123 Magnificent Elephant Tattoo Designs That You Will Want To Have

An elephant tattoo- it is the perfect choice for the people who are calm, silent and yet powerful as the big creatures. Not only in the world of the tattoo culture, but also in the people’s culture- maybe that is what we should call it- the elephants symbolise a lot of things. From the previous times, elephants have been taken as a very important mythical creature, and in some cultures, people even worship this creature as demi-gods. Or even the God. And also, the tattoo artists have devised a lot of great designs for these animals- so, the elephant tattoos are the choice of a lot of people these days.

And if you want an elephant tattoo as well, then congratulations- you have had one of the best ideas. From the designs to the elephant tattoos meaning, you have got a lot to choose from. But, you know- having a tattoo- especially for the first time, this is a cause of a lot of uncertainties. Even after deciding what tattoo you want to have, you still have to find the perfect design for you so that you are definite. Getting the design right now and later, not being okay with it is not an option.

But that is never going to be the case for you. Because, here- we have gathered the best elephant tattoos with meanings at the moment. Take a clear look at all of them and make your decision.

The Goddess

The lotus crown- makes this elephant seem like the queen of the jungle herd.

Loving Mother

The relationship between the mother and her babies is always so precious. And here, it is the same in this tattoo with the elephant and her calves.

The Points Over

A partial mandala structure on the back, this could also be a great design if you are looking for something impressive.

Behind My Mom

Elephant tattoos telling wonder tales- what do you think about this one?


The Elephant God- tattooing your arms with one of the most powerful Hindu deities could also be a good idea.

On The Back

We definitely are going to see a lot of mandala designs of the elephant tattoos. And this one on the back could be one.

The Crimson Red

Crystals, and the innocent elephant kid- what meaning did you get out from this tattoo design? Well, I will leave that to you and if you think you can relate this design to your life, then go ahead.

Forehead Pearl

The forehead ornament really means something in this tattoo design.

The Queens Elephant

The elephant in this one looks like the royal elephant in the ancient times.

Our Livelihood

A great realistic elephant tattoo. It feels like the artist actually planted a real image on the hands. And the flowers are amazing as well.

The Elephant Head And The Roses

This tattoo signifies a lot as well. The matching design of the elephant and the rose- they look stunning together.

The Elephant Painting

In general, the elephant tattoos themselves represent a lot of things, and in this one, the white eyes make it even deeper.

The Daughter Of The Woods

Beautiful design of the beautiful elephant. She seems to enjoy her time in the deep forests. A good idea for a sleeve elephant tattoo.

The Royal Pet

This mandala design is really awesome, just like the previous ones.

The Tribal Animal

Well, looking at it, it releases a vibe of such that the elephant used to be the friend of a tribe that lived in the ancient times.

Biggest Animal on My Thigh

For the people specifically asking if the elephant tattoos on their thigh is a good idea, then this is the answer for you.

The Green Wisdom

Elephants embellished in pearls- this would be a common practise in the previous times. So, with this design, you kind of bring the history to life.

Between The Triangles

The elephant, flower and the triangular structures together may mean something related to the religion, but even if we can’t tell that for certain, there is no denying that this design is incredible.

The Tribe’s Queen

If it were elephants in place of humans who evolved and built nations and kingdoms, then this is how the queen would dress up like.


The elephant tattoos and the heart tattoos into one design- what an innovative way of doing it. Anyway, the calves certainly look deep in love.

The Arrow Trunk

The shape of the trunk- that makes this tattoo different from everything else. When the tattoos are not so big, even the small attributes make a huge change.

Structures On My Head

Simply not just any other elephant tattoos- the design of the structures inside the head of the elephant is something that is worth a see.

Healed Pain

Here’s the side view of the elephant tattoo. Don’t forget the quote and the web like inclinations on the ears of the elephant.

The Wall Inscription

What do you think about this elephant tattoo outline? Someone turned the elephant wall inscriptions into an elephant tattoo. The Sanskrit art definitely is worthy of being praised

All For Love

The rose represents the love, and the elephants do as well. The calf holding his mom’s tail walking- how cute is that?

Ready For Beauty Contest

Fun fact- in the world, there is also something like the elephant beauty contests. And this one looks like a model elephant who just got ready for that.

Full Clothed Elephant

She has been dressed from the head till toe- it seems like that. Anyway, the way the patterns and the shapes have been designed and bordered is flawless.

God On My Hand

Being little creative leads to mind-blowing styles like this. The tattoo artist and the person getting this- the both of them must be really proud.

From Ancient India

Mandala designs and mandala designs- and here is another from what the most of the people are interested nowadays.

