75 Best Marriage Quotes That Will Strengthen Your Bond Even More

Marriage- this word means a lot and the marriage quotes help you realise that. The person that you marry- that is not just a person that you are going to live the rest of your life with- marriage means more than that. It says that you share your soul with them- till the time that you exist and always will be bonded with loyalty, trust and love. Making the decision to marry is not what you do on paper and all of a sudden- you don’t marry because you have to marry. But, instead, you marry because you want to marry. So, these are the things that make marriage extra special.

Well, but you know sometimes circumstances may also come such that they need you to be extra sharp and extra motivated. The situations certainly have a funny way of asking things of you. And, that is the same for marriage as well, and sometimes you may also reach to the point that you are in doubts about yourself.

So, whether you are a person looking for the love marriage quotes, or you are a person seeking out some motivation- you are precisely at the right place. Because below are the best marriage 75 quotes that help you strengthen your bond to make it unbreakable.

How She Will Treat You

marriage-quotesWell, everybody has got some time for funny marriage quotes, right? Especially when they are perfectly accurate, just like this one. After all, you are going to be close to her as her brothers are after your marriage.


Well, you will also need some time to speak out some romantic quotes like this after your marriage. After all, it is going to be good for your health.

To Start Already

Well, this quote means that you want to marry as fast as possible. You want to hurry after already spent a lot of time finding the right one and asking yourself if they definitely were the one.

Your Humble Sorry

You have heard the joke about this as well, haven’t you? The father asks his son to say sorry for no reason just to make him familiar with this marriage quote.

Falling In Love Many Times

Well, definitely this is a true reasoning for a successful marriage. This marriage quote is really inspiring for anybody thinking to tie the knot.


Well, no matter how many times you fight, you always need each other after all. This is one of the most perfect inspirational quotes about marriage.

Just Don’t Happen

Well, marriage is not the end. It is only the building of a bond, and just like other things that are constructed, it also needs constant monitoring and maintenance, just like this quote says.

The Box

Well, this quote gives the detailed information of what exactly the marriage is. All these words are exactly accurate.

The Walls Up

Well, many people may also reach this stage in their marriage. But after all, it may be strengthening the bond- if this quote becomes relevant.

All Over Again

Well, when love quotes are thought of as some married couple saying that to each other, it becomes really cute and interesting.

In spite, They Are Not

Well, now here is another of these motivational marriage quotes which state exactly the truth. You definitely don’t fall in love with a perfect person- you just choose a person whose imperfections are what you love.

Try To Forget The Fact

Well, like this quote says, marriage proposals are really sweet- but still, it seems like some officiality to do- something that is not asked in love.

To Keep Your Marriage Brimming

Well, here is a quote that gives you interesting tips about marriage. If these things are followed by you perfectly, then there is no way your marriage is not going to be successful.

You Cannot Live Without

Well, here it is. Choose the perfect person. This quote implies that you have to be patient before choosing the right person to marry.

Not Just To Be Married

As the quote states, marriage is not just something that you need to do because the world does so. It is about two souls being together for the rest of their lives, everybody should be aware of that.

The God Is Good

Well, as this quote says- no matter how many times hardships are imposed on your married life, the God will always help you with a way out.

Where It Moves

Now, this is the truth right here in this quote. Try to move your marriage to the former things listed here.


Now here is another quote that gives a perfect description of marriage. Definitely tells you that you should not compare your marriage to anyone’s else.

Just A Paper

Well, now the paper has been signed with a lot of trust and determination. All we need to do as in this quote is make sure that we let nothing come in the way of our decision.


Well, here is another funny quote about marriage. But yes, this definitely is how your lives are going to change after the marriage.


Well, you certainly have to remember this quote if you want to make your marriage successful. Start all over again in the morning, and love them like you always.

Perfect For Each Other 

Like in the previous marriage quotes, marriage is just a paper. After all, it is your love that keeps you together.

The Plans

Now here is a relevant quote. For many people, this could be an eye-opener as well. Marriage requires plans- plans you devise with more passion than the marriage day.

The Best Of You

Well, short marriage quotes and sayings are short only when counted in words- they say a lot.

Union Of Imperfect Couple

Well, again here is another inspiring marriage quote. Definitely, if we look at it this way- people who have had successful marriages were never perfect themselves.

