113 Of The Best Heart Tattoos And Designs That You Could Get In 2021

Heart tattoos- they carry a lot of significance for the person getting them.  The heart is the most important organ in your body. It is the only thing that has been connected to your physical and your emotional being. That means- your physical body, as well as your soul- both of them are dependent on the heart at the same degree. And this is exactly what you reflect on your heart tattoos.

If you are thinking of getting the heart tattoo, you will need to make sure you pick the best design and also that they carry a lot of value. Well, to help you exactly with that, here we have the best 113 heart tattoos that you could get in 2018.

Won’t Break Nor Bend

A quote included in the heart tattoo and it references the heart itself. This is definitely a good idea for a great tattoo.

The Decorated Thing

Well- the heart gives life. Similarly, the plants do as well. So, this tattoo carries a lot like the backstory.

The Heart And the Flower Head

Heart and flower tattoos are really getting popular these days. And the secret to that is great designs and a great moral sense in the getter.’

The Black Heart

Well, this design definitely is morbid. The knife piercing through the heart- this gives a unique foretoken to the person watching this design.

The Knife Piercing

Well, the concept in this heart tattoo is similar to the previous one. Just that we are exploring different designs.

The Arrow And The Heart

The arrow of love hitting the heart straight- now this tattoo is indicative of something really special that has happened in your life.

The Turtle Heart

This heart tattoo is all about its design. See, so many things have been fitted inside the heart itself which makes this design really concrete.

The Iced Heart

What else would you possibly ask from the heart tattoos? The design is great, and the frozen heart means this tattoo has a lot to say about the getter.

Mom Tattoo

The heart is where you love- and this is a beautiful heart dedicated all to the mother.

The Barbed Heart

Your heart is not free- getting inside it is not allowed. So, you could indicate that with cool heart tattoos like this one.

The Rib

The Ribs protect the heart- but in this one, the heart itself seems to be the saviour of the ribs.

The Barbed Kingdom

Say yes to artistic heart tattoos- they make you proud every time you look at them.

The Nerves Inside it

Nerves or the tree- whatever you call what is inside the heart, it still looks fantastic.

The Knife in the Jewel

The traditional colouring in this one looks super fantastic, and though your heart has been stabbed once, you still value it like the king in your beautiful kingdom.

Where The Flowers Grow

Flowers growing out from the heart- how much more poetic could you get?

That What Bonds

Well, you and your pet are together only because you both have the wonderful thing called the heart.

The Dark And The Furry

Well, doesn’t it feel like this heart has been through a lot, all tired of the experiences and worn off? But the fun fact is that the girls would still fall for this design if you have one.

On The Wrist

Well, here is a simple heart tattoo for you. Not the symbol of course- I am talking about the organ.


Flowers growing out of the heart tattoo- they make even the word “hatred” look cool.

The Sanskrit Vibe

Their tradition is rich, isn’t it? So, you might also want to take a look at the Indian heart tattoos.

Heart On The Wrists

If you were looking for small simple heart tattoos, then this is the one you should probably get.

Cover The Hand

Well, you literally have two hearts after you get this realistic heart tattoo design on your arms.

The Pretty One

Here is more heart tattoo for girls. Simple but yet fascinating.

So Much Going 

Having your entire back covered with the heart tattoos, you should make sure that the design is very innovative and sleek. Just like in this one.

Heart Tattoos On Chest

How would you like this tied heart on your chest? The red strings and the eyes make this so good to see.

Stabbed For Flowers

The places where the heart have been stabbed look like the roots of the flowers that have been growing out of it. Talk about conveying your thoughts in the art.

To Cling On It

Humans prefer to fly with their heart rather than listening to what their brain has to say. This heart tattoo actually tells a quote without using a single word of course.

My Place

The place you were born or found yourself as a person- your hometown, it is always in your heart. So, it couldn’t be anything big to get it in your heart tattoo as well.

Organic Chemistry

The organic structures, the heart and the flower- one getting this super design must be very interested in science.

The State Of Mind

The state of your mind is entirely dependent on your heart- don’t you think so?


The tattooed heart may also tell how you percept yourself. The confidence that you tame inside you can be shown in your heart tattoo as well.

The Tribal Heart

Well, heart tattoos with cool patterns like this are what many individuals crave. And the dates add to the importance of this tattoo to the person getting it.

Two Hands

Heart tattoos on hand containing two hands that are protecting the heart together- well this is kind of funny to write. But spectacular to see the design.

The Flying Heart

Angelic heart tattoos may be special to the people getting them when they have the name of their special one inscribed on them.

