treat some unusual foot tattoos. Well, I am only talking about its design, not the meaning- for this is a classic approach. People believed that having a pig tattoo on one foot and a hen on the other could keep sailors from drowning.

Foreign Phrase

Your words don’t have to be exactly like this. To be frank, even I can’t say what these words in this tattoo mean. Just an idea, you know.

Red Lotus

Purity and innocence, but when the lotus is red in color, it also represents love.


Some leaves and stars- beautiful things from nature. Don’t the differently colored stars look awesome when they are part of one cool design?

Maple Leaves

A windy autumn day.  Great outlines and details. This foot tattoo also means beauty and change.

Flower And Word

One beautiful word- love covered in a lovely tattoo design. This is a view of a proud tattoo getter.

Hey, Man

An interesting one. A Cute skeleton figure- or as we could say an adorable ghost.

Tribal Maze And Leaves

A classic way of putting up a tribal tattoo, right? In case, you might also like to take a look at our tribal tattoos.

Sea Waves

Simple and alluring. And the best part of all, it also tells about your love for the adventure and sea-life.

Lovely Star and Skeleton

A rather feminine design this is. We can’t see it completely but can easily confer it is too cute.


Here is a mom foot tattoo. Nothing as sweet as dedicating your tattoo to the best person in your life- especially when it is this beautiful.

Henna Floral

Somehow, it looks like a natural henna color. But, to be frank, it also looks like a permanent tattoo- we don’t know what it is, but all we can is that the floral design looks enchanting in a lighter brown hue.


Tattoo your name on your foot. A simple thing like that has \made many epic foot tattoos.

Love And Plane

Many tattoos represent thins very thing- love. And if you are to do the same, do it uniquely- just like this.

Grizzly Bear

A cute one on your tattoo and all she knows is love. Different colors added inside different hearts- this gives this somehow a great variation.

Blue Eyed Lion

A king that everyone fears. And everybody believes in- his blue eyes are full of elegance and confidence.

Deer Head

This animal is usually taken as a representation of female beauty. Usually, motherly love, kindness, and gentleness.

Red Flower

A smooth design, sleek such that you could almost feel it’s petal. And if you are interested in flower tattoos, take a look at our other flower tattoos.

Geometric Grains

So many possible ways for you to approach your foot tattoos. Here, there are many variations in this one.


Small, simple and a great story. Anchor foot tattoos don’t only say you are interested in the sea life, but also that the vastness of the world and adventures intrigue you.

Lotus Bloom

Who wouldn’t want to see a flower making up your foot tattoo such that it releases a lot of positive vibes?

Blue Rose

What is good about the rose foot tattoos is that just like a rose, they can represent various things depending on colors and quantity. This one means rarity and achieving something that has been deemed as impossible.

Sheep And Skeleton

are A sheep tattoo means atonement and sacrifice, and it’s skeleton on the left foot elaborates on it.

Indian Traditional

These tattoos look so fresh, beautiful and unique from anything else there is. And with so many variations, if you want one, there is no reason to hold back.

A Message

Here is a tombstone tattoo dedicated to someone else. And for who is supposed to get this meaning, they are still getting in a very beautiful way as possible.

Stars and Sun

Things that make a night sky beautiful. See these stars twinkling on your foot tattoo.


Traditional essence in this cartoonish style. This is so cute so that any girl would want to have one.

Rose and Name

She has a love symbol and also makes it clear who is this for. An idea for you.


Some sense of humor in this one. There could be some things like this in your life, which make goodbyes so hard.

Star made Of Twirl

A spiral and some triangle, great incorporation when they come together. And they have been put together in a much creative way.

Crowns And Roses

Do a great design on one and repeat it on the other. And when those twin designs come together, it is a bonanza of art.

Cover Up And Colors

So many colors brought together- it could be a huge risk if you are not sure of your tattoo artist. But, this one has been pulled off in a right way.

Anchor And Quote

Words spoken straight- you expect anybody is looking at it to get it. Don’t bring me down- this quote itself could be an idea for you.

Money On My Eyes

A clown and one of his eye surrounded with a money note. To be frank, look at it, it also gives an ambiance of a direction compass tattoo.

