150 Gorgeous Designs That Show How Good A Henna Tattoo Can Get

The henna tattoo- a temporary design but permanent emotions. It is called so because it is made of henna, which is a dye that has been prepared with a Henna tree. Well, yes, henna tattoos have been more famous with girls lately, and even though it started in ancient Egypt, these tattoos are being more and more popular all over the world. Especially in India and similar cultures, this has its own big significance. Like brides wearing this thing and in many cultures, it is mandatory for women to wear a henna tattoo. Anyway, when the designs are so good and can be made so unique, there is no way women are not going to take it as a plus point.

And also, throughout many years of design hit and trial, there have been a lot of these tattoos that catch everyone’s eyes. For you know, these tattoos are temporary, there is no pain or whatsoever, and even if there could be some error, it would mean no such big harm. As more mistakes mean more learning, there are so many fantastic designs that came out of nowhere of these delicate body arts.

So, here are 150 henna tattoos that everybody must see.

Floral And Points

henna tattooSee whose dots made, and also the floral design in the middle? They all combine to give a really balanced henna tattoo.

White Henna Tattoo

In case you are wondering, this white color is also obtained by the same henna plant. By bleaching it’s natural red dye, that is.

Dark Blue

Princess crowns all over- only for the style queens. She also has matching nail polish to elaborate on that style.

Hearts And Flower

Flowers and heart- only beautiful things to see here. And decorated like a golden bracelet, it is a great henna armband tattoo.

Flower Linings

Here’s a very interesting alignment of this design. It is like it’s path flourishes all over one’s hand, with those flowers really proud to blossom.

Tribal Henna

Tribal designs are something that could be mastered with your henna tattoo just like with this thinner borders. There really is so much going on with this.


A good old classic style- you don’t need anything more to devise something really pleasant.

Flower Vase

Everything perfect, flower vase and those finger coverings- there are so many ways you could get creative with your henna tattoo.

Finger Henna And Pearly Flowers

Different designs implemented and they blend into one- this is how you do every tattoo.

Leg Cover 

Exquisite and extraordinary- you will need to concentrate a lot if you want to get this right anyway.

Butterfly And Flowers

Some prefer to have henna on hair- but this time, make it a little unique and try her placement. With a design as such, I mean.

Floral All Over

No way anybody is not going to be impressed with this one. Bolder henna perfectly placed with those lighter ink- everything looks so synced creating a wonderful final product.

Matching Hennas

Two girls are getting the same outline- this shows how much they mean to each other. Take a look at our sister tattoos as well.

Evening Red

Those colors go all too well with her skin. And also, one who made this design definitely was a pro.

Stretch Everything

A stretched henna tattoo design taking up your entire forearm- still fresh, just made and already so good to see.

Spirals, Lines, And Flowers

What should a person be praising about this design? Its like everywhere you see- there’s excellence. With every small detail, they have been done carefully and with so many emotions.

Plants That Grow

A henna design for nature lovers- exactly how you like it.

Roses And Sunflowers

This one could be a henna design, but once getting it done, a person would hope it would never get off their arms.

Polynesian Made With Henna

Using the henna ink to experiment making all other approaches of a tattoo could also be a great idea.


All of them have got henna- and all these tattoos represent various things. An octopus usually means complexity, the turtle is for longevity, a flower is for beauty and purity, and for the elephant, it means good luck and prosperity.

Design That Shines

Made from nature, and see how it twinkles in the presence of natural light.

Lighter Pearls

Small pearls- tiny ones- they look even more beautiful when it is pure art that makes them. You see, she also created an innovative way for herself to have a henna tattoo.

Gateway for Those Eyes

But this time, we only focus on her henna designs. And gasp it is amazing.

Exotic Indian Design

Women in India definitely have got a good notch of what they can be doing with their henna tattoos. This time, she also has added her “tikis” to make it looks more glittery and complete.

Golden Bracelet

Gold design- it looks like a gold bracelet that’s around her wrist.

One Flower

A henna tattoo that is easy to make- and wonderful to see. Not a lot of convulation, anyway, it’s beauty is way head than any complexities.

Abstract Art

In your henna tattoos, you could add a lot of hidden meanings and such. Because there are not so many designs that need to be definite, so you have a good option of having exactly what you want.

Leg Flower

Borders and fillings- they are in perfect balance. And the tattoo artist has used her complexion as an up point- to make it seem just like how she wants it to look.

Lotus Flower

A flower representing purity and innocence- doesn’t everybody love this concept?

Hope and Happiness

Sunflowers represent a lot of things as well. It is a happy flower- and you could represent the happiest moments in your henna tattoo.

