73 Jealousy Quotes That Will Help You Deal With Your Haters

So, there are some people jealous of you, and they hate you – that is the reason you are being bothered, aren’t you? They just burden you with a lot of worries- you worry not because they mock you but because they humiliate themselves with the low-class jealousy they have. That is the reason we compiled the jealousy quotes to help you deal with them. I mean come on, people hating on you only because they can’t do things themselves or can’t be like you, that is not rational. And to be frank, those people don’t have an idea about how to deal with themselves so, you will definitely need some help from the words to at least not care about them.

Jealous people- well, isn’t it hard to explain them? Sometimes you have to wonder, what could possibly be going in their minds that they conclude that you are wrong and they are right- about things that they don’t have a single idea of. Maybe they think that talking is the only thing that you should do because that is all that they can possibly do. Well, the jealous quotes actually explain all of that and will help you to get rid of the most negative energy that they worked so hard to implant on you.

So, to help you, we looked for jealousy quotes. And after a lot of searches, we have come down to the best 73 jealousy quotes that have ever been said.

Glory To Dangerjealousy-quotes

Well, this quote is kind of sad. Nowadays, when we work, we have something else to think about- the people. We really have to be careful that the jealousy will not devour them such that they will do anything to make us fall.

About Them

Well, isn’t this quote accurate? People hate you because they know that they can’t do what you do. Otherwise, they would work themselves instead of trying their best to get you down.

The Jealousy in Relationship

When your partner is jealous of other people being close to you, then it is not mainly a bad thing, as this quote says. At least you get to know that they love you so much that they don’t want to see you with anybody else.

Only the Negative

Well, isn’t this quote accurate? When somebody is jealous of you, you certainly know that they don’t talk to you- they always remain silent in front of you. But, when they get a chance to say something negative, they are the first ones to open their mouth.

I Do Not Want To Be

Well, there is still something positive about people be envious of you. For more quotes like this, take a look at our positive quotes.

The Social Life

Well, this quote is not only about jealousy, but it points out all the problems with the human society.

His experience

Well, isn’t jealousy also a very big reason for the crimes to occur, just like this quote says?

The Gift

Well, like this quote implies, jealousy has really been the enemy that doesn’t let us experience the best gift that the God has given us.

The Correct Way

Well, this is an inspiring jealousy quote for the investors and entrepreneurs. A businessman will never be successful when he is envious of other businesses.  He needs to respect if the others achieve and so that he could push himself to do what they did as well.

For the People

Well, if it were for love, the people would never have to hate the love. Love is essential, and it is something that is the opposite of hate, and if someone says he hates the love like in this quote, then I am sorry to say but he is obviously going to find himself in a world he would never want to be in.

The Trust

Well, this quote also talks more about jealousy, but see what it tells us to turn jealousy into. Well, if we can do that, the trust will be perpetual.

The Indication

Well, this quote says it all. So, if you think that someone is jealous of you and they have shown you that, then now you can brace yourself. Just be happy because you are in the right way.

The There Will Be You

Well, there certainly be you when you prove all the people with jealousy that it is their wrong to spend their time hoping that you won’t accomplish what you set out to you. Just remain true to your words and keep on working hard as this quote wants you to say.

A Good Life

Well, as this quote says, a person will only live a good life if he is happy with what he does. And if a person is truly happy, nobody will be able to take that away from him.

Respect Them

Read this quote and respect your haters. Well, they are the people who appreciate you in their heart- just their mind is pretty messed up. They believe in you like nobody does.

The Drama

And I know that you relate to this quote as well. You don’t want them to hate you-you don’t invite them to say anything. It is just them who create the jealousy. Anyway, let them do it.

Be Happy

Yes, be happy- if you are happy and they still don’t like you, then it is their jealousy. For more quotes about being happy and yourself, you can also take a look at our hippie quotes.

The Blown Relationship 

The jealousy quotes in relationships like this will help a lot of people to figure out what is wrong with what they are doing if they read all the words carefully. That mud is something really annoying and useless, isn’t it?

The Woman With The Poison

At least, I know if you are a girl reading this quote, you are very different from that woman about whom Osho is talking about. The jealousy triggers a lot of bad behaviours, doesn’t it?

