125 Fantastic Faith Quotes That Will Make You Believe In Yourself

Living and surviving- they are not the same things, and faith is what lets us do the former.  Faith is a very important thing for the people who realise what it is and that is the reason the faith quotes are wonderful. The faith quotes- they tell us what actually faith is. It is not just some blind belief that we have in us. It’s something that will surround us with a blanket of positiveness when we have it- and will help us in every step of our lives.

Well, if you are searching for faith quotes, then you already know what I am talking about. Hence to help you, we decided to collect the best faith quotes from the internet.  So, here are the best faith quotes that have ever been said.


The Beginingfaith quotes

When you do start believing in the God, then you will know the true essence of this quote.

What He Has To Say

Well, like this quote says, isn’t it important that we know all the important aspects of a thing before indulging ourselves in it?

Hope And Faith

Hope to faith and faith in miracles, this is a never-ending cycle.

How We Walk

If we take some time and reflect on ourselves, then that is when we become familiar with this faith quote.


We need to have faith in the faith quotes- well, this is something that I will need to add after reading this one.

The Standing Faith

If we can repeat the words of this quote with much conviction, then there is nothing holding us back.

Whom To Trust

We need to believe all the quotes on faith and trust. Even when we look at our own past and try to remember the people worthy of our trust, then we find that this quote is accurate.

The God Will

So, this quote says just how strong the power of faith is.

The Hardest Thing

Even now we are waiting for a reason, asking ourselves why a certain something just happened. This quote is very inspirational.

To Let Go

If you already understand what this quote means, then you indeed are a strong person.

The First Step

This quote is what all the successful and inspiring people like Martin Luther King Jr. himself followed.

The Principle Path

Be patient for some days- those days will change your life. This quote is so true.

No Worries

God quotes indeed give us a lot of faith. Only if we can soak all the words into our hearts.

The Art

If it is an art, then you have the capabilities to be the best artist. You already know that.

What It Is

So, what about the trust quotes being so much by the faith? We really need to learn to trust.

Don’t Dig

As this quote says, once you believe, then that is it. You don’t need to go back to where you started.

The Leap

Yes, we definitely have found ourselves in such a situation. In a lot of the circumstances I can say, we have experienced what this quote wants to tell us.

The Best Thing

Yes, you will need to remember this quote till your last breath.

Not The Blind Fate

Don’t get yourself confused, this quote clears the air. Blind faith is not what you want to have.

Show Me The Way

Faith quotes from the Bible- sometimes they do resonate with the exact same words that we are playing in our thoughts.

What You Can Ask For

We ask for something, then we find ourselves in a situation that we have to work for it. But, all that starts with the faith.

What And The Tense

Here, this is one of the best motivational quotes about faith. Something we should follow every second.

The Confidence

Well, I guess the mechanism between faith and confidence is the same. Both of them push us forward with no fears.

The Bird

Yes, like the man said in this quote, faith is the bird- that every other bird wants to be like. And the best part of it, we can adopt it if we like.

Thank You, Lord

This is also one of the best thankful quotes. Faith makes people do wonderful things, doesn’t it?

Something Better

So, follow this quote- never be disappointed by the disappointments. And the good things will follow.

The Bridge 

So, can you let your faith be the thing mentioned in this quote?

The Procedure

Here’s the brief description of the things that we need to follow before we can have faith. And all of them are for our own goodwill.

The Unflinching Trust

Religious books from all over the word value faith in the highest possible ranks. So, we know how since the ancient times, the faith has been such a major component.

The Timing

Well, indeed, this quote is real. For what we think is the right time, the God knows that it is not. And the best part, he is going to be there at best possible second.

The Way For Answers

Yes, this quote also tells us what it’s about having just enough faith and not only sticking onto it.

Even What There’s No Sight

If we say this quote out loud and really mean it, then it is sure that even our life is going to take a lot of positive turns.


All our role models have had a lot of faith- so, what else is there to doubt about?


Now, this is kind of funny and profound at the same time. Just what you expect from the poet.

The Reward

Now, you already know what faith is- it is hard to have this wonderful thing at all, and it has the best rewards.

Who Loves You

Yes, remember this quote- the truthfulness inside it until your soul is in your body.

