90 Best Valentines Day Quotes For The Special Day (With Images)

The valentines day is a really special day, so that makes the valentines day quotes extra special. The valentines day quotes will help to tell your partner how much they mean to you on this particular day- and them knowing it will mean a lot to you. There is nothing more beautiful than love, and there is no one more important than a loved one, so the words used to represent any of them must be perfect.

But, we know love is always too hard to express in words. You feel it too loud, but you still sometimes are not able to reflect them in the paper. You may sometimes run out of them and you maybe somehow confused in the day your brain is supposed to work the most,

So, to help you with that, we have gathered 90 of the best valentines day quotes for you. Take a look at them, and choose the perfect one for you.



The Mutual in us

Funny valentines day quotes like this are really cute as well. After all, only the weird people fall in love with the weird ones.




Like this quote says, how many times does your valentine keep on telling that they love you? You both keep on repeating the same phrase as if the other person has never heard it.


Real Love

I would not just look at this quote under the realms of valentines day quotes only. This quote actually is an excellent motivational quote and reminds the both of you to never give up on your love no matter how many fights may occur.



This quote is all about how important the love is. If we have a life, that means we are supposed to love and be loved.


Every Single Day

This is one of the best cute valentines days quotes ever, Like how do you feel when the one you love treats you like it is valentine day every day?


Miss You

This is a quote you should send as greetings to your special someone on the special day, who happens to currently be in a faraway land. (I am only trying to make your love sound like a fairytale).



Well, this quote makes you feel like you and your one are the characters in a love novel. Well, you actually are – in your own books.


Same Direction

Like this quote says, people who love laugh at the same things, believe in the same things and would like to hear the same thing. That is those three words.


Best Hours

George Moore quoted these marvelous sentences, and they turned out to be one of the most beautiful valentine quotes of all time.


My Dear Friend

A perfect friend quote, this is one of the perfect valentines day quotes for friends. After all, the day is all about love, you can show your love to everyone you want to.


Everything Heart Needs

Yes, send this quote to your friends on the valentines day. And check to see if the part of your friend inside your heart is happy as well.


Dear You

Why not use this quote in the greeting card if you are searching for valentines day quotes for your husband? Your husband has made your home blessed anyway.


Perfect Mistakes

This is one of the best short valentines day quotes. Even the imperfections are perfect of a loved one.

Single Soul

Yes, this valentines day quotes will bring tears of joys in your love’s heart. They will come to discover the common soul that represents both of you.



Valentine’s day quotes for him like this will show your man how much you are protective of him. You can feel his soul as he does yours, and you are not only made for each other but made like each other.


More Love

This quote can be sad, but it is what we still need to realize. Paperwork or any other works in the world are not as beautiful as love.



A little Chocolate

This quote is funny but really cute. Yes, a little chocolate is still needed in love anyway, right?


Yes, this may be a battle. But when the enemies are in the most beautiful bond together, the battle will never progress as it should.


Hundred Hearts

This quote will make your loved one smile. For it is true, only one heart may not be enough to carry the affection that you have for them.


Someone Special

There are so many consequences, so only some people even try to dig into your heart and reside in it. This quote is what you say to those wonderful people.


Accept You

If you are talking about you, you are perfect in your own way. As this quote says, you only need someone to see that.


Always There

Your loved one is always there when you need them, so you need to do the same. Just remind them that you will with this quote in this valentines day.


All Along

Maybe it is true, when the god makes you, he has already made the perfect one for you. And he connects the both of you.


No Endings

True love never ends. There is no way that they could end, it is not natural. Remind your one with this special quote.


Hang On

Finding someone to love is not like anything else. That person is too special for you to ever let go. You should never forget that.


No Ways

A girl’s love is must for a man to live. If you have a girl, remind her that. This quote could be the best valentines day quotes for her.


Finds You

As this quote says, you don’t go out seeking for the one to love. You two will come together, as the story of love is already written in the stars.



