90 Amazing Polynesian Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings And History

Polynesian tattoo- I know that you are interested in the concept of this design. Well, people from the history have been. These tattoos are not merely some body art. They have meant a lot from the history and also until now, these arts carry a lot of meaning and also the value behind them is priceless. First off, let us see the “general introduction” about these tattoos. Normally, what matters to us is that these tattoos look sleek. and also, we can tell tales- long and short with them. There are various ways the tattoos can be designed, and however they are made- they still look amazing.

These tattoos go really well with any body organs. And the best part of all, we can also combine these tattoos with other designs to give unique representations. This is the reason a lot of the people have these tattoos. Well, you already know and also you have seen the Polynesian tattoo of The Rock, haven’t you? Well, not only of The Rock, everyone who has had this tattoo, looks so great with it. Whether the person maybe muscular or not- or the person maybe of any gender or anything, this style still looks amazing, that means the possibilities of the ideas with these tattoos are vast.

And so for you, you also want to get a Polynesian tattoo, don’t you? Or are you still wondering if these things are right for you? Well, I guess, now it is the time for you to end your doubts because, we are here, right? We always want to help you and this time, we have decided to do with Polynesian tattoos. Not only the designs, we have gathered all the important facts about these tattoos from the culture to all and even some tips. So, here is the best Polynesian tattoo designs that you could get in 2018. Look at some of the designs, quick and then we are going to look at the history of these tattoos.

Polynesian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo: History

First off, let us start with the history of the Polynesian tattoo. Well, they came into existence from the Polynesian islands. They are the islands from Southeast Asia. There used to be many indigenous tribes in these areas who first used this tattoo- the Polynesian tattoo. Many tribes used to be in this area, and we exactly don’t know which one used the tattoo first. Anyway, there is enough evidence to believe that Tonga and Samoa- the people in these places are responsible for developing the art like it is now. So, this is all about the origins that we need to know about the Polynesian tattoo.

So, why did you think that the people even got this Polynesian tattoo? It is highly unlikely that the ancient people were impressed with the “style” like we are now. Almost everyone was macho and maybe girls weren’t impressed with person with the tattoo in the history. Well, let me get straight to the point. The Polynesian tattoo used to be a sign of loyalty and endurance. Only the strong people were the ones who could get a tattoo on their skin and only the ones loyal could endure the immense pain.

Process Of Getting The Tattoo

For most of us, this thing could be confusing. Like yes, it pains while having a tattoo, but what is it about being an immense pain? Well, what we need to realize is that the people didn’t have modern equipment. How they got tattoos- it is simple. They took a blade and cut the skin. On top of that, the blades were not anything close to what they are today. Well, they were sharp- very sharp, but they were not smooth. Those things were used to make this art. This was a terrible pain, and also, some people died in the process of getting a tattoo. Don’t believe me? but you actually do after I say this. Sometimes, it could take over months to actually complete the tattoo. This also means a lot of piercing and hurting from dawn till the dusk. So, you can only dream of a lighthearted individual to get a tattoo. Anyway, this here shows how passionate the people were about this art.


Recovery And Other Facts

The Polynesian tattoos, in some tribes, also used to be mandatory. For, this was something a member had to have just after he was an adult. So, let us say that for people like us, we celebrate a lot in our 18th or 21st birthday, but for people in the ancient times in this island, this barely used to be a happy time. And also, the recovery time of this tattoo was very high. First off, nobody could guarantee that the person would actually heal from the pain of getting an amazing art on his skin. For you know- infections. No modern medications, that was already there so, for some people who endured the pain, it was still hard. Anyway, the people had some measures for it as well. The wounds- or the tattoo, whatever we call them- were to be washed with salt and water. Regularly- for months, no way anybody was taking chance against the germs. And finally, after about a month, a person would finally get a very cool design on his skin.


So, what is your favourite until now? I will have to say, list the choices that you want to make for now, we are going to look at the meaning of these tattoos.

Polynesian Tattoo: Types

Well, now we know the history of the Polynesian tattoo, now it is time for us to know its types. And also the Polynesian tattoo meanings. So, let us start with the figures of the Polynesian tattoos:


They are human figures. They are set inside a tattoo to speak to individuals and their relations. Sometimes, these tattoos speak to crushed foes. This is one case of the Enata in its particular frame. And sometimes, there are many Enatas combined into one. This is how they used to represent the clouds.

