90 I Love You Quotes To Express Your Feelings In the Best Way Possible

I Love You- these are the most beautiful words that you can tell someone and the I Love You quotes must be perfect. How you say I love you is not only how you say it- actually, those three words should be able to tell exactly how you feel and why you love your someone so much.  Whether it may be that you finally want to admit you are true feelings or you are just telling them these words to remind them- you still want them to be said in the best ways that you can.

So, to help you- this time it is I Love You quotes. We went over the entire internet and these I Love You quotes are the best that anybody could find. So, let’s have you look at the Top 90 best I Love You quotes ever said.



Around you

I love you quote that tells everything. When you say someone, they are your world, that will let them know that they have been all you need for some time.



Has been better

When you love someone, your entire life seems to feel better. This quote can be an excellent way to tell someone your feelings.


I love you quotes for boyfriend

This is more romantic than love quotes can ever get. You already love them, but still, you think it is not enough. You keep on thinking about how you can love them more.


I love you quotes for him

Do you have a man that makes you feel like you are the prettiest girl in the world? Then, this could be a perfect I love you quote for him.  


I love you quotes for girlfriend

Tell that you love them until the last moment, keep it simple and keep it straight with this love quote.


Still to Come

Well, like this quote says, the best is yet to come. The present moment is the best moment of your life if you are with your loved one.


I love you quotes for her

This could be a perfect I love you so much quote for her if you are away from your girl and want to remind her that you are still with her.


Cute I love you quotes

This is one of those cutest I love you quote. When you are relaxing silently with the person you love, the loud problems are something you can’t even hear.


Meeting You

Use this quote to tell them how lucky you are. Your probability was one in seven billion, so tell them you are really grateful for them being your lucky charm.


With the Sun

This is one of the sweetest I love you quotes you can tell your boyfriend. Bragging about him to the moon when the moon does about the sun, this will show how much he means to you.


My Heart To You

So many wrong things you have done in your life, but giving your heart to the right person was maybe the best right thing you have ever done. 


Just Want You To Read This

Tell them I love you with this valentine day quotes. This is short yet so sweet.

One Extra Day

How much romantic you could get? You want an extra day to live in the world just to love your special one? Is being by their side for you really better than being in the gardens of heaven?


More and More

This quote tells how you know the more about the person in the next day. This makes you like them even more and more, and you love grows day by day.


All I will Ever Need

When you have your loved one by the side, you have all the happiness possible in the world. So, why would you even need anything else?


Cuddle because of love

Every time you people cuddle, it is not because cuddling is merely just a hug. Well, cuddling comes only if there is love and being able to cuddle is an experience that everyone doesn’t get.


Every Second

Every second you have spent more time with your special one, so that makes you love them even more.

You are the World

Yes, for the one person you love, you are the world just like this quote says. Ask them why they even say I Love You.


More Than Money

Actually, this quote is saying more than what it seems to say. None of the treasures in the world can be bigger than the treasure of someone’s love and trust.


With the Mind

What the eyes see doesn’t turn in love. To love someone, they should be in your heart, and their thoughts should be rooted straight in your mind.


Walk into a pole

Now, this funny I love you quotes are really sweet as well. Just see, you are the reason why the happiness and annoyed at the same time.


You Prove

Yes, saying does not mean you already prove it. You need to verify why you love them like you say that you do.


Who You are

P.S. you still look great. Use this quote to bring in smile to your angry girlfriend. She will be happy in no time.


Love You More

They love you, and you love them even more. Like this quote, you people are competing who can love each other more. That is love.


Really Miss You

Yes, you really miss your loved one as this quote. When they are not with you at the moment, your thoughts are not okay with that and go back to the time you were together.


Reminding You

Everytime you say I love you, you mean those words. You are not telling that because you need to. Make them remember that with this quote.


More Reasons and Longer

You love them like you have never loved them. Sometimes, you have so much love in your heart that it becomes impossible to bring them out all at once.