The Things

Well, the things were out of the place for some time- but they will eventually realise where they should be.


Mother Teresa indeed was one of the strongest humans to ever live on our planet. For, it is the heart that decides the strength of a person. So, this quote right here is a tip from her.

Two Things

And both of the things that this quote points out are wonderful. And by the way, this quote is true as well.

Till You Land

When we land, we will be stepping on the softest surface. And then we ask ourselves why we did even waste our time worrying.

Work Out

These words in the quote- sometimes even the worlds like this mean a lot. For, sometimes, we are in shortage of people who say wonderful things like this to us.

Single Thread

Yes, and sometimes that thread will be stronger than the bridge built by concrete.

Keep It

Remembering our past, we sometimes are thankful that we didn’t stop right when we thought it was time to give up.

The Life

The first part of this quote is all the questions that our life imposes and the second part is our answer to all of them.

Under All Trials

Let us, being the new generation modify this quote that fits in the situation. Replace “Christian” with a person- whatever religious background he may be of.


This is a true fact about all the inspiring figures. About all the people that we aspire to be like.

How You

But well, just don’t sit back thinking the God will appear and do it. Just realise that the God is going to borrow your soul for some time and he will do it for you.


Here, with this quote, there will be no person misunderstanding the faith.


But don’t kneel to others. Just do so, so you talk to the God for some time.

All Things

Well, do you think that you can do all your things through him?


After reading this faith quote, don’t forget to hope. Because you know, you will always need to be positive.

At Every Situation

So, with faith, this is what you feel like. Be thankful as the strongest one favours you.


You understand that sometimes you can be your own God. Actually, you always are. And pray to yourself and also believe in what you can do.

One’s Faith In Them

This is one of the most accurate faith quotes and sayings.

The Inclusion

Even if we think that have faith in God, we may still be wrong. We definitely need to know what it all means before we make any decision.

Because He Loves Us

Don’t you think that this quote is the real deal? The God definitely loves us- that is the only thing he knows to do.

Your Bliss

That is the truth. Do whatever makes you feel happy. And then you will realise that there are so many opportunities inside that which before was almost out of your comprehension.

My Pilgrim Way

Bible or any religious books- every word in them have been endowed with a lot of wisdom.

The Great Faith

Well, if all the humans had the faith that has been talked about in this quote, then there would only be good things in store for the big world.

On Time

Yes, he is. God is the one who drives the time- time moves according to him. If that makes you assured.

Hope And Faith

This quote is another philosophical definition of faith and hope. In a splendid way.

The Brightness Of The Future

Faith quotes like this come from the people who have already been in the future. Not our future- their own future which is similar to ours.

From Your Heart

Our heart has more senses than we have. And faith enables them to work.

Being Okay

So, after reading this quote, do you think that you will be okay? I mean have the faith that everybody wants so bad?


Great faith quotes like this one are certain to change every person’s life if they abide by it.


Here’s a motivational quote- that makes people think twice.

Stronger Than Fear

He said the quote regarding what the faith defeats fear. It has done so in all of our experiences.

Sure And Certain

Here’s another splendid interpretation of the thing.


The miracles are exactly the former, don’t you think? I mean all of us know that.

Nothing Hard

Make everything simple- that is what faith can do for us.

Short Faith Quotes

Here, all of these faith quotes could help to add on to your happiness.

Create And Prove

Creating is not enough- we need to prove, and now, we already know the tools needed for both of them.

The Passionate Intuition

As in this quote, only the people who have a passion for something- they are the ones who can tame faith.


And yes, believing is the first step to make it come true.

The Two Halves

So, what we need to understand is that we will need to be close to both the sides.

Your Fears

If we have nothing to feel afraid of, then that is the biggest weight off our shoulders. And how to make that happen- it is all in the quote itself.

Every Step

Always with us- he never stops walking beside us. Doesn’t this give us a lot of motivation to move around with our lives? So, like the quotes like these say, we should never lose faith.

Don’t Disturb

So, this is one quote that we must follow- every single thing it tells us to.  We should never be someone’s distraction- that’s the lowest we can be.


Paralysis or energy- it is all up to you. How you attain these things- it was in the great faith quote that you just read.

