102 Buddha Tattoo Designs That Will Keep You Near To His Wisdom

A Buddha tattoo- I think we have got a lot more reasons already to get that. Here, we are talking about arguably the wisest man on the planet- a simple man who turned into a saint and later on had a religion to his name. Buddha was certainly an inspirational human being- from being a prince who gave up his royal life just to be living a simple life and praying and wishing for people. And about all his teachings, they will make us happier, more understanding and successful if we follow them- that is for sure. He was influential when he lived, is still influential and always continues to be.

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, having a Buddha tattoo is a very good idea- this is for sure. Because, it is not only about religion that you follow- but it is about words and knowledge you heed on. And also, you could signify yourself with a Buddha tattoo, letting the world know that you live to be truthful- just like Gautam Buddha did and also about meanings, Gautam Buddha had almost every good qualities that human beings have to possess. And when you actually have a tattoo about him, you will automatically represent various things like virtue, wisdom, purity, e.t.c.buddha tattooSo, if you have decided to get a Buddha tattoo, then I am glad to say that you made a very good decision and when you do so, people are always happy to help you. Look at us, right now. We really want you to get the best design for yourself, like Buddha himself said, we try to find our happiness in you when you are glad. Hence, here are some of the great Buddha tattoos that you could get in 2018 and take a look at them, as we will soon move towards meaning and types of designs you could embed here.

Buddha Tattoo Meanings

Like you already know, Buddha was a man of wisdom, faith, and love. And Buddha tattoos mean exactly that- living your life with all these three things. In a lifespan of 80 years, he taught us a lot of things- most of them concerned with making ourselves and the world around us happy and glad. He taught us to be truthful and all- so, that’s all there is to it- all these Buddha tattoos mean we have to live our lives being good.

But you know what, there could be so many other additions in Buddha tattoos that actually say specific things. And also, sometimes the colors also define what you tattoo mean to say- they are mostly related to Buddhism itself. So, here are some common elements added to Buddha tattoos.

Rose Buddha Tattoos

What does the rose mean? Well, it may depend on its color. But, when it is embedded in something else, most of the time, it signifies love. Love and Lord Buddha- they are closely related to each other, so there- you are going to see many rose Buddha tattoos. Summarizing it all, what rose tattoos say is all Buddha knew was love. So, it should also be our interest to learn the same thing.

Buddha Lotus Tattoos

A lotus flower- it’s a very important flower in Buddhist culture. Some even say this flower was the favorite of Buddha himself. Anyway, that is all personal preference by all means- and let us talk about its meaning. A lotus grew in water- dirty and damp places and still manages to remain beautiful. It won’t let anything hamper it’s beauty, so a lotus means purity. But, there are also various other meanings associated with this element in Buddha tattoos like love and a new start.

There are also various other elements, and those Buddha tattoos exactly focus on the good thing that they want to say. And it is true, most of them are flowers.

Buddha Tattoos Meaning According To Color

In Buddha tattoos, Buddha’s head itself may not be decorated in various colors, but you can see other elements indeed, are. And also, specific colors say different things. Most of them depend on Buddhism itself and some of the colors and their meaning in Buddha tattoos are:


Have you heard about the term “Blue Buddha?” You will indeed see so many Buddha tattoos having blue as a primary or secondary color. This is because, as you already know, represents various wonderful things. It could stand for ascension, tranquility,  infinite, purity, and healing. And to be sure, light blue and dark blue may represent different meanings. A dark blue can specifically represent value and long life in Buddha tattoos.


This could be a little vague. I am not talking about its meaning but its design, itself. Because as we all know, most of these Buddha tattoos have been done with black ink. And there could be a high chance people may confuse this thing, be sure that a black buddha tattoo means one where Buddha himself has been painted in all black hue. About its representation, it stands for hate, darkness, and anger. Well, not exactly what- it means meditating upon these things so as to always ward them away.


Talking about this color, I will have to say it is not so different from any other color elements. As in universal color language, a white Buddha tattoo means purity. And also to remember, this color in these tattoos also means knowledge and education. This one is also connected to a Buddhist legend. It is said that Gautam Buddha’s mother, Maya dreamt of a white elephant touching her sides before Buddha’s birth. So, a white Buddha tattoo can also symbolize fertility.


