75 Best Hippie Quotes and Sayings That Have Ever Been Said

A wise hippie and his fantastic hippie quotes. Those quotes are the quotes that promote peace, urge everyone to be happy, love the nature, go on adventures and come together with the universe. Being a hippie is not only about growing long hair, braiding them, smoking marijuana and living a life traveling, but there is also so much more to it. Living as a hippie means being good and strong at the same time. It means actually finding yourself happy and always searching for a reason to love every small thing. It’s about being pure and courageous, and being fearless.

Hippie quotes are not just quoted because they say what the hippies have to say, but sometimes they act as eye openers. They actually inspire people to get away from the sadness and cherish the life, which can be made the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. Today, I’ve gathered 75 best hippie quotes ever said. Take a look at them.


New Way

This quote is not something only hippies should be following. Everyone should learn new ways of approaching about things and conferring from them. 

Take a Chance

Quotes like this perfect state who the hippies are. What they do is wish, work for them and finally witness all their wishes coming true as well.


This quote is all about the freedom. We should not be doing what the society tells us to, let us go through our own ways as we move about.

Fall or Fly

Are you terrified of something new not being in your way? Then, at that time you have to think about the possibility that it will actually happen.


This quote perfectly states the truth. People think that something is weird because they are the ones who can’t do it. Judging others is easy.

Gentle Way

Mahatma Gandhi said this quote correctly. You don’t need to be loud, outgoing or anything. You can be yourself, be quiet and still change the world in your own ways.


This is true – absolutely real. Hippie quotes about happiness like this are also the perfect quotes about freedom. The only way to be happy is to be free.

Short Life

Hippie quotes that remind you of the shortness of life is something you should be reading about. Life is short, if you even waste a single second without being yourself, you have lost a lot.



This quote tells you about acceptability. The only thing you must accept is yourself. As you always accept the world as the way it is, so why do you care while others can’t accept you?



Hippie quotes like this really tell you about happiness. Because you see, the only way to be happy is to love, and you can only love what you are doing if you actually love the subject.



This is not only one of those clever hippie quotes about nature. If you actually think a little deep, your body is certainly a forest for your fresh green thoughts to grow. 


Hippies love peace- that what they are. No matter how old they are, no matter what they are doing, they love peace, so hippie quotes about peace like this really relate to the hippies.


Why do you even need to care about things which will eventually make you unhappy? This quote here says it all.


Love Back

You will only get love in return if you love in the first place. The only way you can love life is by letting you be yourself.


Rude or Nude

Well, all of us have time for funny hippie quotes, don’t we? This hippie quote is totally about freedom. Whatever you guys are doing, you just ask for your freedom, and you don’t care about hurting others even in the smallest possible way.


People really should know what wasting time means. It means not loving the time. That is what this quote tells. 



Even if you don’t consider yourself as a hippie, you still should take this quote to your heart. You were good yesterday; you already wasted your 24 hours if you are not better today.


Peace Way

What this quote tells is that you don’t need to search for peace in your life, it is already within you. Why keep on fighting for peace when you can compromise and already use it to live your life.



Hippies are kind. That is what they are. So, if you want to be a person who is free and loves the peace, then you always need to be kind to everything and everyone.


Your Feels

You only feel what is in your heart and you only get to experience your own experiences. If there is something not in your control, then worrying about it is totally stupid.


Flowers and Sun

There is enough about everything in the nature that you can celebrate and enjoy. So, why not realize them trying to discover something that is located really far away?



Hippies are the people who still believe in everything. Their imaginations are unmatched, and they are innocent people who still think innocence is the key.


Raise a Hippie

Right now, hippies are the only people who seem to care about the world. Wars and greed and selfishness are nothing that any of the hippies want.

Happiness is the Key

There is every way that you can be happy, so why do you blame the sad feelings in your heart, still doing the things that make you sad?



Yes, hippies are the people that are lost. The only thing as that they are the people who are lost in the magical world. They were the people who actually discovered magic, a magic that makes people happy.


You need to enjoy, just like this quote says. There is no unlimited time,  so you need to enjoy what you already have.


Everywhere on the list

Hippies want to go everywhere. They want to see whats in those places. And they want to experience what the people experience in those places.


Inner Directions

Follow this quote, believe me, you are the driver that needs to drive yourself. You are your own ship, and you can’t let the system or anything else be your captain.


What to Make?

Well, you only have one life. You have been given it. Know this quote, it says you build your life, and it becomes whatever you use to build it.Xhippie-quote


Good Girl

Actually, not exactly bad habits like this quote say. Hippies are really good people who have habits that other people think are unusual and so bad.



Yes, hippies are almost the only people who discover the true happiness and things that actually matter. All that matters is flying free in the air. 


Wild and Free

Henry’s quote is accurate, isn’t it? Actually, even people with suits work their asses off every day so, someday they could be wild and free with no more care about anything. Do correct me if I am wrong.



You want to see a change in yourself so that you will be satisfied with your life. You must realize what that satisfaction actually consists of, and that’s when you earn it.


Promise and Peace

Every day is a new life for the hippies. New experiences are everything they want, and the ultimate peace is the only thing they pray for.


Who I am

You are you, and you are the only thing you have. So, all you can give to the people just as shown in this quote is you. The can accept that if they like you, if not then you cannot really do anything now, can you?


This is it

This is what I would call a hippie quote about life and about the hippies themselves. I don’t need to explain anything, read every word in it and you will know how the hippies live their awesome life.

