133 Best Traditional Tattoos You Would Like To Get In 2019

The traditional tattoos- they are magic. First, they look stunning then, they put our mind in such a state that it finds itself lost in the ambiance of the tattoo. And also, we could literally turn any tattoo design into a traditional tattoo- that is the reason that an increasing number of people look to get the art. And if you decided to get one as well, then well- you obviously may have made the right choice to get one, and so we decided to help you with that.

Deciding to get a tattoo is a great thing. But once you decide you are going to ink your skin, then the real questions start. First, you will have to decide what type of tattoo you would like to have. And after that, it is mandatory that you select the perfect design for you that actually holds a significance in your life as well. Even if it doesn’t seem, it is really a lot of work. And the same goes for the traditional tattoos as well.

So, to help you decide if or not the traditional tattoos are the best choice for you and also to select the best design for yourself, here we have- the best 133 traditional tattoos designs that you would like to have.

The Glowing Eyes

traditional tattoosWell, her eyes are hypnotizing and she has decorated herself with the best ornament there can be.

The Asian Design

Well, do you think about this for a traditional Japanese tattoo?

The Lotus

Adding a  traditional touch to this flower signifying a lot of things could be a great design idea.

The Hawk And The Snake

Traditionally, both of these animals are really important. And getting both of these tattooed to tell a great story- that is what makes the tattoo artists happy of their client.

The Skull And The Rat

Even one of the smallest animals can get really freaky- just like in this tattoo.

The Flowers In The Garden

Traditional flower tattoos- these are the tattoos that have intrigued a lot of guys and girls alike.

The Palace

Well, this is where the king lives- the architecture in this design is something that could interest the historical kings who could actually build this artifact.

The Monster

As time moves on, we people tend not to be afraid of the monsters that look like this that we praise them for looking really cool. And yes, tattoo them on our skin as well.

On The Back OF The Leg

Well, decorate the back of your leg like this so that the people can see a great design when they are standing on your back.

The Flying Hawk

Traditional tattoos that resemble hawk- and the Japanese letters below really shows how you are into the culture.

The Japanese Palace

Well, here is another one if you really like the cool Japanese tradition.

The Hawk About To Pounce

A hawk signifies a lot of things- the purity and loyalty being some of them. So, getting a hawk tattoo means you have inked really profound meanings on your skin.

Rose, Hawk And The Compass

If you are interested in these tattoos individually as well, then why not experiment and bring all of them together?

Neo And The Venom

Well, what about these simple traditional tattoo designs on your arms?

Heart And Neo

If you liked this touch on the tattoo, then you may also like to see the best heart tattoos.

In The Bottle

Well, the waves and the ship- this is something that interests a lot of people. And some people also decide to have great tattoos representing them, just like in this one.

The Black Rose

I bet you already know what the black color of the rose means. If not, it is sorrow or death of someone. Instead of the letting the pain devour you, you can just let it go with the tattoos.

The Fight

Who do you think will cruise on this battle?

Traditional Thigh Tattoos

Well, here is a soldier jaguar. With all the training he’s got, this one is really strong and fast.

Stabbing The Rose

What do you think that this tattoo means to the person? If you can interpret this in your own way and relate that to your life, then nobody is going to stop you from getting this tattoo. What do you think about this for a traditional evil head tattoo?

The Elephant

The blue watercolor surrounding this elephant is just sick.

Devil With Horns

Imagine going to sleep and something like this starting at you from outside the window. If that freak you out, then here is a natural devil tattoo.

Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo

What do you think about this one?

Lips Out From The Beak

Well, here is another great way of accommodating a snake and a hawk into one without even drawing a snake. And this one is really creative, I will have to add.


Turning maize into one of the best traditional tattoos- this is a great idea.

Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoos

This tattoo could be a choice of many of the individuals who want to cover their upper arm as well as the chest with the tattoos.

Neo With The Yellow Eyes

The color of her eyes is really rare. Her unique genetics has contributed to her eternal beauty.

Traditional Chest Tattoos

Well, a bad-ass spider on the chest- many people are afraid of this anthropoid, but some think that this is cool.

The Flower With the Pollen Grains

Every little detail of this tattoo has been perfectly matched with a real flower.

The Brave King

A king who protects his people- what do you think about this piece? This could be a great idea for the leaders.

The Traditional Water Gun

Crown on a water gun- the person getting this tattoo has a really metaphorical conscience.

The Japanese Cobra

Ready to strike in the middle of a battle- let us hope that this one cruise.

The Monster With The Snake’s Tongue

Many pairs of eyes on one head- just don’t be afraid of your own tattoo.

The Traditional Tropic

Tropical tattoos with a traditional touch- many people prefer to get this design. You could get one for yourself.

