65 Best Incredibly Sad Quotes and Sayings About Life

When you are in your saddest times, you need the smallest of helps possible, and the sad quotes can be one of them. The way the words relate to you can sometimes make you very assured and helo to soothe the pain in your heart. Everybody becomes sad, and even if the reasons may not be the same, we share the same mutual feelings of the pain and the creaking wreck in our soul. The psychological pain is for real- even if there are no visible wounds, our nerves still react to the situations in the same way as they do to an injury. We seriously want to get out of them and try our hard. Many of the times we succeed, but during the time we were in deep pain, we may have lost a piece of ourselves. And I would never want that happen to you.

So, today I decided to help you cope with the pain in the best way I could do. I searched over the internet to find the 90 best sad quotes that you can relate to and at least feel a little bit of comfort in your heart. These were the best quotes I found, and I urge you to look at them once even if the feelings are trying too hard to hold you captive.



Always together

Sometimes, sad quotes about pains actually inspire us. After all, it is all about the memory of our loved ones- and they don’t die until our memories do.



Insecurities are sad, sometimes turn out to be really sad. People with determination and who have faith sometimes happen to be those who are betrayed at the last time by situations that are unasked for.



This quote speaks the real truth. It is true that human beings should have sentiments- but when we are sad, our heart is totally occupied by that feeling. There is no vacant space for something like sentiments.




The way that this sad quote points out the problem with humans is on the mark. A small mistake seems to overshadow every hard work you have put into it.


No reason

When you are sad for no reason, that is the most depressed you can get. You actually know there is something too deep in your heart that is killing you from the inside, but you are too afraid to bring it out.


End it

This quote is something everyone gets to relate at least once. You are trying too hard. Still, it does not turn out to be the way you want. And sometimes people react in such a situation that they help the death to kill themselves.



Short, sad quotes like this actually tell a long story. You are supposed to be proud of yourself, but it is you who is disappointing yourself, you know that.

No Respect

When someone so close turns their back on you, you are not so bad to be able to hate them. To be frank, loving someone, still having no respect is really painful.


God Will Hear

This quote is something all we have to or made to believe. Tears are not cheap- we need to be really sad for them to come out. And at least, let us consider they carr a purpose.



Yes, the pain really does change people. After going through so much and fighting against thousands of hurdles, you naturally won’t remain the person you were before. And yet, people judge you on that.

Don’t care if they don’t

I know this could be sad, but sad quotes about relationship help you a lot. It’s hard to accept, but if they cared about you like you do, you would already have been together. Just leave them, you have a life to live yourself.


This is a quote everybody should really see before doing something wrong. Saying sorry is easy and seems good- but it won’t heal anything. You have to have an idea to make up for it even if you are not doing it again.


Now, this, to be frank certainly is one of those short sad quotes that make you cry. But don’t do so- look up at the heavens and tell them I will be there soon, just sometime after.

Death is Nothing

Sad quotes about death sometimes are not so fair. Though they tell the truth and tell us we have no reason to cry, they still manage to get us in tears.


Never be afraid of the death- you may have left everything behind, but you don’t know what is after death. Who knows, maybe after you die you get to be a part of a better ride than life.


Life and death- cry for different reasons. If you were a little conscious when you died, you would urge everybody not to sob. Even after knowing this, you can’t hold back when you loose someone important to you.


Death and love both give things that cannot be moved. But when they happen to come one after another, the memories and the aches are something that will be rigid till the end of the time.


Sometimes the change is permanent. This sad quote about life and pain explained it perfectly. You will never want to go back because, though it’s sad, the life is a path- you move on so you can reach further away from your past.

A side is not heart

Nature wants to tell us that we have already lost the one that we loved. But, we desperately try to keep them alive- even if we don’t get to see them physically but just feel them mentally, because that is the only way we will be together.


Yes, we think that we have time by our side. But the sad fact is no- we already are late. We are later than we think we are and time is still moving ahead.

Still Love

Sad quotes like this make you cry, surely. You know that it is time to say goodbye- forever, but, any way you try hard to feel lucky. So lucky that you were atleast this close that saying goodbye has become this tough.


Moments pass- they become a memory. But the saddest part is when you realize the moment that you lived for nothing was actually a moment you could atleast have made a small difference. Yes, it was- but you already let it go, now it’s never coming back.


Fire burns you- but it is sad that someone would not try for a bit to get you out from there even if they could. But, you actually set yourself on fire so that they could have something amusing to see.

Let Go

In some cases, you may not end up together with the person you love. But you love them, so even if it may be very difficult, you will still have to think about their well being and let your loved ones do what the best for them is.


Tears are not just sadness- but they let go of the misery. Those salt in tears is the stress that your heart is pumping out to not let you hurt yourself anymore.

Feeling Never Go

This sad quote represents anybody who has had a tragic ending in their love life. Ok, you let the other person go away from your life, you have no problem with that- you don’t miss them. But, in that place, you miss the precious moments that you had with them.


Yes, sometimes this sad quote about life comes to be true. You know that you have to do the right thing, but you also know it is the hardest thing to do. So, you do the right thing but still waiting for your heart to burn so bad.


Sad quotes that inspire you like this are something everyone sad should look at. Yes, you went through the bad time, but when your heartbeat returns to the normal, you are a man with more knowledge and experience.

Be Thankful

Yes, we have problems and various things to worry about. But food, shelter, and even water are none of them.

The last point

Jim Morrison quoted this one perfectly. Death is nothing we should be afraid of because we have already suffered a lot in our life and death is just the end to all of these sufferings.


