120 Best Friend Tattoos Designs For You And Your Wonderful Pal

Best friends- two words that tell a lot. And best friend tattoos- designs that the people can get to display their love to one of the most important people in their lives. Best friend tattoos are not merely some designs- they have a whole world of emotions backing them up. The affection that you feel for your most beautiful friend is real- there is no questioning it. And for getting a tattoo dedicated to their name, is so your that it is nothing so special. Maybe you get what I implied there. Like our best friends definitely, make our life so great- and having a tattoo on them, or sharing the same design with them, is just another thing that the best friends have for each other.

So, you and your best friend- you decided to have a matching best friend tattoo? Or is it only you, you are going to gift your best friend the best emotions with you tattoo? Whatever be your reason. You definitely will need the best design that you could get. And getting tattoo itself is not an easy concept. You have to spend a lot of time researching and finding out what works the best for you. And I know that this thing has given you a lot of worries.

Well, now it is time that you part your ways with the questions and doubts. For, with the best intentions of helping you, we decided to gather the best friend tattoos- the best designs that we could find. So, here are the best designs of such tattoos that you could get in 2018.

The Mermaid King

best friend tattoosWell, two best friends getting the tattoo of the mysterious creature- what do you think about this idea?

String Telephone

Well, here is one with a deep meaning. String telephone lets you two to transfer your thoughts without any other people knowing them- that is what you always do in the open air as well.


The infinite rose tattoos for two best friends- what do you think about the colours?

The Half Crescent

Here’s a beautiful moon tattoo design for best friends embedded with flowers.


The arrows moving parallel and on the same body parts- here another unique representation of the best friends relationship.

Spongebob Square Pants

Spongebob and Patrick- which one of you is who?

Realistic Flowers

Everybody would love to see two best friends having great tattoos like this one.


Best friends tattoos completing one another- just like the souls of one another.

Anchor And Heart 

You will always love each other in the journey that you are in- this is what the tattoo means.

How We Talk

Here is a tattoo that you could dedicate to your best friend.

Turtle And Flower

Well, the best friends know what these individual tattoos mean, all we can say is both of them are really good as they have been designed in the same way.


This is one of the funniest tattoos for best friends with a meaning. Well, peanut butter sandwich and bread with fruit jam- they are delicious when eaten on their own. But, try it- when they come together, that is trouble to your tongue.

The Same Swing

What could be a better feeling than sharing a swing like this with your best friend?

Letters In The Cross

What the letters say, it is all up to the people having this design of the best friend tattoos.


Among two of us, one is always the guardian. This is what represents our relationship with our best friend.


Here, let us see another one of the great best friend tattoos for 2. A lion when they are together- that is what sums this up.

Dots And Arrow

Just some basic shapes- but the final design is not basic at all.

What She Does 

I would say not only best friend tattoos but these tattoos would make perfect mother-daughter tattoos as well.

Srings With Love

Whatever you two speak about, only love is what transfers.


Getting this great lower design on the wrist could also be a great option for the best friends who are into these tattoos.

Design On The Legs

Well, this is an abstract one- but when the two people come together, anybody can say they are best friends.

Ice Cream

If you think both of you are this sweet- which you obviously are, then this is the one design that you ought to get.

Moon And Stars

The galaxy for one another- the way the stars help moon make the boundary- it is really awesome.

Talk On The Phone

The placement of these best friend tattoos is really creative.

Two Planes

Well, what do you think about having unique best friend tattoos?


Somehow, it looks like a duck when you view it from another angle. But who cares, both of them are really beautiful animals.


The design of the blue cupcake- the spirals and everything- it looks like a great chef himself made them.


Well, when you are with your best friends, it does feel that you own the entire galaxy.

Sun And The Moon

One is the Sun and the other is the Moon- and both of them are filled with beautiful things like flowers. I am not only talking about this tattoo, but also the soul of two best friends.


Till the day the time is over for you, you will look at this tattoo and remember those words of yours that meant so much to your best friend.


A simple geometric design- what could this be? A symbol of the circle of your best friends?

Tribal Sun And Moon

Here’s another great design of the best friend tattoos on back.


We have already seen the triangle on the previous one of the best friend tattoos, and here is a great addition to that.


Even sisters are best friends- aren’t they? And if your best friend is your sister as well, then you will like to take a look at the sister tattoos as well.