Strength and Courage

Love is strength and love is also courage. This quote is the best quote for strength- the strength you need to build in loving.




When you people are in love, whatever you guys do is connected directly to the soul. That is what makes love different and wonderful.



Most Alive

This quote makes perfect sense. Remember, you are in love right now, and you feel like you’ve been living in the best way possible, don’t you?



Yes, tell this funny valentines day quotes to your man. You complain still loving him, that is the best way possible.



What this quote tries to say is really deep. A heart filled with love is far better than a face filled with good looks.




Love is happiness. Happiness only comes from love. You might as well use this quote as this year’s valentines day quote for your family. Promote love in your lives and always be happy.



Madness and love come together. One is not possible without the other. Both of them happen for a reason.



Ride that is Worth


Love is not the thing that drives the world. It is the thing that makes the ride fun and filled with happiness.



Well, she quoted she would count how many ways she loved her valentine. But, I guess she was never close to the final number of the reasons.



Heart in Heart

You carry the heart of your valentine in your heart. Use this quote to tell them that.



When you are so in love, you will feel that a kiss is better even than finding new wisdom. This quote is really accurate.



Yes, when you are in love, you don’t have a thing to dream about. You dream of happiness, but all of that happiness is in front of your very eyes now.



No Reason

Yes, love happens for a reason. But, to apprehend the truth, nobody actually knows what the reason is. Well, it is a reason for no reason.



Give your valentine a hug. A special hug for the special day. Why? You did read this quote, didn’t you?


Each Other

Two lives are holding each other. That is the happiest spot for both the lives to be. I am glad we found such great valentines day quotes.



Friendship in Fire

Let us bring a little science in this valentines day quotes. Heat makes things expand. And catching fire makes things to move around recklessly, having no time to think about anything.


Albert Einstein said one of the most perfect valentines days quotes- now how rare it is? But not only gravity, but you also can’t blame any other things.



Loving is a duty, yes- the man told it right. If you fulfill your duty, you will gain the right to be loved.


Live Without You

Tell me, can valentines day quotes be more emotional? I want to explain the quote, but I am out of words.  Milne nailed it.


Everyway and every day- that is how and when you want your valentine, right? See, this sweet quote just said the same thing.


Number 1

You are my number 1, but also, there are no other numbers in my life. Valentines day quotes can be this short and incredibly sweet, isn’t it amazing?


Again and Again

Tell me, how many times have you fell in love with the most special person in your life? The person quoting this has had a million times, I can say by looking/


Dream Come True

Yes, it is true. It is like you are the person who is suited to exist only in dreams. The reality can’t be this perfect.


The Best Thing

Yes, it is true. Love is the unrivaled thing that has ever existed in your life. And loving someone is the most beautiful thing you have done as well.


Why I live

Use this quote valentine day quotes, and don’t tell him that you found it in here. You will see the emotional side of him for sure.


Right In The Heart

Now see, God has made you for me, so who am I even to betray him? So, all I ever can do is just keep on loving you, in the very best way possible.


Loved Because of Love

Actually, love needs a reason. But, all we can say is love is the reason for love itself.

One Smile

That one smile for you may only be a slight movement of the lip muscles, but for the person you love, it is the world. So, as this quote says, you know what you need to do, don’t you?

Still You

It all happens by itself. Wherever you may be, or however you may be- your eyes will always look to seek to the best view it can see.


Love Always

Valentines day quotes don’t have to say a lot, and still, they will be special. All that this quote means is that you love your someone and will keep on loving them.


Way Through

Love is delicate- but it is brave. And love is the only single thing that can fight against strongest of the opponents and still win comfortably.


Last Everything

You may not be their first- but you are determined that you won’t make them need anyone else from now on. Remind them this in this valentines day.


Family And Friends

Valentines day quotes for family and as well as for friends are needed in the day. The day is all about love and no matter who they be, you still love them, right?


