120 Mind Blowing Cloud Tattoos For Men And Women

Cloud tattoos- what do you think about getting them? First of all, the design choices are vast- you could pick from so many amazing designs, and next to that, the cloud tattoos have a lot of meaning. They could be used to represent a lot of things like freedom, change and sometimes even misfortune. Actually, the clouds with thunder and rain are used to represent the misfortunate things, that is the reason you will generally see a sad eye in them. On top of that, a cloud tattoo could also be combined with a lot of other designs to give a unique meaning and an amazing outline.

So, if you are looking to have a cloud tattoo, then in a short while you will realise you probably made a right choice. For, here are the most breathtaking cloud tattoos you could get in 2018.

The Eye

cloud tattoos

Adding an eye to the storm cloud tattoos. There could be a story that the getter wants to tell, as the cloud can see everything going in the vast world.


A cute feminine design of the cloud tattoo, this is something I would recommend for every girl who is interested in such designs.

Sperm- Cloud

Now, this is an interesting design. And the placement is as well.

The Crying Cloud 

Even if the expression of the eye is nowhere near the cloud crying, it still seems it is because the rain can be taken as the tears that are falling.

The Cock

Well, modifying the cloud tattoo design to look similar to something else, this is a great idea that you could adopt.

Green Devil

A devil and it still looks sweet. I mean even if the cloud was a devil, it still gives us water that we need to survive, so it will still be precious to us.


Sometimes, the water and thunder from the cloud also give great music to our ears, don’t they?

Anklet with the Cloud Background

Combining the cross tattoo and cloud tattoos into one, this one gives some sort of nostalgia.

Adorable Cloud

What do you think about this design? A unique representation of cloud and the rainbow as well.


Here, this shows how time and numbers are important above and beyond the cloud. If you were interested in the Roman numerals in this one, then we have a whole set of these tattoos.

The Rain

So relaxing to see, the rain lines and the cloud- they really give a pleasant view.

The Tears Of The Woman

There is the owner’s name as well in this one. Anyway, the traditional design of the tattoo- and thunder- that is what makes this design so special.

Darker Cloud That Gives Rain

Another great design for you if you are looking for cloud tattoos on your arms.

Morning Sky

Imagine waking up every day to see this. And also, imagine seeing this every night before you go to sleep.

Let’s Fight

Something really adorable, this design is so engaging. Something this cute wants to kill you with his weapon and still, looking at him like this makes you feel happy from the inside.

Dream World

Maybe this is a representation of a girl dreaming. Well, if you can interpret it in your own words and connect it to your life as well, then this will be something that you can get.

The Thunder

Seems like the thunder is just the cute little cloud teasing taking its tongue out.

Dots And Cloud

If we were assigned to draw clouds in our maths class, the most intelligent student in the class would make something like this. This design attracts everyone’s eyes and mind.

Inside The Tube

With the year 2009 on the tube, there is something the haver wants to convey to us.

Pearls Of The Sky

Stars, sun, moon and clouds- these are the things that make our sky beautiful. And yes, if you do tattoo them, then they are going to do the same with your chest.

Kite In The Night Sky

A classic design, this is something representing the childhood of the person. Every aspect of this tattoo has been made really impressive.
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Eyes That Give Thunder

Exploring the cloud tattoos on shoulder, this is another one that you could consider for yourself.

The Mushroom Cloud

Well, this could be something abstract, but it still is a cloud tattoo. And something great.

The Cloud Head

Here is a tattoo that represents something regarding the modern education. Positive or negative- it all depends upon the watcher watching it.

Sea Sky

Here is another traditional design. What a great way to get your cloud tattoo with these elements.

Sleeping Beauty

Relaxed, calm and exploring around the sky- what do you think about this facial representation of the cloud? And also don’t forget the star designs.


What the wearer wants to say is all up to himself, but this design indeed is very profound. Sometimes knowledge does rain heavily from our brain.

Clouds That Rain Star

Eyes filled with love and a little bit of sadness- the expression is priceless.

The Sprinting Cloud

Sometimes, the wind pushes the cloud really hard- and still that is something worth a see. And this tattoo symbolises exactly that.

Black Rain

The colour choice of the tattoo makes it really cool. Seems like the cloud is raining tar or something.

Raining Wisdom

This one can easily be connected to the religion as well. The cross raining from the cloud- there indeed is something really deep hidden behind this one.

Heavy Rain

What this tattoo does is take our conscience back to the day when it heavily poured don just like this.

Butterfly After Rain

It could be true that this tattoo actually focuses on the butterfly, but the cloud enhances its beauty by a whole margin.

That Rain Leaves

I would say that this design is for nature lovers, who love to spend a lot of time in the open air talking to the plants.

