65 Of The Most Famous Peace Quotes That Have Ever Been Said

All of us love peace, and that is why peace quotes are very special. Everything we do, we always strive for peace. Peace- this thing is what all of us have been fighting for, and we think that we are very far from it. But, if we are to believe the peace quotes, they say very different things. For, we have peace in ourselves, all of us can try our best to realize them, and that is all we need to even try to do. Because we were built for peace and that is how we are supposed to live and doing the right thing doesn’t take a lot from us.

And another thing- sometimes, words make the difference. They can change one’s life- they certainly do, especially when we are talking about quotes. Maybe, you have already realized that and here, you are in search of some peace quotes.

So, just what you need- here, we have gathered some peace quotes that you love reading.

Worrying peace quotes

Worrying definitely is something we have to keep ourselves away from. It is not only about this thing taking away our peace. It doesn’t any good, all harm- just like this quote says.

Reaching For Things

Religious books- they are not some books written by some people so that they could make it a best seller. These books have so many knowledge inside them, just like his one peace quote we just read.


Yes, we definitely need to do that. What this quote says is that we need to recognize ourselves and ourselves means our souls. That is where we will find spirituality– that means eternal peace.

Celine’s Songs

Here is one of those funny peace quotes. See, the power of peaceful music and a positive vibe- they can penetrate into anybody’s heart. Which means everybody’s hearts are really soft if we have to see.


Here is another of these quotes to show the true nature of any human heart. So, if you want then you can take a look at our own as well, there you will find true peace and happiness just like people find in Celine’s concerts. That is when her music soothes everyone’s hearts.

Still At Peace

Don’t think so? You will have to try to do what this quote tells you to. And you will be surprised by the results.

If You Want Peace

Here’s a real thing in this peace quote. We will never find peace knowing our own friends- because we are already in peace with them. To find what we are looking for, we have to go out in search for it, and this time it’s the thoughts of our enemies that we will soon find is very close to us.

Within Souls

Peace quotes are for us to realize that we love peace and our heart always craves that. And all our heart asks us to do is transfer the feeling from our soul to it.

With Our Children

This peace quote from Mahatma Gandhi makes perfect sense. For we have already lived in a world which is not so peaceful and we have to make sure that our next generation won’t have to live like us- which means teach every single one of them about peace, and it’s wonderful things.

Against Brothers

We share the same world, same air and everything else. We have the same heart and same red blood, and we also know that all of us are descendants of the same pair. So, as this quote says, there definitely are a lot of faults in the way we are living.


Also, check our hope quotes. Peace quotes- especially when they are from Martin Luther Jr. himself, are bound to inspire a lot of people. You and me for example.

One Of Your Countrymen

If we look higher in our system, countries are not so relevant. After all, countries are just borders and the world belongs to all of us. So, there is no reason for us to be fighting or discriminating our own kind for a reason such as this.

Faith And Love

And this is what introduces peace. People caring for each other more than they care for themselves- that is a great way of obtaining peace.


You could also be one of them, you know? You don’t need to stop a war to stop a war- just keep on loving peace like yo always do. That is how you could promote it.


Take a time back and think- for real, this quote makes perfect sense. The love between brothers- that means peace, imagine only that being in existence all over the world. Even the short peace quotes can mean a lot.


You definitely need this quality of having a relaxed heart. Then, that is some sort of a life hack- which means if you can follow what this quote says, you will be at peace forever.

No Arguments

You know what, both of the parties don’t need to want peace- only if one of them do, then it could be achieved. Realize that the next time you get in a fight.


Here, these rules in this quote are for you to obtain peace and live a happy life forever. See what has been cut down.


For we know, it is not some sort of a thing that lies somewhere. Peace is actually a feeling that we should teach ourselves to feel. Peace quotes from Mahatma Gandhi are really good to read.

Only One

Many people will disagree on this, but this quote also has a lot to teach us about the peace. First, it shows how we promote war just because we live in different borders. And again, even if we are not living in the same country, we could still think of the world as a country as well.