Cute Elephant

First, a minimalistic elephant tattoo was done and then, afterward color added. Going through this process, she created something that will be setting an example for millions of people.

Loves And Hearts

Small figures- little ones. But there are a lot of them which almost cover up your foot.


For me, they look like artistic paper pieces. But, I also know this one is abstract art, she has a deep meaning hidden under these simple things.

A Lions Roar

A lion only roars when he is ready to pounce. This is a symbolism of strength and one’s commitments towards a goal.


One word- so many things under it. There are many other such words and you could ink your favorite one.

Anklet Of Love 

Once you do this, you must be assured completely. For, this is something that is never going to be lost and will remain there forever.

A Thick Rose Bloom

And an anklet as well. Adding such simple pearly designs like those also makes a lot of difference to your tattoo, doesn’t it?

Love And Names

A sign and also the names of the people who this connects. Unique design of the heart, of course.

Geometrical Maple

A maple leaf- and these bold outlines give this a great look. And I bet you already know what it means, don’t you?

For Paul

Why don’t you do the same for Paul? If you don’t then, do it for a person that you care for the most.

let Cover Up

Animals and only animals. And regarding where she has had her picture taken, we could say that she really loves nature. Anything common between you and her?

Fate And Fear

What would people want to do? Read a quote or see a tattoo? Let them do the both. Great words in a great foot tattoo.


Family foot tattoos are also very popular. We don’t need any reason for that, do we? One’s family means a lot to him.

Sink But Rebuild

Feet- two feet and they add on to the same thing. Both of these sentences are something you will always need to abide by.

Lovely Pink 

Butterfly rose and bird- everything about love and beauty. In a very beautiful incorporation which could make you proud if you had one. With so many wonderful things possible to go together, butterfly foot tattoos are a choice of many people.

Anklet And Vision All these things

A traditional Indian Floral design in an interesting color. A great way to approach a foot tattoo.

Cock Foot Tattoos

Male pride and leadership- most of the times, this is what a tattoo like this suggests. And having a splendid tattoo like this also means that you are going to be cocky.

Flying Birds

All of these birds are flying with freedom and with their friends. I bet these independent birds also represent your current state. And they do, then what could be a better way to say that you are proud of that.

Flower And Shade

It is all about its unique pattern. See, these things- I mean groups of curves, when they are there, they make it more distinct than any other rose foot tattoos we have seen.

Another Family Name

Well, most of us are proud of our family names, aren’t we? Like that is our first identification. And If you think you are also the same, you could try this.

Grainy Paws

When we look at its texture,  it seems as if it is the real deal. Some realistic dog paws are making up your foot tattoo in this picture.

Indian Bridal Leg Tattoo

This type of tattoo is the sort of tattoo what Indian brides get on their big day. With a henna, that is, but you could get one with a needle.

Red Rose

What do you think about this rose design? A universal art symbol of love, so it is always special.

Green Frog

Frogs are an adorable little creature, when one looks like this. It almost looks like it will turn to a prince once you kiss him.


It is very rare that any other tattoo is hotter than this one. A very interesting choice to have one.

Painted Lines

It looks as if those lines were simply painted and smeared with a paintbrush. And in the perfect way.


This could be her address. Or her favorite place. Or a place she wants to go. Anything it is, let it be- just know that you could derive her tattoo idea.

Traditional Tattoos

Foot tattoos made with a traditional approach- these things are very pleasant to look at. And also to have one.

Traditional Japanese Demon

Here is a leg tattoo that tells us a story. A story that starts in the watcher’s mind and ends there.


She got it right- I am talking about her tattoo and quote, both. If you are interested, I hope you do the same.


Things that let birds fly. Really light on its own, but bords couldn’t be birds if it doesn’t get to work. Do you think that you are familiar with these words in some way? Wasn’t this a great member in our delicate foot tattoos gallery?

Rose Outline

You wouldn’t need any color fillings when the borders are this sleek. And a plus point is that you could color your tattoo anytime later when you think that you need it.

Tree And Scorpion

Interesting tattoo choices on both feet. And if you want more, you should take a look at these tree tattoos. Small foot tattoos are indeed great to see.

