104 Best Thankful Quotes and Sayings That Will Change Your Life

Thankful quotes are something all of us need to read and abide by. First of all, the gratitude is one of the best qualities that humans can develop. When we are thankful for anybody else, then that will mean a lot to them. And the next, being thankful means being right and being good means making our life positive and better. Thank You- it is not just a word, it shows how grateful you are to a person. And to the person you are telling this, it also shows how your behavioral aspects are excellent. When you thank the people, it also shows how much you respect them for the things that they have done for you.

So thankful quotes are necessary. First, they help you to realize all of the reasons why we need to be thankful for, and they also give us an idea of how we could be thankful. So,  for these very reasons, we have compiled the best thankful quotes from the internet.

More Attraction




Well, as this quote says, the more you say thank you to the other people, the more thank yous you are going to hear.

Wake and Be Thankful

Quotes about being thankful for everything good that has happened- well, you really are a responsible human being, aren’t you?

All The Government

One of those funny quotes about being thankful, this quote is equally one of those sad quotes as well.

Plentiful Harvest

Being thankful for something as this quote says, will make you use it for a good purpose and make something out of it.

For The Cup

Well, doesn’t this thankful quote say it all? The quote has been said perfectly, that will sparkle the emotions of anyone reading this.

Still Going Right

Well, we should follow this quote quite often for now.

I am So Thankful

Short thankful quotes can also mean a lot- this quote just proved it.

Things You Have

This quote could be an eye-opener if we read this quote and realize that this is talking about our behavior that we have not realized yet.

Things To Be Thankful For

Well, this quote is another version of “what you give is what you get”. The same goes for the thankfulness as well.

Thank You For Everything

If you have a boy that you want to be thankful for everything he has done for you, this could be one of the best thankful quotes for him.

Mistaken Focus

What has been said in this quote doesn’t happen sometimes, but if I am right, it happens always. Now, it is time for us to be thankful for what we already have.


Well, if you have nothing else to give, you can still give your thanks to the person.

The Best Attitude

Well, I guess it is. Actually, I now know it is. I mean look at this quote- we see, the people with the best attitude we know also gives the most gratitude.


Read all these words in this quote. You will get what this image means after you see so many words about being thankful.

What Are You?

Answer the question in the above quote. I hope your answer will be for a multiple of these things.


Every Thursday, I mean every day, make this quote one of your quotes of the day. You might as well change your life.

Be Thankful

So many thankful quotes have already said you this, so now you realise how important being thankful is, don’t you?

The Thankful Heart

Well, read this quote, and then you make your heart a thankful one.

Turned Around

All of us should have the experience of being familiar with this quote.

Always Something

Well, there always is, as this quote says. All we need to do this find that things and rather than worrying about any other kinds of stuff, let ourselves be thankful for the thing.

A Virtue

Yes, we need to remind ourselves that and if we are thankful, then we may also be proud that we actually possess a virtue.

Hello, Go to Heaven

Would you also say this quote to the God? Well, if you would, then he would be thankful as you are.

For My Friends

If you are looking for thankful quotes for friends, then what about this?

For Each And Every day

Add a small, motivation thankful note in your Good Morning quote. It will sound very good.

For My Friends

We, indeed are thankful to our friends in a rather unique way as in this quote, And if you want to read more quotes about friendship, then you might find an interest in our friendship quotes.

The Cure

We need to believe this quote. And if we think rationally, then we come to find out that gratitude is indeed the cure.

Being in my life

If you want thankful quotes for your family and for your friends, then this is the one you need to read.

A Lot

Well, after reading this quote, we also come to find out the same. We certainly have a lot of those things.

Thankful and Fearless

Yes, be thankful and fearless at the same time as this quote tells you to be. I know you have it in you.

Respect Towards Others

Let’s take this quote in this way, when some person thanks you, don’t you feel like they are respected?

Enough Prayer

Well, come to think of it, this quote is so real. Thank You itself is what the most prayers mean.

You Share

You share. What do you share? Anything you can. Well, I am talking about our thankful quotes as well.

Asleep in Life

Well, we don’t need to question any word of this quote. “A person sleeping in life”- well, isn’t that a great metaphor?