The Flower Head

Petals around it- the elephant ducking its head to one side seems like she is really happy to be with you.

Stroll In The Park

A pregnant woman getting this tattoo- she is really determined to raise her child the best she can.

God From Kailash

Here’s another Ganesha tattoo. He is the God of wisdom and honesty- and the tattoo itself will represent that as well.

Matching The Person

With her tattoo choice, if we were to judge a person- then we could say that she is really patient and wise like the elephant that has been depicted in her tattoo.

Mandala On Back

It is not that only the women from the Indian subcontinent are the ones who should get this design. And that is not the case as well.

Feathers Back

Even the inclusion of something extra makes tattoos stand out from everything else. And till now, you may already have realised the same with the elephant tattoos I suppose.

Colours Of Life

Well, the watercolours- they change the entire appearance of the tattoo. I mean this would be really good without the colours- but their inclusion was the crop of the cream.


Happy and singing and whatnot- maybe this is one of the best feelings that anyone could ever have. And if we talk about the energy transferred through the smile, everyone’s lips will we broadened if they take a look at this tattoo.

The Toddler


Baby elephant- she doesn’t really realise that she has bestowed the world with her cuteness and curiosity. But, she did give an excellent idea for a small elephant tattoo and meaning as well.

The MOther Queen

Eyes filled with love- she has been staring at you with a lot of affection. She’s the mother figure to all the other elephants in her kingdom.

In The Fields Of Africa

African bull elephants- now, everybody is interested in these breeds. The biggest animals on land- this tattoo makes everyone remember that.

Something For You

Seems like she fetched the blossom especially for you. And she looks really cute while doing that.

A Message

Do you know the beauty of this design? A mother can dedicate it to her child, and the child can dedicate it to her mother.

Filled With Ornaments

So, here is another beautiful design for you. Even though we have seen a lot of the similar elephant tattoo designs, we just can’t get enough of it.

The Gods

The religious tattoos are not for advertising your religion. You get a religious tattoo because you value your faith. And this is an example of that.

Cuteness Residing On Legs

Wolf head and the elephant head- both are really pouty and cute. If you liked this one, then there’s a gift for you here.

The Circles

Classical elephant tattoos- the number of people getting these designs is increasing at an impressive rate these days.

Approaching You

Approaching you- he looks like the leader of his family and about to interrogate you. You wouldn’t want to mess with him- his eyes are not looking for any jokes.

Holding A Flower


The Elephant God tattoo incorporated with the mandala style- this is really good to see.

Curvy Design


More ideas for you mandala elephant design. Make your choice.

Another One

Explore your options even more. The word may be the name of the person or something.

Out Of My Way

The scenes like this are what most of the jungle animals want to avoid. An elephant clearing his way as he approaches you- this is something no other creatures want to see.


She is silent, and she is on her way. If this tattoo also expresses how you live, then what about getting this on your hand?

The Lines

The lines connected to one another to make an elephant structure- this style is really creative. Something worth a see.


Everything beautiful in this tattoo- flower and the elephant itself. So, this could also be the one you are searching for.

Flower In My Head

Elephant tattoo lover and a nature lover- of you associate with both of these assumptions, then this is the one for you.

The Mother And Her Children


Teaching her children the goodness and the harsh reality of life and with so much affection. A design like this water down our hearts.

Best Friends

Maybe they are twins, or perhaps they are friends. Whatever they are, the share of the love among them is outstanding to see.


Here’s another variation of the tattoo design that you are really familiar with. This time, it is the entire family following the path of one another.

The Jungles Jewellery

Forest makes her beautiful, and she makes the forest beautiful. She’s just paying back what she owes. Unlike your ex.

Grandma Queen

More the skin is wrinkled, more she has the wisdom. This idea behind the elephant tattoos is awesome.

Together Forever

This position of the elephants may mean a lot of things and friendship or love being some of them.

Big Cats And Elephant

Imagine someone as powerful as elephant, swift as leopard and as calm as a tiger. If that is you- then this is a great idea for you to ink your legs.

The Elephant Of The God

In the Hindu mythology, even the palace of the Gods has elephants. And this divine elephant is one of them.

The Colorful Decorations

This is how you match the colourful ideas and the elephant tattoos into one.

The Pointed Structure

The small dots on the head- it definitely plays a vital role to make it look more realistic.

The Feather Hat

What do you think about the choice of style of this elephant? She has made a hat out of the peacock feathers for himself.

Patterns That Speak

Different patterns inside the body of this specifically designed elephant tattoo- that is what tempts the people to have it on their skin.