Where And What

Two short sentences- so much to say. All of the body organs involved in the precious pinky promise.

Two Plants

Rooted in the cloud, these two plants will always move by one another.


Diamond is precious, and you already know what they mean by the words in this tattoo.

Thick And Thin

These two words may mean anything to the pair of the best friends, and they have done it in a really perfect design.

Longitude And Latitude

This could be the address of the people, it is really innovative.

Arrows Through The Sun And Moon

These arrows are most likely the arrows of love from a cupid. And they have hit one sun and one moon that are together.


What about this cute tattoo on the back of your upper arm?


A small outline of heart- that is enough to showcase your affection towards each other. For more of these, here are our heart tattoos.

Two Hearts

Both of the hearts are together now- so, it is still practical that both of them can be shown in an individual design.

Steam Train

Here’s a classic design for the best of friends. The entire symbol looks like the crest of a European company- friendship is a company as well.


You need the glass, and you also need the bottle- they are lavish together.


You already know these characters- don’t you? And now you realise that you and your best friend share so much in common with them.

Infinite Red Rose

From the design of the petals to the stem, this tattoo looks really fresh.


Well, most likely, you can’t read what’s written from far away in these tattoos, but I bet you took an idea for a great design.

Flowers To Offer

Every time the best friends hold their hands, they see the tattoo that the other one has made in their name. And be assured that their friend is going to see the same great thing.

Flower Plant

How about the smaller designs? If they are made as excellent as these, they also make great best friend tattoos.

Safe And Wild

The cursive writing on these designs is what makes them beautiful.

Sun Moon And Star

Which one of you is whom? That has been highlighted in black.

Promises And Symbol

How about these for the best friend symbol tattoos?

The Vase

Vase made of a bottle- too good to see.


Best friend tattoos for boy and girl- they need to sow immense love towards each other., Just like this one does.

Rose For You And Me

Beautiful hands, beautiful tattoos and beautiful relationship- these are the words that describe these two best friends.

Musical Notes

Cats are cute, and they make every tattoo cute. And the same goes for best friend tattoos.

Lotus and Dots

Here’s another beautiful flower design that you two could get. Flower of purity defining your connection.

Hearts On A Journey

Another variation of the anchor and heart tattoos for two best friends.


Well, isn’t it funny that when you two see a pastry, you fight with each other, but you value these particular pastries on each other’s hands?

Pineapple Designs

Weird design for weird people. Here are another one of the best friend tattoos for guy and girl.

Coloured Flowers

Watercolour tattoos- they themselves are beautiful, but when they are connected with such a thing as the love between the best friends, their value peaks a lot.


The lovable request to one another- isn’t this sweet coming from two best friends?

Grand Arrows

Arrows of friendship- who knew they could be this opulent?


What are your thoughts on this one? These fabulous designs definitely have a very wonderful meaning behind them.

Rose Shadow

Both of them could be dancers- and even their outfits match perfectly with the tattoos. It is all so wonderful having your best friend as your work mate.

Sam And Tiff

Replace those words with your own names and both you are going to have incredible best friend tattoos.

Swings On The Moon

Well, I think those structures are two halves of a half crescent moon.

Let’s Talk

Well, here is another cute string telephone design for you two.

Hand Of The Universe

Sometimes, it is true that you think that your best friend is the universe itself.


So, what do you think about having matching henna tattoos as best friends? They have set a perfect background on the pool.

Flower And Leaves

We do see a lot of cute flowers representing many things. And best friends is also one of the things they signify.

Arrows With Letters

Well, what about inking the first letter of your name to your best friend tattoos like this?


Jam and bread- different flavors, but still each other’s best friends.

Two Of Them Together

Using the Sun and Moon tattoos to represent best friends- this is another great style that you could go with.

Wine Glasses

Celebrate every time that you are with your best friend- even if you don’t think you do, you still will with your tattoos.


Another cute indication of the best friends with this tattoo.

The Scenery Frame

For a pair of nature-loving best friends, this is a great idea.

Infinite Rose On the Legs

They certainly found a great place to ink their best friend tattoos together.


Numer of roses is equal to the number of the important people in your life. So, three people- with everyone having one each of the roses, it says a lot by itself.

Two Birds

They are hanging out and hanging out with love. The best love the friends can have for each other.


The designs of the dragonfly are cute as well, just like this one.

