67 Romantic Love Quotes That Express Your Feelings

How much do you like reading love quotes? Well, I bet a lot- because they help to express your feelings. Having a romantic atmosphere is fantastic, you want to convey that to the world. But love is something, that can be felt easily- but I can’t say the same for being talked about. Love is very hard to express in words. No matter how many times you try, it is still difficult. But still, out of the billions of people that have lived in the world, some people could find the perfect words for representing love.
Maybe they were lucky in finding those words, I don’t know. Anyway, they were able to quote the love perfectly.

So today, we have included some 63 of the best love quotes ever said. They were told by people- such that they reflect your feelings in a perfect way. These words are friends of your feelings, and I hope that you will perfectly relate to them.

love-quotesThe Right Thing

This indeed is one of the most inspirational love quotes. You may have done many wrong things your life but devoting your life to the right one was never wrong.  You are proud of the decision that you made. 

No matter how many times you say it it is not enough

You always want to scream out loud-I love you!!!. You have stressed your love to the limit- you still want to add on that.

You love everything that your special one does

Everything that your special someone does seems so sweet. You love the way that they go on about their things. Even when they don’t do anything at all, it looks so cute.

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You Do Everything Together

When you are in love with someone, you people do every basic thing together. Everday seems so inspiring.  That is the power of love.

Drive Out The Problems

You tend to forget every problem when you are with your loved ones. Even their presence acts as a painkiller to any big pain that you have.

One of the best love quotes for her

You don’t want to be happy all by yourself. When you are in love, you think your partner deserves to experience every bit of happiness that you have as well. The happiest moment is being able to spend the happy moments together.

 I am thankful that I saw you

Seven billion people in the world- there could have been almost no probability that you could meet your special someone. But, fate brought you together now you are the happiest person in the world.

The one and the Only One

You may be in a lot of relationships, but only one person will decide to spend all of their lives with you. Even after knowing all your flaws. You will need to learn to cherish that.

Love You More

You love them until the end of your life. You put all your love on them- there is no reason for you to stop.

A little more Happiness

Your loved one will magnify every little happiness that you have. They curtail all the sadness. When you are in a relationship, the fun seems funnier.

The Three Magic Words

These words mean a lot when you have someone that you love and loves you back. When there are emotions attached to the magic, there is nothing else you can ask for. You always think about that special someone when you read these words.

I hope we will be together for a longer time

I know we’ll be together till the end of our life, but I just don’t think that is enough.  If that is the only way possible to keep on loving you, I would stop staying in heaven and retake birth. The heaven won’t feel like heaven if you are not there with me. I love you this much.

I don’t think one can love you like I do

You don’t know how perfect you are. I know you perfectly- I know how you should be loved. And I love you exactly the same way- in the perfect way possible.

You make me be me

If you have a boyfriend and you are searching for some quotes, this could be one of the most perfect love quotes for him. You are the best that you could ever be. It is you whom I owe my smiles to. I’ve been a lot happier lately because I am in love with you.

True Love Quotes

My love is not saying that I love you. It is actually giving you all I can. And all I can give you is my life. Hope you are ok with that. I am not afraid to die for you. My  I Love You quotes–  these words are not only words- I am not only saying those words, but I mean them. When you are truly in love, these words mean more than just words.

I live my life for you

When you are in love, your life is not only yours. It is a property of two souls, and you are very proud of that.  You are always ready to share your life between the two. If you were looking for love quotes for husband, this quote could be the one.

Now, isn’t it sweet?

You are sweeter than the sweetest thing ever. But still that, I hope you always let me experience the sweet stuff always. One of the delightful things is coffee, and it turns sweeter when you make it for me.

You are the most good-looking person

When you are in love, your partner looks the best. Even when they seem so messy waking up in the morning. And you want to remind those good looks that you love it always.

Your thoughts make me happy


Every time you think about your loved one, you always feel happy. When you are in love, there are a lot of moments in which you smile for no reason at all.  Well, the reasons are the memories, of course.I am worried about you, always

When I say, have sweet dreams, I mean it. I care about you a lot, and you deserve to have the best dreams.  Even when something terrible is happening in your dreams, remember that I am always there for you.

I am the happiest person around

You do it unknowingly- but you always find a reason to make me smile. You will never know how happy you make me. When you came into my life, is happiness all the time.

It happened all of a sudden

I can not truly tell why I love you. But, I am really glad that I do. I am proud of having got a chance to love you with all my heart.

I don’t mind now

Before I was in love, I used to think that I will give my thoughts a good time to analyze before I fall in love. But after meeting you, I don’t mind to make it an exception for you.

Let the entire universe know that I love you

Even short love quotes like these can mean a lot. Wherever we go, my love for you is the same. I will keep you loving all through the way, and I will still love you when we reach our destination.

You are really good to me

I don’t know the reason why, but you are really good to me. Maybe, I am very selfish, but it feels you also enjoy when you give your time to me.

The earth is heaven

I think you are as beautiful as the heavenly things. Since you experience, since periods, I feel the world is heaven itself.

Everything that matters

I love you, that is all. I don’t care what about you other people say. When I am with you, I got no time to think about the world.

Till Death Do Us Apart

If there is my life in me, there is my love for you. I and my heart will keep on loving you until I know how to breathe.