The Blue Cloud

For the havers, it always is a good idea to wear outfits that match the tattoo, and what you get in return is some great impressions like this picture.

The Red Cloud

What about this on the list of the small cloud tattoos?

Ballons And Clouds

Seeing Winnie The Pooh makes us happy instantly. And when he and balloons are also the part of our cloud tattoos, then we never get tired of looking at the particular design.

Around The Upper Arm

The traditional cloud designs covering up the entire upper arm- we have to make sure that the design is as great as this one.

Gods Dagger

A dagger or a sword piercing the cloud? Whatever it is, this is a really artistic representation of the thunder.

The Wondering Eyes

Well, the eye is looking at some other thing as the cloud does her job. The watercolour shading makes this design look amazing.


Clouds are the air’s hair- this cloud tattoo design is a result of someone’s great imagination.


A tattoo with a very important message- and the clouds also play an important role in it.

Traditional Cobra

Incorporation of different tattoos require great skills and ideas- and this one is an example of a great implementation of those.

Behind The Sun

A cartoonish vibe that messes up with our imagination- a lot of wistfulness embedded in this design.

Nap On The Sky

Sometimes, a small nap makes us feel so comfortable that we feel that we are floating in the sky. Just like the cloud in this tattoo.

Do My Job Carefully

The cloud is interested in what it is doing. Seems like it loves its work.

Black Thunder Cloud

Well, here is a great idea for the cloud tattoos on legs.

The Crying Cloud Angel

Maybe from the heaven, this is how you see the cloud.  It seems like you are in the sky talking to it, as it rains water under.


Here is a cloud tattoo that signifies the girl’s freedom. It would feel great to move about the cloud, wouldn’t it?

The Maple Leaf

This man with a mind-blowing idea for his tattoo is most likely a Canadian. we could also say this one also shows his patriotism in a very artistic and a splendid way.


A cloud with a hat made of an umbrella- frankly, my mind is not so giftedly so as to decode the words behind this. But all, I can say is this is another mind-blowing design.

Night Sky

What a great representation of one’s thoughts- crows flying amongst the cloud in the night sky with the full moon.

Collection Of The Rain Water

What do you think of this particular design of the cloud half sleeve tattoos? Let me know.


Colours and cuteness- what a great design idea for the beautiful girls this could be.

Cloud And Half Crescent

Well, having cloud tattoos like this means you will be equipped with a lot of confidence. And that reflects into your eyes.

Rainbow From the Cloud

This looks like some sort of a candy. Really sweet design, don’t you think?

Rainbows And Clouds

Well, there is no way you are not going to be intrigued by the cloud finger tattoos if you like colourful matters.

Her Hair

An art- that is what the cloud tattoos are all about.


Just a tiny little one- still people are going to notice it. If you are a started and wondering about having your first tattoo, then you might as well start with smaller designs like this.

The Angels Crown

Artists and art- for the tattoo artists, cloud tattoos are where they show their creativity and thoughts.

Small Drops Of Rain

The bolder outline in this one makes all the difference. Anyone would be attracted to this blueprint.

Robot In The Sky

Combining science and the vast nature into one piece- this is a great idea as well.

Hanging Bodies

Here is another profound design. Only the ones with a great brain capability can visualize such an outline.

The Black Cloud

We have seen something like this in our collection already, only that in this sone, the colour gives the darker complexion of the cloud and your skin itself represents the white in the middle of it.


Following the direction and always walking in the path designed for you. Who does it better than the clouds?

Crater Till The Land

The cloud could represent the structure of our planet itself.

The Wolf

What a great wolf and cloud tattoo- a mindblowing idea. And look at the smile of the man, he definitely is proud of having a tattoo like this.

Bees And Cloud

After all, your tattoo is where you pour your heart into and it a common practise that you ink the things that make you delighted.

Golden Thunder

This is how the Thunder would look like in the heavens. Everything made of gold in this gold design.

Cloud In the Sky Of Japan

A Japanese vibe in the tattoos- that makes a lot of difference and also a huge statement that you are going to make with this cloud tattoo.

Black Spirals

What do you think about this if you were looking for cloud tattoos on arm?

The Blue Ghost

Even if the design makes it look cute, this cloud is not so innocent. He must be a mess creator. Witty, he has got some plans on his sleeves.

Ancient Palace Cloud Tattoos Sleeve

It is a terrific design for the cloud full sleeve tattoos. everything has been designed with a lot of passion.

The Anime Cloud

If you are watch anime, then you know what the red lines on the face mean, right? They usually appear in th anime humans when they are blushing.

Red Thunder

The traditional tattoo designs definitely were something. For, we can design so many mesmerising designs like this one.

Kids Playground

Cool for kids and for the adults as well. You would impress anybody with this tattoo.

