100 Impressive Armband Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

You wear your thoughts on your arm with an armband tattoo. How you make it, that all depends on you. You have got many styles to choose from and many approaches to that. Many ideas and many varieties of art. Your armband tattoo also may represent many things, that means you can serve the exact state of your heart with your tattoo.   Play a little with your creativity and then what you end up with is some great art- only common to you and only you.

Armband tattoos can represent a variety of things. That all depends on what elements you actually have on your tattoo. And also your culture. This means armband tattoos could be of different colors. And if they are plain colors, they may represent clothing. As we know, different colors stand for different things in every other culture. Also, don’t forget- you could include many other things in your tattoo, be it animals or objects- all having different meanings. So, you have a lot of ways available to get inventive with what you could do.

So, if your thoughts are on getting one of these tattoos, you have definitely got it right. But, we all know getting a tattoo could be really confusing, especially for the first-timers. Anyway, we just want to help make sur.e you won’t have to feel any doubts. Meaning that, after seeing all that’s available, you can easily make a decision now, can’t you? Well, we are aware of that just like you are, and we gathered some amazing armband tattoos that you could get in 2018.



armband tattooThe triangle shape- the entire make of the Celtic Knot design revolves around that. And then makes a great tribal armband tattoo.

Flower And Curves

Well, we can’t exactly say what this tattoo means, but we can easily confer it gives a beautiful meaning. Just like the design itself.

Winter Forest

Armband tattoo for nature lovers, the black outline where it starts looks like the land. Mountains, trees and the rising sun- this is a great sight to see even in a tattoo. Well, do you notice that the mountains and the trees are of the same height?

Parallel Lines

Different lines dedicated to different people- this design makes the use of the black ink and also your skin to be complete.

Spearheads And Black Borders

For most of the armband tattoos, the meanings are abstract- only the tattoo getter knows what it means.

Painted With Hands

The uneven distribution of the ink makes this have a football vibe. Even a little bit of variation makes a tattoo seem really unique.

Abstract Figures

What did you conclude from this design? Way to go, giving an artistic touch in an armband tattoo.

Puzzle And Line

There’s a maze inside and a line in a gate that stretches till the getter’s hand. Maybe he could be representing his own life with this design.

Two Lines

If you are talking about looking cool, your armband tattoo doesn’t need to have any of those fancy styles. Two thick lines are more than enough.

Trial Armband Tattoo

A tribal religious tattoo. The figures closely represent the head of a God they would worship.

Maths Figures

Not the conventional geometrical shapes, but all are evenly distributed. On the whole, a great design.


Different parts- distinct patterns. This is how you introduce variation to your armband tattoo.

Thick Afer Thin

Three lines- one’s not as bold as the other. Simple, yet debonair.

Surrounded Band

Another idea for the simple design that we are so familiar with. Simplicity is the key for your armband tattoo.


This design has instituted something more in between the band lines- have your favorite quote in your armband tattoo.

Biceps And The Forearm

Different placement of the bands makes his look different. A bicep armband tattoo on the one hand definitely goes all too good with a similar band in another forearm.

Blurred Surface

Introduce something different- that is how you invent a new design. Doesn’t need to be much, just get a little creative.

Elephant Pair

Make your arm a place for love- adopt two elephant arts and have some coconut trees so that they could feed on something.


Skulls all around- they resemble teeth around your arm. Another innovative tattoo design.


What about this for a geometric armband tattoo? Definitely looks cool on your upper arm.

Rounds and Faces

Another tribal armband tattoo with sharp patterns. So much to see on this one.

The Process

From how it started till what it turned out to be- this picture shows the different states of art while getting a tattoo.

Card Symbols

Well, what could it mean? That you are gambling with your life or something?


First off, this design itself looks like a black and white photograph taken in 1940, giving it a classic ambiance and on top of that, the picture itself was taken in black and white.


I wonder where the tattoo getter is directing his arrows towards. There definitely has to be a philosophy behind this design idea.


Don’t these structures look like highly intelligent creatures from another planet? This is a cool design for the guys.

Land In The Night

Here’s a soothing view inside a tattoo itself. A black armband tattoo turned into the night sky- this is a cool concept.

Red Bands

Similar to one of our previous designs- just the color is different. But, two of them could represent very different things- that depends on your culture.

Faith Till The End

A black colored armband- in Christianity, it could mean the morning for the loss of a close person until life. I interpreted it in thsi way because of the cross in this design.


For the people who don’t know what this sign means, it is called “OM” that is a Sanskrit term referring to the three Hindu Gods. Another idea for the religious armband tattoo.

