121 True Best Friend Quotes For You And Your Lovable Bestie

Best friend quotes- you love your best friend, and there is no way you are not going to love them. Words are magic, especially with quotes and when those words relate to you, you feel a certain surge of happiness. Like you know, your love that is hidden in your friendship- it could be tough to express, and you sometimes need help. You know that this love is vast and you really want your best friend to see what they mean to you. Or, sometimes just smile to yourself, embracing your luck that you have a best friend.
Well, whatever be your reasons, the best friend quotes are there for you. And we looked over the internet for the best of them, so here are some of the best friend quotes that have ever been said.

All of us are funny when we are with our best friends, aren’t we? So, we always have time for funny best friend quotes like this.

A Four Leaf Clover

This one tells exactly what a best friend is- some metaphor, but totally true.

These Two Things

Most of us have gone through both of these situations and are totally familiar with this quote.

Your Friends

This quote could be said funnily, but it is really deep once you get yourself to realize what it actually means.

Just For You

A quote that’s the exact reflection of what you and your best friend think about each other. Aren’t these words exactly true?


Ask yourself this- how many times does your best friend point out your flaws? Well, he has no time for that.

Laugh At You

Here’s a quote you could say to your best friend when they are feeling down. These words certainly will mean a lot to them.

Huh, Pooh

Good for them- they will be friends forever. Do you think it’s the same with you and your best friend? And also, if this reminded you of something, you could check our Winnie the Pooh quotes.

Used To

What could be sadder than this? When you are in a mood of a good cry, you should go through our sad quotes.

Times And Friends

This quote is something all of us know and have experienced throughout our lives. Our best friends do make our time great, don’t they?

Break Your Face 

She or him- nobody is allowed to hurt your best friend- just like this quote says.

Crazy You

Anyway, your best friend loves you for the craziness that this quote talks about. A reason that always binds you with them.

A Monter Unveiled

Well, it’s the same for your best friend as well. Short best friend quotes say a lot of cute things, don’t they?

Best In Me

“Best”- it is a word that will always be connected to your best friend. A great quote regarding your best friend.

People Who Understand

Like in the quote, you always try your best to understand our best friend- and do as well, even when you know that their life and yours- they are very different from each other.

By You Heart

Friends are friends, but friendship is what holds all of us together, and it’s in our hearts. So, we are never away from them.

Never Sacry

Take a moment and ask yourself- I mean put yourself in a very scary position. And then try to imagine your best friend with you-you feel somehow assured, don’t you?

Disturb Them

Funny words but really great advice- that is when you know what this quote actually means.


There are so many things common between these two, aren’t there?

Old Ladies

Another one of those cute best friends quotes you could say to your favorite friend. And if you two are together, then yes, you will bring these words to life.

Favorite In History

Saying favorite once is never enough now, is it? You want to make sure your message becomes loud and clear.

You Twice

What do you think it means? Some people are lucky enough to have best friends as their lovers, aren’t they?

What They Think

This quote here says how much your best friend actually knows about you.

Run Away

Here is another one of those very relatable quotes about best friends. They have a tendency to always put you in trouble, haven’t they?

Heart That Counts

This quote- it is very real. For people that have been very near to you, your heart will always consider them as friends. Even if you think you do, your heart will never forget the affection you have for your pals.

What They Are

And also read a lot of friendship quotes and sayings like this from which you could learn a lot of truth. Well, that is what I just told myself.

Conscious Feeling

Your mind knows- doesn’t it? I mean if you really, you can easily know beforehand which of your friends will be rooting and supporting you when you are in troubles.

In A Mental Hospital

This one’s for you and your best friend. The world is filled with crazy people- and one having a best friend is a major reason for that.

Always For You

This is one of the best friends forever quotes. Like it’s really sweet when you assure your best friend you will always be there- no matter what.

An Accident

Message sent- hope they receive it. Don’t you relate to these words?

With My Best Friend

Best friend quotes do a great job saying what you actually are with your best friend. A weirdly funny one- you are completely a different person.

Beautiful As You

Here is this one for if you were looking for birthday quotes for a best friend. And for more, take a look at our happy birthday wishes.

Will Pick You Up

They must be ensured, but they also should accept the fact that you still will make fun of them.

Facial Expressions

Blessed- right? It feels so great when you are so close to a person. Such that you easily know what is going on in each other’s heart without even talking to them.

