101 Designs- Everything You Need To Know About A Maori Tattoo

A Maori tattoo will never get out of style. This has been true since the ancient days. Every person who gets a Maori tattoo loves it- for it is one of the most exceptional tribal tattoos approaches.  Many elements in these tattoos can be included and people, after getting them can speak a lot about themselves and their hearts. Also, they go together with other tattoo styles as well. Designs are sleek. However, you create them and wherever you place them, and I think those are more than enough reasons for one to get a Maori tattoo.

If you are thinking of getting a Maori tattoo, but you are still confused, all that ends here. You will no longer need to doubt and will realize quickly you made a good decision. I mean- we are here to help, and there’s no point in worrying. Talking about these tattoos, you will need to know about its elements and what they mean. Even if placements are not a rule these days, it is still good to know how people initially got them. And don’t forget about its history and everything.

After knowing all these things, you will be ready to go and create a great Maori tattoo for yourself.

maori tattoo

So, here are some great Maori tattoos designs you could get in 2018. Look at all these Maori tattoos images and tell us what you think about them.

Maori Tattoo: History

Once, there was a young warrior called Matora who fell in love with a princess of the underworld- her name was Niwarikia. She lived in a place called Uetonga. They two married and Mataora brought her to the Earth.

Time passed on, and he Mataroa started mistreating Niwareka. This, in turn, made her Niwareka leave her husband and get back to her parents home.

After some time, Matora realized his mistakes and went back to the underworld to apologize to his wife. But, people there laughed at him. On his face paint, actually- it was smudged and messy. Anyway, he went to the palace and convinced his wife to come back, and people there taught him the art of Maori tattoo to ink on his face. This is how Maori tattoos came into existence.

Now, that’s a great tale, isn’t it? Well, that’s a story, and I don’t think there is enough of a base to believe in it. And about its existence, let us first know what these tattoos actually are.

Maori tattoos are what tribes in Newzeland used to get. Well, no wonder they are also called New Zeland tribal tattoos. These tattoos are some evolved form of Polynesian tattoos and were brought into this country by the people of Eastern Polynesia. So it is true that we can see a lot of Polynesian tattoo elements in these tattoos.

A Tribe Member’s Way of Getting A Maori Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a painful process, isn’t it? Even with the modern tattoo instruments and tools. Also with lubrication and all that, there is still a little bit of pain one must go through before getting a tattoo artist. Now, put aside all these things and bring knives and shark teeth. And imagine how it felt like.

There indeed were no needles for Maori tattoos; instead people utilized blades and etches produced using shark teeth, honed bone or sharp stones. Edges and etches were either plain and smooth or serrated, and these were utilized conversely relying upon the planned example or outline in the skin.

The inks that were utilized by Maori were produced using every single common item. Consumed wood was used to make dark colors; while lighter shades were gotten from caterpillars contaminated with a specific sort of parasite, or from consumed kauri gum blended with creature fat. The shadows were then put away in lavish holders called Oko, which turned out to be family legacies. Oko was frequently covered when not being used.

The dark shade that was produced using consumed wood was held exclusively for facial tattoos; while those produced using bugs or consumed gum was utilized for plots and different less venerated tattoos. Before the start, the tohunga ta moko would ponder the people facial structure to settle on the most engaging outline. As said previously, no two Maori tattoos are similar.

Definitely painful- a lot of pain.

First profound cuts were etched into the skin, and after that, the etch was dunked into the color and took advantage of the cuts. Another minor departure from this procedure included plunging the etch into the jug of shade and embeddings it into the skin by hitting the end with a hammer. This way of inking leaves the skin with grooves after mending, rather than the standard smooth surface left after needlepoint tattoos.

Maori tattoo was previously a long and work serious process since it was extremely agonizing for a person getting one. There are two models for the Maori tattoos – the ordinary outline just included the darkening of the lines. The second is called for darkening the foundation and leaving the lines clear – this was called a puhoro.

Maori Tattoo Meanings

Maori tattoos can mean a lot of things, all it depends on what elements they have. Well, this is how they are interpreted these days, but, it is also good to know what they meant to the ancient people and you will get a good idea of what they mean.

First, Maori tattoos generally represented a person’s rank, social status, power, and faith. For, getting a Maori tattoo was also a very sacred thing one could do. We already know about the pain one had to go through. And after that, people who got  Maori tattoo didn’t eat with their hands for days, until they got their tattoos finished. So, it meant a lot of a person to get a Maori tattoo.

To know more about it, let us look at some tattoo elements and what they mean.