 Forced Thunder

Dude, this cloud definitely has been pressurised by the wind. Seems like he doesn’t want to thunder at all.

Feathers That Make Me Fly

What do you think about having feather and cloud tattoos on chest that spread across your arms as well?

Lizards And Cupids

What is great about this tattoo is that it has many elements combined into one. A Japanese design, a religious design the man incorporates many religions and culture and also a quote. The tattoo is about the modern technology as well. Definitely, he has many things to say.

Heat And Sword

A great tattoo on a great background, overflowing emotions. If you liked this, then you probably should take a look at our heart tattoos.

Palace In the Cloud

A tribal or an ancient design- whatever you may call it, it so good to see and would be even better to have.

A Man’s Thoughts

Another classic design of the cloud tattoo for you. It looks like a photoshop on our great-grandfather’s young pictures that he took while he was visiting the town.


Magic on this tattoo- on the design itself, and a sudden surge of happiness when you take a look at it.

Colourful Thunder

This is another one of those deep designs. A great tattoo design for your arm.

The Ancient Painting

Here is another or the traditional designs. Amazing if you are interested.


The patterns inside the slightly spiralled outline- what do you think about this?

Energetic Cloud

It is like the cloud is pouring down the water with all of its might. This is the benefit of having a tattoo on your forearm- the shape of your arms make a place for such creative designs.

Pouring Love

The world is all about love, isn’t it? This thinner outline says it all.

Two Sides

Matching cloud tattoos on the two sides of your legs with such a great impression and vivid art.

Children’s Playpark

Well yes, what about dedicating your tattoo to your kids? Clouds also make a lot of place inside their happy world, you know?

Face Of the Sky

Here is another way you could tell the tale of your own personality and learnings with your cloud tattoos.

Bulging Eyes

So, what do you think about getting a cloud tattoo on your hand? Many times a day, you will find a reason to be proud of yourself.

Moon And  Cloud

The classic designs if cloud tattoos are really good to see. This one is another proof of that.

Up To Something

I wonder who took the cloud’s name from above her. She looks like answering to that person, still doing her duty.

Mushroom Cloud

What we have to learn from all the beautiful things in the world is that they are wonderful because they help each other survive. Just like this.

The Weather Drum

He is a little worried, and the situation is kind of tense. Anyway, our mind still dissolves on his cuteness.

Mexican Chef

The different colours of the rain certainly represent something.

Sky Under My Skin

3D cloud tattoos- yes, they exist. I see you are getting more interested.

Times When A Wonderful Person Lived

Well, dedicating your tattoo to a precious person- that person who is watching you among from the stars would make you both glad.


All the elements shown in this tattoo are patient as well, don’t you think. Moon takes days to be a full mon, but eventually shines with glory and same for the cloud- it may take some time for it to be strong- but when it does, it rains like nothing else.

Master Cloud

His eye shows that he is really experienced in what he is doing- pouring down with all might and so easy.

A Cloud Draw

Cloud tattoos on the shoulder- no matter what their size is, they will get a lot of people talking about them.

The Heaven Gate In The Land Of Cloud

The tattoo is just how we expect the heaven to be. Between the clouds and really great to be in.

For My Queen

When you have this tattoo, the angelic heart of the person- turned angel will be filled with even more happiness. Let them see this from the middle of the clouds.

Sketch On The Head

There definitely are a lot of interesting placements available for your cloud tattoos that will make them look even more unique.

Thunder Below Ears

Storm cloud tattoos – even if they show such magnificent things, they can be turned to look really cute.

Kings Palace

Here is another vast cloud tattoo design that you would love to get.

Love From The Traditional Tattoos

The cloud tattoos can have a lot of meaning, and that is the reason many people prefer getting them above all the other designs.

Friends In The Sky

I wonder what the great things like them chat about.

Monster And Thunder

For people into representing such arts in the tattoo, then this is a great design.

Birds And Clouds

The pattern of the cloud as well as the birds- this makes this design gorgeous.

Falling Rain

Another cloud tattoo with the storm and rain especially for you.

Bold Things

A sense of direction, smile and freedom- those are the things that are needed by a successful person.

Fear Will Lose

Combining many elements into your body, the clouds can also make an important part of them.

The Shining Sky

What could be more beautiful than to see this- night sky with moon, stars and cloud- really pleasant.

There you go- these were the best designs of the cloud tattoos that we gathered. But remember to be a little innovative with your own and you will finally be able to design your own ideal cloud tattoo.

So, what did you think about these cloud tattoos? Amazing cloud tattoos designs and cloud tattoos meaning- did they help you at all? If they did, are you thinking of getting any one of them or using them as an idea for your own tattoo? If yes, then I am glad and till the next time, have lots of fun.


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