Goldfish And Dove

The inclusion of these two creatures means this tattoo signifies so many things at the same time. Purity, good luck, fortune, and harmony being some of them.

Pentagon And The Plain Lines

There is a hidden meaning inside this design, though I am too dumb to get it, maybe you could? But, the lighter complexion of the Pentagon structure means this one has varieties.

London In The Previous Century

Look at this tattoo design, I know you are going to say that the artist did a great job of visualizing what his client had in mind. But, also remember- you could do the same with your hometown.


These crystals made me think of the title. The pattern has been closely made in this rather minimalist approach.

Polynesian Armband Tattoo

All the island in this tattoo- as seen by the ancient tribes. A great idea if you want the tribal flavor in your armband tattoo. For more of this, take a look at our Polynesian tattoo designs.

Skin Tribal 

This one- the pattern makes really great use of the ink and your skin as well.  And also, with the scorpion and the deity’s head, there is something profound in this particular piece.

Design From The Ancient UK

Here is another Celtic Knot design for you. The artist definitely had a knack for the good art.

Closed Eyes

A tribal motif in your armband tattoo- if done well, then the onlooker will have nothing but praise. Sun, God and Crab, this tattoo is also a representation of many things such as life, strength, e.t.c.

Stairs And Gateways

Tribal design, modern elements- combined with many tattoo ideas. What do you think about this design?

Skin Lines

This looks like the outside view of the burrow of Bugs Bunny. Well, I am praising it for the style of course.

Dot Patterns

There are so many ways to gradient the tribal art- and all of them bring in something unique to see. Just like this one.

Sun And The Sea

The tribal armband tattoo- the availability of so many variations and style means we don’t get tired of checking them at all.

American Wolf

Wolf represents many things- all that is dependent on the culture. Some may view them as bad luck while the others take them as the guardian spirits sent by the God. In this one, the representation is the later one.

Falling Dust

Here is something added to our good old plain line- actually something falling from it. So much of diversification is possible in this design.

Minimalist Tribal

The minimalist approach, as you have already noticed, is gaining much popularity these days. Maybe this has been all up to the design concept of small things, but big details.

Earth And Land

The grainy pattern of the design is one thing, but this one almost shows us the structure of the Earth from it’s inner crusts to the surface. Not to forget the scenery as well.

Solid Between Grains

Solid lines with a softer pattern in different parts- maybe, this is to show that still a little bit of hope is left after whatever bad that’s happened.

African Tribal Armband

A tribal tattoo – it can be related to one of the many cultures. Well, let us not forget to focus on this design anyway.


His hometown on his armband tattoo. What do you think about having yours in the design that you get?

Metal Threads

Something definitely has been tied behind this design. Or it’s signifying something even more profound. Anyway, this decoration is too cool.

Country House

A lonely woods and a house built in this place- a tranquilizing scene to see even if it’s on a tattoo. An armband tattoo making our mind so calm, how rare is it?

Red and Black

Red and black- these two colors not needing a border as they transfigure from one to another- looks like a really natural transformation.


I just can say this one looks fly- but, to find something from this abstract construct needs immense intellectuality. Like yours- I guess?

Minimalist Patterns

Only outlines- they make a great design if they are figured properly. Take this for example.

Bird Shadows

Armband tattoos on both of his hands- wire on one and accompanied by birds on the other.

Classic Tribal

You may have noticed this style of tribal tattoos being inked by many individuals. Reason for that is simplicity.


It’s all about features and shape- that is what’s needed to make your tattoo stand out. As you can see in this one.

Shape Of A Maze

I don’t know whether there is a particular name for this shape, but I can still say this one looks cool. Looks like patterns on an ancient structure wall.

Circles And Line

Just the inclusion of two such lines and circle- that seems like a huge addition to this black band.


Six lines- and this pattern attracts our dear eyes. Nothing much, still we feel like there’s a lot of variation in this design.

Number Counts

Historically, this is how people counted numbers. And for now, you could make a striking armband tattoo out of it.

Sanskrit Structure

Ancient India- art was those people’s forte. As you can see in this rather feminine design. Looks like those fancy crowns of their queens.


Smeared line and jagged structure on either of them- scragginess makes this design what it is. Too good to see.

Nature’s Call

For nature lovers, this is one design all of them should probably check. Flowers and birds- there’s a huge chance you will be impressed.


An armband tattoo with a rose- there’s a beautiful thing you want to show. This armband tattoo also has a wonderful meaning behind its design.

Flags and Lines

Flag and punk, maybe? Different parts of this armband tattoo showing different things- like it definitely needs a very creative mind to accommodate so many things into one.

