99 of the Best Time Quotes That Have Ever Been Said

Time is precious and time quotes can help you a lot to make the proper use of time. So, time quotes are precious as well. They are important in the aspect that they can first give us a proper definition of time, and the next- they tell us how to spend our time wisely. When we follow the time quotes, we can be assured that we are doing nothing wrong with our time- because we remember that the words told us that the way we are using time is the way it is supposed to be used. So, those quotes can be of a lot of advantages. And when the time quotes are said right, they can change the lives of various people who soak these quotes in their heart.

To help you become one of those people, we gathered the best time quotes from the internet. These quotes give the various definitions of time from many angles and dynamics and may also change your entire perception about the valuable thing.

So, here are 103 of the best time quotes that have ever been said.

Shitstime quotes

Your time is priceless, you should not have any time for things like in the quote which donot help you at all.

Dare to Go

Yes, in some cases, like this time quote says, the perfect time may never come. So, buckle your shies already.

Responsible People

So, all of us should long to be the responsible people as said in this quote. Let us make the unpleasant things pleasant.

No Time

This is one of the most exemplary quotes for time management. Properly use time. It will be for your own benefit.

Why Waste

This time quote is something many of us should already look and understand. We have been wasting our valuable time a lot on the undeserving people.


Well, if you do as this quote says, then you may as well find the true love that you have always been dreaming about.

Not With It


Well, the airplane does take off against the wind like this quote says- but we also know that the airplanes soar up so high- higher than the wind.

Why I’m Wasting My Time

The confusion in this image shown can also be said one of the unexplained quotes about time passing.

You Will Die

Yes, we may have enough time we may think, but our time is limited.

Tree a Long Time Ago

What you do now may also make differences after you die, you should be aware of that.

Time Wisely

Using our time wisely- all of us need a good practice for doing that. And we should always do the right thing.

My Time 

Usain Bolt didn’t quote this out of the blue- this is definitely his time. And maybe you can make this times yours, too.


You know you don’t have enough time with her- so you want an afterlife as well. For more cute birthday wishes like this, take a look at our happy birthday quotes.

What Really Matters

This quote is always prevalent. As time passes on, we come to know what we live for and what not.

Love and time

Love is important and true love doesn’t waste your time. You should learn to know that.

Both For Each Other

This is one of the best quotes about time and life.

Make Time

It’s about making time for working hard. After you decide to do it, you can also look at our hard work quotes for some back support.

Want but worst

Isn’t this quote about time an eye-opener? Well, I do feel so. What about you?

Require Time

What happens in a little to no time is not fun at all. And they are not great things as said in this quote.

Lost Time 

One of the shortest, yet- most motivating lost time quotes. We shouldn’t only read the words, but at least take a little while to analyze what they mean.

Not Tomorrow

So, why do you keep on waiting for tomorrow? As this quote says, you can make your future today, can’t you?

Only Thing

Well, anything else can wait but not time. From this quote, we should be wary of time.

Free But Priceless

Harvey Specter said it true. All of us get enough time from the beginning – but most of us just waste it until we don’t have any.

The pilot of the Fight

There are a good news and a bad news on this quote. I hope you will only focus on the former.

Spend it wisely

Just don’t read it in the words of this quote- you should truly realize that time is precious. You could earn riches but not the time.

You and Me

Well, time changes and things like this may happen. FOr more romantic ones, you can look at our best love quotes.

Funny Time quotes

This time quote is funny but it is very true at the same time. A great explanation, I will have to say.

Through a Wall

Not only one time as said in this time quote, but there may also be various times when men like you may have to walk through the walls.

A Test

Well, you are dedicated I can say. Now, be so much dedicated to managing your time as well.

Longest Distance

Yes, time is the longest distance. This quote reflects the fact that we don’t actually worry about the measurement of the distance- but we measure the time when we go from one place to another.

Passing Time

Sad quotes like this are also important to learn about the time.

You Own Heart 

And when the time said in this quote will come, I hope you will be strong and careful enough to hear the sound of your heartbeat.

Time For Someone

Not only in this quote, but I bet you have also experienced these words in real life.