All Day

Well, life is a gift like this quote says so are all the things that our life brings to us. We already have enough reasons to say thank you, don’t we?

The Fairest Blossom

Gratitude surely comes from the soul. Like this quote says, the soul in the home of the gratitude.

Sign That You Are Alive

This quote may not seem so practical or somehow hard to follow- but even if we suffer, we still need to be thankful at the positive side.

That Thorns Have Roses

If the word in this quote made you speechless, then you would also like to take a look at our positive quotes.


Why not do this, make your own thankful quote like this. I mean have a diary and list all the things that happened on the day you are thankful for. The world is certainly going to change if every day, there will be billions of thankful quotes like this.

In this Heart

The heart in this image is the same kind of heart that every one of us should have.

Parent of All Other Virtues

I mean common, being thankful is good quality and if we have this individual character, then we are indeed going to develop a lot of other virtues. This quote says a lot.

For All You Have

This is one of those short thankful quotes we can say, but if we are what it tells us to be, then a lot is going to change.

For The Struggles

Struggles lead to strength, and we need to be thankful for it. Well, even repeating the words in this quote to ourselves is going to make a different us. And if you liked this quote, then here is a list of our strength quotes.’

The More

Thanking someone means they are going to be thankful for you as well. This rule applies to the life also as this quote says.

What You Have- concentrate on it.

Isn’t this quote something that we have noticed for a long time? These words are already in our heart now all we need to do is comply with it and believe the words.

The Hard Times

Well, if you are thankful, then you are going to get stronger. That is a simple truth.

Genuine Thank You

The genuine Thank You in this quote doesn’t need to be so hard to give, all you need to do is say thank you from your heart and truly mean it.


This quote says it all. These are more reasons for us to be even thankful.

A Gift

Was your reaction after reading this quote was that you were gasping saying it was amazing? Well, I am thankful for a quote that my life could perceive as a gift.

Never Regret

Isn’t this thankful quote very inspiring? Well, I have made it sure that I am not going to regret now.

Hard To Come By

Yes, well we need to be thankful for the good people for coming into our life.

Perpetual Thanksgiving

We could be a different person if our Thanksgiving were also perpetual as in this quote. Like living every day like it’s November 22.

Rise Up

Buddha’s quotes are good to read and wise to follow. Also, he knows so many reasons for us to be thankful.

Thankful To The Painter

Let us thank God. We need to be ever thankful to the God- the reason is in this quote itself.

The Music Of the Heart 

The next time someone tells me thanks, and I feel that soothing vibe all over, then I certainly will remember this quote.

All This

Well, don’t skip this quote only because you think it seems long. Read words ever and then I promise you are going to feel thankful for the quote itself.


This quote is what the Family stands for. All of it starts with being thankful as well.

I am Blessed

Well, we are humans- we have feelings, emotions and so many adventures in our life. While some other souls are in the body of other animals. I mean even waking up as a human means we have enough reasons to always be thankful- we need to be.

To Be Happy

So, why not we be grateful to become happy as well?

The Key

This is another one of those being thankful quotes and sayings that every kid should be taught before going to school.

A Day

We already know why a day is so important and awesome from the previous thankful quotes.

This Quote

“The God is not a small God, he’s incredible”. Don’t the words in this quote prove that?

Full Of Both

I would say this quote would also one of the best Thanks Giving day wishes.


Thankful quotes like this for mom will mean a lot to her. We are thankful to our mom, always but we don’t often say that in words- so when we do, she is going to remember it for the rest of her life.


Look at this quote about life. Or life is so many things at the same time. So, are you thankful yet?

But Most of all

Read this quote, and you will know for yourself you need to be thankful.

A Gangster

Well, that means even the coolest kid in the block is thankful. I mean if you want to be a gangster, even then you need to have this quality in this quote.

The Day

This quote is a life hack. Do what it says, and you will know why.

These Things

If you also are thankful for the things that people don’t usually like, then you are special. Believe me, you really are.

For The Troubles, We Don’t Have

This quote means we need to be happy for the happiness we already have. I mean why just be sad for the sadness that we welcome.

Into Enough

This conversion is one of the best translations we can ever see. And so for this thankful quote.