Band Made Of Rose

Here’s another rose tattoo armband. With those points and solid lines, this is also a mix of various schemes into one which makes it attractive.

Thrones And A Rubic Cube

Something related to mind- structured by a person using his mind. Maybe it is a symbolism for his conscience not being allowed to be affected by any outer disturbances.

Bold And Bolder

Even if you want your armband tattoo to be simple, you still have availability of an abundance of approach to that.  All it wants from you is to help it look fabulous even with just two lines.


There’s a duct tape that holds these flowers to with your skin.  Flowers of all sorts- and they still are so lively that a bee is humming.

Blac Lines, Falling ColourThis design indeed takes a lot of space, and it seems like modern computer graphic elements were used to design this thing. Solid color slowly falling off- this immersive design would impress anybody looking at it.

A Celtic Band

Here’s a spiked armband tattoo design- something only for machos.

One Line

One thin line around your upper arm and that’s all. That is how you make still a great armband tattoo.

Letters From South Asia

Well, obviously- your tattoo doesn’t need to exactly consist of these symbols. Yes, they are cool- and that’s the same for your language as well.

Celtic Knot

Here’s another one for you. I bet you certainly have developed a liking for the concept of this type of armband tattoos.

Flowers Hold Together

These beautiful things taped to your arm- here’s another idea for this concept. It’s impressive how a tattoo artist makes use of your skin and his ink at the same time.

Patterns From Your Skin

In this one, your arm makes patterns- just like the ink does. The artist has laid that such as to let them be each other’s support system.

Dark And Lighter Dark

This armband tattoo is all about its make. Looks like an armband with gold pieces in it- something knights and kingsmen would wear.

Tribal And Celtic Knot

Combine both of those impressive designs, and this is what you get. Something that deserves to be on anybody’s arms.


Your favorite word- your favorite thing to do. Smile, now- that is not so hard to do. Tell this to everyone who will be looking at your tattoo.

Tropical Armband

There are tribal designs- and there are tribal designs. And all of them are great- you could pick among really amazing designs.

Armband Of The Tribal Princess

Sparkling feathers and all- this decoration makes it one on our list. A splendid lavish design- a great armband tattoo for men as well as women.

Lines On Your Forearm

Those simple additions could be one thing, but also the placement of this design plays a vital role. You will have to make sure that you know exactly how it looks like on different parts of your arm before getting one.

A Little 3D

Great details- that borderline really looks like a duct tape. For, it bulges out a little- making looks as if these flowers and the borderline are different things.

Tribal Boss Sign

Well, exploring many symbols from the tribal styles, we will find many of them not being out of style even in today’s world. Look at this- it looks like a superhero crest.

Imperfect Perfection

Imperfect color filling and the same with borders- two hands, two arrangements. Even if a normal eye would look at this as a rather simple design, there is so much to it.

Mountain Wind That Directs

A sense of direction to your tattoo- this one also makes a unique design. With its art and meaning.

Black Duct Tape

So many designs for the same idea, I know. But don’t forget those dots, they also play a part in making this divergent from any other designs.

Flowers Behind Garden Wall

Distinct structure- yes, that is what’s needed to make your tattoo look different. Just make sure that it helps to make your idea more elaborative.

Palace Wall

Just like in the title, this looks like a palace wall decorated with those Celtic knot designs. This outline somehow makes the difference- everything inside the border is similar to other designs.


Where heavens are located- here’s sky on your armband tattoo. Clouds and sun- the artist has done a great job molding them into his design style.

Tree From Your Armband

We could not say it’s a tree that makes up this armband tattoo- but these are trees growing out from your outline. Everybody would want some variations in their tattoos.


Well, what did you think about these designs? Did they seem to help you at all?

Regarding tattoos, first, what we have to make sure is that we choose what we are. That means, selecting designs that bring our heart out. For, tattoos are not merely body arts- they tell a lot about the person who has them. And, after one knows it’s significance, that is when he decides to get one, which could be you at this very moment.

You know your tattoo will be on your skin until your last breath. Well, this may sound like some poetic exaggeration if a fact, but this is something you have to remember before getting one. So, just after making your decision, now it is time to be ensured about your tattoo artist, you would want to get the best service you could hire. Make sure that your artist knows what he is doing- and they only way to be completely assured is going to the best tattoo parlor in your area. You need a design that you will be proud of for your life and make sure your tattoo artist completely understands this. Also, be patient- don’t make a decision before thinking twice, and thrice- I mean think about it as much as you can.

So, if this post helped you, then I am really thankful and sincerely happy for you. For some more tattoos, you could take a look at our eagle tattoos and cat tattoos as well. And till we meet again, have fun.

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