Still Best Friends

This quote is so true, another one that makes you realize you will never be away from your best friend. You know, sometimes, you may not be explicitly stating that you people are best friends, but only your heart knows.

Who Won’t Disappear

These sentences seem the same but are very different. Something you need to understand, the root of this best friend quote.

One Who Cares

In other words- your best friend. This quote is a definition of your best friend, don’t you think?

About You

This could sound like one of those romantic quotes speaking of love, but it’s something people with best friends will feel as well.

Whatever And Forever

For girls, this is very true, and for boys- turn it around, dude.

Things That Are Hard

Good friends- don’t lose them- they are something that didn’t come so easily, as you already know.

Never Left Your Side

So, never be in any doubts- if you love a friend, you love them- and that’s all there is to it.

Little Enhancements

And all these little things that this quote tells about your best friend- they make a huge difference in your life.

Best Time

Everything that is needed for time to be wonderful is their presence. Exactly like what this quote says.

Miss You My Friend

When you say words like these, you sometimes feel that your best friend hears you out. Well, they could actually be because you know, there is a connection in your heart. Also, visit our I Miss You Quotes.


What do you think about this comparison in this quote? I know you think it’s pretty accurate.

One Who Never Avoids Me

This quote is also the reason why you made a best friend. Exactly that.

Ten Times Dirtier

Many times, this is exactly the case, right? Your best friend saying things you possibly will not say and still getting it right.

A Little Help

Just a little help- a little help when they give it to you, but it turns out to be very big and important when you receive it.

Your Stories

So, what are your stories you have written with your best friend? I am pretty sure all of them are really good to hear.

Who To Kill

Now, nobody’s allowed to hurt them, are they?

Couples And Best Friends

This quote could be taken in two ways- one- advice for a successful marriage and another- something sweet- ti also talks about two friends being together as life partners.

No Changes

Not these same exact words, but many of the best friend quotes here have said to us the same thing.

Never Calm

You can’t be calm when it is your best friend’s birthday. It also could be another happy birthday wish for your best friend.

Nobody Else

Never let your best friend go- they are someone you can never lose.

Your best friend loves you as you do the same- always be assured of that. This quote says it all.

A Bit More 

Don’t you think that it is true? I know you feel it and are familiar with this quote.

Never Alone

Wherever they are- there is such an energy in one’s friendship that will never let their friends away.

Star’s In One’s Life

What about your stars? And they also give you the same feelings of happiness when you are with then- looking at them.

Stupid Things

Try to remember some things you have done with your best friend and you will fail to keep a count of those idiotic things you always do when you are together.

Always For You

Two words- they make a lot of difference, don’t they?

Brunette And Blonde

Here’s another one of those cute best friend quotes for girls. What this quote means to say is that best friend are totally opposite- still they know about each other like nobody else does.

Never Let Go

Blessings- know this quote and what it means to say. Your best friends are special- very special.

Past, Present, And Future

Always with you throughout the time- all they care about is you. Best thankful for your best friends.

Without You

Think about this best friend quote for a moment, and realize how real it is. For people with best friends, they are already so accustomed to a great life they live. They just don’t know how to live without their friendship.

Diamonds And Leaves

Never waste your time searching for leaves and letting them hurt you.

Greatest Blessing

People will know this quote through life- one day they will realize the exact same words. Make your blessings count now, will you?

Better Life

Short and sweet- and also straight to the point. Live a better life with good friends.

Things That Happen

Even if you are not together- you still have a love for each other, don’t you? And sometimes, you want your best friend to remember that.

Pain In Your Eyes

They know exactly what is going on with you-you can’t hide anything from them and also, there’s no point trying to do so.

One That Let’s You Grow

No matter what you are or what you have been through, your best friend is there, still rooting for you- just like this quote says.

Stay Forever

Here is another quote that tells us how best friends are special than any other people we meet in our lives. But, you know what? This quote also says how good it is to always be in friendship.

A Friend I Will Need

You just need one friend who will be together with you-you are not asking for any help, just a little bit of emotional support could go a long way.

Friends In Both Places

Every type of friends- a friendly person will never be alone wherever they go.

Friends To New Friends

Reincarnate to be best friends again- how sweet can a quote get?


A kind of awkward comparison- but still true. Another funny best friend quote.

