Top 93 Most Powerful God Quotes And Sayings That Will Change Your Life

Faith in the God- this will take us a long way. The God is the supreme character- he doesn’t even need to exist in the physical world, but his energy is something we all feel at times, there is no denying it. Well, we hear him at times – for example, when we are feeling love, then we definitely feel that someone is supporting us from the behind. Or when we are doing something wrong- then there is a voice heard by our soul that tells us to think again. God may not exist in person- but he indeed is among us, and will always be. So, the faith that we have is a really important thing, and that will let us live our lives in the best way possible. Hence, the god quotes are something the people with faith always want to read to feel the positive energy of the God around them in words.

That is the reason we accumulated the best we could and found a lot of God quotes. So, here are the best 93 God Quotes for you.

A Good Plangod-quotes

Not only reading this quote but if we try to understand the words like exactly what they want to say, then we will find a reason to never be disappointed with the circumstances.


Definitely, what this quote wants to convey is that the God doesn’t want us to worship him- but that is something we have to do. The God created us, and he deserves to be worshipped.

The Tomorrow

Tomorrow has already been planned out- something good is in store for us. Like this quote says, the God has already made a good tomorrow which we don’t have to fear.

The Right People

Like this quote says, there is no reason to be questioning every person in your life. Well, everybody gets to meet good people as well because the God made it be so.

Take A Deep Breath And Trust

Well, definitely and you will see how your sadness will turn into happiness if you are willing to follow this quote.

The Masterpiece

Taking a look at the universe that he created, the God is the best artist there has ever been. So, trust in him, just like this God quote says.

Protect My Loved Ones

The God quotes about love- they become really cute like this when you are not praying for yourself but for the one whom you share your heart undoubtedly. Well, you might also want to see our valentines day quotes as well.

The Strength

Well, let us thank the God at times- for he is the one who lets us be stronger as our life moves on.


To actually take a rational view of the things, we already have all we need to get our dreams to come true or become happy. So, this quote is something we will have to say silently in our prayers.

Through Every Pain

Well, if you are a human being, then that is what makes you familiar with this God quote.

It’s Not What You Need

Well, yes – sometimes this quote becomes exactly apparent. First, when we don’t have things, we wish for them, but after having them, we sometimes may even reach to the point that they don’t become relevant at all.

The Fate

Well, this quote is also true. The God is the one who created that fate after all.


Well, even God won’t do things for you overnight. This is the truth. First, we have to make him glad- not by doing himself a favour. But, by firmly holding our grounds until we get his help.


Now, even saying this prayer after waking up or before going to sleep will define another way how we approach our lives.

The Justification

Every time you are hurt and you don’t deserve it, then the God will definitely make it up to you.

The Dialogue

Well, as he says in the quote, being able to listen to what the God had to say has taken this man to the place where he is at the moment. And quotes like this are great motivational quotes to the athletes.

The Two Way Conversation

Well, here is another one of the God quotes that says you to be able to listen what the Almighty has to say.

The Right Type Of Prayer

We need to be aware of this quote. If the God were to solve all our problems, then there would be no point in living at all.

No God

This quote was also included in our Abraham Lincoln quotes and you remember it if you have read the post. Anyway, wee- the mystery of the universe is definitely something that someone created.

The Funds

Definitely, this quote is something that our human race must take seriously before it is too late. While some people still have no food, we have already wasted a lot of money on wars.

The Something

Well, if there is a way to a problem, then there is a way outside it as well. This is how God made it.

Never Rejected

You will earn what you deserve and sometimes what happens if you put more work on it than you think it would take. Som impressed, the God takes you to something better.

No Locks Without Key

Well, here is another interpretation of the previous god quote. Hope you seriously get what this means.

From The Love Of The God

The God created everything by himself and he has all the access to it. For us it is a huge world and love is something hard to find- but for God, the world is very small, and the love is all he knows.

Once You Know

Well, you obviously are worthy of more than what you think you are- this quote says it all and very precisely.

The Mercy

The mercy that the God shows upon you after you really pray for him with the purest heart, then there is no way he won’t let that reach you.

