89 Best Mothers Day Quotes For You To Wish Your Mom

A Mother- this word is the best word that ever exists, and that person is the greatest person in everybody’s life. We can’t explain the greatness of our mother in words- actually, we just can’t. She loves us- she loves us in the best way that nobody else can love us. And for us, she is someone that has been there for us from the start of our lives- I mean the first time we were born, we didn’t know that the world existed. But still, we knew that this wonderful person was present who would always hold us tight every time she got a chance. Well, our mother loves us every day of the year, and we do the same. But that doesn’t mean that there should not be a day where we are thankful to her and thank her in the best way possible. And that day is the mothers day, and that makes mothers day quotes even more special.

The mothers day quotes are something that you say to the most beautiful person in the world. They should not be good- but they should be made perfect. Everyone wants to wish their mothers in the best way that exists, don’t they?

So, to wish the person that taught us to walk, talk and know the world around us, we looked out for the best mothers day quotes that we could find.

So, here are the best 89 mothers day quotes for you to wish your mother on a special day.

The Arms of a Mother

mothers-day-quotesThis quote is so true- there are no other places as soft and safe and her arms now, isn’t it?

When I Became A Mother

We were whom our mothers fell in love at first sight like this quote says. This is the reason why mothers day is even more special.

Teaching Me To Fight That

Well, this could not be a wish that you would send out to your mother in the mother’s day, but this is probably what she thinks about her life as well. It is a motivational quote from her own lips.

The Greatest Love

Well, even for the child, that is the best love that they ever have known. This quote is so accurate.

The Sweet Flower Of Love

This is one of the best short mothers day quotes that you definitely should include as a wish in her greeting card.

Greatest Teacher

Well, the second part of this mothers day quote can be the same as the previous one, but see what this quote says before that.

Not Only My Dad’s Life

Well, trying to be a little funny, here is a funny mothers day quote. Tell her she does not only complete your dad’s life.

Think Twice

Well, this quote is exactly what our mother has done forever. Makes us love her even more.

A While From Now

Well, here is another funny mothers day quote. I guess she would probably act like being annoyed with this quote, but she will be smiling in her heart.

So He Made Mothers

Emotional mothers day quotes like this make everyone smile. The teller as well as the listener.

You Know Everything

Well, this quote may be from a movie, but this relates to everyone in real life.

All The Bad Stuff I Did

Well, she deserves thanks like in this quote in the mothers day after all your mother has done.

How Ling Chicken Lasts In the Fridge

Well, read this quote and tell me you have not asked her something similar to that. And every question you ask, she always takes it seriously.

For Not Telling My Sisters

Well, I would say this quote definitely relates to me as well. She never says I am her favourite, but deep down in my heart, I know that she is just lying to me.

The Most Comforting Arms

Well, isn’t this quote correct? When in our mother’s arms, we feel like we are the happiest people around.

Someone I Should not Disappoint

Well, this quote is also one of the best motivational quotes that I’ve ever read. We all have to be careful that we will never disappoint someone that has the biggest faith in us.

Only One

She is only one and she is the most beautiful thing in the world. This could be one of the most suitable mothers day quotes for cards.

Bright Shining Star

Well, isn’t this quote what you want to tell your mom in this mothers day as well?

Most Valuable Thing For Me

Even the happy mothers day quotes make us emotional. Well, at least me after reading this quote.

Strength Of Motherhood

Well, this quote is always true. The strength that a mother has is something no one other can have.

My Mother

My mother- don’t you feel proud to say “my”? This could also be one of the best mothers day quotes for mom.

Mother In Law

Well, even your mother in law deserves a greeting in the mothers day as well, doesn’t she?

Love You More Than My Life

Well, tell her exactly these words in the mothers day.


Well, sometimes you become lucky so that your aunt gives you the same love that your mother gives.  This quote from Gerald and his family is also something you could consider for this mothers day.

Love Begins And Ends

Well, this quote is so real. After a mother starts loving her kids, then that love is always reserved for them. That is all the love she can give.

My Bungee Cord

Well, this is another funny mothers day quote. Sometimes you are pretty annoyed when you have to cancel your plans with friends only because your mom is in a bad mood, aren’t you?

