119 Of The Mind-Blowing Romantic Quotes That You Must Read

Love is beautiful- so it is fun reading the romantic quotes. What amount do you like reading romantic quotes? All things considered, I guess a great deal since they help to express your sentiments. Having found true love is fabulous, you want to pass on that to the world. In any case, love is something, that can be felt effortlessly, however, I can’t state the same for being discussed. Love is difficult to express in words, but anyway you always want to do so.

So, to help you with that, we have gathered the best 119 Romantic quotes that have ever been said.

Amazing Life With Youromantic-quotes

Well, everybody would like to look back to an amazing life with their special one as in this romantic quote.

Constant Reminders

Well, this quote is true. Whether that be with their actions or words, your special one will always repeat that they love you.

Throughout Life and After It

Well, if you are looking for great romantic quotes for wife, then this quote could be the one quote you could tell her.

A Lovely Colour

Well, isn’t your loved one the colour in your colourful life? This quote  is very accurate.’

Brought Her Back To Life

Well, the sweetest thing that a stranger can do to you helps you forget the ongoing sadness in your life. And afterwards, when you fall in love with that exact person, then that is special- as said in this quote.

The Sunshine

Well, as this quote says, your loved one makes everything glitter.

Good Morning

Well, you may as well greet your one with good morning quotes like this. The first good morning wishes from you are certainly bound to be romantic.

The Hug

Well, after reading this quote, don’t you think that a hug is really romantic as well?

Because You Knew

Well, even if this is a poem, it relates to a lot of couples out there, doesn’t it? Maybe this is the exact reason you are looking for romantic quotes.


Everything- this romantic quote says what they mean to you. A friend,  life, heart, lover- whatever you call them.

Always You

Well, isn’t this quote really romantic? When you are in love with someone, it is always them in your thoughts.

Best Thing

Romance and love- when you get to feel these two things, then maybe you are getting to feel the best feeling there ever is. Just like this quote says.

Hard To Find The Words

Well, this quote definitely is one of the best I love you quotes. You cannot reflect your love in words- only because the 26 letters will not be able to say how you feel like.

A Desperate Confidence

Isn’t this quote so real? It definitely points out the main difference between a romantic and an emotional person.

From Which They Never Recovered

Well, I hope that this romantic quote will also be the story of you and your intimate. This is short but yet tells a lot.

And Not Be Madly In Love

Being in love means not only loving the person- but loving everything they do. This quote says it all.

Bewitched Me

Well, here is another romantic quote that tells exactly how you feel in your heart about the person you love.  And you can also read the book from which this romantic quote is.

The Echo

Okay, now this is it. One of the best romantic quotes that you were searching for. I hope you get to hear many echoes as you can in your lifetime.

The Most Beautiful Chapter

Well, here is another romantic quote that you could tell your loved one and see how they smile.

Never “Not”

Yes, remind your loved one just like in this quote. Tell them that you are always- That means always thinking of them.

And Your Heartbeat

You have a boyfriend, and you want romantic quotes for him? Then how about this one?

Make You Smile

Isn’t this quote so true? I bet you again smiled at this romantic quote, but I know who you are thinking of.

How Much The Heart Can Hold

What the heart can hold is infinity. Let aside poets just like said in this quote, I guess that even God can’t measure that.


Well, ending of a relationship is sad. But anyway, if the love in you still ignites, that may not be as bad as you think.

Forever and Always

Always by your side- forever till the end of time. Well, that is the only reason that you love somebody, isn’t it?

The Little Distance

Distance will never let your love apart- if it is true. But you will need romantic quotes like this one at times as well.

Loving You And Making You Happy

Love is a sacrifice as well as dedication. The thoughts in this quote always come to your mind when you are so deeply in love.

The Capacities

If you have unlocked your part of the heart that loves, then there is also going to be a lot of place for the pain. Just like this romantic quote says.

Something That Will Never Change

Love someone forever- when it means forever- it doesn’t mean longlasting, it means everlasting. So, this quote is very relevant once you are in love.

Last Everything

Last everything- you are already determined for to not make them search for anyone else. This quote is very romantic.

Every time I See You

Isn’t this love quote really accurate? Every time you see your love, it feels like something is new- you just feel like you are seeing them for the first time.

Only True

Well, true love and that is all that counts. Once you are in true love with someone, then all you care about is this- not showing off or making it perfect- you don’t need to.