Footprints In Your Heart

So, how many of those footprints can you feel? I guess some people are still there, standing and refusing to go- just like your best friend.

1000 Relatives

Connected blood doesn’t mean that people will be loyal to you as your friend- you may already have figured it. And also know what this quote means to say about your best friend.

Failures And Success

Whatever you are- a failure of a very successful person- the only thing that matters to your best friend is that you are their friend.


And you know what, having a best friend means both of you will try your best to make each other happy, and as in the sense of this quote, you both will be very happy people.


Nothing to lose an no chances to be taken- that is what this quote means about aggressive lady best friends.

Never Judges, Secret and Always There

All these three things in this quote describe your best friend- actually what they do for you.


For you know sometimes, you will never know who your true friends are until the jealousy kicks in. Your true friend will never be envious of what you achieve.

Something That Can’t Be Explained

According to the human nature, we don’t really find it, so fun to learn new things. But, friendship is never one of them.

World To Me

Don’t you want to say the same to your best friend? This quote exactly resonates with your feeling.

Sincere Thanks

Even if you don’t want to do it, thanking your best friend is also an option for you. Something very sweet you could do for them.

Secret Tunnels

You hope the same, don’t you?

Still With You

This is a quote that would connect to so many people special for you- your best friend being one of them.

She’s Just My Everything

Best friend quotes- when we take a first look at them, they seem nothing much, but once we try to feel those words, we actually start to realize what they mean.

For My Sake

Some person thinking only good about you and praying for you- that is someone you call a best friend.

Change Your Whole Life

I bet someone has changed your entire life, that’s the first reason, you are even here smiling at best friend quotes.

A Small Gang

A gang that will never lose and will never be taken apart. I guess not a lot of new recruits are welcome in there.

A Pinky Promise 

Not only a promise, this quote also says how much your time with each other means to you.

For Being You

You made a best friend, and they are that because they are them. Thank them for being themselves so that you could find them.

When Not Lovable

Still, love you- that is all they do with you. You will need to return it back, right?


Many best friend quotes-  their words could be different, but what the mean to say is the same, this and the previous one are examples of that.


How many keepers do you have I your life? You don’t need a lot of them, but make sure one who is with you are strong, love is the measure of that.

Why We Need That One Friend

All these reasons in this best friend quote- remember them.


Every bond you make is very special and that one with a best friend is one of the most important ones.

A Best Friend She Needs

There are so many best friend quotes on Tumblr- and don’t worry, we have a lot of them.

Not Mad For Long

Even though there are some hard times between you, you don’t let them stretch long because you know you still have a lot of great things to do with them.


Both have faults- both of you make up for it. That’s what best friendship is.

How I can Thank You

This is one of those best friend quotes to put on pictures that you dedicate them. Even if it’s not so common your lips expressing thanks, your heart always does, right?


Just one best friend can give so many things. Your numbers could be bigger than in this quote, you see.


Here, so many best friend quotes also make us realize so many different ways of putting up the same words and how much difference they have.

Never Alone

To make you get out of your problems easily- that is the only thing your best friends want to do- just like this quote says.


Size won’t matter, right? That is what most of these best friend quotes have been telling us.


You set out to look for them in your life and so many struggles you will have to go through before getting one.


A therapy that makes you happy- more than any paid ones.Another one of those funny best friend quotes for girls.

For Girls To Survive

If you are a girl, you know about this quote more than I will ever do.

Still There

True friendship quotes and sayings are really great to read especially when they are saying the right thing.

Who Hear You When You Are Right

This quote is just telling you what your best friend can do. I mean what the always want to do.

Can’t Keep Calm

These sort of keep calm quotes once had taken the internet by storm, and this is one from that time.

Can’t Remember 

Let me add something to this quote- you don’t want to remember how you lived with your best friend.

Those Friends

A family made by bond, right? Something very precious.

The Journey

Your life and your friends- those are all the things that count.


Which song do you guys sing? And I guess you could hear each other out, just like this quote says.

So, what did you think about these best friend quotes? Did they relate to you and your best friend? Any of these quotes were your favorite? If yes, you can always let us know and well, don’t forget to celebrate your friendship with your best friend every time you can. For you know, you searching for best friend quotes- there are not so many people in the world that have had the luck to have a best friend, and you are among the lucky few.

And till whenever, have fun and still cherish your friendship with your best friend.

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