Shark Teeth

The triangles that you saw in the tattoos are shark teeth. They could be in a simplified form or the complex forms. They speak to assurance, direction and quality and in addition ferocity nonetheless, they are additional images of flexibility in numerous societies.


Now, all of us know that the people in the previous tribes were hunters Their weapon used to be spears. So, the inclusion of the spearhead in their tattoo was not something uncommon. The spearheads could be as simple and complex as well. Spearheads are exceptionally emblematic in connection to sharp things as well and they can be utilized to speak to the sting of a few creatures.



They are another “human-like” patterns in these tattoos. The Tiki actually represents Gods or demigods. And, the tiki tattoos don’t necessarily use to be the figures themselves only. And that is the case now as well. You could actually get tiki eyes only in place of the tiki face and it still looks amazing. Also, holds the same value as the Tiki face does.


Even in these designs, we saw a lot of turtles, didn’t we? The turtle or honu is another essential animal all through every Polynesian culture and has been related with a few implications. The first being the way that turtles symbolize wellbeing, fruitfulness, life span throughout everyday life, establishment, peace and rest.


Polynesian people used to live on the islands, so we already know how the sea was important to them. The sea is a second home to Polynesian individuals and the place of rest when they leave for their last voyage. Unintentionally, turtles are said to join the left controlling them to their goals. So at times, the sea can be utilized to speak to death and the past. Since the sea is the essential wellspring of nourishment, it is no big surprise it impacts so much custom and fantasy.


The lizard was an important creature for the Polynesian people. They believed that Gods actually disguised themselves as lizards before coming to humans. Lizards are ground-breaking animals who bring good fortunes, they used to be the borderline between the people and the divine beings and who can get to the imperceptible world. Then again, they can likewise convey demise and terrible signs to individuals who are discourteous.



Polynesian Tattoos: Placement

Here, now you know about the history and meaning of Polynesian tattoo, now it is the time to know about placement. There are two ways for you to place these tattoos. One is the modern way and the another is traditional way.

What I mean to say is that the modern way means where you want to place them tattoos. And traditional way means as per the ancient rule of placing a Polynesian tattoo.

First Off, let us talk about the conventional way in how you should place a Polynesian tattoo. This is the same as any other tattoos.

On the Arms or Legs

All things considered, numerous individuals get their Polynesian tattoo on the wrists or arms, isn’t that right? Most importantly, the outline for a Polynesian tattoo could be splendidly suited for the arms. That is the reason the Polynesian sleeve tattoo is very prominent. This would be a flawless design sense as there are different shoes or even wrist trinkets and watches that look great in those parts of your body.  The Polynesian tattoo on the legs additionally could be a smart thought.

The Chest or at the rib

You could ink your Polynesian tattoo outline in the chest or the rib in the event that you need the tattoo to be obvious totally too just somebody hint. Like to somebody to whom you commit your tattoo as well. Anyway, the tattoo, when seen from the side could influence you to look shocking. You would come in your own particular style. Simply try to choose the best Polynesian tattoo outlines for your chest.


I would state that the back could be another ideal place to put your tattoo on.  This could really be reliant on the extent of the tattoo. In the event that it is extensive, at that point the back would be where you would ink your tattoo. Be that as it may, much the same as some other arrangements, this decision is additionally completely yours.

Indeed, there are additionally a ton of different factors on where you need to put your tattoo. For instance, your attire inclination could likewise characterize where the tattoo on our body could splendidly sit. The decision is all up to yours and you have to converse with the master himself in regards to this issue. Just additionally keep in mind that you have to get some information about the mending procedure also.

And Now, Let Us Look At The Traditional Thoughts

Yes, the placement of these tattoos is really important. According to the religious beliefs in the region, humans were actually children of the heaven and earth. So, the tattoos which are placed in the upper region of the body, they are supposed to relate to heaven. That means the tattoos that symbolize anything related to the Gods, for example, spirituality, are to be placed in the upper part of the body. Whereas, the tattoos that represent anything that we need to survive in the Earth are for the lower part. The upper part of the body is above the navel and the lower means below this area.

And also, these ancient people also had some beliefs for the placement of the tattoos in the front or back. Any art in the front of the body- that is related to the present and future. Whereas, the back of the body- this means we are actually telling a tale of the past. Also, they had certain rules for the men and women. Mes used to have their tattoos in the right and the Polynesian tattoo for a female- that was usually inked on the left side of her body.