The Bird

Let your heart fly free- not only the details of the heart but the colour of the bird make this tattoo super cute.

On The Back

People being in love is a wonderful feeling- and when they make a heart tattoo out of it, this shows how much the loved one means to them.

In The Dark

It seems like someone threw the heart on the ground and the black tar on the heart splashed all over. The things that the heart has been connected look like nerves incorporated into plants.

The Geometric Tattoos

Having specific shapes of the heart tattoo could also be on many people’s wishlists. If it is your choice as well, then here is one for you.

The Rose and The Heart

This design is excellent, I know- and if you want to see more of these designs, take a look at our rose tattoos as well.

The Handiplast

The broken heart tattoos can also be taken as motivation- just like this beautiful one.

Where the Life Lies

The human heart definitely looks like this when seen from the outside- don’t you think so as well.

Key and the heart tattoos

Your heart is itself a lock, and only one specific person in the tattoo has got the key to it.

Jewellery of The Island Queen

Classic heart tattoos like this one will make you feel like Moana.

The Crying Heart

I bet if the guys living in the islands had a concept about the modern tattoo, most of them would get this one.

The Brainful Heart

When your brain and the heart come together, that is when the happiness happens in your life. Maybe this tattoo just told a concept of that.

Where the Heart Lies

Sometimes, if you look carefully, the region where the tattoo has been drawn is where you can actually see your heart beating.

 Tattoos On Hand

This man has had his tattoo made in the perfect place for him. And we can also get an idea that he is wearing matchings outfits.

Faraway Land

The narrative of this tattoo is something that keeps you all thinking. And the legs definitely are one of the best places to get the heart tattoos.

The Outline

Obviously, all you have is one outline and three extra lines- but what you get in return is a lot of people gazing at the fantastic piece of art.

The Holes For The Plants

Heart and plants- we have seen so many out of the world designs of this concept- and here is another one to be included in the team.

The Simple Heart

A small one, but a large voice0 that must be on the description panel of this heart tattoo.

The Oriental Heart

The heart tattoos with the name on them- you are a very special person to someone getting that. This tattoo doesn’t only mean a lot to you but also to the person you are getting this for.

Covered in Flowers

It feels like the flowers value the heart so much and they are protecting it as it’s guardians in this badass tattoo design.

One Heart

well, nothing big- nothing exaggerated, sometimes, even a simple heart symbol can make up your great tattoos.

A Name to Write

So, there is a vacant place for a name to go in this heart tattoo. So, who do you think it will be in your case?

Another One On The Hand

She definitely knows her hand’s position so that everyone will get to see what she has. Well, just kidding, she definitely has a great heart tattoo.

Heart Tattoos On The Shoulder

Well, the girl in this picture is really bold. And her tattoo as well.

The Vase

Well, in this heart tattoo, the heart itself looks like a vase- home to the flowers growing on it.

Kingdom Tattoos

The hot air balloon- the heart and the tower go really good with each other. This one is an example of that.

The Graffiti

Well, this heart tattoo looks like someone pained a graffiti on your chest. A good one, of course.

The Eye 

What I like about this tattoo is how so many colours are fitted to make the heart look unique and different from anything else.

What The Stem Makes

The bending stems- they do make a great heart tattoo design, don’t they?

3D Heart Tattoos

What do you think about the 3D heart tattoos? Especially when they are small and cute like this?

The Kissing Skulls

The skulls and the heart together- now that is an interesting concept. The symbolism has so much to tell.

Below The Ears

Well, don’t worry- if the designs are as sleek as this one, then your heart tattoos are certainly going to be easily noticeable.

The Tar Drops

The black blood the beautiful heart is pumping out- what do you think about this spectacular design?

The Colors Of The Galaxy

Maybe, this is how our heart looks like when we astrally project. The many colours of this heart tattoo are something we really have to celebrate.

The Thrones Protect

The thrones in the tattoo of this heart don’t only protect the rose but also your locked heart. Anyone willing to get to it should pass through the thrones of course.

The Dews

Well, are they dews or colour light bulbs? Whatever they are, they contribute making this tattoo design really adorable.

Eye On the Back

The places where your normal eyes don’t see- this are the places they eye in your heart tattoo will look out for you. It will look after you, to be exact.

The Queens Tattoo

If a girl was a princess and she wanted a great heart tattoo on the thigh, then this is what she would choose. I don’t have to add anything one it, now do I?

Tattoos on the Heart

This man is definitely giving a message in his photo but let us look at his tattoo first. And it seems great with the real knife.