My Faith

I know that your faith does the same, and there is no way I can be wrong about it.

Remind Me

Remember this quote every morning, then your wish is obviously going to be granted.

In Every Seed

Here’s another deep quote. A unique explanation of what the faith is all about.


We know it- something makes us know it will happen after all. Such a wonderful thing is faith.

Who You Are

The time you become happy after finding what you love, that is when you can proudly say that this quote helped you.


All the people with this one quality are the people who once had faith- it has perfectly been said in this quote.

The Roar

Here is another inspiring one. For real, we have to do that.

The Light

After we have faith in ourselves, we can also be someone else’s reason for faith.


You certainly will- even I can guarantee you that.

His And Mine

The three things in this quote- these are the things that are going to help us move on with our lives in the best way possible.

New Year Faith

Well, starting the New years with a positive faith quote like this means you are going to accomplish various new things in the next 365 days.

On You 

He works, and he is still working. So, here this quote enables us to believe even more.

Pray, And That’s All

After we know that we did our best, then that is all. Everything that we need to do is pray and not let the negative thoughts deteriorate our mind.

The Next Day

If you really liked the essence of this quote, you will have to take a look at our good day quotes as well.

The Core Of Faith

Well, everything that let us have the faith- these are the things that assure us every day that the times will change for good- it is just like this quote says.

Worth The Wait

Well, then what is wrong with waiting sometime? For, after all, the things will eventually be on our side.

That Day


All of us live for this day which has been mentioned in the quote. And the day will definitely come.

The Things You Need To Feed It With

We have adopted our own minds, so for all the wonderful things it has done for us, it is our ultimate duty to fill our mind with only the positive things and nothing else.

Create Or Move

We want to do the former thing in this quote, don’t we? Let our faith clear the path we are walking on.

What To Choose

Faith or fear?- this quote says it all.


Well, if we do the same count with an open mind, then it is going to be the same for us as in this quote.

The Small Voice

If we listen carefully, that small voice always exists.

Real Power

This quote is what all of us need to learn so bad. Faith itself is powerful, it is not merely some fake assurance we give ourselves.

In The Morning

Look in the mirror just after waking up, tell yourself these words and mean it when you say it.

Faith And Love

Here it is- if we have faith and love both, then there is nothing that is going to stop us. The faith and love quotes like this are really good to read.


Well, here is another of the best quotes about faith in God.


This is what many of the previous quotes have been telling us as well. We can’t let our faith die now, can we?

Just Breathe In

Sometimes, this quote is what makes thing happen.


Here’s a “technological definition” about the faith. And even if the two things seem very different, this quote does a very good job of making them parallel.

Through All Of It

Well, what this quote means to say is that praying through it- that means we pray even when we are working for it.

What Will Be

Here is another way to describe the faith in the future. And great life advice for all of us.

The Courage

So, it is said that only the brave and the strong people are the ones with faith.

The Dark

Here, this one is an eye-opener. During the happy times, we actually seem to be thankful to the God. But in the dark times, we may not be so willing to be doing so.


Working for every goal and aim with faith in God. This is the best way to approach something.

At least I Jumped

Well, we may sometimes be asking ourselves many times whether it is actually to jump off with faith. And those doubts are the things that may not let us achieve so many great things or undergo many adventures that lie ahead of us.

The Uncertain Road

Faith quotes change our lives. We only need to believe in the words.

The Other Side Of Fear

Here, all of us have time for the great faith quotes. Don’t we?

Unshakable God

Whatever we think may be hard- for God, it is just too simple- and he is always willing to help us. This is what most of the faith quotes have told us.

Above Fear

Short faith quotes- they tell us huge truths.

The Kind Of God

God is supreme, and there is a reason for many people having faith in him.

The Common Thing

Here is one- so the choice is all ours. Whether we believe in the former or the later.


Faith quotes and faith- they come together.  Sometimes, the words let us realise a lot of things and drive our lives in the best direction possible. Those types of words are exactly what the faith quotes are.

So, what did you think about these faith quotes? Did you like them? Which one of these faith quotes was your favourite? Do you think that they will change your life for good? You know what I hope for? I have faith that you answer is positive to all of these questions. And for the next time, have fun and never lose your faith- ever.


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