No Hate

Well, it is sad that most people don’t get this quote. But look at the bright side- you have already gotten what this quote wants to say to you.

The Love From The God

Well, let us keep it in this way. You make something wholeheartedly with all your passion. Now, maybe I won’t have to speak about the love that you will have for it.

Always Blessed

And how you become a blessing- well that is simple, all you need to do is the right things. The things that are supposed to be done.

How You Handle

Well, if you have the power in your vision and conscience, then you can easily realise that the God gives you everything that you will need to get what you want. And finally, it is all up to you as stated in this God quote.

The Direction

We need to believe God and the direction that he lets us in. And we will already have been really successful once this quote becomes something we completely related to.

Blessings And The Protections

If something harms us, then the God won’t want us to have it.

The Appearances

Well, God already is in everything and everyone. What this quote wants to say is that he activates- when we need him to.


So, sometimes, we will have to realise there are some decisions in our life that we have to make for ourselves.

The Morning

Well the God gives us every energetic morning so, why to hold back and not pray- it is not so hard to follow this quote, you know.


Well, this God quote becomes apparent at times, doesn’t it?

Don’t Worry

If you have always been right and still shed innocent tears, then that is when the God realises that something wrong was happening. And he will take actions of course.

For The Ladies

So, even for the girls, I guess you will have to choose a man with faith- like it has been stated in this quote.

What He is Telling

Many God quotes are telling us to listen to what the God says. I guess it is already time for us to try to do so.

The Moments

God creates the moments- so we need to do the things that have been stated in this particular quote.

The Number Of Reasons

Well, the God wants us to do what he wants us to do, and being happy is no exception.

For Another Day

Well, another day passed, and there were so many wonderful things. And, we know who was behind all this. So, let us pray like in this quote.

Your Heart

Sometimes God does find that changing your heart is more important than changing the situation. So, this quote becomes relevant at the times when you realise it.

The Best Listener

When you get that the God will be listening to you even when you don’t speak, then you will find this quote to be of relevance.

Creative Not Created

Definitely as so- the woman is what the God lets girls be. God creates the females, and whether or not they finally become a woman, it is all up to them.

Look Out For Scars

God quotes sometimes are eye-openers. Well, this quote explains why the God is so great.

The Talent

Well, talent is just a gift from the God, and whether or not we make use of it, it is all up to us. So, as this quote says, we really should work very hard to repay.

The Unconditional Love

Even if you ask the God not to love you- he cannot do so. All he can do is love without asking anything back- just like in this quote.

My Trust

Well, isn’t this what we do as well? Sometimes, even when we are in doubts or fear, we still keep on going forward with the belief that we have- knowingly or unknowingly.

Reason For Everything

We have already experienced this quote before, and even right now, we may as well.

The Rock Bottom

Now, here is another one of the God quotes about life that is really inspiring.

For The Miracles

Here, in this quote, some people may find it hard to believe. But when they test out for sure, then the miracles obviously happen.

Listen Through My Heart

Well, here is another one of the very powerful God quotes. Did you say this quote in your heart as well?

The Journey

And what the person has believed in this quote is absolutely true. Also, if you liked it, then you will like to read our life quotes as well.

Not a Lot To Start

Throughout the journey, God is not going to ask a lot from you and to start it with him is also not something robust- as this quote thoroughly points.

Best Way To Find Love

The God and the Love- they are always together, aren’t they? That is the reason that this quote exists in the first place.

I’ve Found Him

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everybody in the world realised this quote?

Doing something

The God obviously likes doing a lot of things- constructing them. So, who knows what goodness is cooking in his mind at the moment?


Well, if there is a situation that he recognises like something you never had to have in the first place, just pray to him.

Good And Love

Well, here is this God quote for you. Straight up to the fact.

The Faith

We can try to understand his plans- but even if we don’t figure them out and we have already set out on the journey, then the God is still with us.

Let Nothing Do You Bad

Well, if you ask me, “how do I my life with God quotes?”, then my answer will be- just follow the precious words like in this one.

Happiness In What I Have

Not only the God quotes, but the positive quotes are also what you need in your life. And if you understand both of them, then you will uncover a lot of mysteries about the life.