Sunflower And Butterfly

A symbolism of happiness- truly. Because I bet, you felt happy just as you looked at this tattoo. For me, I did.

Classic Direction Compass

Even it’s placement makes it more elaborative. Because this also means your feet have a sense of direction. They exactly know where they are headed to.

Angels Harp

Every time it plays music, something colorful happens in your life. Maybe those background colors made you feel the same.

More Traditional Indian Designs

Here is your answer if you are looking for a leg tattoo as well as a foot tattoo at the same time.


For those specifically looking for cute ankle foot tattoos, this is one for you. Especially for girls, there could be none who would not like this tattoo.

Quote Placement

See, where you put your tattoo on our foot also matters. And after getting one, you could be interested to wear matching apparels, just like she does.

Indian Traditional Vase Flower

What about this? There is a lot going on the design, and I am really impressed if you ask me. I hope you are as well.

Sun And Moon

Life and feminine beauty- some of the strongest things that a woman herself represents. And when those moon and sun are also designed in her preference, her tattoo will be the talk of her town.

Gold Designs

When taken in a black and white photograph, these arts truly look like some gold piece ornaments that women traditionally used to wear. Truly a mesmerizing one.

White Pigeon 

Peace, love, and freedom in one great tattoo. When you look at its design, you are supposed to be baffled by its wonderful design. And also the color choices.

Boy And Girl

Maybe those two on your foot tattoo could be telling a little story about you and your girl. If they could be, then you also could have them.

Man And Skeleton

An artistic one. A man and his skeleton on this foot tattoo. That is just a slight representation, but when you look at the design complexities, you will understand why pulling this off in the right way was a challenge to his tattoo artist.

Flowery Branch

Floral tattoos are supposed to look beautiful. And this one complies exactly with that rule. And gives a great tattoo that everybody would love to look at again and again.


People tattoo these badass animals because they are taken as a symbol of spiritual guardian. And also because every design made out of them looks really cool.


Tame an insect with your foot with your splendid foot tattoo. This one is a candid picture shot in a tattoo.

Blue Anklet

Here is another one adding to our ankle foot tattoos. To be frank, this blue anklet looks almost real.

18th Century Towers

This is how a hugely developed town looked like a century or two before this time. This art has so many feeling embedded in it that you almost want to live in those good old times.

Another Name

Its font is what intrigued me to be specific. Not only for name, but the base words style could also suit to write alluring foot tattoos quotes.

A Love Sign 

Do foot tattoos pain? Well, a little bit when you get them, but not after that even when you bury some lovely messages like this one on your foot.

Plant Design

A traditional way of approaching it with modern coloration. A perfect combination of elements and styles.

Religious Symbols

I can’t say exactly what these symbols mean, but they look super cool. And if you know, you could help me with this.

A Flower Stretch

Light colors. When black ink and white ink both are used, they give the best combination there could ever be.

Geometric Shapes

Abstract concrete objects these are. You could add a lot of metaphors in your foot tattoo if you love doing them.

One Rose

Nothing much, you just need foot tattoos having a small rose head. But, not the same with its emotions because it shows a lot of love.


Everytime you run away, the bell is going to sound, and people will be after you at some point. Some of us are forced to live a life like that, aren’t we?

Flower And Jesus

You already know about the cross and Jesus and what they mean. When you have two rose tattoos, then one of them represents you and the other stands for another person you love the most.

Traditional Cover Up

This is what you can do if you love the traditional designs and also want to get the lower portion of your body entire tattooed. Also, take a look at our leg tattoos, you won’t be disappointed.

Kite And Compass

Colors- which means your life has a lot of happiness. And a kite and a compass- which means you fly- driving yourself and deciding your own path. What a great way of representing your own life with a foot tattoo.

Having a tattoo is an important decision to make. And even after that what you do is important as well. I mean to say that making your selection for your ideal choice is mandatory and so is going to the best tattoo parlor. Patience is essential as well because there have been many instances that people had to doubt their tattoo. It is never about size- don’t forget to have some story backing up your tattoo. Remember, a large foot tattoo making no sense is never as good as small foot tattoos with meaning.

I hope that this helped you. And keep on smiling.

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