The Purple Devil

Well, this devil looks like someone that a mother would tell to her kids when they were unwilling to their dinner.

A Half Robot

This tattoo is not only about its design, but it also shows how the modern human beings have been dependent on machines.

Heart Tied in The Skull

Tied- this word makes the difference in this one.

The Japanese Dragon

Here is a great Japanese vibe with this tattoo. Or the Chinese culture of the Kungfu, whatever you call it.

The Masked Monster

So, did you think that this tattoo intrigued you?

The Traditional Tiger Tattoos

The roar of the tiger- this scene is always cool to see. Whatever design that may be on.

The Samurai

Here’s the most feared Samurai, an unsung hero of the battlefield.

The Pet Of The Devil

Here is another loyal dog- but what is different about him is that is the pet of the devils in the hell.

The Viewtower

Traditional tattoos depicting the surrounding you want to see yourself on- this is a heartfelt design idea.

The King Of The Skulls

Well, here is a man who rules all the skulls of the world. And he also makes a great design idea for the traditional tattoos.

The Journey On The Ocean

Between the lightning and the thunder and still moving forward- here is a great ship tattoo idea.

Her Smile

Well, if you have a special someone, then they could also make up the art in your tattoo design, just like in this one.

The Traditional Anchor

The anchor, the flower, and the bird- what do you think the getter has to say with her tattoo?

Ornamental Heart

Now, here is a great design- the ornaments and the heart combine together.

The Black Jaguar

Even though this animal has been extinct already, the legacy still continues. Whether that be in the books and the stories or in your traditional tattoos.

The Dark Vision Of The Rabbit

Look at the rabbit’s face- he is not so innocent, and you should never believe in him- he has always got some witty plans hidden in his sleeves.

Traditional Eagle Tattoo

Traditional tattoos of the Eagles always look good on your skin.

The Heart Pierced By The Darkness

Well, here is a strong representation of a broken heart. Still, after being through all of this, the heart is still alive.

The Architecture Inside The Palace Gates

Here is entire engineering of the design of a king’s palace. One that gives a really great traditional vibe.


Well, the eagle is also an important figure in the Hindu mythology. Known as Garuda, he is the Bahan of Lord Bishnu.

The Song From The Heart

Do you sing from your hear? Is the music rooted deep down? This tattoo says definitely yes.

Traditional Wolf Tattoo

The wolf as already been stabbed through his head- but look at him- he has never stopped being a wolf.

No One

Who knows that this tattoo could be prevalent in our life as well. See, sometimes we tend to hold a lot of people on our arms- but they may turn out to be snakes, that is what this tattoo tries to tell us.

The Dragon

Here is another traditional dragon tattoo design that you could get on your arms.


A bomb- small thing but a huge reach. This tattoo is really profound just because it contains the grenade. And looks super cool.

The Village Man

The traditional Japanese tattoos come in many styles- and this piece is another unique one of them.

Before Dishonour

Well, here in this tattoo, the getter points out straight why he has a traditional skull tattoo. The words are really influencing.

The Dagger With The Palace Reflection

Who knows- the person holding the dagger could be in the palace looking to assassinate the king. This is what I would like to imagine in my head- for the stairs in the steel could be the reflection.

The Traditional Illuminati

For the people who love traditional tattoos, this is the typical Illuminati symbol.

Traditional Forearm Tattoos

Well, here is another great cobra design and the ball 8 of the pool definitely means something match winning.

The Sun And The Moon

The traditional Sun and the traditional Moon- well, here is a great idea for the people looking to include the Milkyway in their tattoos.

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What do you think about the colors filled in the insects? And also, the cross looks amazing too.

The Girl With Antlers

Well, here- this is what an artistic tattoo looks like. The person has definitely got a great idea.

Traditional Flower Tattoo

This is another one of the best flower tattoos if you are interested in them.

The Orange Drink

Looking at the design, this certainly is the drink that our grandparents used to enjoy when they were spending holidays on the beach.

The Japanese Hawk

Get a Japanese touch into your traditional tattoos.

The Blue Tiger

This tiger has an angelic possession- what do you think about this great design?

The Dagger And The Snake

Too much pain hidden in a single traditional tattoo- do you think this tattoo relates to your life as well?

Traditional Snake Tattoos

Look at its nose- this adds even more traditional touch to this snake along with the colors.

Virgin Mary Tattoos

Well, here she is- Virgin Mary enjoying an NFL game. She needs her breaks as well.

The Sleeping Moon

The flowers, stars and the moon look like roommates in this design.

The Skull

Streetfighter or not- this is a really cool design. This seems like a skull of a feared Japanese Mafia.

