110 Beautiful Flower Tattoos That You Will Fall In Love With

Flower tattoos are beautiful like the flowers themselves, that statement is more than enough reasons for you to get one. So many flowers- so many representations- that means so many styles and so many things that you can say. That is the reason people specifically want to get this art. Anything related to one of the most beautiful things created by nature- the flowers, if I may insist themselves become beautiful. And for the flower tattoos, they actually signify the flowers, and they also reflect your heart into an art. So, I would say getting a flower tattoo could be a very good idea.

Okay, you decided to have a tattoo- that is great in itself. But it doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you need to do. Get the best design- something that is fascinating as well as profound- that is the next point in your to-do-list. And only when you are able to do so, that’s when you get art that you will be proud for the rest of your life.

And we decided to let you experience the exact same thing. The glory of having the best flower tattoo there can ever be. Hence, we looked over the internet to find the best flower tattoo for you. WEll, do take a look at the best flower tattoos designs that we could gather.

The Heart Shapeflower tattoos

Well, what do you think about the flower designs that make up a heart?

The Cross

A frame or the cross- whatever you call it, it is really awesome. A very creative design, don’t you think the same?

Flowers Rooted in the Heart

Well, this is a really good and creative design, and many other ideas of the same design have been the preference of many people.

One On The Legs

Well, the outline of this design could be thicker, and, that gives this design more of a say.

The Sunflower

Usually, roses represent love, but you can also symbolise the beautiful thing with the flower of your choice.

The Two Halves

Half butterfly and half flower- fully beautiful this design. Don’t you think so?

Blossom On The Thigh

Two full grown rose flowers- and both of them really impressive. What do you think about getting this one?

The Lotus

Here’s an artistic design of the lotus, it seems so big but fits perfectly on the wrist.

A Plant

Here, this is just a plant, yet it bears flowers of different colours. There could be a deep meaning in this tattoo as well.

Pink And Blue

All over the wearer’s upper arm, these flowers themselves look beautiful and make the skin too.


Well, no such colours and three flowers. This design might be trying to say that the getter has two other people in their life along with themselves whom they value the most.

Flower Along The Body

Well, see how the plant stretches to your shoulders and the arms?

Different Species

Your love for all the flowers- that could also be shown through your flower tattoos.

FLowers And Buds

Well, here is a great way to decorate your legs.

Watercolour On The Beautiful Things

This design comes with a slash or various watercolours and anybody looking at it would fall in love with the design.

From Thw\e Photo Frame

It almost seems like there is a floral garden underneath the skin on your legs. And how the sunflower stretches out from is really good to see.

The Flower Garden

Well, this is how you get flower tattoos on shoulder. All the flowers- it looks like she has a nursery on her back.

Flowers On Arms

How the flowers have been fitted on the arm- the orientation is just amazing in this design.

The Purple Skin

The flowers are not completely purple- when we see how the colour of the skin and the colour of the tattoo have been made to go so well, there is no way we are not going to praise the tattoo artist.

Transparent Purple

This is just amazing- only the best tattoo artists could design styles like this perfectly.

The Brown Petals

The black outline and the tattoo has been coloured exactly like the colour of the skin- and still, it stands out.

The Pearl Pollens

Here another tattoo whose beauty will mystify you- there is no other word to represent that.

The Traditional Flower

Even some cartoonish style of the flower tattoos are good to see- this one just proved that.

The Machine Gun

She definitely means something very deep with her flower design. A flower as the tube of the machine gun- definitely she is going to shoot her beauty all over.

Hawaiian flower tattoos

The designs that surround the flower enhance the overall of the piece.

Historical Flowers

The dinosaur skull adds on to the vividness of this tattoo.


The wonderful freedom- that has been written on the stem of this design. And also notice how the colours change in specific parts of the stem.

The Colour Glass

You do notice what the triangle means, right? Well, it is a glass or something that lets you see the true colours of something.

Flowers On The Shoulder

With tattoos like this, you would wish it was always summer. And the people meeting you as well.

Three People

If you The family like the design of the king of the flowers, then you might be interested in our rose tattoos as well.

The Colored Petal

So many colours in one place- and they make each other beautiful. What about this for watercolour flower tattoos?


The shape of the flower making a wonderful geometry- a great sight for the tattoo-loving eyes.

The Purple Flower

Well, the smaller colour details have also been done very carefully in this one.


One of the best small flower tattoos, the simple design and the outline of this one surpassed themselves.

Around The Band

A band- that has been made of the skin, actually. It is a particularly innovative way to put on a flower tattoo.