Dew On the Tip Of a Leaf

A deep quote from a great poet. I don’t want to ruin these great quotes by an amateur explanation from me.

Time For Family

Worth ever second- well worth every millisecond. A family is important as said in this quote. Try to spend more time with your family.

Make Each Other Pass

Now, this is short. Yet, another very funny time quote. But, it is kind of sad at the same time.

Quit Worrying

God wants you when you enjoy your present. Stop worrying, it will just waste your time.

Time Some Time

Being patient is not so hard, you know? It just means you are in a situation way ahead of time, so now can have some rest.

Was not wasted

What this quote means is enjoy your time. That is the best thing you can do with it.


Yes, if you have to do it anyway, do it already. Keeping off means welcoming disasters as it is said in this particular quote.

Right Time

If it is not the right time- even this quote is telling you to be patient.

Frozen Time

Okay, this quote is about photography but we included here because of how dynamically it has explained time as well.

That One Day

So, you will do so as said in this quote, believe me. So the best you can do is enjoy every bit of the time you get with them.

Start Living

From this moment on- at this exact moment, you should start living like said in this quote.

Relationships and Time

You learned from a failed relationship, and so, you don’t want to think of it as the time that you wasted.

Someone to change

This quote says nobody wants to wait, and it also says that you don’t have to wait for somebody to change.

Why this sadness

Maybe it is the time itself? Sometimes, the sadness really takes it’s toll for no apparent reason at all.

Moving Forward

Remember this quote- you donot have to overly dedicate yourself. Take that one step.

Get Shit Done

That is the quality of a winner. This time quote is all for the confident you.

Miss Your Kids

This is an inspiring time quote for all the wonderful moms out there.

Time To Teach

Because those teachings and those learnings nowadays seem to be very rare.


Well, there are times when you should know what real patriotism means. Just get this quote.

Life Experiences

So, if you are still worrying about not falling in love yet, then look at this quote.

Waste a Part Of You

You and your identity are also important- if in the time you did the right things, you could develop these as well.

Don’t Do it

Well, if someone only will love the perfect you- then it is time for you to stop looking at them and love what you do. They are selfish- everyone loves something perfect, you know?

Stress That Comes

Well, don’t get me wrong- this quote is not for all of you. But, some people don’t get as lucky as you to find true love, you know?

Time With My Family

I bet you do too. But if you think you don’t, you will need to double check and see if you will be repeating this quote as well.

These Two Warriors

Do you have the two warriors of this quote in your battalion? Polish them and train them regularly.


This time quote gives the perfect and the proper definition of Leisure.

One Day At a Time

This quote means you have to make good use of ever days that come once at a time.

Just Breathe

The time in this quote is the time that you have given your best already and are waiting for the end results.

It Won’t Rain Forever

The time changes that also. If you let us help a little but for you to get stronger, then we have our list of the best strength quotes as well.

TIme For Illness

I hope you will not need to be obliged for any sickness. For that, you already know what is in this quote.


Time always finds a way to pay you off. So, you definitely should be careful about what you are doing.

Isn’t Waiting For You

Even short time quotes like this mean a lot. So, you seriously don’t need to wait for the time.

Find Time

Make time – make time- make time. So many people have told you the same thing in their quotes. But all of them are right.

Breathe Out Anxiety

Yes, you have got this time as said in this quote. Just breathe out normally and good.

Greatest Moments in Life

You need to embrace the hardest times in your life- for they are leading you to a better spot. This quote is real.

Pain Zone

When you are a victim of the pain- don’t forget that you are also taking something out of it as well.

Success Alone

I don’t think the thing said in this quote would be really fun now, would it?

No More Time

Time and money- the underrated and the overrated values of each of them have been exposed excellently in this time quote.

Value Of Time Quotes

You have a really valuable thing within you, and that is time. Try to understand this quote.

Never Give Up

So many people have told you this already. But believe me, as the quote says, the tide is set to change in the place we are talking about.

Love Like That

So, are you capable of showing the great love like that as in the quote? I hope that you are.

Important Thing

You will need to know what the most important thing is for you at the moment. And then you can perfectly use your time.