Throw Them Out

To be frank, even we sometimes realise that we have jealousy, don’t we? So, if we do, then we have to do just like this quote says, rip them apart and throw them away. It is not so hard doing it, try the next time.

The Gossip

Well, the people just see no problem with gossiping, but this quote blows that. Gossip is a callous thing, just like this quote says, we waste our own time hurting the person’s soul.

Drop them

Yes, jealousness is something that we have to get rid of as soon as possible. It ends love- it brings a lot of tears in the world. From ending relationships to big world wars, the jealousy has been a very huge contributing factor.

The Social Climbers

Well, when you read jealousy quotes like this particular one, then maybe you come to realise that the people that hate you for no apparent reason are the exact people that have been referenced here.

The Faithful Girlfriend

So, dude if you think that your girlfriend is overly jealous, then you have to read this quote. And for a girl who believes that she could be wrong being so jealous of other girls with her boyfriend, then you are special.

Destroy Ourselves

See, even one of the Abraham Lincoln quotes says how the freedom will be destroyed if the people are jealous of themselves

The People Who Know

Well, for the people who hate you, they know that everything is going right with your life. You are happy, and they haven’t found out a way for themselves, that is what this quote actually wants to say.

The Equal Level

Well, even this quote says that you should not really care about your haters because they are those who can’t be in your level.

The Compassion

We need the compassion that Dalai Lama has said in this quote if we really want to overcome the hatred or jealousy. If our love for them is strong enough, then the weak jealousy will never get a chance to wake up.

The Analysis

Read the analysis of the jealousy in this jealousy quote. And also hope that the people who are envious of you will get to read this at least once in their life.

Afraid to Lose You

Cute jealousy quotes are what the people in relationships like to read a lot, I know that. Well, if they are jealous of you being with other people, then maybe that is another reason for you be with them as much as you can.

The Sad Fact

Well, it doesn’t bother you that they hate you- it only bugs you knowing how stupid they are. This quote is really sad.

Those Who Hate

Well, this jealousy quote has given the perfect definition of what the haters are. The people jealous of you- only thing positive about them is that they will be good stone throwers.

The Reply

Well, if you said this quote to the people jealous of you, then maybe they will start to hate themselves. If you can, try once and tell me how it went.

The True Friends

If you have true friends, then they will never hate you- well that is a universal truth. Fake friends will get jealous of you, that is good to know as well. You can also look at our friendship quotes if you liked what this quote had to say to you.

Together in Every Victory

Well, the people who have got real friends are very familiar with this quote, even though they can be unaware. In your victory, you will also get to find out what types of friends you have.

The Real Situations

Well, like we said earlier, we could say that the fake people are the ones who get jealous of you. And this quote points out just that.

The Competent and a Self-Confident Person

Well, you are one of the people that this quote talks about, aren’t you? And if you still have got doubts that you may not be, then you can try to bring in a little change in yourself, and then you will find that you actually are.

Notice The People

Well, reading only jealousy quotes we may not be able to tell who the non-jealous ones are and maybe this quote will help you.

A Clone

Now, taking all the emotions aside, the funny jealousy quotes are also what we need, aren’t they?  This is really something that would go in our mind as well if somebody was to build our clone.

The Positive State

Yes, this jealousy quote also did a good job giving me an opportunity to say that- “if you want to read more of these quotes, check out our positive quotes.”

The Chances

These chances are very high. So, if you are being hated, just read this quote, and then you can turn it off as their own problems, not yours.

The Gun

If all the people realised the true meaning of this quote and embrace it, then we could bet that nothing like jealousy would exist in the world.

What The Men Make

Well, even if we could see the perfect sages, then still being human beings, we need to be ashamed. I mean the things in this quote including the jealousy are what we create.

People Turning Blind

Well, I mean you are really tired of those people. But, this is all their fault, I mean what can you possibly do?

The Wasted Time

This quote is something that all the people jealous of you should probably see. At least they will get an idea that they are wasting their time while they could be where you are if they wanted to.

Never Trust Them

Well, you may find it hard but, this quote is very true and something that you will need to follow.

The Suspicious Creatures

Well, this quote also shows how we are as well.  If we want to be completely innocent, then we also have been jealous at times, haven’t we?