Koru (Spirals)

A koru portrays fresh starts, development, and concordance, taken from the imagery of a spread out greenery leaf. New Zealand has probably the most lovely plants on the planet. That is why most of the Maori tattoos have spiral designs.

Hei Tiki

Generally known as a four leaf clover the tiki is additionally viewed as an image of richness. Thought to be clear reasoning, discerning, faithful and learned, the wearers quality is their character. The tiki is a charm to the Maori individuals and has been viewed as a rabbit’s foot from the antiquated circumstances. The Maori trust the tiki speaks to unborn babies as well. Some most significant tikis were cut from greenstone and were passed on through ages and cherished belonging.

Fish Hook (Hei Matatu)

Maori images or meaning or Hei Matatu symbolizes success. Maori utilize angle in a considerable lot of their conventional nourishment dishes. Fish were so copious to these people that the basic responsibility for angle snare implied flourishing. A fish hook likewise speaks to quality, assurance and great wellbeing, and additionally giving safe adventure over water

Single contort

What about single spirals? The Maori images or significance for the single curve speaks to one’s way of life; it is an image of endlessness. The only figure eight is unique about the twofold and triple turns specified underneath.


Manaia is known as a profound watchman and transporter of otherworldly powers. Generally delineated as a fledgling like a figure with the leader of a flying creature, it goes about as a supplier and defender over the sky, earth, and ocean. Compared to a winged animal sitting on your shoulder, taking care of one’s soul, and controlling the soul where it should go when the time comes.

Twofold or triple curve

These turns speak to the association of two individuals or two societies for forever and even though they may encounter life’s up and downs they remain fortified by kinship and reliability forever. These styles are really popular.

Well, here are these elements of a Maori tattoo- but, you know what? It is all up to you these days. For, you could absolutely bring in tattoo elements of your own choice- meaning anything you want to tattoo and turn them into a Maori art. All you need is it’s ambiance after all.  So, do something fun and creative- try to incorporate a Maori tattoo art with your own culture and you can see how it goes from there. And after that, whatever you ink- will have your own meaning- something you want to convey to your outer world.

Placement: Maori Tattoos

First, let me say it is all up to where you like your tattoo and it is no different with these New Zeland tattoo designs. Have your tattoo wherever you like them. Still, its good to know where ancient people got these tattoos and what it meant.

It Was Face

People generally got a Maori tattoo on their face. Men had full facial tattoos, while ladies just had their jaw, lips and nostrils inked. Some Maori likewise had different parts of the body inked, for example, their back, backside, and legs. Ladies were all the more frequently known to tattoo their arms, neck, and thighs.

And your tattoo was always on the face- that means it’s meaning depending upon where you had them.

Centre Of Forehead: Called ngakaipikirau, assigned a man’s general rank

Area Under Eyebrows: Called ngunga, assigned one’s position.

The zone around one’s eyes and nose: People called it uirere, assigned his hapu, or sub-clan rank

The area under temples: Called Uma, served to detail his conjugal status, similar to the number of relational unions he had

Under one’s nose: Called rural, showed a man’s mark that was once retained by an innate boss who utilized it when purchasing property, marking deeds and directing requests

Cheek territory: Known as Taizhou, demonstrated information of a person’s work.

Chin Area: Called wairua, demonstrated the individual’s mana or esteem.

Finally, the jaw zone or tattoo assigned a man’s introduction to the world status.

Maori Tattoo: Anyway, Place them According to Your Convenience

Arms Or Legs

Well, hands and legs- these are two places where many people prefer to have their tattoos done. For, it is a great balance between pain resistivity and tattoo visibility. For, people are bound to notice your tattoo and at the same time, they could not be so painful when compared to many other parts of your body. If you want to see how good your tattoos can get on your legs and hands, you should take a look at our leg tattoos.


Well, now you already know that one’s face is where a Maori tattoo is supposed to be, but right now, it is only for confident individuals who know what they are doing. That is, only hardcore tattoo lovers. It is not for weak hearted and you definitely will have to think for some time before getting one on your face. But you know what, once you decide to get a Maori face tattoo, you are going to find yourself in a great world. A world filled with so many designs that come from ancient times and modern parlors as well. To know more about this placement, take a look at our great face tattoos.


Hold your tattoo closest to your heart- this is what you do with your chest tattoo. Kiwi tattoo designs on your chest look really cool- and even more if you are a muscular dude or a girl, of course.

These tattoos are mainly implied just for your nearest individuals to see them totally. Like to somebody to whom you commit your tattoo for. Anyway, the tattoo, when seen from the side could influence you to look shocking. Move it to your own style. Only make a point to choose the best plan with importance for yourself.