Another Rose

Well, we never get tired of looking at the beautiful rose designs now, do we?

Small Roses On Wrists

Smaller designs of the roses used as best friend tattoos- they are really great to see.

One Heart

Now, this is a very creative idea for your best friend tattoo.

Cones And Rounds

Here is each other’s interpretation of the shape in this tattoo.


Here, all we need to make sure is that you broaden the part of your mind containing matching best friend tattoos ideas.


Fierce when with one another- both of you and your tattoos as well.

The Wizard Heart

Heart wearing a hat- it really likes to be in style.

Love It Out Of You

Here is a fun quote for the best friend tattoos. Well, you definitely do so as you say in the tattoos.


The outline of this bird simple, yet amazing.

Crossing Arrows

For the interesting best friend tattoos, here is another one. The arrows crossing one another does mean a lot.

The Traditional Design

Looking for the best friend tattoos on Pinterest, this is what we found. An integrative design. The structures really go well with each other.

Rocketship To Saturn

Even the huge things like these can look cartoonish and cute on the tattoos of the best friends. These designs are cool- for people aged 2 to the people in their late nineties.

Tiny Hearts

Miniscule- yet, people are set to notice them easily. And also, this is a great way to make a huge statement with a tiny little tattoo idea.


What do you think about both of you tattooing these awesome insects? The bees live with their friends, value their friendship a lot, and if these bees are best friends as well, then you already know the intense love they feel for each other.


The word broccoli has got a ‘bro’ in it, so maybe that is why they got the design. But they are girls. Well, it may be that we will never know the philosophy behind this, but I will have to insist that the design looks really cool.

Red Design

The best part of all- it seems like you drew each other’s tattoos with a red pen. And both of you were proficient as your tattoo artist.

Symbol On The Wrists

There are great best friend tattoos on Tumblr as well. Similar to this one. The small vine of the flowers is precisely matching- make the wrists look beautiful.

Robotic Cubes

With the designs and the perfect blend of hue, they look like something the superheroes would themselves get. What a great way for two guys to get their best friend tattoo.

Dancing Pears

Pears for the best peers- what do you think about tattooing your legs like this? The way these things are smiling exactly represent the mood that you are in when you are together with your best friend.

Feathers For Each Other

What about sending a message to your best friend with your tattoo itself? The different directions in this tattoo are the places where their best friend is at the moment. And the arrow of love is always pointing towards them.

Direction Compass

The directions that the compass shows is the direction of love and the direction of each other. Well, this way we could also design great best friend tattoos for 4.

The Precious Stone

Here is another great way to show what your best friend means to you. When you have them with you, you have the most expensive thing in the world.

The Squad

Well, you can have a best friend or best friends- it all depends on how many people you get close to in your life. And here is a great idea for all of you.


One with a seed and another one without it. So, what do you infer by it? Well, both of them are the parts of the same fruit.

Star family

Do you both have an interest in astrology? Or in stars and the night sky? Well, if you do, then this one is for you.


These cute little birds and the flowers- that indeed is a pleasant thing to see. That can be in real or on our tattoos as well.

Curious Cats

Cats on your best friend tattoo. You know that themselves signify a lot of things. But this time, all that matters is that these animals are cute, just like the connection between you and your best friend.

Flying Seagulls

Fly free when you are with one another- here is a great representation with your tattoos. It seems like both of your legs are the same sky represented in two.

Having a best friend is wonderful- this is one of those such feelings that a lot of people don’t get to experience. So, if you have one, then you always must be thankful. For now, you have a soul that is going to feel the same amount of happiness when you are happy, and that owns the shoulders where you can rest yourself every time you are feeling low or down. And in return, the soul doesn’t ask for a lot. All it needs is the same affection in your heart that it has got for you.

Till now, you people have grasped the idea pretty well. Showing the gestures of your love in every possible way, now you also have decided to get best friend tattoos- which is an excellent thing in itself. Well, God bless you friendship- that is all I can say. And don’t let any power in the world take you apart from each other- and having a tattoo devoted to each other is just one huge leap in the commitment.

Did you like these tattoos that we gathered? Did they help you find the ideal design for you? Remember one thing, tattoos are all art. And all that depends on your creativity and imagination. So, what you can do is take these designs as your idea and finally engineer your perfect piece by yourself. And if these tattoos were of any help, I am thankful to you and till the next time, good luck with your tattoos.

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