If there’s an inclusion of this color in Buddhist tattoo, then you should know it stands for lifeforce, preservation, and sacred things or places. Also, know, this is a color of balance. For, red is the color of fire- and there should be a limited amount of it. For a little bit of it gives you warmth. But, be a little selfish, feed it to make it large- and, then it will burn you. So, this color also means keeping things in check.

Green And Yellow

Green means youth. Vigor, karma, and love towards nature, for it, is also the color of a tree. It is also a color that makes us aware to always protect necessary things- like we all know that we have to protect nature, don’t we?

And when we talk about yellow, this is another very important color. It should not be in yellow, but maybe other colors derived from it- like golden. You have seen that the Buddhist monks dress in yellow, haven’t you? This is because it’s a color of sacrifice and desirelessness in materialistic things.

Buddha Tattoo Types

Now, we know it’s meanings- now, let us talk about various types of Buddha tattoos. More precisely, Buddha tattoo designs. Let us discuss the design approaches to a Buddha tattoo, shall we?

Simple Buddha Face

A simple Buddha tattoo, we can say it. For, it is simply a face of Buddha- he could be smiling or looking at you with his wise and lovable eyes. It is the general design, and it means till now, whatever we know about Buddha tattoos, will relate to this one. And it will also mean everything that other Buddha tattoos mean, it is like bringing a one in all simple design. With profound meanings, of course. So, if you don’t want anything much rather than just knowing the world that you are A Buddha tattoo fan, this is one for you.


Meditating made him what he is- someone great that everyone would look up to. Being in a deep meditated state means that the person is busy in reflecting themselves, which you can say with a meditating Buddha tattoo. Meditation also means a relaxed mood, which could tell that you make all your decisions carefully and wisely- with a lot of thoughts. And most of the elements that we talked about earlier, are added to this type, so as to make it more elaborate.


Laughing Buddha

Not just a lighthearted version of a laughing saint, but it also means a lot of things. A laughing Buddha tattoo is fun to see of course, and at the same time, it also reminds people to laugh. For, a laugh is very important so, we always need to have it by our side. Having fun? Laugh. Having troubles? Laugh. When something represents happiness, we already know it means a lot of value to us. Hence, having a laughing Buddha tattoo is a great idea. And a unique one, too.

Mandala Designs

You know what? Buddha is also a Hindu god. So, there indeed are going to be a lot of Mandala wheels and Dharma wheels tattoos representing this man. And also, these designs look really impressive, you can have your say about the style with a mandala Buddha tattoo. Your options with the design are boundless, you have so much you can choose from.

Asian Traditional Designs

And also not to forget, we should especially be talking about an inclusion of Asian culture in your Buddha tattoo, especially the Japanese Buddha tattoos. In Asian countries, we already know how much significance Gautam Buddha has, so it is only natural that we see a lot of this design concept. And also, for this- as it has really evolved over time, you definitely are in for a treat if you decide to get one of them.

Other Designs

There are many ways you could get creative with your Buddha tattoo, and that is what I man by other designs. Bring your mind to use and perfect your own idea and turn it into something lively. With the inclusion of some very matchable elements or design ideas like tribal Buddha tattoo. You can do many things with your tattoo, and it’s the same with the Buddha tattoos.

Well, these are what we could call with “types of Buddha tattoos”. You would like to select one of them only after seeing what is good for you.

Buddha Tattoo Placements

Buddha Tattoo placements- well, like every other tattoo designs, this one doesn’t have any specific set o rules- for, what you do is entirely dependent on you. Anyway, there could be various things to consider like let’s say, the size of your tattoo, and about your pain tolerance. Especially, it is on the borderline- where there is a perfect balance between how much pain your skin could take, how good it looks and also about it’s visibility to others.

Buddha Neck Tattoos

If you want to make your tattoo visible to everyone, then you could choose to get it in your neck. But, you would need to be a little careful. The neck is a really sensitive part of our body. So, if your pain tolerance to a needle is not so good, you might need to reconsider this. I mean I am not trying to scare you away, but still, it is your first time. So, I would not want you to run off from any other tattoos only because you remember this slight pain. Anyway, to make a statement everywhere, you go, get a Buddha tattoo on your neck.

Buddha Tattoo Forearm Or A Buddha Tattoo On Arm

Well, many people get their Buddha tattoo on their wrists or arms, don’t they? In the axis of one’s wrist and their ankle, different patterns of these tattoos could accommodate in a very beautiful way. This would be a perfect fashion sense as there are various shoes or even bracelets and watches that look good in those areas of your body. These could be some reasons you see so many amazing designs in this area: from a Buddha shoulder tattoo to a great Buddha sleeve tattoo. Remember-  Buddha leg tattoos also could be a very good idea.