The French people are really wise. I mean now tell me, how sweet is that accepting that only the physical body of the one is missing?


Lucky Man

She doesn’t say I Love You, tells you something else and still means those magic words. Well, pal, how lucky can you get?


Favorite and the Hardest

I love you quote that would work perfectly on the valentines day as well. Yes, be their favorite and hardest at the same time.


That D

This is inappropriate, funny but sweet, maybe? Why not tell this quote to your boy before making anything out of it? I bet he will be proud.


Will You

You ‘re not just saying them I Love You, but still asking them to accept at the same time. Still being sweet, yes this classic quote is cool.


Infinity and Ever

First, you only thought about the moon and quickly realized that the distance is not just enough.



No life without you

Tell them that in every imaginations and dream you have had about your life, they are always present there with this I love you quote.


Heavenly Paradise

Yes, you need to say to them that your life is a heaven and the feeling of affection that you have for them puts you in paradise.


My Heart Tells Me To

Tell your special one that you love them because you love them. Nothing in the world exists that can take the feeling away from you.


The Sun in your life

Tell them that you are the Earth that is your world and they are the sun- your world is not possible without the sun.


First Thought

You Love them. This thought comes to your mind the first thing you wake up, and this is the last thing you tell yourself before you sleep.


No Plans

This quote says how love happens without no plan. You meet a person in random in your life and now own each others soul.


Better than Dreams

This is one of the best motivating quotes that tell about love. In reality, you are already with the person you love. That thing may not be guaranteed in your dream.

Should Try to be You

Even the perfect is not better than the person you love. Well, that is what the quote in your heart says.


Ever Night

Yes, the person you love takes up your entire thoughts before you go to sleep. And there are rare instances that don’t make you smile.



The reason that you love them is that they show you affection every time they can in every single way possible. That is what makes them unique.



This could be perfect I Love You quote for your mother. The perfection for someone is their mother. Tell her you to try hard to love her as she loves you.


You Always

I choose you, and I will keep on selecting you for me. Tell them this quote and make them assured that they are the only preference of yours.


For the Time

You love them for the time. For everything that the time brings. And you will love them till the end of the time.


No matter what

Anything that comes in the way, you still will love them. Always and you love them for any reason.



You were an unexpected occurrence, but now I expect you to be there forever. This is how short I Love You quotes can mean everything.


Who I am

The reasons that I love you? Well, just like this quote said, it is because I am a different person in front of you. I am my best when I am with you.


I swear

Well, if you are really living your dream, then there is no possible way in the world that you are going to let go of it now, will you?



Tell them I love you like this- you are not afraid of the insecurities, but you actually happen to be afraid because of the amount of love you have in you.


Because of You

This I love you will make them smile for sure. The only reason you love them is that they taught you to do so.


The important thing for the most important thing

This love quote is really cute. You say that breathing is important to you, but telling them that you love them is more important to you.


I don’t say it Enough

Tell them this quote when you want to tell them I love for a lot of times at once. This is a “cod”e of love that copies and pastes the “program” that says I Love You.


Ridiculously Happy

The loved one makes you so much happy that sometimes you wonder if it really is the way that you are supposed to feel.


I love You

This quote is long but it doesn’t need to be. You only love your special someone because you love them.



You are all- and that matters. Tell them that they are the all that you can even think of.


Today Again

You have mentioned this various times as well, right? If you haven’t today, then do it already.


Soul Mates

A soul mate not only loves you but knows what is in that soul of yours. You people will be the best couple when your souls are the best of friends.


Than My Own Skin

Why just skin? Because even inside that skin, there is them. And you don’t love anything more than them. 


Sleep Tight

This quote is something you will have to repeat every night. When they remember you before their sleep, their sleep will automatically be better.


No Enough Thanks

If you want to thank them for all the beautiful things that they have done, just use the words of these quotes. Nothing left unchecked.