The Marriage Prayer

Well, the prayer in this marriage quote- you two should read this together. And say it out loud together, holding your hands.

The Team

Well, here is another one of the Nicholas Sparks marriage quotes. The author really knows a lot about love and relationships- and here it is. You should never forget these words.

The Marriage I Regret

Well, this is also one of the most famous marriage quotes from Ernest Hemingway. But anyway, maybe it doesn’t sound in your favour- it just tells you to be extra careful about making your decision.

The Bond Of Marriage

Now, here is another quote about marriage that you definitely should read. And understand clearly as well.

The Religious Ceremony

Funny but sweet- claps, maybe this is how you reacted to this marriage quote as well. Anyway it is kinda accurate, isn’t it?

Three Members

Well, the God is the third member. When you make any decisions, you will need to take him into consideration as well. The marriage should be favourable to all three of you.

Who Refuse

Yes, two people who are tested to limit at times. But still, they are always together, and both of them give their all to do the same thing- to make their bond everlasting.

A Good Marriage

Well, if you are starting to doubt your marriage, then you definitely should look at more inspirational quotes about marriage.

Partners Not Enemies

Well, you win- you win together, and you lose- you lose together. That is the way it goes. This marriage quote says it all.

Be The Solution

Well, once you are married, you should constantly be updated with what bothers your spouse. Instead of being th one who bothers them it should be you who should be helping to solve the problems they are having.

Effort and Loyalty

Well, yes, there is even more inspirational marriage quotes for you. You definitely will need to nurture the marriage as this quote says.

A Wedding Wish

Well, not only a prayer you say in your marriage, but this could also be a great marriage quote for wedding cards that you gift to the marrying couple. Let them pray for their great marriage life.

How Much You Can Prove

Well, it definitely is one of the I love you quotes, but you know, after your marriage you have the perfect opportunity to show how much you mean when you said the words.

What Love Is

Well, all the things that have been said about love in this quote are true. So, when you are ever taking your marriage into consideration, you need to remember this quote.

Well Suited

Quarrels can also be good, you know? This quote points it out for you. And also, I bet this quote could also make one of the best happy marriage quotes like when you make them aware of this fact before their marriage.

Never The Equal

Yes, this quote is absolutely true and you also need to know in what side you actually are. After getting that, you must do your best as much as you can.

Before Thirty

Don’t get the wrong idea- marriage quotes like these are not meant to demotivate you, but they are just telling you to make your decision in a matured way.

Because Bale Wasn’t Around

Now, here it is- another hilarious marriage quote from the man. Read his books, they are funny as well.

Reunited In Jannah

Well, definitely everyone wants the love like in this quote, and everyone can have that. Just that it requires a little more sacrifices.

The Life Longs Journey

Well, here are almost everything in this marriage quote you will need if you definitely want your marriage to last forever. Just make sure you have all these things in your relationship.

Never Perfect

Well, your marriage is also a part of your family, isn’t it? However, for more family quotes like this, you can take a look at our family quotes as well.

Thousand Little Things

Yes, they are thousand little things- but remember, all of them are little things. All the things listen in this quote are also not so hard to gain if you really want.

The Pain

Well, every person is not fortunate. Sometimes, after marriage, we may also have to be familiar with sad quotes like this. But you know, all you need to do now is let it go and become stronger.

Peace Without Her

Well, if your marriage is to be a successful one, then you definitely need to make sure that she is the one that makes you secured and relaxed. And you should realise it well, as this quote says.

Home Maintenance

Now here is another interesting way of approaching the concept of marriage in this quote. And I will have to say, these words are really clever.

The Bond

It definitely is the bond between two different personalities. Another reason for the marriage to be really wonderful and sweet.

The Worries Of The Future

Well, like in this quote, isn’t it cute that they end up becoming each other’s future? Marriage is really great if you see it this way.

The Terms And Conditions

Well, and adding to that, you don’t even need to read that thing to click on “I Agree.” Isn’t that thing too long and boring to even be read?

What To Focus

Well, like on every other thing, even in marriage you are supposed to focus on the positive aspects. For more quotes like these, you can take a look at our positive quotes as well.

All From The Both Side

Well, here is another great quote about marriage. You definitely need to give it your all as you get from the other side.

Still Love

Well, liking and loving are two very different contexts, aren’t they? And even if the spouses don’t like each other at times, the love they have still kept them together- like that has been indicated in this quote.

