55 Inspiring Abraham Lincoln Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Abraham Lincoln was an inspirational figure- he was a reason for the change in the American history. Not only he was one of the most responsible people in abolishing the slavery system in America, but he also promoted the unity as no other person did. All his words made an impact in the people’s heart so; it must be on interest to learn what the Abraham Lincoln quotes have to say.

Abe has quoted about various things- most of them about being unity in his country, but all that he said also could be related to people’s lives. That is the reason that the Abraham Lincoln quotes have even a higher significance. His words, they have created such an impact that they are also taught in schools all over the world. We know, that he was a historical figure of the United States of America, but leaders all over the world aspire to be as great as he was, at least the people who get into politics with only right intentions.

Today, to remember all his great sayings, we have included the most inspiring Abraham Lincoln quotes. These are the words that are remembered as his best, so we hope you like it.

The Public Sentiment

abraham-lincoln-quotesWell, don’t we hope that every other politician was just like Abraham Lincoln? In this quote, he has stated exactly what made him one of the most influencing political figures not only in his nation but in the entire world.

The Humblest American Boy

Well, Abraham Lincoln never wanted to be in anyone’s control- he was never okay with the fact of how he was treated as a boy. But still humble, he always wanted to live like every other free citizen of the US living.  And according to the quote from the New York Times, this was what made him such a figure.

The Depression that Built

Well, what Abraham Lincoln did in his life was because of the strength that he developed while going through the tough times. We also have to take motivation from this quote and through our struggles, try to build ourselves as he did.   And, of course, for some help, our strength quotes are still here.

Any Great Thing
Well, Abraham Lincoln did great things, didn’t he? Like this quote says, he wanted people to make him do the things that influenced the world. He was really a strong man.

The Free Land

The Abraham Lincoln quotes like this show why he was one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. Weel, to be a land of freedom, every person should be equally free, and everyone should have equal opportunities. Such were the beliefs of the great man.

We The People

Abraham Lincoln quotes to inspire people to this day. Actually, they can motivate people- but it is that we just don’t seem to have enough time to hear what he said. If every people can realise what this quote means, then they will understand their true power.

Without Other’s Consent

Well, like he said in this quote, the people need to choose the person of superiority. When someone tries to govern even a single person without the support of anyone else, this is an autocracy. And nobody should stand that.


Well, Abraham Lincoln quotes sometimes can be sarcastic, but they always state the truth. Well, even a fool could be thought wise if he doesn’t speak- but Lincoln, in this quote has used this statement in a rather witty way.

You Do Your Own Growing

Well, Abraham Lincoln quotes certainly are entertaining at times- just another reason for people to be more interested in what he says. In this quote, he has managed to state motivating words in a quite humorous way.

First Win his Friendship

Well, for a man to be your friend or your companion, first you will have to win his trust. In this Abraham Lincoln quote, he has said exactly that.

About Me

Abraham Lincoln did do this what he talks about in his quote. He did grow a lot of flowers in his lifetime which changed the course of the American history.

Noble Save Or Meanly Lose

Well, in his time he saved his country. Abraham Lincoln frequently stated his country to be the last hope of earth. Now, it is all up to you guys to choose from two options in this quote.

The Labor

Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln definitely knew what labour actually meant. In this quote, he has made it clear how the hard work of labour should never be looked down upon.

The way of the Whole Human Being

Abraham Lincoln’s quotes about love are something all of us need to understand well. Well, like this quote says, we need to know what being a human means. We know what love is and how to show it. So, we should give it to any living companion- whether that be another human or some other species.

By Noe Evading

Abraham Lincoln quotes about hope- this is something that everybody struggling should study. Well, even just a bleak hope for tomorrow can lead to your dream come true- but if you forbid your future by yourself, you will obviously have no chance.

The responsibility 

Well, doesn’t this quote hold true to this day? Many of us speak what we don’t do- or rather something that we can’t commit to doing. This is something we need to stop.

Character and Reputation

Well, so after reading this quote, what will you want to build more? I guess you will have to plant the tree first, make it the biggest ever possible and then the shadow will be big by itself.

The More Important Resolution

You definitely should get this quote. After all, this indeed is one of the most inspiring Abraham Lincoln quotes on success. Well, you make a decision and believe in yourself- that is exactly how he became successful as well.

The Life In Your Years

Well, quotes like this are what makes Abraham Lincoln quotes worth learning. I mean not reading- actually learning.

The Book

Well, not only the Holy Bible but every other holy book are the gifts given to the humans by the God, this quote says it all.

My Religion

Well, after reading this quote, why not we as well follow the religion that Abraham Lincoln does. I mean I am not talking about other religions, but this particular one.

The Sharpness

Well, from this Abraham Lincoln quote, we now know how preparing for something is as important as doing it. We need to be really careful to get the things ready.

Only With The Right

Well, if all of us can do what this quote says, then the world will be fair to everybody. Choosing the right thing- that is why the human beings were given the ability to judge.

For The True Character

Well, this quote is very accurate. Only a person with good character can make a good use of his power.

Do the Good

Well, this quote implies that if we want our lives to be good, we will need to do it- not make every other person’s like ours so that ours look good.

For The Union

Well, most of us see how Abraham Lincoln played a major role in abolishing the slavery system in the United States, but maybe that was not his major concern.  Actually, he did that because he wanted to promote the unity. It is some sort like he hit the moon in his way to the stars.

Bring the Other Thing

Well, even Abraham Lincoln’s funny quotes become worth analysing. He was a man who always liked the change. Well, he signified that with this hilarious remark.

My Mother’s Prayers

A man like Abraham Lincoln will never forget the people’s wishes which helped him to reach where he got.

My Way of Destruction

Abraham Lincoln quotes lead you to live your life in the perfect way- this is an example of that. Well, making friends out of enemies- only the wise people can do that.