This Way

I know that you already get this quotes meaning. But, I am just repeating this for you because I truly want you to be happy.


And for more reasons to smile, take a look at our smile quotes as well. You will like all of them.


This is one of the best I am thankful quotes to say to the world on its birthday- he would take it as a very good gift. Also, take a look at our Happy New Year quotes.

The Opportunities

Ever successful people already follow this thankful quote. So, it is almost time for you to do so as well.

Under Construction

Funny quotes are fun to read- well that obviously makes sense. But, maybe people like me and you should be thankful for the people around us who are still waiting for us to be people know can be called adults.


And in the times that you have allocated to be thankful, you can decide to spend a few days in nature. Our nature quotes will tell you why.


Another one of those thankful quotes for him, I guess you will find this one too good.

What Piglet noticed

Isn’t Piglet the most thankful pig we have ever seen? For more on Piglet, here are our best Winnie the Pooh quotes.

Take For Granted

This quote definitely said something that needs our attention. Yes, the most things do deserve our gratitude.

More and Thankful

It is amazing to see how this quote connects the two words so beautifully and rationally.


Reading thankful quotes like this, I become ready for more and more quotes about being thankful. They are really inspiring and fun to read.


When we realise that this quote has been right all the time, we will feel lucky that we actually got to read this thankful quote. The internet certainly has a lot of splendid things.


Aren’t those people really blessed? This quote tells the ultimate truth.

That Minute

Well, read this quote in your heart before getting to the other one. I will do so as well.

The Will Of The God

Well, we can see it is not only in our quotes but also a lot of other quotes where the God and the quality of being thankful are associated.

The Response

Don’t you think so as well? I think this quote does a great job of making us believe the truth.


The definition of the terms thankful or gratitude is not in the dictionary completely, we can get that after reading this quote.

So Much


Well, like the person who said this quote, we also have so much to be thankful for. Let us thank them as well every morning and every night.

What Will Happen Next

Having what you could be a dream to many other people- I mean it actually is. You don’t know if you will even have that in the future, so all you can do for the moment is be thankful.


You Still Have One

Doesn’t this quote say a lot by itself? I say it definitely does.

Heavenly Blesses

Reading this quote itself, we learn a lot of things. A lot of reasons to push us to be even more thankful than we already are.

The Greatest Test

The thankful quotes to the God mean a lot to him. I mean sometimes, all he does is a test you and everything you have to do to pass it is thank him,

The Habit

I mean this quote is what our guardians and teachers and all of our seniors have taught us throughout the life. This will certainly make us good people.

For These Things in Life

The people who can relate to this quote completely are those who are liked by everyone they meet.

Have Something

This quote also helps us realise that some people in the world don’t even have what we do.

Hem Your Blessings

If the blessings are not appreciated, then they could think themselves that they are not necessary for you. Now, you don’t want that, do you?


Well, thank you quotes also sometimes keep you thinking. Living with only the things that I am thankful for- that is something I can easily do- all I need to do is be thankful for everything I have.

Meant To Be

Life is an adventure, isn’t it? Now, you have reached somewhere further from where you started, and this is the new starting point for the New Year. Be thankful for it.

Much More Unlucky Than You

Remember this quote as one of your motivational quotes of the day. You will be the most thankful person around.

Somewhere else

Waking up in peace is a reason to be thankful for as said in this quote while some people don’t get to feel that even if they want to.

How Much We Enjoy

Doesn’t this quote make the perfect sense? For me, yes,  it does.

Difficult People

We can find a ground to be thankful to every people in our life like this quote says. And if it, after all, is good for us, why not be?

Let Them Make You

Be thankful for those things and befriend them, and they will make you as it has been stated in this quote.

That Is Enough

Well, we can take it like this- being with the people we love is just enough reason for us to be thankful.


The word “Thank You”comes straight from the heart and it is more than a matter of good character. All these quotes helped us to realise the same thing. Now we know more about the word and about its value.

So, what can we do? You and me, let us take a vow here that from now on, we are going to be thankful for literally everything- everything that we have and everything that has occurred in our lives. We know that is not only for our good, but it could change the entire world around us. For now, I am thankful for you reading these quotes and till the next time, have fun.

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