75 Best Good Quotes For You To Move On in Your Life With

Why are good quotes called so? Because they help to make you feel good about your entire life. People say various things every day, and some people end up quoting words that inspire a lot of the other people. Their words become of huge help, and people want to visit them every day to get help in their hard times or motivating them even more in the good times. All I mean to say is that good quotes are rarely made- but when one epic quote is made, that is going to reside in the thoughts and the heart of many people.

From good quotes about the relationship to funny, good quotes, today we have gathered a lot of quotes in the same place to relate in your mixed feelings. Take a look at them; they are guaranteed to make your day.

Like Nobody Watching

good-quotesNot only dancing, like this good quote says, but you also have to do everything you love like there is no one watching. That will boost your self-confidence.

Good Man

Yes, like this quote says, only a great man can be a good reader. The book is knowledge and understanding. Actually, just a few people seem to know that fact.


This quote indeed is one of the best motivational quotes. When somebody’s going through tough times, try your best to help them. Even the God is going to appreciate you.

World Was not Over

All you need to do is never give up. You know, it is not only you happening- many things are happening on your back. And among them, most are good.

Do Your Best

Well, you will need to acquire deep what this quote says, The best you can do is the doing your best. You are doing your part, so there is nothing to worry about.

Think And Feel

Good things happen only if you feel everything is good. If so, nothing can be bad even if it is bad. This is one of the best good short quotes.

Let Them Fall

Leaves are meant to fall, so why should you even worry about them? This is not a thing that you could change, then all you can do is feel good about it.

Ghost Friends

Everybody wants to read good friends quotes, right? This is one of the best friendship quotes of all time. Trying to be together with your friend forever, well that tells a lot about you.

Bad Things To Good People

This quote is good because it is quite funny. Well, that is just until it happens to you.


Good to better and better to best, and repeat it all, ever again. Well, this is my own rhymed version of this good quote. Tell me, how is it?


Be a Good One

Yes, even if we die, it is not over. This the words in this quote, we should try to be the best to be referred to the best.

It Goes On

This indeed is a good quote about life. Life moves on, all we have to be sure about is that we will move on with it.

Everyone Like You Now

Well, this is really a good inspirational quote. Nobody liking to a great actress and a singer as well, all need to be motivated by this good quote.

Sad Thoughts

Look at how deep this quote is, and then look who said it. This good quote from Marley is true and certainly, sometimes even the wonderful memories of the past seem to hurt.

Half Latin Half Greek

First, it could seem funny, but now I feel what this quote is saying is slowly making sense. Almost everybody likes the fake world on the screen.


Well yes, it could be true that we alone cannot change the world, but each of us has got the capability to be the stone just like Mother Teresa did.

Most Beautiful

A good heart is the purest, and if the light shines on it, it will certainly be the best thing to see.

The Other

Then, I think it is time for us to look at some good quotes about love. Well, I hope you find your other heart in the best time for both of you.

Crossing the Street

Well, another funny, good quote. About you, how good can your decision-making skills get? I guess not as good as this quote.

Good Time

Yes, have a good time in life. If you want to read more quotes like this, well read the best hippie quotes on our website. Well, no bad in advertising myself now, right?

The Scars

Scars in others are something we leave back when we are trying too hard to heal ours. But we, just don’t even seem to notice it.


The feeling of being happy is certainly too good. As this quote says, you just feel that the world is revolving with your heartbeat when you are happy.

Good Manners

Yes, we wear dresses, and we must wear them. So, there can be no harm in wearing what is appropriate at the appropriate places if they mean a lot to some people, would there?

Good Quotes About Life

Be good in life. That is what you need to do. And that is the only way you won’t care if your life is good or not.

No Good

Well, I certainly can relate to this quote sometimes, can’t you? Well not sometimes, but I have to appoint, many times I feel so.

Family and Food

Well, to be happy, the love of the family and good food are more than enough. This like this quote says, there is nothing as good as doing this.

Know Where You Stand

Yes, this quote is too good. Only becoming unsatisfied by ourselves is not going to do us any good. We will have to think about our current position where we worked so hard to get.

Four Leaf Clover

Well, good quotes for girls. Now, I am a guy myself so don’t really bother to ask me what is going on in this quote.


Worrying is the worst thing to ever happen. We just happen to give it a path to reach the inside of our thoughts, and for it, it is like a destruction party.

Good Attitude

When you are waiting, and you have a right attitude, then the wait is not going to bother you at all. Like this quote says, that is what you call patience, so why not adopt it?

Learn, Live, Hope

Do everything that is in this quote, and you will find that your entire like will be good.


So, you read this quote already, didn’t you? Just tell me that your preparations are good.

Good Speech 

Winston Churchill indeed was a funny guy. For good quotes like this, I would certainly go to his every speech if he was still living. His speech was a miniskirt.

Never regret

Like this quote says, why do you even need to regret it for? That thing anyway, kept you happy before, now don’t deteriorate it so much that it will make you sad today.

Walls You Build

Look at this quote, and try to make it good for yourself. Don’t waste your time and energy building those walls.


This is undoubtedly one of the most accurate good quotes about best friends.

That Beast

All right dude, now it is your time to awaken that beast. Well, I just hope that you are strong enough to tame that as well.

Accept, Support and Encourage

Well, this happens when the person you are in a relationship believes in you every time. So, if you are in a good relationship, don’t ruin it already.