A Queens Armband

Many of those armband tattoos are made such that they look like a cloth band around your arms. But, when you do it with henna tattoos and such a design, it will be nothing short of a diamond decoration.

Tribal And Traditional

Elements of many tattoo traditions in this one. Like said earlier, when people have a lot of time and a chance of many improvements, tattoos will have a lot of options to be made.

Sea Waves and Leaves

Floral design, some essence of the sea life and leaves, people get many henna designs like this to be thankful for nature.

Shapes Of Ink

Geometrical shapes- spheres and lines, all they have been incorporated in such a way to give an epic outline.

Flower Life

Two flower plats- lotus and sunflower in this one. We already know their representations, and with its idea, there is no way this isn’t very special.

Red On Both Hands

Let us talk about its color this time. We have seen this exact design before, but it is red this time. Which is henna’s original color.

Tribal Lotus

Could be a henna tattoo, of course, but we can easily infer this had to be designed by a tattoo artist himself. Even if this is just plain black outlines, her skin itself looks like a color filling.

Stretched Hands

Another henna hand tattoo which will make you stare at it always once you have it.

Reddened Flowers

Here are different girls with different style interest. Different tattoos, but they can never be compared when all of them are 100%.

Black Background

A bridal henna tattoo, let us say. This time, the ink makes the background, and the palm of her skin makes the art.

Back Gold Henna 

Combine your henna tattoo with some gold folds, and then you will get something everybody will remember when remember first when they see you.

Plants And Spirals

A foundation has been made and plant designs set to complete them- this one is another great.

Things I Am Interested In

Many small figures- all of which reflect one’s interest in lives. Chemistry and angels and everything she loves- something you could do with yours.

Sun And Moon

Life on her right hand and feminity on her left- I am giving you the meanings of the designs she has on her hands.

Hand Surrounding That Spreads

Not a lot covering up her hands and a minimalist approach compared to other Indian designs.

Nature’s Color

Here is another just- completed classic design. Just what a girl wants to see on her hand.

Twirls And Flowers

So, if you are looking for some cover up henna tattoos, this is one for you.

Lines And Stars

Finger tattoos, wrist tattoos, and forearm tattoos- all of which have been implemented by simple use of the henna hues.

Floral Daughter

A flower on your hand and flower crown on your fingers. Another great way to have a henna tattoo on your skin.

Larger Design

It looks like a decoration on ancient palace walls. What a great sight to see.

So, for now- you have seen a lot of henna tattoos already, and you already know all of them have been excellent. And if I am to explain all of them, all of my words are going to revolve around that specific sense. And now, I guess you have seen these designs and also know about the meanings of quite a few elements, and actually there are some other notes that I would want you to take. First, look at some different designs.

Some FAQ’s About Henna Tattoos

Well, even if it a simple tattoo form, people will still have questions- they would want to ask. Here are answers to some most sought out facts about these specific tattoo approaches.

Are Henna Tattoos Permanent

Well, I guess I have already answered this question a lot of times in thsi article as well. Well, no- henna tattoos are not permanent. They are made with henna ink- ink that is simply “placed” on your skin that will not remain there forever. Anyway, if you love these henna tattoo styles- I mean they have a different complexion, you could actually have a permanent tattoo itself that looks like a henna border.

Henna Tattoo: How Long Will It Last

To give an exact answer, it all depends on the material you use. And how you maintain your tattoo. On top of that, it also depends on what basis you call your tattoo lasting. Which means if you want to know the time until which your tattoo will remain fresh, or you still consider a very much dried out color stains a tattoo. Keep all this in notice, the answer would be, art would be on your skin as a henna tattoo, for until anywhere between two days to three weeks.

Are Henna Tattoos Safe

Safe, right? I will have to say, there could be mixed opinions about it. First take the natural henna- which could be crimson or brown in color- well, they obviously are. There will be no complications whatsoever. But, if we are talking about other henna colors- which could be black or white, then indeed there could be some effects on your skin, but just some minimal ones. There could be a chemical mixed in those which is known as paraphenylenediamine (PPD), and it could cause your body to make some allergic reactions. But other than that, there generally are no many complications about making these tattoos.

So, here are some questions that I thought I many would have and I hope this will help you as well.

Process Of Getting A Henna Tattoo

First, look at all these designs carefully and go to google. Then. Try a search keyword such as ‘henna tattoo near me.’ And then, there are going to pop out some tattoo parlors in your area, and you could fix your appointment there and get there and have your tattoo done. Also, repeat this every next time you want another henna tattoo.