The Flowers And Whatnot

Were here is one of the most suited traditional tattoos for females.

The Bug Monster

Bugs bug a lot of people, but for some people, they are really cool. And if you are later, then this one is for you.

Traditional Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid- this creature is mysterious, and many people are interested in her.

The Message

Including the quotes in traditional tattoos also could be a great idea- when the frame and background both are this awesome.

The Traditional Skull And The Rose

Here is a great idea for you. And if you want to see more rose tattoo designs, you can head to our page of the rose tattoos.

The Skull Of The Sheep

The skull and the flowers definitely make us feel like this is a tattoo design straight from the history.

The Eye

Look at the huge eye- it is so curious to know about the person who is looking at your tattoo.

Traditional Ship Tattoos

In the middle of the journey- on it’s way to home. How about this tattoo?

Traditional Leg Tattoos

So much is going into this design, and it is hard to point out all the single details. But, if you really are a traditional tattoos enthusiast, then here, this could be a great idea for you.

The Evening

When we imagine about the evening in the middle of the ocean, our heart gets excited for no reason at all. This tattoo is all about the ambiance.

Traditional Dagger Tattoo

Weapon or tool- whatever we may call it, the dagger really gives a great vibe about the tradition.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

So, here is a traditional neo design for you. I bet you are interested in it as well.

The Neo And The Eagle

It feels like the two of them are close friends- always together.

The Traditional Jesus Tattoos

Even the religious, traditional tattoos could be a good idea if you are thinking of getting one.

Where The Flowers Grow

Well, here is one of the flowers and heart tattoos where the flowers grow out from the heart.

The Spider Web

I can’t say about any other creatures, but this tattoo does trap the eye of the viewer looking at it.

The Buddha Tattoo

Arguably the wises man on the planet- have him tattooed on your hands. And also don’t overlook the sleek design of the sea life.

Skull With Scythe

Here is the devil with his favorite weapon.


This tattoo is just a depiction of how your heart would look like from the inside.

The Man

So, what do you think about this cool traditional tattoo idea?

Traditional Flash Tattoos

Well, here is another cool traditional tiger design for your tattoos.

Traditional Tattoos All Over The Body

For a person who is really interested in these tattoos- that means they have got their entire passion chained with the traditional tattoos, then this is the design they should go with.

The Traditional Whale Tattoos

The largest animal on the planet- fitted onto small traditional tattoos- you could look at more whale designs before settling to one.

The Man Made Of Nature

I guess this is the true face of nature. Here, this traditional tattoo is really cool and deep-seated.

The Ropes

At times, the figures look like ropes, but if you stare at them, sometimes it seems like they are some thick wires connecting the brain of the person to the world.

Traditional Goldfish Tattoos

There could be no other designs as cute as this. The smiling goldfish looks so good and also the figure below.

The Posing Demon

It seems like the monster in this tattoo is posing for a picture with his beloved skull proud of the mess he created.

The Love Letter

Roses enhance the beauty of everything that they are included with. And it is the same in this case on this traditional tattoo.

The Windmill

Turning the windmill into a traditional tattoo design- this is a very creative idea.

The Eyes Of The God

Every time the eyes cry, then there is rain. There have been many times when we wonder if the rainfall is the tears of the God.


Well, here is another design adding up to the traditional religious tattoos.

The Japanese Monster

If you were interested in the monster tattoos we included before as well, then this could also be your thing.

The Dragon Tale

Well, here is a creature- that just set the entire kingdom on fire. Nobody would want to mess with it for sure.

The Shaking Hands

What do you think about the idea of tattooing your bald head?

The Traditional Upper Arm Tattoos

Here’s a macho. The tattoo makes his muscles even more decorated.

The Red Parakeet

The bird certainly is a good mood. He would make you happy every day if you inked him on your skin.

The Singing Woman

The butterfly accompanying the woman playing the guitar- here is a great idea for your traditional tattoos.

The Younger Brother

Well, many people may not like this character for his thoughts. But his personality is something that is really worth remembering.

Knowledge From The Book

The book has a different world inside it.  Here is a great idea to reflect that on your traditional tattoo.

The Sneak Hunter

Quiet and swift- this tiger looks ready to pound at any second. And also makes a great traditional tattoo design.


So, what did you think about these tattoos? Did you like any of them? Or did you decide to have one? Or not? Either way- patience is the key- you will need to make a decision, review it again and again before finally getting a tattoo. And if you like a design, then I recommend you to look at it even more carefully and make sure that it still suits you. Because you know, there is no place for doubts. Once you have a tattoo, it is going to be with you for the rest of your life, so make sure you only select the perfect design for you.

And till the next time, have fun- and good luck with your tattoos.

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