So, where do you think you are living. All of the words that have been said in this peace quote are very real, and you know where you should be living.

From Buddha

I know you liked this quote. Because it is from that man, who was born to change lives. And to read more of his quotes about life and everything, you should take a look at these awesome Buddha quotes.

We Forget

Never forget that we belong to each other- that means all of us are related to each other, and then there is never going to be an instance we are going to be living without peace, just like MOther Teresa says in her quote.

From My Therapist

This could be funny, but it also teaches us one thing. If we know what we are doing, then it is not so hard for us to find peace.


We need belief- we need faith like it is something that will always push us to love peace, more than we always do. And from some previous peace quotes, we also have learned that faith is an important quality that we need to have in us to let ourselves obtain peace.


You know what, sometimes you can find great peace quotes on Tumblr. The meditation -this thing is very underrated, sometimes, even just a five minutes of deep meditation is better than any therapy there can be.


If you are a person, who is always yelling “I love Peace” in your heart, then quotes like this are especially only for you. It is a gift that you wish for peace with your prayers.

Music Against Violence

If you are a musician, relate to these words exactly like what they are. And for others, we don’t necessarily need to make music- just do something-something that is not violence. If all of us comply with this, that’s how we can easily end it.


Ego or spirit? These two things may be felt the same, but actually are very different, you have already read the quote. And now what you are going to choose is all up to you.


Yes, be familiar with this quote. That means, don’t let anybody’s thoughts hamper your inner peace- just forgive them already. And also check our forgiveness quotes and this will help you to know what it actually means to be forgiving.


This quote has got another key for you to get peace. Positiveness- don’t you think that will take you a long way? I mean you already have realized it, right? So, keep on thinking positive and living your life like you think.

Inner Peace

Now, after reading this quote I want to ask you, can you talk to your soul? Ask a lot of people who have obtained peace, they will say you certainly could. Try to connect to it just as in this quote.

Where Peace Reigns

It is already in you- I am talking about peace here. And so many peace quotes have already told you the same. You already have to go ‘out’ in your mind looking for it.

Keep Going

Something that relates to peace as well. Nowadays, we have reached to such a point that we think world peace is almost impossible. But, we can’t be giving up- let us all keep on going and do every little thing we can do so that all of us will always be at peace with each other.

One Thing Nobody Else Has

You know what, your peace is exactly you and that also means you have to search for yourself to find your peace. There is no one else that can do it for you. This is one of those metaphorical inner peace quotes if you are willing to understand what it actually means.


Five minutes and five years- this quote is just awesome. What it tries to tell you is also the same, this is some sort of motivation we all need right now. I mean these are great words all of us have to hear at this moment in our lives.

Music And Courtesy

It is sad, but it is true- we don’t want to understand good things, just that we become excited by bad things and such. That is why we are even out killing our own brothers with an idiotic explanation such as a war.

Not To Let Others

Peace quotes are not just to be studied, heard and appreciated. We have to implement them in our lives, what could be the use of useful knowledge that we can’t put into use, right?’

Not Seen But Felt

He is referring to peace as well. We feel good things, and we have to learn to do the same with peace. Because it is a great feeling, it is fun to do so, you know.

Mankind Living Together 

First, look at our corrupt leaders fighting for power- and then look at the peace quotes from human greats like Gautam Buddha and Bob Marley. Isn’t it sad seeing who we follow? Let us all make his ambition our ambition, I don’t think it’s so hard.

Music’s Beauty

Music is an art- and every art there is will help us influence ourselves and the world around us positively- ultimately allowing us to achieve every peace we deserve.

Retraining Mind

Being happy with whatever there is you know, and being thankful for what you already have. That is how you can achieve peace with your life. This quote says it all.

Music Bringing Peace

There are almost no downsides to music- first, it is great entertainment. And on top of that, it also helps us to gain peace. So, it will always be together with us.

Heart in Place Of Mind

Heart and mind- when we give our mind, we are only giving them some of our interests. And when we give them our heart, we are giving them all that there is. And we also don’t need to provide them with all of it- just a tiny piece of it. It doesn’t only make their day but ours as well.