Or, actually- you could teach yourself to do a henna tattoo. Of course, this could be tough, but you know, you could learn how to do it, and then there is nothing to lose. Of course, I am not saying that going to a tattoo parlor or a henna tattoo expert is a bad idea, but, this is really simple once you get its idea and then, you could yourself experiment with many styles of course.

Henna Tattoo Kits

Well, if you want, you could go and purchase some henna tattoo kits on websites such as Amazon and eBay. There, you will have everything you will need and also some books containing tips and all instructions. Typically, in a beginner pack, these kits are available:

Henna Powder: A powder used to make a henna paste- or henna ink, the main constituent you will need to make a henna tattoo.

Rubbing Oil: Oild that will moisturize your skin and make it smoother before you give yourself a henna tattoo.

Applicator: A bottle of some sort where you put in your henna paste and use to draw your tattoo.

Transfer Paper: A special type f paper, where you can draw your outline and use it to convert that exact design on your skin.

How To Make A Henna Tattoo: The Complete Process

Let us see the complete process of getting a henna tattoo.

Things Needed

Henna Powder- you already have it
Lime Juice
A Little Bit Of Sugar
Oil- you already have it
Bowl (Make sure it is of plastic or non-metal)
Plastic Wrap
Soap (Make sure it is a milder one, like some baby soaps)


1) Get a quarter cup of henna powder in a mixing bowl.
2) Measure Out 1/4 Cup of Sifted Henna Powder Into a Bowl
• Store extra powder in the cooler to remain new

• Sift henna to dispose of pieces that could stop up the instrument tip

3) Add a quarter cup of lime juice While Stirring
If necessary include extra lemon juice- you will need to make a paste as thick as toothpaste.

• If substance shows up too thick in the wake of including lemon juice, Slowly add extra lemon juice to abstain from getting excessively runny. You wouldn’t want your paste to be too thin

• Smash all bumps starting to shape while blending

4) Stir in a Half Tsp. of Sugar and Half Tsp. of Oil

• After including oil and sugar, the surface ought to be sleek

5) Cover your paste with a plastic wrap

Rest it for a day- you would want it to draw out its color.

– After this, your henna will possibly show up somewhat thicker

6) Once the Henna Has Set, Scoop the Dye Into Your Applicator
Cut the side of a Ziploc pack.
Furthermore, set the tube into the pack.
Tape the pack around the tube to anchor.
Spoon out henna into the instrument.
Don’t forget to either utilize henna quickly or solidify until you use it.

7) Wash Skin With Soap and Water
You could rub some alcohol on your skin if it is too slick.
Then, use your transfer paper and then have your design outline done.
8) Position Your Tip Over Skin
You will need to use your henna paste just to get a tattoo done. Be sure you don’t color your clothes or garments.
Now- Design
After that, do your design, make it the best possible. Remember, you always have time to improve and don’t be demotivated if it doesn’t turn out the way you want in the first try.
And now, what you need to do. Let your tattoo dry. Be patient, remain still- you are about to get some great design on your skin.

Now, after this, you would like to cover your skin with a wrapping paper. To still keep it safe. Do this for some hours, and then, you will have a great design. But, you know what? You could again take a bath or wash your skin- but, this time again with the mild soap. For you just want the bacteria to go away- not your tattoo.

Do Henna Tattoos Hurt

Tattoos are supposed to hurt, right? Well, that’s not the case with henna tattoos. This is actually just some color smeared on your skin- which means there is no involvement of any type of needles or such. So, there is no physical pain that you will have to experience while having one of these. But, don’t forget- you will still need to be a little bit patient while having your henna tattoo and this could be somehow an exercise for your mind.

So, here it is- a complete procedure for getting a henna tattoo.

So, what did you think about these henna tattoo designs? Were these some tips that you think will help you? Well, tell me frankly, were you impressed at all.

A tattoo is not merely some body art that you do. Actually, it is a representation of your actual self. And no matter if it is a permanent design or a temporary one, you still have to make sure it is done in the best way possible. For, you know, when people look at your tattoo, they are not only looking at it and analyzing the design, but they will see you inside it. So, you would only like to make a positive impact on their eyes, as well as their mind.

Also, like I told you, you should also try to be very creative with your design. For, if you are a henna tattoo enthusiast, I mean if you like it so much, one can easily say that you are going to end up having a lot of henna tattoos in your lifetime. And also, there is a high possibility that you will be the one who is going to be designing this art, so everytime you get one, try to make it different from the last time.

Hence, I guess this is all I can say to you. I sincerely hope that I helped you and if I did, it is only natural that I am going to be very happy. And till whenever, have a great time and also, I hope you have a lot of lovable henna tattoo designs.

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