The Big Announcement

Well, not only the tattoo but the announcement that she has made- it is set to be memorable. Anyway, the elephants in the womb this is a tattoo that represents the motherhood.

The Green Patches

The elephant itself looks really good and the breathtaking green- sometimes you just don’t have enough words to describe it.

Not Fail

Well, even the person’s mom was proud of her tattoo. They both are the styles that we know already about, and it is the first time we have seen them being incorporated in one.


Looking at this design soothes our heart. Reminds us of our own mother.

The Princess Blue

She is beautiful- and she looks perfect in her favourite colour. That is all we need to say about her.


A trained kingdom elephant- that is the gesture of welcoming someone or thanking them.



Anklet made of elephant tattoos- here you will love this style.

Button On The Forehead

This is another one of the tribal elephant tattoos just for you. An elephant holding flowers in its trunk- it is the best sight that anyone could ever see.

Arm Design

Look at the flower in its trunk- I mean look at the entire design carefully- it is really vivid than what we see in the first gaze.


Lotus and elephants- it will be a long list if we take a look at what they signify. And with magnificent designs like this, many people are going to have the flower and the animal in their tattoos.

Half The Head

It would be kind of weird when to say that in words, but this shows that even half an elephant is enough to make the difference. Well, you obviously should be praising the tattoo artist in this one.

Magnificient Metaphor

The getter indeed wants to say something with this tattoo. Even if it could be tough for us to analyze that, it won’t be hard at all to tell that this could also be one of the best elephant tattoo pictures that we will get to see in our lives.

The Young Mistress

The elephant itself is shown really young and filled with youth. And the inclusion of the flowers just adds up on that.

Deep Thoughts

Well, in this one- this dude has something to do and is really focused. The trait that many of us lack.

The Leaf Structure

The arts like this didn’t initially use to be tattooed, but they were structures made out of the banana leaves so that the people could worship. But now, you could have it inked on your skin.

Japanese Elephant

Well, I don’t understand Japanese, but the words will mean something to you if you know the language. All I can say is that the inclusion of the letters gives this a unique feel.

On The Back

Elephant tattoos- if you are thinking of covering up your back with them- then this is what you do. Select a design as righteous as this.

The Broken Tusk

Well, if you know the idea behind this, the Elephant God has a broken tusk. And well, he definitely likes to be covered in jewellery as fine as this.

The Beautiful Big

Her looks are really charming- any male elephants would fall for her. Maybe I don’t make sense at all with this, but I know I am telling the truth when I say that this could be in the wishlist of a lot of people.



Here is the first watercolour tattoo consisting of the Elephant God. This design makes it one of the best small elephant tattoos.


Owl, tiger and elephant- if you think that you share their characters as well, then maybe it is time for you to get this design as well.

Made Of Forest

The elephant and the dark woods- the ambience of this tattoo is just amazing. This one is for the people who are fans of the darker designs.

The Rolled Tusk


Okay, adding up to the elephant god tattoos, here we give you more of them. Explore your alternatives.

The Stroller


Once you start walking, everybody get out of your way by themselves, Sometimes, I feel it is really fun being an elephant.

Vivid Designs

Well, so many techniques been used in a single elephant tattoo design- this is rare but really good to see.

More Tribal Designs

I know that you like them- but, the sad part is that you can only have one of them. Just make sure that you choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

Decorated Head

This elephant tattoo was taken from pinterest. Traditional and realistic at the same time- here is the solution of your life you are a fan of the both of them.

The Protector

The design is amazing, and the meaning is too deep- this is what we expect from a typical tattoo that could be called mind-blowing.

The Baby Tribal

For most of the people, the small and the cuter ones are their preference. And if you are one of them, then you exactly know what you should do.

The Art

Selected by the best eye- and sketched by a professional. This could have been a challenge making this- but it ended up being flawless.

Owl And The Elephant

Owl tattoos and elephant tattoos- when they come together, the art consists of a lot of wisdom surely.

Elephant tattoos- I know that you are impressed with the idea- but now I will have to ask you, did you like these tattoos? Did they help you make a decision? Even a simple elephant tattoo makes a lot of difference, so I bet the answer for my questions are probably yes.


Well, having a tattoo is not something that you do out of the blue. You have to put a lot of thoughts into it. I mean not exactly about whether or not you need to get a tattoo- but which tattoo you should get. And in what part of the body would it be better for you to get one. And again, the best personal choice of the designs that you can relate with the way that you live and the best tattoo artist- these things are mandatory. So, never hurry. Even if you like one design, you will need to take a lot of your time reflecting on that. And the day you go to the tattoo parlour- you should be marching with confidence, comfort and without any doubts.


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