141 Best Rose Tattoos You Could Get With Their Meanings

Roses represent a lot of things.  So do the rose tattoos. First of all, a tattoo is not something that you ink on your skin just to look cool. Well, it holds a lot of significance to who you are. Actually, the tattoo itself is a reflection of your self in the art. The tattoo actually needs to hold value to yourself and what your life has been through. So, they are to be chosen appropriately. And, when it comes to the rose tattoos, things are no different.

Just like the flowers themselves, the rose tattoos also symbolize various things. So, the colors, the pattern and even where you put your tattoo should be chosen- but this one can depend on your perception. Anyway, to help you with the rose tattoo designs if you are thinking of getting one, we have gathered some of the best rose tattoo designs from the internet. The rose tattoo meanings will also be included in some of these tattoos, I mean most of the rose tattoos below symbolize the same things, just their designs are different, and anyway, after this post, you will get a bright idea of what you are actually looking for.

We have put up random rose tattoos and tried to explain the meanings all at once to make the definitions easily because it is not only about some factors at once, but actually, various things play the role at the same time.



Which One did you like? Well, here are some more rose tattoo designs before we start talking about their meanings.

So, as of now, which of these rose tattoo designs were your favourite? Well, I have had a variety of ones, and now, among them, if you liked any and you are thinking to get any of them, it is better to know what the colours of these tattoos mean at once.

First of all, the value of the rose tattoo colours is closely related to the colours of the flower itself. We know that the colour of the rose itself represents a variety of things and the rose tattoos are supposed to do the same.

The meaning of different colours

The most popular rose tattoo colour is the red. The red colour of the tattoo represents romance, love and affection. Then, there comes the yellow colour which represents betrayal as well as disloyalty. Getting to know more of it, the purple colour of the rose tattoo signals something ethereal and enchanting while the blue colour represents Mystery. As we all know, if you have a white tattoo colour, then it represents purity and innocence. And finally, the black colour of the rose represents something sad as death or sorrow. These are the most frequently used rose tattoo colours, but you could also use other tattoo colours as well, but I would have to say you should sit down to talk with the tattoo expert before getting yourself inked.

But, try to mix it up

Well, elaborating on this thing, it actually doesn’t mean that the rose tattoo colours only need to be any one of them. You could also try to mix the rose tattoo colours to they represent the present you- that means where you are in your life. Well, for example, you remember the first rose tattoo on our list, don’t you? Maybe some of you might have even thought about getting them. Okay, getting to the point, that rose tattoo had red colour smeared in the petals and the colour of the leaves and the stem was black. What it could have meant was the person went through a romantic relationship but eventually because of some sorrow, the relationship had to come to an over.

Similar goes with all other rose tattoos, I mean it is not only about using a single colour to represent a specific thing, but you might as well like to get a little more creative with what you are doing to tell a unique story about yourself.

Anyway, It is all up to you

And talking further about the colours, the final say is all up to you. First of all, the tattoo is itself not any type of traditions or some office work so that you will always have to be inside the rules. After all, it is you get the rose tattoo, and so you have the freedom to choose any colours that you probably like. So, if you are still in a good relationship, but your favourite colour is black, then good for you. Go for it because there is no one to stop you and no one has to. Getting a tattoo is all about freedom and the same goes for the rose tattoos as well.

Last Say On This

Finally, what we can say is that there are two significant factors about which colour of the rose tattoos to try: one Is the meaning, and the significance of the colours and the next is your personal preference. Keeping those two things in mind, you could select the most appropriate rose tattoo colour that could suit you the perfect.

Small Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoo seems very cute when you make small in your hand like in this picture.

Still, Create Yourself

From these rose tattoo designs, you could actually get the selective one- all of them are good. But, you could also visualise those two factors and create one perfect for you.

Rose tattoos: shapes

So, now you know about the meaning of the colours of the rose tattoos. Now, it is time for you to know about the shapes of them. The theory is the same as the colours- the shape of the rose tattoo depends on where you are currently in your life.

Well, you already know that the flowers have a similar life cycle as of the humans. They first are buds, then they grow and eventually, they fall off their branches and mix in the mud. So, you will want to select the shapes of the rose tattoo as your current life state can relate to the rose.