Can’t Ignore You

This is one of the best good quotes to live by. Well, be that good. That is all Steve Martin, and I can say.

Attitude and Effort

Your attitude and your effort are in your control. So, when you drive them, you need to make sure that you do it to lead you in the right path.


Karma is what you need to think about every time you do the wrong things. The world revolves, so I bet it will never leave anything unresolved.

Does It

If it does not, I guess now it is really time for you to get a good friend. But I bet it does not, you are fantastic, you know?

Most Room

Winnie the Pooh quotes are always inspiring. What Piglet said turned out to be one of the best inspirational quotes about life.


You certainly need to know where you are going to and also what you need with you to reach there. Don’t leave your brain behind, it will be good for you.

They Are There

Well, this quote says what is real. But good friends can even be better than the stars.

Happiest Smile

Yes, sometimes even the smile that the people think is your most joyous smile, that may always not be. Smiles come after feelings, maybe good or bad.

My List

Well, for people like me, this quote is really inspiring. Even your list should include a lot of items as well; I bet it will do a lot of things to you.

Reason Of My Smile

Sometimes, I really hope that some would tell this good quote to me. But I guess, when somebody tells you this, you really good, right?

Great Day

Sometimes, just like this, things should wish you good day quotes just like this. It will all be for the better. Don’t overwork yourself.

Learning, Earning, Yearning

Isn’t it mysterious that all the things that you need in your life rhyme like this? Well, good quotes like this are always welcome for me.

School Life

To be frank, everybody says how good school life was after they are done with it, but only a little people are brave enough to tell that they are ready if they are supposed to attend school again. Still, the good news would overshadow bad things ever.

You Needed

Well, when it happens, it feels more than just good. You just feel like you have let go of the most massive weight that you were carrying about.

Meant To Be

Your father himself wanted to be really good, but he feels he underdid it. So, everything he does for you are wishing that you could be standing in the best place your dad would ever want.


This is for you. Good short quote, isn’t it?

Enjoy The Good

Well, this quote was written for your good. So, everything that is necessary for you now is to stop worrying even a little bit.

Still, Love It

Love to be loved, every successful people are brave as well. Let this quote make a huge difference in your life.


I guess there is a huge possibility that you are old enough for grandchildren already, if not then all you can do is be the most beautiful snowflakes that your grandparents have ever got.

Worth Your Time

It is hard to do rather than say, but it is there own loss. It was them who pushed away from the good things in their life. What can you possibly do, now?

Still, Smile

Before anything is over, it gives you a lot of splendid times that you cherish. So, you need to smile being thankful for all of that.

Little Bit Of Good

Well, not a lot, but a little bit of good. But what the quote also says it, concentrate anything you do with a considerable amount of your goodness.

Calm Mind

Health shows up in mind. Even sickness does, and despite that, if you still keep your mind when it is supposed to be alarmed, the illness cannot do anything.

Hey Girl

Hmm… a good pickup line, of course. In my view, I guess I carry my library card every minute, every day.

Good People

And that light becomes the reason for their happiness. AS this quote says, being a good person certainly means a lot to you and the people around you as well.

Good Teacher

Teachers mean a lot, they are not only supposed to teach you the subject. They are the good people who are willing to share with you their precious knowledge, experiences, and even their ideas. That means a lot.

Feel No Pain

Music is magic. Those good vibrations creating a sound that frees you from every trouble when you are with them, now say me what else can be more fantastic?

Good Investments

Good Food- that is what you need. Well, it could be hard to realize or accept but what you need to make sure is that you only don’t think your tongue as your entire digestive system.

Be Thankful

When you thank the wonderful things you have, they also pay you gratitude. They call on more of their friends looking at how good you behave and how good you make them feel.

The Chances We Didn’t Take

As the previous good quotes mentioned, you should not be regretting anything, right? Well, for that you will now need to take any chances that come to your way.


You just need to make money as art. Become a great artist, everyone can be one. And then this good quote will seem even better.

Good One

Well, the quality is always important you know? I hope your choice is to have a good one. Your one choice can be better for the entire world.

A Little More

Being kind will change your life for the goods in ways you can’t even imagine. So, just to be sure, you may as well have a little more than just necessary.


Yes, not only one girl but a lot of those girls exist. And for the guys, these are the types of the girls you should search for yourselves rather than only giving attention to the others.

Have The Roots Deep

Have this good quote do good things for you. Your belief should be your root.

Happy Only

Be happy always, anyway. I mean how hard can that even be? You are going to make things a lot better for yourself.

Excited and Happy

We people have a lot of things, and still, we want a lot of them as well. But either way, we can take both of them and always be happy and excited at the same time.

Take Time

For the last good motivational quote, I would want to remind you this. So, be patient, and you already know what being patient means, don’t you?

Good quotes are something that you need to read frequently because sometimes when sentences are holding your back, you may feel assured as well. You feel like a different person when the sentences represent you because hearing about words tell you your own story is very wonderful. The quotes give you an idea what the successful people did for motivation and that it is not only you who are feeling the problems that really seem to bother you. All in one, good quotes are of good help- they do an amazing job of giving you even the smallest of the happiness. And a lot of realizations.

So, what did you think about the good quotes we included in the article? Which one of these words are you going to abide by? Which was your favorite quote among these? Let me know, and till the next time, have a good time.

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