The Black Shadow

Back watercolours- when they are used in the right way, make amazing designs just like this one.

The Tattoo Print

Almost no difference between the real one and the art- the best you could get.

Flower Tattoos On Legs

Getting on to that, the yellow centre and the bluish-purple petals- nature gives us beautiful things we can make tattoos on.

Cloth From Nature

One of the most beautiful things that nature has to offer is a flower, and for a person who wants the most beautiful dress form nature, this is a frock made of flower

The Picture From the 90s

This tattoo looks like a classic photograph of a flower taken from an old model of camera.

The Precious Flower

It is not that only a flower sits on her tattoo- she has made sure that its beauty has been accompanied by the best surrounding designs.

The Queen Of FLowers

Flowers wearing a crown- that is how you value the lovely things.

The Hummingbird

Always flying around the flower, embracing it. Isn’t the hummingbird so lucky for his food source is such a beauty?

Red And Blue

The pleasant light colours on the lotus flower tattoo- it makes your heart filled with joy.


Who doesn’t want their wrists covered by such an art?

The Realistic Light

Another one of the transparent flower tattoos, this looks so realistic even if the colour is not completely present.

Purple Touch

If you want something different from the petals merely around the pistil, this one could intrigue you.

Flowers And Fruits

Berries or what? ANything they are, this is how a full grown beautiful plant should look like.

Aqua Watercolor flowers

The blue colour- it seems like the flowers are actually floating on your shoulders.

Those On The FocusSomething different from the other- in this one, the bigger ones are an uncoloured while, the smaller ones have been painted with a beautiful purple.

The Home Of The Snake Princess

As in this flower tattoo, even terrifying creatures like snakes look pretty while roaming around a flower city.

Black And White 

Triangles and lines from both sides- how about this?


Not only a beautiful blue rose, the person’s tattoo holds some complex meaning behind it.


Name of the flower- and maybe that is her name as well.

The Planet Of The Flower

Full grown and the buds together in one plant- that is how the human lives as well.

Forever Pink

Larger designs of the flower tattoos are also great ideas if they are implemented in such a way.

Around The Wrist

Who needs an expensive gold or diamond bracelet when they can have this?

Love And Colors

Internally, this is how a sunflower could look like. You already know that the sunlight is actually seven colours and when they reflect on the face of the sunflower, this is how the flower might be in reality.

Larger Outlines

Well, the flower tattoos with the outlines- they don’t necessarily have to be small and cute, but they might also be big and supreme.

Around The Body

Here, your own body looks like the flower vine with this design.


Cherry Blossom- they are always so good to see. They make you glad about the inside, just like his flower tattoo did.

Skull And The Watercolour Flowers

The filling and the surrounding of these tattoos are something that must be praised. And the inclusion of the skull in such a surrounding- even that is the best work of art. The tattoo artists deserve to be respected for such great enthusiasm.

Flowers On The Hips

If we have the right eyes to see, the leaves and the flowers- both are equally beautiful.

North Carolina

What species of the flowers are abundant in your area? You could use them to make your art just like in this one.


Doesn’t this look so realistic? The black outline makes is good and the letters make the overall design better.

The Wild Flowers

Untouched and pure- these are the words that can represent the flowers in this design.

Japanese Design

Japan has a lot of wonderful things- and the flower tattoos are also one of them. And also, the incorporation of the Japanese letters with the design gives this that vibe.


The infinity flower tattoos design are also really popular, especially when two special people are getting the same tattoo. For example, here are our sister tattoos.

The Colour That Erases

Well, we can’t tell whether the colour is being filled or it is flying away from the flower. Metaphors, right?

The Long Reach

Here’s another thoughtful design of the flower tattoos. The design is really unique.

The Flower Painting

Yes, it is mind-blowing- anyone would be interested in this design- just like you and me. Looks like what the ancient Japanese maidens would have.

The Diamonds

Somehow, the granular design looks like it is geometric and sometimes not.

Tribal Symbol

Well, tribal flower tattoos like this one are also choice of many individuals.

The Flower Design Of The God

This looks exactly like how the great ancient artists used to design their lotus. There has been a lot of focus in designing even the tiniest of the tribal lines.

The Sea Flowers

On the waves- they are forever on a journey. And remain beautiful everywhere they go.


Different colours- same branch- this somehow represents our personality as well.

Roses Around

An entire rose plant on the art- and the flowers facing everywhere make it seem like this thing is real.

Thin Lines

This could be everyone’s recommendation for small flower tattoos. And also for the first timers who are afraid that it might pain- start with outstanding smaller designs like this.

The family is a beautiful thing, so are the flowers. And that is how this tattoo was made.


