The 75 Most Powerful Strength Quotes That Have Ever Been Said

Strength quotes can help to power up your inner soul so that you could have a boost of energy everytime you need motivation as you go about life. Sometimes, all you need are some words that will say that you are okay, and strength quotes are exactly that. They help you to be stronger and courageous, and some of them are so deep that they send chills through your spine.  These words, when they hit you, will result in some strong heartbeats. You can feel those beats, and with the strength quotes still inside you, you will realize that you are a whole lot stronger than you think. Actually, the emotional strength quotes don’t give you power- but they only help you discover the strength that is already inside you by inspiring every single bit of your nerves.

Today, we decided to help you recognize your worth. We will be sending strength quotes inside your blood cells- that simply means we have made a list of the best 75 strength quotes we found. Go through them and see if you can relate with those words.




As this quote says, it is all about how you can survive every hardship. Yes, it is true that hurdles are something all along the way and they really annoy you. You may find a hard time getting through them. But after you actually do, it is only the pride that is left.



You may say that Shakespeare was a little sexist when he quoted that, but this was all he saw in his life. Women were mostly dependent on men and men need to have the strength to carry not only their better half, but they should be strong enough to carry their family.

For tomorrow

This quote must be your motivational quote of the day. I mean struggle today, and you are stronger tomorrow. 

The Real One

A real man is tough, this quote is totally real. He won’t cry, is never a coward and he is always courageous. 



This quote is how even a short quote about strength can make a huge difference in the strength of a long list of people. Loyalty is the key.

Don’t apologize

Yes, it could be true that you are emotional. But, as this quote says, your emotions are your strength. You don’t apologize for something that makes you strong.


I Can and will

This strength quote can be regarded as one of the best motivational quotes for athletes and also for other. People could say you can’t, but you are so determined that you already know that you will.  


Get Up

Isn’t this quote wonderful? Tears fall out, it is only natural, but how a person gets up again even after that is really inspiring.



If you are searching for quotes about strength and moving forward, take a look at this. Just see how it tells you to keep on doing so that you will be able to do something you thought you couldn’t.



Nobody believes in you- no problem with that. Look at this quote and remind your heart to believe in yourself. Because that is the only thing that matters.



Yes, the world has itself been designed to break people. But, the only ones with strength are the ones who refuse to be broken.



What this quote means is that show the god your weak part by working on something that you are really weak. And after some while, you will find yourself really strong.

Strength and Honor

People who strive for the strength and honor are those who get them and after thriving, stand up with their heads high. As this quote says, you will need to value these things.

Inside Pain

This is one of the best quotes about strength in hard times. I mean if you are searching for strength even in pain, nothing will hurt you.


Love and Strength

When quotes about strength and love are said, they turn out to be romantic as well as hard at the same time. Strong quotes like this also help make the love stronger.


Numbers won’t matter

For a person with real fighting spirit, the strength in him is stronger than the possible strength in a large number of people. A strong person knows his worth.


Don’t surrender

Successful people who have never given up are the only people suited to speak out quotes about strength and courage. All you need to do is be valiant and be like them.



Deep breath

This quote is indeed not only for strength but also one the best motivational quotes about life. Even when exhausted, take a deep breath in and learn to relax.



No Hatred

As he has quoted this,  there should not be any hatred in you. A truly strong person has no time for revenge. He always forgives quickly.


Right Ways

If you are truly a strong person, you can make differences in doing the right things. Enough wrong people in the world are already considered strong, but they are losers. 


Love is the same

Emotional strength quotes by one of the best rappers in history. Listen to Tupac, you will learn more than your English book for sure. Everything this guy speaks is really deep.



As this quote says, you are supposed to brave. Don’t be a sinner- be a winner.

Courage and strength

Sometimes if you feel it is worthless to try, you need to become brave. That braveness will you through it.



This quote is perfect. The worst thing something can do is kill you. But if it cannot do so, it is you who had the privilege of being stronger.



Yes, the worry is one of our biggest enemies. It presents itself as something unattachable but is a silent killer always determined to make us weak.


This quote gives the pure definition of strength. You try to find positiveness in the most negative things, and that is what proves that you are really strong.



Everybody fight- just that some people’s struggles are not visible. Still, they won’t tell about their endeavors to anyone.


Why not absorb this quote into your heart. Face the fear, look at in the eye, and eventually, the fright itself will be afraid of you.


Inner Peace

This quote was also included as one of the best hippie quotes. Your peace means a lot to you and doesn’t let anybody near it.


Lifting Up

Falling down may make you feel weak. But expending some of your courage to get yourself back up will make you feel stronger.



As this quote says, physicality won’t hamper you. Your mind has always been stronger than your body, and you need to nurture that instead.


No Giving up


All you need is quotes about strength and courage like this. Picking yourself up is where your strength lies.


Effort and Struggle

Nobody is blessed with strength. Ask every strong person you know,  they will have the same answer- struggle and a lot of effort.



This is one of the best strength quotes for women. For every girl out there, you don’t need to apologize. Just be strong like you already are.


Love or Being Loved

This quote means something else as well. Love gives strength as well as courage. To have both of them, you should learn to love and be loved.



Why Pretend

Yes, sometimes this can even be one of the very deep sad quotes. If you don’t like me, say it straight to my face, I will be more okay with that.


Start over

Yes, you need to learn quotes like this about strength and change. Sometimes, you need to start over- that means you have to change. But do it, it is all for good.