The Leap

Well, tell this quote to your fiancee always, during the time that you marry and if possible, even after you are married to each other.

The Three Things About Marriage Quotes

So do you have these three things in your marriage? If not, then definitely it is time to develop them. They are not important- they are a must.

Always You

Well, her is another romantic marriage quote that you definitely should try on your spouse sometimes. But well, first you need to make sure that you say these words.

The Unconditional Love

Well, you love a person, not the person that you want them to be- that is the true meaning of the true love. This quote says it all and clears the air.


Well, being angry is just fine- it is a natural indicator. So, now it is time for you to be the people that you used to be before- just remember how you loved each other exactly at the time that you were married.


Well, your spouse is you- they are the closest person that you share your life at the moment. So, you should stick to this quote- always and forever.

The Column

Well, here is the list of what you need less and what you need in a considerable amount in your marriage. Maybe you have already realised this quote as well.

The Art

Well, as in this quote, the marriage is definitely an art. So, now maybe it is in your interest to push to be the best artists that you two can be.

Not Luck Or Accident

Well, first of all, you will need to realise where you are actually going with your marriage. And that is when the marriage quotes like this one will actually help you.

The Sacred Marriage

Now, this quote has all the answers to the question that most people have.  Method or tips- whatever you can call this quote, you should do your best to follow this.

Holding Hands

Now, you may say these are just words, but this is a true definition of the true love. People together when they go through any circumstances- that is how it works

Every Day

Well, what this quote says you to do is definitely what you want to do every day, isn’t it? It is not just about having fun but making sure that the bond is as strong as it has ever been.

Not A Fairytale

But you know, you can still “live happily ever after” if you understand what this marriage quote means. And you develop all the things that make your marriage no less than a fairytale/

The Time Commitment

Well, here is a practical marriage quote. Not only your spouse, but you also need to realise this thing for your spouse.

The Forty Years Of Marriage

Now, it seems like a joke at first, but the ending is something that was rather unexpected. The words can be really witty at times.

Date Night

Well, marrying doesn’t mean that you should not have fun like you used to have before the marriage. All you need to do is plan some schedule about that.

The Rules

Well, here are the top 10 rules for your marriage in this quote. Whether you are planning to get married or are already married- you need to be familiar with them- it is never too late or early.

Right and The Husband

Well, if you feel like this in your marriage as well, then congratulations- you are definitely walking on the right path with your married life.

The Best Husband

Now, definitely, this quote could make many archaeologists lives. Well, if it did, then I am happy for you, my friend.

Just Live Next Door

Well, things like this definitely come to your mind during a marriage. But, who knows?- Maybe it could be right as well. Try yourselves but don’t blame the consequences on me.

Listen To Her

Well, she still cares about you, doesn’t she? Billions of people like you know that nagging is annoying but again look at this quote.


Raising children is a definitely hard task. Almost ever plans that you made earlier seem to fail. And this quote is hilariously accurate.

Take Turns

So, you are really learning a lot from our marriage quotes, aren’t you? Everything you need to do is soak all these quotes into your heart- for all of them are for your sake.

The Ship

Doesn’t this marriage quote make a perfect sense? Your marriage definitely is a ship- where both of you are the anchors. No mutiny is allowed- otherwise, the boat is definitely going to drown.

Marriage Advice

Well, you were definitely looking for some more marriage quotes that gave you some best advice about marriage. So, here is one of them. You will need to believe this quote.

So Damn Special

Now, here is another one of the sweetest marriage quotes. Definitely, when your spouse calls you by your name, that is a different type of sound that you get to hear.


Marriage is definitely a beautiful thing- all these marriage quotes helped us realise that. If you are already married or looking forward to the special day, you definitely have come through a long way and now it is your interest that you never want to look back from this point onwards. For you know, even deciding that the person is the one for you- for the rest of your life, your soul has done a lot of thinking on that and finally decided that it was completely right. So, even if things are shaky at times- which they undoubtedly will be at some point in your life, you still have to be strong and remember these marriage quotes and realise the love that you have in your heart for them.

So, what did you think about these marriage quotes? Do you think they helped you at all? Were there any marriage quotes that you decided to abide by for the rest of your life? If your answers are favourable to any of these questions, then I am sincerely glad for you and till the next time, enjoy.

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