Not Better Than Them

So, this quote is really something that you will have to remember, always. The people will always be willing to help you if you are still not on the same league as well, but when they see you coming close, then that is the time they hesitate to help you.

Make Them Enemies

Quotes about jealousy and envy like these are certainly something that should be taught to the kids as soon as they can understand the words.

Like The Salt In Food

Well, now I will have to admit that this is the most accurate jealousy quote about love.

The Disease

So, after knowing the essence of this quote, do you think that you from this point on will always be healthy? Even if you only think that you can be, then you definitely will.


And will, this could be one of the best jealousy quotes for him if you want to tell your emotions in an honest way to your boy.

The Used Toys

Well, this is funny, but this quote is very accurate. Well, don’t feel jealous of your ex, you don’t need to.

The Real Man

Well, this could also be a jealous quote for her if you think that your girl is somehow jealous. Remind her that you are a real man.

Don’t Respond

Be careful, listen carefully when the people are rude to you. Because you know, as this quote says, you will get a chance to learn a lot about them.

That Acid

Well, like everybody else, you don’t want the acid in you now, do you?

My Life For Me

Well, go front to the people who hate you, then say this quote in your heart. Well, I said in your heart because, you know, they will never get something good.

To Be Noticed

Well, do the people that this quote is talking about sound familiar? I guess it is the people who envy you.

Shine Any Brighter

I know that you sincerely wished that your haters looked at this quote. Maybe they would learn something.

Those People

Well, what can even possibly do worrying for them? To be frank those people who hate others are clueless.

Jealous of The Clouds

Well, this jealousy quote not necessarily one of these jealousy quotes but is actually inspiring. This is poetic and also makes you want to see our nature quotes.

We Have Done

Like someone being jealous of us, we also have been jealous of someone maybe even in the slightest way. Anyway, all this quote says is that it is our own responsibility for anything good or bad that we do.

Contradicting Their Lies

So, after reading this quote, maybe you also now have an idea of what your haters are. And now you also have realised that you don’t have to worry about them.


This jealousy quote is so real. The truth that has been said in this quote is exact and up to the point. Well, you certainly have been able to someone’s immense attention, haven’t you?

You Pretty Little Mind

Well, I know that your mind worries when people throw rocks at you. But it is just that you are soft and innocent, well let the people do that. Because they have always done so. Just remember this quote next time the people say something rude about you and your work.

Lack Of Appreciation For Yourself

Well, let your haters see this jealousy quote. People who have realised their own worth are busy making it useful. The genius people have no time to hate others.

The Emotion

Well, the jealousy can break a relationship- if you let it to. This quote is something worth remembering forever.

You Love That Person But Still

Look at this quote and read the words carefully, aren’t they saying the truth. If you are in a wonderful relationship, then your loved one will never want to get out of it like you. So, you will need to learn to trust them.

 For The Women

Well, all the women are beautiful- and they are unique. Everybody has their own value. Like this quote says, a sunflower doesn’t need to envy the rose, they both are beautiful.

Be The Go-Getter

Well, this jealousy quote speaks the real deal. Being jealous or being envious- that is what the insecure people do. Now, you are not one of them, are you?

Troublesome and Torments

The jealous people really know how to multitask- they create troubles for the others and put themselves in a word of pain. What a better way to be stupid.

Well, the feeling of jealousy is something that God doesn’t give us- some people may say it is instinctive human behaviour, but this is something that we can actually control. We ourselves should never be jealous of anything, and we need not worry if someone is jealous of us – this is what all the jealous quotes said to us. There is possibly nothing that you can do to the jealous people- there is nothing that you need to do. Because, common you are busy with yourself- so you must be, and when you are happy and lively, why do you even have to care when some people themselves conclude that you are the reason that they are not.

So, the next time that you are bothered, then everything that you need to do is remember these jealousy quotes and you should also come back when you think that you can be helped by these jealousy quotes. The people hate you for no reason- you don’t want to be like them such that you also worry because of no reason- you don’t have to.

And, what did you think about these jealousy quotes? Do you think that these jealousy quotes will help you? Which one of them tells the story of your haters? Let me know, and till the next time- keep on being awesome so that the people have to hate you.

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