Strong Enough

Sometimes even if you love a lot, you are brave enough to let go. Well, it is sad, but this is the only instance that you win the game even if give up on it already.


Insecurities are dangerous. Sometimes we are forced to cling to that. What if a person whom you treasure so much celebrates on your downfall?


Worth It

Yes, it is never easy, and happiness is not always with you. But, sometimes, sadness is the thing that is worth feeling and going through. That is when we learn to enjoy even in our hardest times.


When feelings turn into a silent killer, they are the most dangerous they can ever be. They break you from the inside, slowly and steadily and the pain is real. Those killers dissolve you from the inside, a little bit at a time.


Happy endings are never always prevalent. This is the reason for the ultimate sadness. And during this instance, we at least don’t want to let go of the moemory best experiences we have had that made a great story.



This quote exactly shows how much we become tired of the outer world. We don’t want to spend any time in the unfair world, so we make our own. That is in our mind, and we spend a lot of time in that pretty small world of ours.



This quote says it all. You have met a person in time, your heart told that this person is the one you should dedicate your life to. But finally, it turns out that their character was something that put an end to all these wonderful things.


Not Going to Happen

Things like this are really sad. You have sacrificed a lot and waited for a long time for things to happen. But, they just never seem to take place. And you have planned your future life in accordance with your hopes, and now you have no idea.

Little Things

As this quote says, we certainly should be able to categorize what things are small and what are big. We can never let the former ones to hurt us so bad. They just don’t give us sadness, but also keep us entirely away from any sort of happiness.


It is not only about single, it not being cared about. True sadness comes when you don’t mean anything to anyone else. The thing that this quote tries to explain is really sad.


Nowhere To Go

Yes, sometimes you stretch your arms and let yourself drown in the circumstances. You would like to come out of it, but now it is just too late- getting up now is just not possible.

Another Matter

Sad quotes like this define us for sure. When you are really tired of the universe that you live in, you totally stop being a part of it. You are something else from the inside, and the universe is part of nothing of you.


The Same Person

The problem with breaking up with a person is that no matter how much you know they are mean, you still happen to see the same person in their eyes whom you fell in love with. You desperately hope they become back to what they were, but they just won’t.


You have lost a person and hope you are just away from their physical form. So, you pray that the parts of their soul go and become the most beautiful things in the universe.


Hurt but Okay

The pain in the feeling is real. It aches a lot. But, you have gone through so much of situations that have hurt you. And eventually, you learn to laugh when you are sad because that is the only way your tears won’t come out.


Moving On

Moving on is not as easy as it sounds. Though our other half just said it is for the best, we just can’t find out why. We just can’t find ourselves not to be heavily pounded by the feels.


Good or Bad

Good things and the bad ones, both come to an end. When something really comes to an end, what is sad is that sometimes you don’t know how you can confer those times passed. Was it bad, or was it good?



Sad quotes like this are something we hope we never have to spit out. No matter how much you try, sometimes you find yourself in a position, a position- where you can’t just say you are okay even if you try to lie.



Another Person

Nobody wants to experience something like this, right? You love a person, but that person does not love you back. But the reason for that is that he/she loves someone else and lets you know. All you can do is feel happy for the person whom your crush loves.


Can’t Care

You are really tired now- you just can’t keep on accepting the sadnesses that the person keeps on stacking on you. Many times, they even think that they have a good reason for that and you have listened to a lot of them. But now, you can’t go on like this.


Old Ones

People change, so do your loved ones. But what is sad is that sometimes that person changes in such a way that they stop caring about you. And everything you can do is to hope that they change again, but this time only go back.


Kept On


You have loved that person against whatever pains that they have given you, but now you feel guilty. Guilty of being good. And you realize that doing right things sometimes turn to be the only wrong thing that you do.



A sad quote that shows something more intense than the love itself. It is true that when you miss somebody, that gives you more sadness than the happiness than loving the person.


No Reason

Something good needs a reason, but sad thing often doesn’t seem to need one. This turns out to be really not fair to the person who is on the receiving end of it.

That Minute

Something like love takes a lot of time to build- and years of loyalty and dedication. But the saddest thing is that all of it comes to an end in the shortest time possible.


Smiles That Go Away

When you really miss someone, then two smiles have been snatched from you. One of yourself and another of the person that you miss. You can’t seem to be able to smile at all.


Making You Cry

A person that you care so much about and expect to help you out of hard situations is exactly the person that puts you in them. How much more sad can it be? 



Do you relate to this quote sometimes? You are desperately trying to be available to everyone so that they won’t be alone or sad and turns out to be like nobody is attending to you.



Promises are really precious when someone made them. You trust in those promises blindly. But, when that very person forgets about the promises, that is the worst that can ever happen. 


Breaking Beliefs

When you believe in something really blindly, and it does not turn out to be the way you thought you supposed it to be, that shatters you totally from the inside.


You know that the feelings are tough to ditch, but if they do nothing than bad things to you, you should do it. You sometimes need to take a rigid decision so that you make it sure that you are not going to let any pains welcomed inside your honest feelings. It may not be too easy, but it must be done once, then why not at the moment you get it before it gets any chance to intensify itself. The more the sadness clings on to you, the more it becomes an unwelcomed part of you. And you will find it harder and harder to let go of it.

Hence, I sincerely hope that these quotes helped you. If they did, I am truly happy for you. Remember that- even if being tough is tough itself, you will need to be so. You are actually stronger than you think you are. Try to smile and have a better day.

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