The War

He made that remark in a light-hearted way, but still, this quote may have changed a lot of people’s perception of the evil thing. Like Abraham Lincoln, every human being except those stupid people in power wished that the war was a little forgiving.

To You

Well, Abraham Lincoln did leave his people like this, didn’t he?  Now, for his wish in this quote to come true, it is all the people’s interest to contribute all they can.

Destroy Ourselves

Well, what Abraham Lincoln quoted is the true definition of this homeland. America is certainly the most powerful nation in the world, and if it gets destroyed, then it will be the people to blame themselves.


Well, in this quote about democracy, Abraham Lincoln gave a clear idea of what the election is. The people have a chance in the election- the people in power get their power if the people let them do so. But if the people themselves can’t choose the right candidate, then it is themselves to blame.


This is one of the must-see Abraham Lincoln quotes on leadership. Well, this quote should be a lesson learnt by the leaders in today’s time. Well, not only the leaders but by every person who is proud because he could fool others. The people will eventually come to realise the truth.

No Time For Failures

Well, like this quote says, you should never afford to let failures scare you away. Because you know, you never fail. Thoughts of failing are just a fear while the aim of completing something is a goal. The later is always important.

The House

Well, the country is a house, isn’t it? All the people living in it are families and there is no way that the house will exist if there is no harmony in the members itself.

For What They Do Themselves

Well, sometimes we do feel uneasy while helping a person on a job that he can possibly do himself. And even if we feel uneasy, like this quote says, we should not do so because it will not help his life at all.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Well, let us say that these Abraham Lincoln quotes are reviews and previews of the quotes that you have seen and still are going to see. Just to make sure you get a good grasp of all of them.


Well, this quote urges us to respect agriculture which we must do. Not only giving us the food we need so bad to survive on, but the agriculture also helps to strengthen the nation’s finances.

Only if he knew it

People don’t feel for someone else until they have to go through the same hell- isn’t this fact sad? Well, this is only the reason that so many unacceptable cultures like slavery system have existed in the world.

The Mercy

Well, like this quotes says, isn’t it evident that the justice sometimes may not be as effective as the mercy? Abraham Lincoln did find the true thing.


Well, did you get this quote? It says that the fights never last long. One day, all the fights definitely have to come to an over, whether that be of human beings or other creatures.

Those Who Look

Well, Abraham Lincoln quotes could do a great job changing the concept of the human mind. Finding the bad in people is not so hard, if you want to be focused on that thing, you will do it easily.

The Crisis

Not only in our man Abe’ country, but this crisis also seems to be coming in every country. Well, in some years, if the system is just like the way it has been going, then who knows, what Abraham Lincoln saw far away could be accelerating towards us.

Seemed Insufficient

This is one of the best Abraham Lincoln quotes about freedom. When people are alone trying to make a change, then things like in this quote can occur. Well, in this quote, he tells how the support of the wisdom other than our own mind is also needed while we are seeking freedom.

The Heart To Help

Well, we need to get this quote. We should not go criticising people with no intention of helping them. Nobody has reserved us the right to point anything wrong in others work where we have nothing to do.

The 17 Seconds

Well, this quote can also be one of the quotes of the day. This quote is something that we need to remember every new day. We are certainly set to create a lot of positive energy for ourselves.

Heaven With No God

Well, even if you are an atheist, you should not keep yourself away from the fact that you need to live a good person. Even if you don’t think that someone is watching you, you still feel it, don’t you?

The Things Left

Well, the people who work hard go for their dreams by themselves are those who get the best achievements. Like this quote says, we may gain something if we wait for our chance as well, but the better things have already been taken by the people who have pushed for it.

The Ending

The war is evil, there is nothing good about it. Nobody should be taking the side of the war as this quote says. People die in the war, but not for themselves just for those who are in power.

The Proof

Well, take a look at our hope quotes as well. When Abraham Lincoln said this, he must have changed a lot of people’s lives. Well, the people who have achieved what we think is impossible are the living proofs and our inspiration.

A Slow Walker but Still

Well, no matter what our walking speed be, as this quote says, we cannot look back. If we are walking in the right path, that is also the closest to success so, no matter what may come, we should never alter our way.

Magnify the Both

Isn’t this Abraham Lincoln’s quotes so true? There are positives and negatives both in our life, but it is all up to us where we put our focus. All we need to do is we have to make it sure we do the things that make us happy.

Responsibility for the Destruction

Well, destruction doesn’t come by itself, it is the people who invite that. So, we have to take that responsibility by ourselves if we bring something like that on the world. There is nowhere to hide, and if we bring that, then we don’t have any other options than to live in the middle of destruction.

The Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Now, let us end our Abraham Lincoln quotes by these epic quotes from Abe. Don’t you think his words are very positive and if everybody is willing to follow what he says, the world will easily be a better place?

Abraham Lincolns’ life story was like no other human beings. He is the person who contributed a lot to change the entire course of history- let us say that people like Abe are born only once in a millennium. There could be no other person who could change millions of others lives take a positive turn, in the most unfavourable situations as he did. He lived his life struggling not only for his freedom and well being- but also of all other people that he knew. So, everything that he did was inspiring- and his words deserve to be inscribed in people’s heart until the world exists.

So, we are lucky to be in a generation after Abraham Lincoln’s. Every time we feel down and think something is getting hard, we get a chance to look up to him- and change our lives with a mere hope. In his life, he has taught us to never look back, never look down or never let anyone look down on us. This is what all the Abraham Lincoln’s quotes taught us and his dream of everybody being together- we need to make it come true.

So, I know you liked these Abraham Lincoln quotes, which one of them was your favourite? Do you think these quotes could change your life? Let us know and till the next time, have fun.

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