Another variation of the same tattoo that we saw before.

The Pink Lotus

What about getting this if you are looking for flower tattoos that suit on the back?

The Colorful Petal

Different petals- different colours. If a flower like this existed in the reality as well, it would be many people’s favourite.

So Many Blossoms

Bouquet with flowers of all kind- this is also a flower tattoo that you could actually dedicate to someone else as well.

Rose Paintings

Tattoo on your back- and if it were on paper, designs like this would be one of the most expensive ones in a kings palace.

Two Together

Used to represent the love between you and another special person, this one could also be very profound if you got one.

Shine Pen and A Pencil Sketch

Doesn’t this tattoo look like it has been made exactly in the way that has been described in the title?

Black And Brown

Here’s a small and a special design of the lotus. Something that makes you get it straight away.


For the people with blue as their favourite colour, this is the one tattoo they could consider getting. Even the surrounding colours are associated with the colour of the sky.

The Black Wave

Orange coloured flowers with the black outline and the background that looks dark- they go really well with each other.

Peacock Feather

Feather and flower tattoos look really good- and when it is the fantastic peacock feather, there is no way anybody is not going to like the design.

The Phases

Some grow quick- while some take time. This tattoo can also be linked to tell a very deep tale.


Acorn and a flower- the word also tells what makes the flower beautiful. So, you could get something out of the message too.

The Nectar

The flowers give bees food and bees love the flower- the love between them teaches us a lot.

The Cub

A small cub- the heart as beautiful as the flower and still she’s about to turn to be one of the fiercest hunters there can ever bee.

Lion and Rose

This design makes one of the best flower sleeve tattoos. So many different messages spread on one’s arm- and also don’t forget the cross tattoo that he has.

Flowers And Corns

A haven to a person who loves the flower tattoos- this also could be a great idea for your art.


Lotus is a really important flower in the Hindu mythology. So, they make great religious tattoos with the letter(or word) that represents the three Hindu Gods.

The Abstract That Can Be Seen

Even if we know what the designs are, we still will need to think to get the meaning of this flower tattoo.


Don’t only look at the flower on this one- the design on the back, that is also worth a see. Even if the ends don’t touch each other, it seems that they make a perfect round.

The Trailing Flower

Here we go- it is another one of the flower vine tattoos. The dark purple flower and the green vine on your back- this seems like the real deal.

Upper Arm Filled Flowers

All the individual designs mixed into one.  The overall architecture of this piece is something that was constructed from the combination of many simpler designs.

Flower Plant On My Thigh

Well, it would be we weird to say- but after getting this,  the person getting this tattoo would spend a lot of time looking at their own thigh in the mirror.

Fl0wer Of The Almighty

Yes, I know you are smiling at its shine. I would say this is the flower that we could find inside the heaven’s garden. Looks so good with the colour of purity.

Thick Blossom

Flowers have got a certain colour, but the beauty of a flower tattoo is that we could turn our favourite flower be the way we want it to look.

Orange Lotus

Here’s another of the Japanese flower tattoo designs.

The Bouquet

For everyone who looks at your arms, this design is a gift by itself. A present for the lookers.

Meaningful Lotus

Flower tattoos can be made to have a meaning different from anything else. Like something that resonates with only your life.

In The Middle Of The Spiral

Flowers and butterflies and the design that almost hypnotises you- those are the things that you want to see on your upper arm.

Tribal Lotus Designs

The entire tattoo has been filled with great designs in every part. Not just a painting, I would say this design was an architecture, that was masterfully engineered.

The Flower Sandal

Slippers of the soft flowers only for your legs- here’s another great design idea for you. Just make sure the different hues are so in accordance with one another.

Flower Tattoos-I know that you are inspired with the thought yet now I should ask you, did you like these tattoos? Did they enable you to settle on a choice?

Everything considered, having a tattoo isn’t something that you do all of a sudden. You have to put a lot of thoughts into it. I mean not about whether you need to get a tattoo-anyway which tattoo you should get. Likewise, what part of the body would it be better for you to get one? Also, again, the best individual choice of the designs that you can relate with the way that you live and the best tattoo skilled worker these things are necessary. Like this, never surge. Notwithstanding whether you like one blueprint, you should take a lot of your chance thinking about that. Also, the day you go to the tattoo parlour-you should stroll with sureness, comfort and without any inquiries.

Along these lines, that is just for me to state. On the off chance that these tattoos appear to encourage you, at that point I am genuinely glad for you. Furthermore, until whenever, be upbeat and have a great time more than anybody would ever have. Additionally, good luck with your tattoos.

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