Available All The Time

You sacrifice so much of your time, don’t you? Well, now it is really time for you to analyze if you are doing the right thing.

Beyond Time and Distance

The time is omnipotent, and he is a badass. But believe me, he is a really good man as well. He won’t let things like friendship pass away.

Twice a Day

Time quotes about positivity are really important to learn and so are the positive quotes.

Love Those

The people who free their time are actually giving you a lot more value than the most valuable thing in the world.

Things You Can’t Change

Don’t do the thing.  You got less time, and you have to change a lot of things.

In Those Times

This is a time quote- because I mean, common- “lol” has helped you in a lot of times, you know?

Your Perspective

Well, it does. A lot of us think we know the value of time, but we don’t as in this quote.

Early On Purpose

Your mom also has gone through this time. Just another reason to love her even more.

Relax and have a normal life

The time in this quote means a lot, and it is something people work all their life for.

Let it

Finally, you let it go. The time will help you. Just don’t let it hurt you.

You Control it

This quote is so accurate. Nobody can control it, honestly.

The Greatest Gift

Well, this quote is true. But, only some people who get the gift will understand what it really means.

What Old Age is

The time has already brought in a lot of happiness when you are old. So, counting the years is not just worth it.

Seconds of Happiness

Some may say that this time quote makes no sense, but for people as aware as you, you know the value of seconds of happiness, don’t you?


Read this time quote, it tells you everything about the time and the life as well.

That One Law

We always have time for the quotes about time or love- haven’t we? Especially when they are this true.

Accept the Truth Sometimes

Accept the truth, those wrong people are not worth your right time. Let this quote have an impact on you.

His Formula

Dads really do a good job of motivating their children with life and time quotes like this, don’t they?

Don’t Waste it

Seriously, I want to tell this particular time quote to a lot of people. But, maybe it is my wrong that I hope that they realize it themselves.

The Difference

If you can finally understand the difference that has been stated in this time quote, then you are definitely going to learn a lot about making your decisions about people. This quote is set to change your perception if you see well.

Memories Last Forever

I will have to say this is one of the best lost time quotes. I mean common, if you are making memories, then even the time looks at you and says that you are doing a very beautiful thing. The time will never take that away from you.

The Teachers

Time and the life, both are really good teachers. So, even if it is not in the quote, you will have to become the best student that they have ever taught.

What You make of it

This quote says so many things about time at the same time. I mean common, your time is definitely how you build it to be.

The Quote From Steve Jobs

Read the words in this quote very carefully. You know the person very well who said these words, don’t you? So, I guess you already know how these words could change your life if you can follow all of them.

Missing the Crisis
Living in some sort of a crisis, and getting out of it is really exciting and during this time, you get very strong as well. This is one of the opportunities in your life that the time gives you, so I hope you will do your all to not miss it at all.

Better in The Future

So, this lost time quote teaches us two things- don’t keep worrying about the time that you lost and in the future, do you work in such a way that you will not have to worry at all.

For What We Feel Is Important

Yes, we do what is said in this quote. For something that we truly believe is important, we know that the time the God has given us if for doing that particular thing.

Believing After Some Time

Yes,  this quote is very accurate- you need enough practice to believe- that means you need enough time. I mean you learn a lot in the passing time, and you encounter so many situations that teach you the right and the wrong things to believe.


Time is important- you should really learn how to use it. This is what most of these time quotes have taught you. Every single one of these time quotes has given the definition of the importance of time in their own words and very accurately. All of these words were directed towards you- that is because of the sole purpose of letting you learn why the time really matters.

After reading all these quotes, now it must be our interest that all of us use every single second of our time in a very resourceful way. Yes, we know that we have a lot of time with us- we are very rich in this aspect. But, it doesn’t mean that we have all the time in the world. The time also undergoes a lot of changes- for what the time is appropriate at the moment, it may be useless or impractical for it after a short time.  So, we also should be aware of using our time at the proper time itself. Wasting time in any wrong thing just cannot be accepted at this moment.

And so, what did you think about the time quotes that we gathered? Did you like them? Which of these quotes were to be called your favorite? Do you intend to follow any or all of these quotes? Well, let us know, and till the next time, use your time carefully.

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