You have seen a ton of the Maori back tattoos too, haven’t you? I would state that the back could be another ideal place to put your tattoo on.  This could really be reliant on how much your tattoo measures regarding size. Since we know, the agony resilience of our back is minimally more than whatever else.

All things considered, there are additionally a ton of different factors on where you need to put your tattoo. For instance, your dress inclination could likewise characterize where a tattoo on our body could superbly sit. The decision is all up to yours, and you have to converse with the tattoo craftsman himself in regards to this issue. Just likewise bear in mind that you have to get some information about the mending procedure too.

Additional Tips About Getting A Maori Tattoo

I realize that the majority of you have just had a tattoo-however not every one of you. Also, for individuals getting their first tattoo, we should state there are a few hints which will prove to be useful. Keep in mind every one of this words-they could be extremely essential to you-really, they will be imperative to you, for there are things you should recollect amid the day you go for your first tattoo.

Before Deciding Anything

Ensure you book your arrangement to the best tattoo parlor you can go. This is very important. You would need an awesome tattoo craftsman, it is alright on the off chance that he doesn’t have much understanding, however, keep in mind to take a gander at his past expressions. Since you know, you need to extend everything that you can. You will be living with your tattoo for whatever remains of your life along these lines, ensure you will be glad for it until your final gasp. What’s more, something else, ensure you tattoo parlor is spotless too. For a store which can keep up itself is just the person who can get your best.

What’s more, something else, please make an effort to remain persistent. I mean seriously. If you like a design, inquire as to whether you adore it or not. Gaze at it for over 20 seconds with everything that is in you with all your fixation. Ensure that you will never become weary of taking a gander at it. At precisely that point you can be guaranteed that you can have it.

Presently, we have just observed what you should do before settling on your choice, and we should discuss what you should do to make your tattoo last longer.


Bath, an artist leans towards a canvas clean. Ensure you have a shower before getting your tattoo since you don’t need any soil tatted rather than your skin. And furthermore, your skin will be clammy which implies less demanding for the ink to stay there. Along these lines, a shower is required if not, extremely fundamental while you are getting a tattoo.


Your tattoo artist may have all the equipment’s, yet you should ask him what you ought to purchase. We are not just discussing devices needed your tattoo done-also those instruments which will help you after you have your tattoo. They could extend anyplace from extraordinary skin cleanser or a soap. Ensure you converse with your artist about this thing as of now.

Sound Sleep

Ensure you have enough rest the prior night. That implies eight hours of sleep. I don’t need to state why rest is something other than the rest. It enables your body to have returned to ordinary your cells to recuperate and turn out to be new again and the vast majority of all, it invigorates you. Implies that you should feel crisp when you go and get your tattoo.


No shoddy nourishments amid the day you will get your tattoo. And furthermore, make sure to get a sound supper the prior night. Nourishment refuels you, and you will ensure you have a considerable measure of sound protein since you as of now recall that you will puncture your skin. Your skin needs to mend itself, and you can include some protein in your eating regimen.

Along these lines, here are these tips that are implied just for you-you should recall them totally. For, you don’t need any impediment or anything pulling you back. If you are to do it in your way, ensure your direction is awesome.

Maori tattoos, Kiwiana Tatto Or New Zeland Tattoos- whatever you call them, these tattoos are indeed a work of art. How the ancient people shared similar interests with you- about expressing themselves through great body arts, that is really interesting. Since, you know, for an excruciating process, people still had enough reasons to go through it for art they wanted so much. And even if the case was such that a person who didn’t get a tattoo was considered nothing, this also shows how people valued their love for a tattoo. So, this could also be a motivation for you to go and have a tattoo even if you are afraid of that slightly pinching pain.

And you know what, you will learn to be very patient with your tattoos. Which means you definitely have seen a lot of these designs, all they seem unique and different. Which means you have a lot to choose from- there could be no basis for you to blindly select one. A tattoo must be something you can feel proud of for your life, and there are no chances to be taken. Hence, think about it a lot before you get it, I have already said enough of this, you could tell, but it is very- very important, you see.  And also about designs. There could be many Maori tattoos directed to specific people like Maori tattoos for females.

So, what did you think about these Maori tattoo designs? Did you like any of them- I mean did you choose one from these mesmerizing designs? Or do you only think about getting one of them as an idea for what you are willing to get? If yes, then I am sincerely happy for you and let us know which one is that you want? Remember to be creative with what you are looking to get- and till whenever have a lot of fun and Best of Luck with your tattoo.

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