Send Thoughts And Vibes

Do one thing- read this quote out aloud. And also, promise this thing to the universe. Because when you do so, it will count a lot. People sending out peace thoughts and positivity- that is actually rare these days for, we just think it makes no sense or whatever. But for those who understand the quote, for them, these words are very familiar.

How You Win Them

What is your battle and what is not- you will need to know it first. You win not because you need to win- but just to make the results favorable. Understand this, and sometimes you will need to realize what good you can get for yourself from a fight.

World Around Me

This is all of us if we are taken to a world where ever people love peace, unlike us. In a world where people live like how they are supposed to live. There’s a lot for us to understand and learn from peace quotes.

Something That Is Achieved

Albert Einstein has had his share of great world peace quotes, hasn’t he? Sometimes we overrate peace. All of us know that it is a very wonderful thing and we also think that finding it is very tough. But you know, it is not too hard for us getting one- everything that’s needed is for us to understand a little better than we do now.

Letting Go

One of the hardest things, but we do it all for our own sake. For all the bad things that happen to us, we want to let them go, but we end up holding tighter to them with our fights. We will need to learn what this quote exactly says.

Truth With Legs

The truth will always win- so, if you are right and are still worrying, don’t. Because the other way, you still can get yourself have complete peace.

Leave Them There

Yes, this quote is pretty deep. We sometimes tend to invite unnecessary people in our lives even though we understand they will mean more harm than good. So, just leave them there where they are – you are never under any obligation.

A Supreme Self

Inside you, inside me- and inside all of us. There is this one. If all of us can talk to him and understand him, then even the world peace could not be so far away.

Never Hurry

For everything that you are willing to do, you already have enough time and you and still hurrying will make push the finish line even away. Be in peace even when you think that you can be in- then you will also learn that there are still a lot of things you still need to understand for yourself.


Exist for good reasons and exist such that it is really easy for you to do so. This quote here has the key for it, a key that you can find in the pockets of your own heart. That is peace.

Give Yourself One

You already have this thing called inner peace, and if you think you don’t, then give yourself one- it is that simple. So, there is no any reason for you to feel stress, not like only said in this quote, but that has been said in various peace quotes before it.

How You Find It

Your deepest level- when you are in there, you might even be able to be compared with Buddha. Find yourself there- you will find someone who is only willing to peace and nothing else. When you are there, you are thinking only of good will- of yourself and everybody else.

Pure Heart

Tell me, are you the same at the end of the day? This quote has given you a clue now, how you can be at peace with yourself- only if you are willing to understand its great words.

Listen To Your Heart

Mind and heart are very different things- only some people realize that. You could be one of them, you know- because there are a lot of rewards. Just be willing to find the peace that is in your heart, and then that is an exercise that will easily let you get the peace that is in your mind.


Here’s another one of those profound quotes about peace and love that I really want you to see. Both of these things are very essential for all of us. See, this quote has almost all the good things that they have in store for us if we are willing to welcome them in our heart and lives.

Find Yourself

If you love nature, there is no way you are not going to like nature peace quotes. Yes, sometimes, you will have to do it. Take yourself away from everything else and dissolve in nature. There, you will find that peace which you think would never be possible.


So, well- they were some of the best peace quotes that have ever been said. What did you learn from them?

From short world peace quotes to inner peace quotes- what all of them said to us is that peace is not so hard to find- we can easily do so only if we are willing. No, it doesn’t take our time or cost money- just some tiny bit of our heart that wants everybody to be relaxed like we are. All of us nowadays are accustomed to some bad human qualities and behaviors- only if we can take them aside- that means kicking them out, peace is not such a hard thing to find.

About these quotes, what did you think about them? Now, it is your turn to say- did you like any of them? Were any of them inspiring to you so that you could push yourself to do a great thing of adopting peace in your life? If so, I am really happy and also let us know your favorite peace quote from among them. And till the next time, have fun and don’t forget to always be in peace.

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