Than My Dream

Well, even telling this quote to yourself every morning is definitely set to change your life. Just mean those words of course.

When in Peace And When worried

So, here is a God quote from a very peaceful person. You will need to remember what it says.

The Perfect Person

Well, what we consider perfect is definitely the God. So, like this God quote says, never be worrying whether or not you will meet your perfect one.

The Storm Outside You

Well, maybe who knows- the God will open the windows and the doors again when it is safe for you to get out and finally play in the best weather possible.

Walk Alone

Definitely, this quote doesn’t really refer to the God in words- but what you will need to know is that even when you walk alone, the God is still with you.

Your Prayers

Well, these are the only things that we need to pray for, and if we get these things, we will get everything that we can ask for.

The Wisdom

The people who pray these words are the people who really get what they want. Wishes do come true if you wish for the right things.

The Blessings For My Family

The family quotes should also thank the God- it will be good for the entire family.

David Withing You

So, that is the reason that no matter how hard the circumstances be, we need to keep on fighting hard.

Dear God

God quotes and sayings- well, that was for you. I hope that the God will really bless you.

To Build You

He only breaks you when he finds a better way to build you. So, maybe you should not break your own heart for any of these.

The Real Meaning

What is faith? This God quote says it all and straight.

The Unique Personal Relationship

We definitely are superior beings for the next person in our unique relationship is the man himself.

In A Way Never Before

Well, you have been reading these God quotes until now, so with so much faith and love, you still deserve to blessed, don’t you think?

The Continuous Prays

Well, circumstances are always good for you- at least the God designs them to be so. Hence, like this quote says, being thankful is the best we can do.

Every time I Count

Here is a positive vibe. God quotes that could change your life. And if you count every good thing that you have, then you will also feel the same way.

Two Things

Remember these two things for the rest of your life. You are going to be the bravest person on the planet.

Make You Strong

Now, this type of belief is what brings tears to everyone’s eyes. This quote is very inspirational.

Coffee And The Wine

Well, getting kind of funny- I bet the God has a very good sense of humour as well.

The Heavenly Father

Here is another thank you God quote that you could always let hang on your lips.

The Troubles With The Lord

Well, this quote is true, but also to remember- don’t keep on getting yourself into troubles when you know what you are doing is not right. You will have to make up for it- that is the rule.

Many Times

Well, I guess this quote is relatable to a lot of people reading this as well.

The Day When The Lord Made You

In your birthday quotes, you may as well include God quotes like this one. The person whose special day is on the calendar may as well remember the person who made him.

The Ways Of Questioning

Well, what we ask is all in the concept of our conscience. If you were looking for why me god quotes, then this is one for you.

That What’s Happening

Well never give up and never look back. This quote is another reason for that.

The Child Of The God

Well, this quote is what a completely honest heart sings inside it.

The NUmber One Focus

This God quote is very accurate as well. And the person who said it really has got the right idea.

The Process Of It

We definitely have to remember the three points that have been made in this God quote.

Something For You

Well, we were also a part of the God’s plan. Every good thing in the world was also God’s plan. So, even when we think he is not responding, he is always up to something like it has been said in this quote.

Greater Than

So, here is a God quote which makes you think twice. Especially when you are keeping yourself down.

One Thing

The mind is vast but you know, it is not a place for two very different things to live. So, you will need to follow this God quote.

Keep Me

Now, this is the quote that everybody struggling in the world must see.

Then Let It Go

Right doors at the right time- well, now this quote is very accurate. Sometimes we think that worrying or overthinking will change the result, but we will have to understand that they will take us nowhere.

A Loving Woman

Women are strong, they are the ones who know how to love the most. And the ones who have faith in the God will definitely be those who the world would want to be.


The presence of the God doesn’t need to be physical and you don’t need to go to any church to worship him. To be frank, the God doesn’t even want you to worship him- he just wants you to feel him. And listen to him when he says the right thing. This is what all of these God quotes tried to tell us and after reading these God quotes, most of us might well have been different people.


So, what did you think about the God quotes? Let us know, and till the next time I have only got three words to tell you- “God Bless You!”


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