Only Choice

As this quote implies- you are actually stronger than you think you are. You have so much hidden strength in you, and sometimes you become unable to release them until you need them dearly.





Consist only strength

Certain circumstances hurt some people while not even being able to spark the interest in others. It all depends.


Help Up

The most wonderful indication about strength is that the strong people will try hard to make others strong as well. 



Don’t quit- all this quote says is that if you quit right now, all that you have already done will be a waste.  You would not want that.


Team and the members

When you are working in a team, give your best, and the team will help you with all it can.



Even if it is a strength quote from an anime character, this shows how only strength is present. It is all up to you whether you have it or not. Don’t forget, Vegeta is still one of the strongest people in his universe.



Strong people never regret. They know every thing that the other people would regret only makes them stronger.


All this quote says is that you must live to build strength today and you will be stronger tomorrow. Past must be out of your focus.




In some cases, feminists say females are stronger than males. And still, ask for special benefits. But see, this is what a truly strong woman has to quote.



Enough Strength

As this quote says if you are living you already have more than enough strength on you to overcome any situations. You must already know that.


Let it Hurt

Let it pain and let it bug you. For, there will certainly be a day you will look back and thank the pains that made you stronger.


New Day

Every day is a new start. As this quote says, try to be stronger every day.


Given Life

Yes, as this strength quote states, the god has his trust in you. Don’t disappoint him.



New year- a new start. Make this quote the motivation quote starting the new 365 days.



You will only be willing to help if you have a firm belief that you are strong enough.


Love For Tomorrow

Love gives you strength. Try to have the most of it. It will pay off in the future.



Yes, sometimes the way to a comfortable way may not be comforting itself. 



Don’t succumb to anyone’s hates. Actually, it only shows that you are doing thing the right way. Go on.


Same Work

Yes, this quote is so really deep. After all, the choice is all up to you, you be what you want to be. Being weaker or being stronger- both of them spend the same amount of energy.



Yes, miracles are always possible. The term exists because it happens. People keep on changing, so keep on having enough strength.


Whats hard

Don’t always look at the most comfortable way out. Giving up is something that you don’t do when you are in a tough situation, but it is something you do to get to an easy one. Strong people never select the easiest option.


Royal Blue

Yes, you will need that royal blue flame as well. Just put some of your energy on that and activate it when you need to get a bit stronger. It works wonders.



Not all The time

As this quote says, you can’t be strong every time. So, the only thing you can do is become strongest at the particular moment. Don’t let yourself suffer too much when you are not so strong.



Don’t Compare

If you follow this quote, you will feel stronger. You don’t need to be anything that other people are. You are strongest in your own way. So, never compare yourselves with other.



Yes, this quote says that you are a fighter. And it is citing the truth. If you are fighting today, there is no way you are not going to be stronger the next day. So, if you are stronger, the days will also turn out to be better.


Keep on

When you keep on at it, and when your legs still move involuntary, that may not be you but your strength. So, let it move on itself.



Held Back

Yes, as Malala has stated, we just can’t move forward. The world is all about us, not about only you or me. All of us have to develop together. This strength quote is really inspiring.



Greatness is not what you can do, but it is how you do something. Use your strength in the right way to be called great.


Smart As Well

First things first- you need to be strong. But when you know your current strength will not be enough, it is time that you ask for help. Everyone needs help sometimes and it is nothing to be ashamed of.



When you are exposed, you need strength. And also, that is the time when you bring out everything that you have in you.


In Herself

Everything is in you. You contain everything you need. Take a look at the hippie quotes as well.


She did it all

Yes, she overcame every hurdle and made her this. So, tell me, would you want to be her? If yes, then do everything that she did- that is a struggle.


Hard Work

Yes, this could be kind of a funny quote. But, it is really inspiring as well. It is not only about being dedicated to the moment in which you work. If you want success, you need to give it all you got in every second you breathe.


Into Strength

Micheal Jordan has this ability, and he quoted it. Now, maybe it is your time to be inspired by him and try to be a bit like him?



Yes, you have been let to live a life because you are as tough as it is. Understand and apprehend it.


Lift Everbody

Seeing someone fall in front of our very eyes and still do nothing is the most cowardly we can ever get. Strength is being able to help everybody out.


What she is capable

But the sad fact is many women still do. A woman is definitely stronger than a man, but just that these days the stronger people tend to be blind, frankly.


Bad to Good

Everything that was supposed to be bad actually turns out to be a good thing for the strong people. They gain strength in every way.



Yes, everybody knows it that you are stronger. Now, it is all up to you. Do you realize that you feel stronger than the day before?



Yes, like this quote says, life sometimes tests us. But let us make use of it, measure our strength in that particular test.


Still With Pride

Yes, a strong person knows that tears fall. But even if tears fall, that is not the end of the world. Tears are nothing but natural. All that matters is the courage to push tears back after they fall.


This is not only a strength quote for athletes but for other people as well. I mean everybody should resemble gymnasts in this aspect. Everyone should be ready to hold on and let go, whenever needed.

Strength is very really important- and strength is something you already have. If you think you are weak, then you are simply wrong. There is nothing in the world like no enough strength. All you need to do is rekindle your thoughts and ask them to find out if you are the strongest person that you know and they will do it successfully. That will help you take on any challenge that is in store for you- and come out of it alive and victorious.

So, did you like these strength quotes? Did they really help you in the time that you needed even a slightest of the motivation? If they did, I am glad, and you can tell me what quotes that I should write about in the upcoming days. Till the next time, enjoy your life and keep on being stronger.

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