5 Facts About Students Fighting Racism

Racial issues have been a very big concern in the around the world since the inception of time. Although very sensitive, it is something that should be discussed and treated with care since it affects not only the social spheres but also all spheres of life. In previous times, the issue only mattered to the adults in the society because they had the consciousness to speak up but thanks to sensitization, teenagers and youths are getting involved and making their voices heard.

Racism, being a crucial issue around the world, a week probably wouldn’t go by without a social issues essay or an argumentative essay on racism hitting the internet in order to show how serious this is. On the news, blogs, newspapers, and even among casual chitchat, this issue is being discussed around the world with little progress being made.

Nowadays, students have taken the lead in the fight and march against racism in order to secure their society against racial discrimination and the abuse that comes with it. Social media has made it easy for their voices to be heard, so teenagers and youths launch campaigns and walks against racism since the community gives more attention to them.

It always has been so that students have tried to change things for better. Given that most of these folks are students, and teenage racism is prevalent in American High Schools, students have, in recent times, become a strong factor in instituting social changes in America especially when related to racism issues. Racism in high schools shouldn’t and isn’t taken lightly. Racism should be curbed from somewhere, and it should be done from schools. That’s why sometimes students are to write an essay or two on racism and for that, they, of course, need racism essay examples to know how to address this issue right.

Students are at the forefront of this fight and as such below are some facts to be noted about students fighting racism:

They are aware of the problem: Obviously, for them to be fighting racism, it only goes to show that they are aware of the situation and the problems it poses to the society at large although it might not be as prevalent as it was decades ago when the society was open in its preconception against the black race in particular.

Despite its occasional occurrence in recent times, racism is still very much an issue, only that people have learned to conceal it better these days. Some of the privileged people in society believe racism doesn’t exist anymore until they come to the realization that it does exist and move towards vying for structured change for the underprivileged the situation will persist.

Students still have access to history books, are aware of their immediate environment; hence, their fight against racial discrimination and brutality.

They understand how other people see things: Although not all, but the average middle-class white person believes that the justice system in their country is fair. The average student realizes this isn’t the person’s fault because that is simply the case in a middle-class neighborhood which the person lives in. In poorer neighborhoods, however, this isn’t the case. Police brutality, racial profiling and discrimination are known to be the order of the day, and this is what students are trying to make the whole world see through their protests and marches.

They are usually critical about their environment: Although they might be tagged as being oversensitive, but to be factual, this issue requires sensitivity. There have been several cases of random shootings and attacks at several people simply because of their color, and this makes students – especially those fighting against racism – to be very careful about their environment even in their schools.

There have been several sensitization programs for people prone to racial discrimination about what to do when they feel there is a threat against them because of their color. This helps reduce violent cases in the long run and encourage others to fight racism too.

They have learned to speak up: Gone are the days when people bowed their heads in shame when victimized. Silence, they say is support for the act when you could have spoken. Even in the event where there could possibly be a racist incident or a racist comment is made, best bet is to salvage the situation before it degenerates to an uncontrollable incident.

They don’t treat racist incidents with levity: At the slightest whiff of a racist incident, students are known to treat it with utmost importance – all in a bid to further make their voices heard and to let the society know that racism still exists. Their teachers, parents and authorities around them are supposed to act accordingly and treat the situation at required be it at home, in school or in public

Very popular examples of when students spoke out and made their voices heard in the fight against racism were:

  • New York City High School protest when a police officer wasn’t indicted for the shooting of Michael Brown;
  • Protest by students against threats made online against Hispanic and black students;
  • Protests against a racist video made in a New York private school;
  • Call for structural redistribution and a walkout organized by the president of Black Students of Charlottesville High School;
  • ‘Lock-in’ protest by a group called “Students of Color Matter” of New York’s Ethical Culture Fieldston School calling for management reforms on racial issues. Although the management met the students’ demands, a senior at the school still filed a lawsuit against them.


We hope this was a useful piece for you to read. In the meantime, use the above information as a sample for your future write-up. Let’s make the world a better place to live for everyone!

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