But Hold On

When I am talking about the life state, I am surely not talking about the age. Actually, in precise words, you select the rose tattoo shapes as per how far your soul is matured or has developed.


You have seen so much rose tattoo designs where the tattoo is actually of a rosebud instead of the flower, haven’t you? Well, the bud represents something new, something fresh. If you are starting something very new, then it would be your interest to get a rosebud on the tattoo. And also if something has come to an end in your life and you are looking to start something fresh, then the bud could be a choice as well. After all, the bud means the rose flower is still a kid, and the kids are pure and innocent, aren’t they?

Fully Grown

Now, you know about what the rosebuds mean, so you already have an idea of the fully gown blossoms. Yes, it means that your life is complete. If you have already figured your life out, then get as fully gown rose flower, full of petals. It will look lovely on you and also holds the meaning as well. For example, If you are in a set relationship and you are about to marry now, then get this one. What I mean to say is that you get a fully grown rose blossoms if you have almost everything that you could ever have and now your life is beautiful.

Falling Off Petals

Well, the falling of the rose petals means that something has come to an end. I mean something closely related to you. Often at times, the falling of petals are also associated with the black colour of the rose tattoos, but I would say half of the time, that is untrue. I mean the black shade of the rose meant something came to an end with sorrow- but the falling of rose petals don’t mean that the thing definitely was sad. I mean let us say that if you just retired from your job, then the falling of the petals could be a metaphor to that.

Well, again, the final say is your own. If you don’t like the specific shape of a rose tattoo or would prefer something else, that is totally okay with you. Get what you think is the best for you.


So, did you make a decision till now? Okay, you might still want to consider other things before making a concrete decision.

Additions to Your Tattoos

As it goes with all other tattoo designs, the rose tattoos don’t have to be only roses. They can include a variety of other things on them as well.

Rose with Thorns

The thorns in the rose tattoos are used to say that your soul is occupied. This means that you have already been taken by yourself and now you are not open to anyone else. You have got your own values, and you are concrete. The decisions that you have made are concrete, and nobody else is allowed to get near your thoughts. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have isolated yourself completely from the environment. It only means that you can protect yourself. Just see the rose- even if it has thorns, it is still a flower, and it can still endow the world with its beauty. People would have to go through a little pain before they can touch it.

Rose with Skull

So, this rose tattoo design with the skull is also one of the most famous rose tattoo designs. Well, actually this tattoo design is just the combination of the rose tattoos and the skull tattoos, and also its meaning lies it the both of these tattoo designs. The skull tattoo itself has its own meanings and can mean a lot. First, it could remind the person that he still has to die. Another explanation may say that the person only believes in himself, he has his own rules. And the most possible could be that when the skull and rose are combined together in a tattoo, the skull usually means that the person has come back from death. That means the person has gone through a very difficult situation in his life and has come back sound.

Rose with the Heart

Well, we can say that this could simply represent the red rose colour of the tattoo but it is not completely the case. The heart surely symbolises love, there is no other question about that. But, when the heart has a key lock, then it means that the person is taken already. He or she is committed to an eternal love relationship and is not open to anybody else. The heart and the rose tattoos are usually inked in pairs but, that may always not be the case.

Butterfly in your rose

Well, this could be a good rose tattoo design for girls. After all, the butterfly means women power and feminism. Well, with a butterfly on your rose tattoo, you could say out loud that you are proud to be a woman. But well, this is not the end. It doesn’t mean that only girls should be getting rose with a butterfly tattoo design. The butterfly also represents a variety of other things like freedom. The butterfly tattoo is about hope- like when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, and if you are a man of faith, then the butterfly in your rose tattoo could suit you as well.

Gun and the Rose

Well, two very different things. The Gun and the Rose- both in the same tattoo. But, the concept may be really as elaborative even if they at a glance look like they don’t match at all. You have heard about the band Guns and Roses, haven’t you? So, then that means if you know the meaning of the name of the band then you know the tattoo as well. I mean the gun means danger, you being angry. And on the other hand, the rose means you being soft. Finally, when guns and roses come together, it represents your mood- sometimes you are soft, sometimes you are tough and at sometimes, you are everything in between.