 With Names

Well, moulding the words in the shape of the heart- isn’t this a perfect idea? You could implement it if you really liked the concept anyway.

Keeping The Skull Alive

Skull and heart tattoos- this is one of the favourite combinations of many people. And they are happy with what they get.

The Sunflower

Now, creativity plays a dear role in making your tattoo design that the other people have to study. You don’t have to do very different things, just think smartly.

The Popping Roses

This heart is the home for many plats, and you can also see the root of the rose coming out and still, it also looks like a vein full of blood.

Love For What?

Well, heart tattoos for guys can reflect their beliefs as well. Like in this one.

The Two Things

This is what we need to do- I mean these things are the two things that our heart always need to do.  What a great idea pointing them out in the tattoos.

Two Skulls

Two empty people- brought together by the love that arises in the heart. This heart tattoo somehow looks like a locket.


Your heart is resided by those people- even if you can’t show that in your real heart- how about making your statement in the tattoo?

Heart, Brain and The Happiness

You need all these three things to survive, you know? Some people never realise this thing while some people make epic tattoo designs out of them.

Made From A Pen

Well, this tattoo somehow looks like something that has been sketched with a shine pen and coloured in the best way possible.

The Lotus On It

You could get this lotus and heart tattoo as well if you have already made up your mind that your heart tattoo will contain a flower as well.

In this one, the root of the tree- which is also its heart is pumping the life inside it. What a great way to incorporate these two tattoos designs into one.

The Ornament

Well, here you get an ornament on your thigh with this fantastic heart tattoo design. This one is especially suited to the girls. And you can also see how the locket reflects the light.

Be Happy

Get your life motto on your heart tattoos- this will help you to remember that every day with style.

The Thing That Sees

Your heart can see as well. Eyes and heart tattoos have also intrigued a lot of people. By now, you may have already know the reason as well.

Full Now

Heart tattoos meanings could be a complex one for the onlookers- but that is what makes them fun to decode. In my view, the person with this tattoo went through three phases in her life which finally made her a complete human being.


Family heart tattoos- they definitely are cute to see and show how much you really care about the closest people on your life.

How it Breaks

Creative people can make broken heart tattoos something everyone is happy to see. Well, not their condition but the design, I will have to say.

Rose Inside Heart

Yes, they will keep on coming. Here is another great heart tattoo for you.

The Machine

Well, this thing manufactures the blood. It makes something that everyone needs to survive. And the model of this device looks like it is from the 22nd century.

The Lone Pearl Between The Flowers

Well, if you value your heart very highly, then this tattoo could also be on the list of the tattoos you would like to get.

The Sea Waves

So, if you are really interested in the sea and that is where your heart is almost all the time, then you might as well get this heart tattoo. I don’t have to say anything about the design now, do I?

The Garden Vase

Well, is this heart tattoo how the vases in your garden look like? I bet so.

Keys and The Heart 

If you are making related tattoos on either of your hands, they will have to be matching just like this one.

The Best Friends

Well, either it is your best buddy or your siblings or anyone else that you love- you could get matching heart tattoos like this.

The Photo Frame

Heart tattoos also do a great job to remind you of the scene in your life where your soul was the happiest.

The Wildflower

Just make sure that the guys end up praising your tattoos more than they compliment you [retty face after getting this design.

Through Hell

This heart tattoo is a tale in itself. If you are familiar with the story, then it could also be your interest to get this tattoo.

The Rose

Now, this particular design is breathtaking, for the least. The rose itself seems like a part of the heart.

The Beehive

Well, this heart tattoo is all about the smooth outline. Makes it look amazing.

Stabbed By The Angel

The sword in this tattoo doesn’t look like an ordinary one.  Looks like something from the heaven itself.

Heart Sleeve Tattoos

Well, this tattoo is done perfectly on the axis of the hand.

Tied By The Metal

Even just the addition of the lockets hanging down from this heart tattoo makes it unique from anything else.

The Perfect Scenery

Well, only the best tattoo designers can get this one right.

The Pair of The Heart

You and your loved one getting the same tattoo- and on the same place- talk about the eternal trust and belief.

Well, I guess now you know the requisite of getting a heart tattoo. That will be making your real heart satisfied with the heart tattoo that you are going to get. So, you definitely will need to be patient and look at a lot of options before finally getting one.

So, what do you think about these heart tattoos? If you liked them, then I am really happy for you. Just make sure you are getting the right idea and pick the best one that you think is perfect. And till the next time, have fun and good luck with your heart tattoo.

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