Since I Opened My Eyes

Your mom was not only happy, but she was also proud when you opened your eyes for the first time. She really deserves this quote.


Complete me

With you, I am the complete me, and this is my I love you so much quotes for you. Tell her this.


Thanks For Making me Happy

You will need to keep on thanking your girl. Believe me, it will be good for you health. Here, this quote will help you.

When I catch You

You love her because you get to look her straight into the eyes.


My Man

Bob Marley is my idol. I love him not only for his music.



This quote says that you love them because they are all the sweet things ever possible to exist.

3 Things

This I love you quote is inspiring as well. You love them and are ready to be patient and always be there by their side.



Cousins are competitive. But you love your cousin despite all your quarrels, don’t you?


Alive and All

You are in love, and whatever you do or are doing, it is all because of them.


You Can Keep It

Well, you can keep my heart as said in this quote. But, as a return, I would want to see what is inside yours.


Scared Sometimes

Sometimes, you can be confused and afraid of asking yourself that if you are really supposed to love them all the time like that, as said in this quote.


Loved Back

Why do I like this quote? Because it tells me about the most assuring and the comforting thing ever.


Sadness into Happiness

Yes, there are fights in relationships, and that could be sad. When you have a quarrel, tell this quote to them so you can build something even stronger.


Love Life

Love your life- how? You might as well ask hippies for their motivating hippie quotes. Like them, you should also learn to love your life.


No Distance

Your love stretches more than the distance of the distance between you and your loved one. Just remind them that with this quote.


It was You

The moment you first saw your loved one is not a moment you will ever forget. You already have that great memory inside you, so I don’t need to spoil that with my words.


Comforting and Happy

This is absolutely every sweet I love you quotes you can tell your man or girl. They give you all the happiness and make you the most comfortable.



Something Missing

There is indeed something missing. You feel like you are incomplete when the loved one is not on your side.


Hugs and Hugs

A hug from a loved one always does the trick. The hug is the nearest you can be to your loved one, you know.


Wanders to Find Home

This quote will memorize them that they are always in your memories. Yes, this is a good love quote for your loved one.


How I Love You

Love cannot be explained. Everyone knows that. That makes love more precious, but sometimes you are pretty annoyed that the love cannot be explained.


As a Friend

Friendship turns into love. It is not because you are friends from the start, but you begin to realize the feelings that bond either of you is more than what friends have for each other.


Love You the Most

You know you will love them anywhere, everywhere and in every way possible. But still, you feel more love from them towards you from them.



I love You quote that will remind them how important that they are for you. But I bet, if you certainly love them like this, they never have had a thought of leaving you.


See The Face

God build the earth for us to teach us how to feel love. So, if you do, then the mission of the God is certainly accomplished.



Even the slightest of memories of those people will make you smile. Just ask yourself – I mean how powerful that memory can be?


Never Found Enough Ways

You have told your special one that you love in a lot of ways. This time, with this quote, tell them that you still haven’t found enough ways to reflect your feelings.


No one else could have

Tell them that there is a place in your heart for them and it is reserved only for them, and no one else will be welcomed there no matter what.



As this quote says, that woman is really brave. You need to always stand there by her courage.


Two Hearts and a soul

Like this quote says, isn’t love wonderful? Two souls and two hearts- they combine to be the same.


No Never

This I Love You quotes will remind them that they are perfect for you- they are all you would ever need. So, you will always love them and never let them go.


I Love You- these three words are magical. Actually, they are not magic words because they are words but because they mean a lot more than mere three words. They mean your entire soul, your feelings and everything you can be or you can think of. Saying these words means having the courage to stand by someone until the end of the world and be willing enough to share your heart with them. How you say, those words- a better way is essential as well so I hope you found the perfect words for you.


I sincerely hope that you found the best quote you were looking for from the list of these best I Love You quotes. If you did, I am happy for you. I am always searching for better things to write to help you and till that time, have a good day.

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