What She Taught

Well, this could be one of the best mothers day quotes from daughter. Your mother definitely has taught you so much in your life, hasn’t she?

A Job That Will Always Needed To Be Done

Once your mother, she will always be your mother- you always need her. This quote is so true.

From What Your Child Does

Well, your mother deserves to celebrate all of your success as her own. You want her to do so.

The Magical Thing

Mothers are amazing – you get it reading this quote, don’t you? They feel so much pain, go through so much struggle, but they still say that is a magical thing that has happened to them.

Find My Voice As A Mother

Well, children do make a woman realise that she is a woman.

That Never Gave Up

Well, you are sound now- that means your mother also has been successful. She is one who has never given up- as said in this quote.

The Full Form

Well, now isn’t this quote so true, it actually tells everything about the word “Mother” itself.

Make Leaning Unnecessary

Well, now this quote is excellent. She does give everything to make you independent.

The Stories

Well, we only are the most important event in our mother’s story, aren’t we?

Never Did Care For The Pie

The sacrifices that our mothers made for us are something we will never be able to overlook once we realise them.

Majesty Of A Mothers Life

Well, ever words in this mothers day quote are accurate. Mother’s Love indeed is the best language.

The Most Essential Role

Well, there can never be any other role that can ever be compared to motherhood. This quote says it all.

You Helped Me To Be 

Well like this quote says- she helped you to be you. And she has helped you more than any other person has helped you.

The Root Of My Foundation

Well, didn’t this mothers day quote say your heart out? She started all the beliefs that you have in your mind.

Who Bore With Us And Bear With Us

Well, some lucky many of us find so many women in our that give us the love like our mothers give us. All they push us to be the best we can be, just like this mothers day quote says.

How Much You Are Thought Of And Loved

Well, your mother also needs some time for herself, she has given a lot of hers to you. Now, it is your time to tell her that now she can have that time for herself and you will be okay with yourself.

 My Mother 

Well, this is a great mothers day quote from daughter. If you are a proud daughter of your mother, then you can relate to this quote as well, can’t you?

Inherited Qualities 

Well, you inherit a lot of qualities from your mother. This quote is so true,


Well, read this quote then you will know a lot about motherhood. And be proud because your mom also decided to welcome the motherhood in her life.

My Dear Friend

Well, this could be another happy mothers day quote that you could send the best person in your life.

Is Peace

Well, what this quote means to say is what you have got every day from your mother. Your mother loves and that is it- there are no conditions to it.

I Would Never Have To Replace

This is what we want to say to our mother in every mothers day. And end it up with an I Love You and really mean those words.

Half of The List

Well, she deserves to fill the entire of the list by herself. That is the extent of her love. And that is how everyone admires their mother.

Instructions and Kindness

Well, so, we should always listen to what our mother has to say because the instructions that she gives are the kindest and the best instructions that anyone can ever give you.

The Mothers Secret Hopes

You may change, your lives may change, and you may start and end a friendship with many people. But your mom’s hopes and prayers will always be there for you, just like this quote says.

A Good Mom

Well, your mom has had almost all of these days, and in each and every day, she has loved you with the best love that you ever have been loved with.

Unending Love

Well, isn’t it true that the love that your mother gives to you makes her more special than anyone else? This quote is true.

The Realest Friend

Well, no matter what- these are the three words that describe your mom with you. There is no way that she will possibly not be with you.

More Beautiful

Well, mothers day quotes from Gandhi are supposed to be this great, aren’t they? Your mom already is the most beautiful thing that you have ever had.

More Than You See

In your mothers day quotes, it could be a good idea that you remind her how much you actually love her. These words could be the best words that your mom has ever heard.

The Forever Friend

Well, your mom indeed is the best of the best friend that you will ever get. Her friendship lives forever, just like this quote says.

The Loveliest Masterpiece

Well, like this mothers day quote says, the god definitely puts a lot of his work and passion while creating the mother’s heart.


Like this quote says, sometimes you mother may not be satisfied with herself- but you always know that she is perfect.

Walk Forever In My Garden

Well, that would be the same for us like in this quote if we got a flower everytime we thought of our mom.

Forgiveness at the Bottom

Well, this quote explained the mother’s heart in true words. This indeed is one of the mothers day quotes that inspire you a lot.