Only Way

Like this quote says, living life free is the only way the hippies know how to live their life. And this is certainly how everyone should live – totally free with no burden.


Wild Side

This quote is itself an adventure and a change. Take a walk in the wild, in nature. You will find so many awesome things that are already within you, but still, you could not discover. You are from nature, you know?


You do know that you release energy into the surrounding. So then, why not make it positive just like the hippies do.



Another hippie quote that everybody should keep in their heart. If you are doing something for the future, you actually have hope. That hope will keep you alive.


Blind Mind

Why not see the things that your mind would want you to see as well. It may as well be that you have seen so many things which the mind never wanted and it has got itself mind because it can’t take the view anymore.


In Nowhere

When you are in nowhere, and you have nothing to worry about, that is the time you actually realize that you should have nothing to worry about. Well, you find yourself and realize that you are someone that needs to be happy.


Dream On

Quotes like this are awesome. I mean hippies dream and they dream on. But that is because they actually set out to find what their dreams are.


Kind, Fierce and Brave

This is not only a quote, but this is also a prayer for the hippies. Their life is an adventure, and they need to be ready for that.


Certainly, many people will be rude and hate hippie. But still be super kind to them and they will hate themselves.



The destination is death, we all know that. Life is just a journey, the path where you take your life to, as said by this quote.


Like the Sea

Read this quote. The sea is wild, she is free, and she is gorgeous. She has no limits. And everybody loves her.



Life as a hippie is magic. When you smile in your heart, that is the most magical feeling certainly.



This quote points out how we even dress how the society wants us. We could do it ourselves in our own way.


In Your Heart

There is no way that even the tiniest bit of the heart of the hippies is unsatisfied. All of it feels no pain and is really happy, and there is magic inside it.



That is true, being sexy means making people wondering about you. And being mysterious means being more mysterious.



Just like this quote says, you should not only be walking on surfaces that are perfectly made and comfortable. Find new and funny experiences doing something that is more challenging.


Sadness can’t belong

Actually, we I guess you have already lived quite a few years of your life already. And to be frank, you have deserved not to be sad, not even once.


No Wars

Hippies don’t like wars. Actually, they hate wars, and it seems they are the only people who speak about them. Well, the most respected people in the society are the people who wage wars.


Night Sky

Read this quote and imagine about the night sky filled with stars. Aren’t you a constellation yourself?


World Needs You

The world certainly needs people who are free, always happy and live their lives in the way that they want to. This quote is straight up to a point.


Not My Story

Don’t mistake judging a hippie, never. They have been to places where you have never been, seen things and experienced more than you. And they have been happier than you will ever be.


Hippies or Cellphones

Cellphones make people gasp showing the pictures of great things on the screen. And hippies are the people who witness them.



This is what I call one of the perfect hippie quotes about love. The energy that the sweet loving mother leaves is still in the air, the hippies feel it. So, they kiss the air, and their mother kisses them back with eternal love.


Flowers or diamonds?

Flowers are pure; diamonds are some materials that you wear to be appreciated by others. So, which one of them is actually more valuable?



Even the wildflowers feel that they have found friends in humans. Because they seem to feel the positiveness from the hippies.

Ever Small Details

Hippies like to feel small details about life ever and realize how beautiful they are. They find happiness even in the minor things, and that shows how their hearts are really blessed.

See Me Again

Now, this is a funny quote about hippies. Anyway, traveling costs money, that is so true. That’s why we can’t keep on traveling forever even if we want to.

Not Fragile

Actually, she is really delicate but is really strong at the same time. And she is really lovely as well.



Hippie quotes about weed and drugs are fantastic, funny yet true. Ask the weed smokers; they will tell how pot can bring people together.


Stars and Feet

Yes, life is an adventure. Just look at the lovely things while you are traveling. You will never feel any bits of pain in your feet.


Every Road

Now, this is what the hippies wish, as from this quote. They pray for happiness not only for them but subconsciously for the entire world. 


Inner Peace

Well, your inner peace is incredible, never let anyone ever disturb it. Let the people disrespect you, why would you even want the respect of the person that is too stupid to deserve you?




Now read at this hippie quote about religion. Just see how they reached so far in realizing that every religion teaches us the same thing, that is love.


Always Running and Free

Run always, and become free. And see how far you will reach in your life just like Jimi Hendrix did.



Alcohol or Herb

Marijuana promotes love. Alcohol breaks up families. And still, the wrong one of them is legal.




Yes, it is true that many people live as a slave for the money or power. While they still hate people who are masters of their fates.



Footprints don’t only kill time but also make the perfect use of the time that is available.


Like or Love

Yes, everyone will realize eventually that they love hippies and then they will hope that they lived their life as one. At least, once in their lives.


Everything that they said was not normal

Hippies don’t “not” do something because even if they were not wrong, other people said that they are not to be done. This is what we call real freedom.


All About Life

Everyone work every day because they want to lead themselves eventually to a life where they are happy. If you are happy, that is equivalent to everything in the world.

Hippies are amazing people. They are always happy, they are ever curious, and they celebrate their lives as nobody else do.  They travel places because they feel moving is fun- I mean they do everything that they think is fun. These people don’t have any time for sadness, they love the universe, and they experience various things that some other people have not even thought of. After all, they are the people who keep themselves away from unnecessary things and know that worrying is the key to absolutely nothing.

So, what are your best hippie quotes? Anyone of them was your best? And what do you think about yourself? I mean how much of a hippie do you think you are? Let me know and have fun in your life to experience the happiness just like the hippies do.

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