Well, so we can say that you are free to include anything you want in your rose tattoo designs. Just make sure that you like them and try your hard to have a meaning associated with each of them. If so, your tattoo will turn out to be perfect- the exact same you want it to be.


Some Important Notes About getting a tattoo

Well, how you get a rose tattoo is similar to any other tattoos else. If you have already got one, you might as well skip this, but if you are doing it for the first time, you probably have to see this.

The Placement of the tattoos

Well, where you want your tattoo to be is exactly all up to you. It lies all in your preference. The size also depends on yourself and the factors would be the visibility and your pain tolerance level.

The Neck

If you want to make your tattoo visible to everyone, then you could choose to get it in your neck. But, you would need to be a little careful. The neck is a very sensitive part of the human body. So, if your pain tolerance to the needle is not so good, you might need to consider this. I mean I am not trying to scare you away, but still, it is your first time. So, I would not want you to run off from any other tattoos only because you remember the slight pain. Anyway, to make a statement everywhere, you go, get a rose tattoo on your neck.

On the Arms or Legs

Well, many people get their rose tattoo on the wrists or arms, don’t they? The rose sleeve tattoo rose shoulder tattoo and the rose forearm tattoo is very popular. Well, they have definite reasons for this. First of all, the design for a rose tattoo could be perfectly suited for the arms. In the axis of the wrist and the ankle, the stems of the tattoo could accommodate in a very beautiful way. This would be a perfect fashion sense as there are various shoes or even bracelets and watches that look good in those areas of your body.  The rose tattoo on the thigs also could be a good idea. And talk to the tattoo experts, they would also recommend you to tattoo your arms or legs if you are doing so for the first time.

The Chest or at the rib

You could ink your rose tattoo design in the chest or the rib if you want the tattoo to be visible completely too only someone intimate. Like to someone to whom you dedicate your tattoo too.  Anyway, the tattoo, when seen from the side could make you look stunning. You would roll in your own style. Just make sure to select the best rose tattoo designs for your chest.


I would say that the back could be another perfect place to put your tattoo on.  This could actually be dependent on the size of the tattoo. If it is very large, then the back would be the place where you would ink your tattoo. But just like any other placements, this choice is also entirely yours.

Well, there are also a lot of other factors on where you want to place your tattoo. For example, your clothing preference could also define where the tattoo on our body could perfectly sit. The choice is all up to yours and you need to talk to the expert himself regarding this matter. Just also don’t forget that you need to ask about the healing process as well.

Rose Tattoos On Thigh

Pink rose on the thigh are very attractive.

The Pain

Well, as per the common experience, many people don’t get themselves the tattoo they want just because they are afraid of the pain. Ok, for some motivation, it will hurt a little bit, that is true. But believe me, the pain will actually be worth it. You are completely safe, and you will come back home safe- the tattoo expert knows what he is doing. The tattoo is art- well, tattoo, after all, is just a simple art in your skin and you are just drawing something to decorate it. It will just be a pinch, and after getting one, it is highly likely you will be looking for more tattoo designs. In conclusion, yes it will pain- but your body can handle that correctly.

The Tattoos mean a lot to the person who is getting them- it showcases the person’s personalities, his beliefs and his values all at the same time. While it is mandatory that the tattoos designs should be good, it is also necessary that they hold a moral value behind them. Same goes for the rose tattoos as well, you get them if you think they represent the pieces of yourself.

Anyway, with so many factors and the symbolism of the rose tattoos, there is almost no reason that a person should not get one. Roses represent a lot of things. Literally, they relate to nearly everything that a person would want to have a tattoo for. So, if you wish to have rose tattoos, then there is no reason you should hold back. Pick your favourite design from this list of our designs and go to the preferred tattoo parlour and get your design.

But you know, your rose tattoo design also doesn’t need to be the same as one of the tattoo designs here. I mean you could get ideas from these tattoo designs and then revamp them into yours. You might also want some other factors seen because the rose tattoo designs for men may not be the same as the rose tattoo designs for girls. Anyway, this could not make so much difference in today’s time.

So, which of these tattoo designs were your favourite? Did you decide on any one of them? Just let me know if I could help you at all and till next time, have a good day.

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