When They Need Us To, Do

Well, if you are a mother yourself, then this quote is just for you.

No One Else Can Take

These words in this mothers day quotes mean a lot. Well, our mother can be whatever we need her to be, and no other person in the world can be like her.

Ask You For Any More Favours

Well, this mother day quote is sweet, but I guess this is not how it will go after all. Anyway, this could be a great mothers day quotes from a son who is thanking her for helping to make him independent after all.

For The Mom In Heaven

Well, you can’t see her, but you can feel that she is there- still with you. So, when you make a wish for your mother in the heavens, you can be sure that she will hear that.

A Mother Who Read to Me

Well, what else is there to treasure more when there is your mom with you? Your mom is the most precious thing you can ever have.

Always With Me

Whatever you did or whatever you went through, your mom was always by your side. So, thank her for all that in your mothers day quotes.

We Want Our Mother

I want my mother- that is not what only the kids say. If we try to realise it, then even the adults keep on repeating the same words in the heart for many times in their lifetimes. This quote is so accurate.

The Sweet Veil

Well, to be frank after already creating the love in your moms, the God also puts all of his love into her heart. That’s the reason you can say that your mom is the bridge between you and his love.

Patient and The Forgiving Love

Well, her love is everlasting, and no power in the world can shake off the love of our mothers to us. This quote is very true.

The Behaviours

We could say like in this quote, every good behaviour that we have been praised by the world was created as a result of the love given by our mothers to us.

Only Two Hands

Well, not his is a funny mothers day quote, but still keeps you thinking. If evolution really worked on our mothers as well, she would have 1000s of hands, all of them busy on nurturing us.

The Purest Love

Well, this is also one of the best love quotes I have ever read. Well, the love that your mom gives you is the purest love there can ever be.

Now That I am Not 13

Well, the older we get, the more we realise how much our mom means to us. And the mothers day quotes get sweeter as well, we can say.

Always Walks

There is no other person like a mother- who will always walk with you- not because you have the same destination- just to make sure that you are safe on the journey. This quote says all that.

The Best Mom

Well, all of us think our mom is the best mom and the best part of all- all of us are right. This could also be a great happy mother’s day greeting for our moms.

Strengths Against The Fear

Becoming a mother- well, I know that if you are a mother, then you already have more strength than anyone else can have, but still, if you want may like to take a look at our strength quotes as well.

The Best Moments That God Tailored

Like this quote says, this is what motherhood exactly is. These moments are the best moments- for the mother and for the children as well.

My Mothers Prayers

Well, even the greatest people in the history like Abraham Lincoln would be nothing with their mom and her prayers. We also have a lot of other Abraham Lincoln quotes.

How Your Heart Sounds

Well, this quote is absolutely true and accurate- just says exactly what a mother and her children know. She knows a lot about her children, but all her children know is that she is their mother and will be with them always they want.

Good Morning

Well, get this could also be a great mothers day quote for your mother. Just make sure that reaches her the first thing in the mothers day.

To One Person

Well, this is the greatness of a mother- here, right here in this quote. For us, our mother definitely means a lot more than just a person. She has been and always is the entire world for us.

That I’m Your Favourite Child

Well, she does never say it loud, right? All of us have experienced that. But, you know, we can’t let that pop out because there still are our annoying siblings.

The Greatest Heroism

Well, motherhood is the greatest heroism, and our mother is the greatest hero that we have ever seen. This quote says it all. And still, no one can even imagine how a greater heroism would look like.

The mothers day quotes are the best things that you can say to your mother. Even a simple mother day wish by you in the day is set to make her year. There could be nothing that could make your mother happy more than your simple, honest words that you love her. But that doesn’t mean that the mothers day quotes are only for the day. After you say these words, you have to do your best to abide by them. You need to be honest on what you say and act like you mean it. You are special to your mom, and she is special to you. So, everything that you need to do is do the things that bring a smile to her lips- always and make her feel proud of you.


So, what did you think of these mothers day quotes? Did these quotes help you at all? Are there any specific mothers day quotes from this list you are going to include in your greetings? If you are, then I am sincerely happy. Well, let me know, and till the next time, make your mom the happiest mom in this mothers day.


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