Buddha Chest Tattoos

Hold the teachings of Buddha with the Lord Buddha tattoos on chest. Your chest is where your heart lies. This could also mean that all his teachings have directed to your heart, and Buddhist tattoos words could find a perfect place to be on. Also, your tattoo, when seen from the side could make you look stunning. Roll it in your own style. Just make sure to select a great design with a meaning for yourself.

Buddha Tattoo Back

Well, you have seen a lot of Buddha back tattoos as well, haven’t you? I would say that your back could be another perfect place to put your tattoo on. For the people getting their first tattoo and really worried about some pain, maybe this is a good idea for them as well. Because we know, the pain tolerance of our back is little more than anything else. But just like any other placements, this choice is also entirely yours.

Well, I said it already, have it wherever you want it to be. First, choose a body part for you by yourself, and then ask your tattoo artist if it is a really good idea- doing that, you will never be in any doubt.



Some Tips For You

Especially for the people who are getting their first tattoo, we will have to say there are some tips which will really help you. Remember all these words- they could be really important to you- actually, they will be important to you, for there are things you will need to remember during the day you go for your first tattoo.

Before Everything

Make sure you book your appointment to the best tattoo parlor you can go. This is very necessary. You would want a great tattoo artist, it is okay if he doesn’t have much experience, but don’t forget to look at his previous arts. Because you know, you have to stretch everything that you can. You are going to be living with your tattoo for the rest of your life so, make sure you will be proud of it until your last breath. And another thing, make sure you tattoo parlor is clean as well. For a store which can maintain itself is only the one who can help to get your best.
And another thing- please be patient. I mean for real. If you think you like a design, ask yourself if you love it or not. Stare at it for more than 20 seconds with all your heart- with all your concentration. Make sure that you will never get tired of looking at it. Only then you can be assured that you can have it.

Now, we have already seen what you will need to do before making your decision and let’s talk about what you are going to do after you make it finally.

An Eight Hour Sleep

Make sure you have enough sleep the night before. That means 8 hours of sleep. I don’t have to say why sleep is more than just rest. It helps your body be back to normal- your cells to heal and become new again and most of all, it refreshes you. Means that you will need to be feeling very fresh when you go and get your tattoo.

Nutrition That Count

No junk foods during the day you are going to get your tattoo. And also remember to get a healthy dinner the night before. Food helps to refuel you, and you will make sure you have a lot of healthy protein because you already remember that you are going to pierce your skin. Your skin needs to heal itself, and you can add up some protein to your diet.


One Good Bath

Bath- an artist prefers his canvas clean. Make sure you have a shower before getting your tattoo because you don’t want any dirt tatted instead of your skin. And also, your skin is going to be moist which means easier for the ink to sit there. So, a bath is mandatory if not, very necessary while you are getting a tattoo.

Tools You May Have To Buy Or What You Need

Your tattoo artist may have all the equipment’s, but you will need to ask him what you should be buying as well. We are not only talking about tools needed to have your tattoo done- but tools which are going to help you after you have your tattoo. They could range anywhere from special skin soap or moisturizing cream. You will need to talk to your tattoo artist about this matter first.
So, here are these tips that are meant only for you-you will have to remember them completely. For, you don’t want any hindrance or anything pulling you back. If you are to do it in your way, make sure your way is great.

Here is all, you just saw some great Buddha tattoos you could see. I sincerely hope you liked it and they helped you somehow.

So, what’s going on with you? I mean after seeing these Buddha tattoos, for sure? Which design did you like? Which meaning are you going within your tattoo?

Ok, for now, you already know what should be going on in your plans and everything, For, you already have the necessary tips and all- and also, a good idea of how the design and every other thing looks like. So. what you do for now is to relax and choose your design. And just be sure that you don’t choose your tattoo- but you choose you yourself. For your tattoo is you- just in the art, and with Buddha tattoos, it is really easy for you to realize that.

Buddha stood for the people, helped them to realize their goodness and made them aware of every wise thing they could do. And so, we are one of them and you- for having faith in every word he said, you have decided of getting a tattoo, that is a virtue in itself. I guess that is all for me to say in this one and for more on Buddha, take a look at these Buddha quotes. And till whenever have a lot of fun.

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