I need you- I really need you

I need you just like the earth needs the sun. If you are not there, I feel my existence is impossible.

It is your memory

Thinking about you don’t let me sleep. You make me more calm and relaxed than when I am in sleep. When you are there, I have got nothing else to dream about.

Distance can’t get us apart

Our love is so strong that even if you are in a faraway land, I will still keep on loving you. I always feel you are on my side forever and so I am on you.

I love you so much

The biggest thing that I have got is the love for you. I love you more than anything else. You are my everything.

I didn’t need to think twice

When I decided to love you, that was all it. I don’t care how much time it took, but all that matters is I love you, and I will love you always.

Through the times

I loved you in the best, I love you in the present in, and I will keep on loving you in the future. I will love you through eternity.

I want to give my all to you

Sometimes, I ask myself if I have given you all that you deserve.  Everything that I have given to you always seems less. I still think about the ways how I can love you more.

You are all

You are everything that I have ever asked for.  Being together with you was the best thing I could ever get. Now, I have got you, I don’t have any other things in my wish. 

I don’t want to be apart even in the dreams

Positive quotes like these are also something that your loved one deserves to hear frequently. I just don’t want to think about us not being together. Imagining a world without you is impossible.

Together- always Together

I do not want to spend a moment away from you. I love you and even a second without you is a lot of time to spend apart.

You deserve me, but I don’t deserve You

This indeed is of of the bets motivational quotes about love. I am thankful for all your sacrifices. I just don’t think I can thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.

You are more important to me than me

I feel that I was made for you. For me, you are more important to me than me. I would want to make you smile for the rest of my life.

You are amazing

Everything that you do is amazing. Everything that you say is amazing. You make everything amazing. You are great- yes you are great.

Take your time

If you have something else to do, I will never stop you. Whatever you do I am always supporting you from the behind.  And I’m not gonna leave your back until you complete it.

Hurting you is a sin

I will never hurt you. I love you, and I won’t let anything make you feel pain. You can tell me about anything that makes you feel distressed,  and I certainly will resolve it.

This is the best

I can love you endlessly feeling assured that you do the same. This feeling is the most beautiful feeling that I ever had.

You are the perfect one

Since I first saw you, it was already decided that we were made for each other.


Tight together

Hugging someone you love, that is the best feeling you will ever have. Your bodies are the nearest that they can possibly be.

You are the chosen one

No matter what about the options, my answer is always you. I already chose to love you for the rest of my life.

Nothing better could happen to me

Nothing in the world can be better than being with you. All my greatest times are the times that I spent with you.

You make us- us

When you are yourself, you make me myself. You love me in my purest form, so I have nothing to hide from you.

The best I can

I try to love you like you love me. Even if I feel I can’t, all I can promise is that I will hold nothing back.

No world Without you

I love you, that’s the reason I need you. That’s the reason I’ll always be in your side and will never leave you in any of the time. I will never let you feel sadness and everything possible to keep you happy.

Rooted in my heart

I have already reserved a big place in my heart for you. That is your private, and nobody else is welcome in there.

My dreams for you

My dreams are useless if I can tell you about them. I want to celebrate all my achievements together.

Happiness for you

Even sometimes, when you already know that you can’t be together- all you hope is the best for the person that you love.

I love you for love

When you truly love someone, everything you expect is love in return. You don’t need anything else from the better half.

Love that Stretches

I don’t know where my love starts, but all I know is that it will never end. I feel you are in the place my soul used to be.

Even after I die

Even after I die, I will still keep on loving you. I am not romantic- I am just telling the truth.

You make me sound cute

Every time you refer to me, I feel like a different person.  Every time you are with me that is the best time for me. Whatever you do to me, that’s the best for me.

Innocent love

I want to be totally honest with you. I wish everything right for you, and I don’t care about me. You are more important to me than what I do.I am not perfect

I will not always keep on saying romantic things- I will always looking for an opportunity to disturb you. But even when I fight with you, I do it with love.

Quotes about love

Now it is not only my soul inside my body. That is yours too. When our souls share the same body together, we need to do everything together. I am going to smile every time you laugh.

Blessed with Luck

This is one of those cute love quotes that could make the person hearing it have tears in their eyes. I used to think I was pretty unlucky- but then I got a chance to meet you. Then I turned from an unlucky person to the luckiest of all time.

You are my Right

When you are with me, everything wrong means right. You are so right that the size of that rightness blocks everything wrong that I come across.

I am always afraid

The time with you feels so good, I don’t know if I am even supposed to feel like this. I think this happiness is out of my league and I hope it will never be taken away.


Everything that these love quotes said was lovely. They were sweet because they were entirely accurate. I hope you perfectly understood what those words mean. I bet you did- because you are a person who is in love. You are really deep in this feeling and living with this feeling, every second is valuable. You actually happen to be one of those lucky people who are blessed enough to be loved. Enjoy this moment, every people don’t get to feel it. Be thankful for what you have. If you ever need some help from the words, come back to these romantic love quotes anytime you want.

So, tell me if these quotes were cute enough? Were these quotes entirely what you are searching for? Did you feel that they were the sentences in your heart? Let me know, and also let your loved one see this. And ask them if they thought the same. And if you liked our love quotes, then I am pretty sure you would also like to take a look at our valentines day quotes as well. Till then, have a good time. And never forget to love.


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