The Rest Of Your Life

Yes, you are already with them and now- from this moment onwards- you want to live your remaining life with them- just like this quote says.

No Matter What

Here is another of the romantic quotes that you will need to whisper in their ears- just like it says. This quote is certain to make their day.

Never Doubt

Well, now here is one of those epic romantic quotes from Hamlet. Doubt all the universal truths but never doubt my love- the arts of William Shakespeare are really romantic.

The Comfort And Security

I would not say this is only one of the romantic quotes, but it is a true fact as well.

The Adventure

These are the words in this romantic quote that your one definitely deserves to hear.

Where Your Story Began

Well, romantic quotes can be about mothers as well. After all, it is all about love. But for more of these quotes, you can also take a look at our mothers day quotes.

A Wise Woman

Now, here is one of the best romantic quotes for her. Tell her she is the wisest woman that you have ever met.

Romantic With A Sarcastic Mind

Well, I know it is also kind of sad to be familiar with funny, romantic quotes like this one.

That Single Flashing Moment

For the people who have already had that moment, this is familiar, and for the people who have not found love yet, this true romantic quote is really inspirational.

My Idea

Well, here is a great romantic idea in this quote. They will join you for sure.

The Passion and Common Sense

Well, for all the people really thinking of devoting their souls to someone else, here is a quote that they should follow till the end.

Every Other Day

This quote is true. You don’t think about how to love in the future so much- but all you care about is loving them in the best way possible at the moment.

From My Dream Girl

Send her this romantic quote. She is definitely going to remember these words from you for the rest of her life.

And Again

I want to be with you- and repeat that again. They will notice that this is one of the best romantic quotes that you have ever said to them.

Falling For You

Romantic quotes that tell how you felt falling in love with the one- these are definitely going to be interesting stories like this quote itself.

When I Say

Well, here is a memory I Love You quote. Every word in this quote is very romantic.

The Way All The Woman

Even short romantic quotes can say a lot- this quote proved that.

To See The Smile From A Perfect Person

I guess you also have that perfect person in your life. And I also know that this quote also says how you feel about them.

The Song

Now that song is definitely your favourite, and no matter how many times you listen to it, you are never going to get bored of it.

Greater Obstacles

The people meant to be together- they could have to face a lot of struggles before meeting one another- but once they do, it is it.

A Whole Lot Of You

Well, isn’t it really amazing just like this quote says? Gets you thinking.


Well, here is another one of those you are my everything quotes. Precisely, this is what you think once you are in love.

The World To One Person

Now tell me this is not definitely what you call a great romantic quote.

Underneath the Moon

You love them everytime and everywhere. Tell them with this romantic quote.

Forever Friend

Well, here is another love quote for your sweet mother.

Romantic Quotes For Wife

Well, your wife also deserves to hear some romantic quotes once in a while. This could be one for her.

Things That I Love

Well, the feeling in this quote is what everyone would exactly love.

If You’re Ever Going To Come Back

Well, this is one of those very sad quotes, but it is also very romantic at the same time.

When I Couldn’t Love Myself

This quote is so true- the person that truly loves you loves you even when you think you don’t deserve to be loved at all.

My Heart Forever

Okay, here is an idea- tell this quote to the person you care so much of.

Of Messing Up Your Hair

And here is another one of the best romantic quotes for girlfriend. Anyway, she looks better that way.

Life Will Never Be The Same

Well, even if they are only words- this is true. Even the sky was excited for you two.

In Love With You In So Many Ways

Well, this quote just makes clear how much you are in love with them and in what ways. You love them in every way that is possible.

No Secrets

Well, this quote explains the trust and truthfulness that is required in true love.

Well Being Of One’s Companions

Well, this is also the difference between ego and love. Once in love, you only care about them being well- even if they don’t end up with you.

The Weather

Well, here is another romantic quote that everyone in love should see.

A Luxury 

Well, but the times have changed- nowadays people need to work. Many circumstances happen that make this romantic quote familiar.

A Fellow

Well, for many people, this is the description that fits their information. But, this won’t remain for a long time.

The Matching Weirdness

Now, tell me how much weird do you get when you are with them? If both of your answers is a lot, then it is true love.

A True Soul Mate

Because you know, when you have finally met your true soul mate as said in this quote, then even your soul is jumping around with joy.

Made and Mended

This romantic quote is accurate as well. After you build a love, you will have to maintain it.

Just A Little Work

Straight facts and really romantic. The book and the movie are perfect as well.