Final Say

Well, the choice is entirely yours. As the time has passed, the tradition of the tattoos have as well. So, this is an art on your body, so you make your rules, you have to. Your interest must be to ink your tattoo in the most conventional is for yourself. If you still want to keep up with the tradition of these tattoos, then you are fine. But, also don’t forget to comply with the necessary means- that means don’t forget that you are getting the tattoo. And the only rule that the modern tattoo artists are going to make for you is that the comfortable. For you know, it is mandatory that you are glad about your tattoo.


So, what do you think up until now? Have you made your decision? However- remember, patience is the key.

The Rules: The Perfect Tips for the Day of Getting a Polynesian Tattoo

So, now, you know about the history of the Polynesian tattoos, about the maintenance and the meaning and the types. And if you are still willing to get the Polynesian tattoos, then you are almost ready to go. Still, there is something. If you are getting your tattoo for the first time, then you still have a lot of questions and doubts. But, you know what? Even some tips beforehand for the day of getting the tattoos that would be of a perfect help. So, here are the things that you need to make sure of on the day you are getting your Polynesian tattoo.

Good Food

Good Meal- this is an absolute necessity. You may not see such a large amount of a centrality in this thing-however you realize what, you should eat sound in the day as well as the day preceding the day you get a tattoo. That implies ensuring that the supper you are eating before the day of getting a tattoo I extremely solid. Obviously, I am not a specialist myself, but rather still, the presence of mind itself says that we will require great supplements to experience the procedure of agony.

What You Wear

Appearing to a tattoo parlour with tight-fitting garments can’t be so reasonable. Release up your attire. There are functional explanations behind it. For one thing, the tight-fitting garments may influence you to look dazzling, yet they are not all that agreeable. You don’t need your garments crushing a body part while you are as yet getting a tattoo, wouldn’t you say? Simply go to your storeroom and pick the most open to attire for you and after that proceed onward.

A Bath

Here is another vital thing that you ought to consider before having a tattoo. Wash up. It will keep your skin saturated, and your skin will be far from any residue particles and dust. All things considered, you need to tattoo your skin-you simply don’t need any of the Polynesian tattoos over the earth that is on your skin, wouldn’t you say? Also, all things considered, notwithstanding for the tattoo craftsmen, a craftsman dependably needs his sketchbook to be spotless.

Types of Instruments That You Will Need and the Timing

About the tools, it is just somewhat obvious that the tattoo artists have every one of the things needed your tattoo done. You may likewise need to get some extra stuff like grease or saturating cream and such. And furthermore, have a settled time to complete the tattoo. Ask in advance what time you will begin and when it will end. On the off chance that you feel that you could be extremely delicate to torment and it could bug you the entire day, at that point you should look to get your tattoo at night. Everything to state, converse with your tattoo artist about this viewpoint obviously.

Go about slowly, and look at all these designs carefully. You would not want to make a wrong decision even once- you may have to regret it your whole life.

So, what do you think now? You just watched the best Polynesian tattoos that you could get in 2018.

For Everyone Getting A Tattoo

The Tattoos mean a ton to the person who is getting them-it displays the person’s personalities, his feelings, his characteristics and all. While it is required that the tattoos designs should be awesome, it is furthermore imperative that they hold a moral impetus behind them. Same goes for the Polynesian tattoos as well, you get them in case you think they address the bits of yourself.

Anyway, with such countless and the symbolism of the Polynesian tattoos, there is no reason that a man wouldn’t have any desire to get one. Genuinely, they relate to about everything that a man would need a tattoo for. Thusly, if you wish to have a Polynesian tattoo, by then there is no reason you should keep down. Pick your most adored arrangement from this once-over of our layouts and go to the favoured tattoo parlour and get your diagram.

Nevertheless, you know, your Polynesian tattoo design in like manner doesn’t need to be the same as one of the tattoo traces here. I mean you could get considerations from these tattoo designs then make your own design. This could be highly unlikely that you create your own variation of the Polynesian tattoos, but what is there to lose, anyway? You may similarly require some unique factors seen in the light of the fact that the Polynesian tattoo meanings for men may not be the same as the Polynesian tattoo meanings for female. Anyway, this couldn’t have such an extraordinary measure of impact in the present time. For we know the rules already and still are used to breaking them, all of us know what.

All things considered, which of these tattoo designs were your best pick? Did you settle on any of them? Essentially let me know whether I could help you at all. If I did, then there is nothing that makes me happier than to help you. I am sincerely thankful. And till the next time, good luck with your Polynesian tattoo- get out there and have the best design that you could get.

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