Step Without Feet

Love is the way to fly without no airplane. But, you don’t fly in the sky you see, you actually travel to a different dimension.


The Favorite in History

This quote is really sweet, isn’t it? The history of ever still contains your loved one in the number one.



Kiss Forever

Well, to be frank, this is not that funny, we have had funnier quotes about life. But- this quote is still too good and tells about what kisses actually mean in love.


Can’t understand

You can’t understand why you love your someone, but meanwhile, you don’t need to understand, either. You love them, and that fact is more than all you need to know.


I am me, and you love me

“The Notebook”- Nicholas Sparks is the only one who can think about these awesome quotes.


Past, Present, Future

This valentines day quote is only a little reminder of how your love for the one is eternal. It started never to end.


How Much

I will have to say, this quote is one of the best inspirational love quotes. Days don’t count, love starts whenever with the same intensity.


Rules then Heart

Comparing the way you love and the way a musician plays the sweet melodies in the piano. This valentines day quote is really romantic, isn’t it?


Always You

You may be awake, or you may be asleep- but you still think about your valentine everyday. Make them remember with this quote on the valentines day.


Still You

This year, use these words as the valentines day quotes for your wife. They will mean a lot to her.


More Important

Yes, as this quote says, that is true. Love is when you value your partner’s happiness more than yours. It is when you learn to sacrifice in the best way.



He is dumb, but you still love him dearly, don’t you? Yes, this valentines day quote must be your valentines day quote for him. See how will he react.


Love you like crack

Don’t laugh at this quote, baby. Because the love towards you is even more addictive than crack itself.


My Friend

I would say, this quote is long but cute. Still, it’s too much for me to describe everything about you and your friend so you read it and you will see this can be the valentines day quote you will say to your friend.


I Love Everything

Use this valentines day quote on your one to tell them that you love their everything. Clear and straight.


No Regrets

This quote really shows what trust is in love. Be blind. Fall backward, and the person on the other side will catch you even if it is not possible.



Best Girlfriend

This is one the nest valentine days quotes for your girlfriend. Tell her she is the best girlfriend- the straight truth.


Easiest And Hardest

This valentines day quote is really romantic. You want to be the best at all the things you can be for your better half.



Well, tell your Valentine that they are awesome. And also, hope that no one has tried to tell them that already in the day.


Growing Love

Love is that thing that keeps on growing, always, at its own pace. Tell this to your valentine and also tell that your love is also growing by the way.



Last Love

First loves make the best songs, true. But the last love makes the best of times and memories. With this valentines day quote, tell them that you are willing to be their last love.


All In Place

Love, keep on at it, and everything is certain to be perfect. Just like this quote says.


Every Day

I will join in to help you with your troubles and will be there to celebrate your happiness. Your lover is your friend also- so you can use some friendship quotes for friends on this special day as well.


Sweet Puns

Well, do you want to be creative in your valentines day quotes? Well, you can already use this very quote, actually. Don’t forget to change the name, anyway.


Have Fun

Valentine’s day quotes for single people. Yes, I am awesome, aren’t I? Go have fun peeps, there are a lot of people like you.


Easily Meet

Well, love sometimes does not need to be that romantic. It may happen at random. But love is love, it is still the most wonderful.


Sooner and Longer

Actually, if you could, you could stop the time itself and keep on loving forever. That is not possible, but still using this valentine’s day quote is possible.


Valentine’s day. This day only comes once in the year’s calendar, so you don’t forget to make it the best one you have ever had. This is the festival where the most important thing is celebrated so you will need to make it as much as special as you can. Don’t hold anything back for your loved one- just like you have always done. Give your best in the day, and see how it will certainly turn out to be great.

So, did you like these quotes? If you really did, tell me if you are going to use any of them. If yes, then tell me which one of the best valentines days quotes you are going to add on your card? Anyway, have a happy valentines day, and I hope you and your love will have a lot of fun.

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