Someone That See The Bad

Well, the romance in true love means becoming assured. And this quote says it all.


Well, the chemistry taking over the biology. Isn’t is quote really sweet?

The Only Reason

Here is a romantic quote for you if you are willing to make a speech to them. I am serious, pick these words- you are going to hear a lot of applause.

My Family

Well, not only romantic quotes but every quote from friends bring tears to our eyes. And especially when Phoebe says words like these, we come to know how special love truly is.

In The Same World

Well, aren’t you thankful that you two live in the same world? And also that great romantic quotes like this exist?

Never Alone Now

Well, if you like Pretty Little Liars, then I bet you also remember this romantic quote.

Little Hearts

Well, okay, here is one of the other romantic quotes- one of the best that you will ever get to read in your life.

Who I Have In My Life

Things don’t have a soul- they don’t have a heart. And if you actually have people in your lives, then well, you will also be able to say out great romantic quotes like this.

The Texts That I Read Again

I guess all of you are familiar with this quote. Be it your crush or be it your lover- the feelings are really wonderful.

Past and Beyond

Well, here is a perfect way for you to say I Love You. Expect great reactions.

Before They Held You

Well, holding them certainly is one of the best things that your hand has ever done.

The Magic Moment

When you saw them for the first time- that indeed was the best magical and romantic moment that you have ever had in your life.

Nothing Else To Have For

Well, you have everything needed in the world when you have their heart in your hands. So, this quote becomes relevant.

My Judgement

Well, now here is a great way of measurement. You can check it out as well.

Support Without Questions

Now, here is a pure definition of love. This is the concept of the love that is deep down in the roots of everybody’s hearts.

When With You and Without You

And now, here is another one of the romantic quotes that also explains the theory of relativity.

When I Tell You

Well, when someone tells those three words- that has a lot of reasons for it. And all of them are major.


Well, tell romantic quotes for her from the heart- if you do that, your relationship is going to be very healthy and everlasting.

The Privilege of Meeting You

Well, there we so many possibilities for you, weren’t they? But you should consider yourself lucky for actually meeting the true one against all the odds.

Only If I Could Explain

Well, this is exactly what happens. You can point to everything that makes them special to you, but you can’t explain exactly why- or rather you can’t tell them in words.

When We Are Old

Well, if you still have them till that time, then you will look back and say that your life has been the happiest life there could ever be.

Without You

Dude, you need to try this. You are going to make the entire surrounding romantic.

All That Matters

Well, here is another one of the sweetest romantic quotes there can ever be.

The Tips 

Well, here are the five tips that are going to be very important to you. And here are the five rules for him if you are a girl.

Everything That is Life

Love never dies- we have heard that a lot of time. And this quote elucidates that even more.

The Love

Romantic quotes talking solely about love- this is what many people look for motivation as well.

The Next Sixty Years Of My Life

Once when you kiss them, you are determined that you are going to do anything to make this last till the end of your life.

Something Not Possible

Again, here is another romantic quote that states exactly the truth.

Blinded By The Light

The only reason being the for the loved one- this quote is very romantic as well.

In My Garden

Yes, this quote is true- and I guess a lot of you are familiar with this romantic quote.

The Same Souls

Well, here is a great romantic quote for him. About him and you, actually.

One Word

Well, the words on this quote describe everything on their own.

The Jealous Eyes

Well, this romantic quote also describes how true love exists because of the connection of the hearts- not only because of someone looking attractive.


So, after reading this romantic quote, I would be sincerely hoping that you got to realise that you have a soulmate.


Now, tell me that this romantic quote isn’t epic. Home in each other’s arms- how good can the quotes get?

The Meeting Of the Two Souls

Here is another excellent definition of love in this quote.

Multiplication By Infinity

Well, if you were searching for romantic quotes for husband as well, this is what you should tell him the next time he says that he loves you.

What We Were Taught In Heaven

Don’t you sometimes think about your loved one as same in this romantic quote?

My Answer

Well, here is a romantic answer from you for the next time they ask you the same. Just tell them what this quote says.

So, tell me if these romantic quotes were good enough. Were these quotes entirely what you are searching for? Did you feel that they were the sentences in your heart? Let me know, and also let your loved one see this. And ask them if they thought the same. And if you liked our romantic quotes, then I am pretty sure you would also like to take a look at our valentines day quotes as well. Till then, have a good time. And never forget to love.


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