113 Best I Miss You Quotes And Sayings To Help You In Your Tough Time

I miss you- even if it is sad, isn’t it a beautiful thing to say? You say I miss you- when you really care about a person from the heart, and their absence annoys you.  You feel like something is incomplete, and sometimes you may not even feel like your usual self when the person you care about is not around. Well, this is the time you need some words to relate to you which will actually ease you off a little bit of the emotional pain, and I miss you quotes are precisely that.

The I miss you quotes support you. They help you to soothe the feelings of incompleteness as they inspire you. Sometimes, some words of encouragement are everything you need, and I miss you quotes are exactly that.

So, whether it be to get over the loss of someone or the distance that separates you from them- I miss you quotes do a great job and today, we have compiled the best I miss you quotes from the internet that will help you forget the long distance.

Then I Miss You More

i-miss-you-quotesDoesn’t this happen to everyone when a love relationship is over?  You miss them till the point you miss them more.

Miss You Every Time

Well, this quote is kind of sad. Nope, I would say this quote is really sad.

When You Think About It

Between the I Love you quotes and I miss You, this quote has given the perfect definition of love.

Every Second

This indeed is one of these very romantic miss you messages. Well, when you are in love- even if you are not together for a small time, you still miss them, don’t you?

They Were With You

Well, isn’t this I miss you quote fairly accurate?

The Feeling That Reminds

This quote is made up of a lot of emotions. You miss someone because that is just another way of loving them, it is true. Also, check out our romantic love quotes.

Miss Everything

Well, sometimes in a phase in your life, the words in this quote really come to life and you relate to this quote completely.

What Will It Take

All I can say about this quote is that I really feel for the person who said this. And also for the people who found this real.

The Distance

If you have a loved one living in a long distance, then this could be the perfect I miss you quote for him.

Left From My Life

Well, the wishes like in this quote certainly tear a person apart. Living life with a regret that can never be amended is very tough.

Tom And Jerry

Cute I miss you quotes like this may even tell your story. If it does, your relationship is fantastic.

Pretending I Don’t

This quote is so sad that we could even include it in the list of our sad quotes. Anyway, sometimes also being tough can make us weak in the inside.

For My Dad

Well, all we can hope is that all the dads in the heaven will hear this quote. These are the feelings that go in the heart of a child who last lost his dad.

Concealed Feelings

Even if the people outside think that you are a happy and outgoing person, deep down this thought could make you feel like the saddest person on the planet.

Always By My Side

This is one of these motivational quotes which make the term I miss you sparkle to life. Just that the people reading this may come to tears.


Missing someone becomes a habit you just cannot give up. Well, it has been said all in this quote.

The Loud Thumps

Here is another one of the best I miss you so much quotes. Every night before you go to sleep, the thoughts in this quotes are exactly what play in your mind if you are missing someone.


Even despite all these maybes, the thoughts of the other person still plays like a film in your small mind.

Right Here in My Lap

Missing her? This could be one of you I miss you quotes for her. The long distance makes you imagine things, doesn’t it?

That Emotional Stress

The emotional stress talked about this quote is one of the biggest forms of torture that your hear can feel.

Not Easy

This quote could be shorter than the other I miss you quotes, but the roots of what it says is in the deepest part in our hearts.

So I Wouldn’t Have To

Like this quote says, sometimes missing someone could also make you feel like abandoning the way you live your own life just to join them on what they do.

3 A.M.

Well, like this quote says, when you miss the person at 3 a.m, it is insomnia with immense pain in your feelings. It desires a lot of strength for you to still stay on your grounds.

Not a Single Moment 

When the person’s presence is craved so much, as this quote says, you will reach to a point you will think of them every second of the day.

Hug You In My Mind

This quote is so accurate. That hug in your mind, you want to feel every bit of it like it is actually happening.

Lips Instead Of  A Text

Like this quote says, sometimes you be this restless when the person you love is away for some time.

Everday It Happens

Well, isn’t the “I Miss You” perpetual just this quote says?

If I Knew

Sometimes, you don’t want to sympathise with a quote but instead feel for it. When you lose the person you love, you will come to realise that this is the hardest thing that you ever have to encounter with.

My Best Friend

Your best friend was the closest person you have ever opened to. And when you say you miss him, you really do.

Only You Can Feel

Well, people become speechless when they hear I miss you quotes like this.

What Happens

Now, this is one of those funny I miss You quotes, but it rather tells about a depressing truth.

Those Moments

You are in love and you don’t want to be away for even the slightest time. And this quote explains that all.

All The Days After That

Well, there is nothing that can change the fact that you miss someone. Like this quote says, you eventually will get stronger, but you still have to cope with the fact that you miss them.

You Are Missing From Me

The French people really do have a good understanding of this aspect, don’t they?

Those Texts

Well, but anyway, you still can’t deny the fact that if you have to text your lover, then you still miss them.

The Truth

“I Miss You,” this quote said it, plain and simple and implied that this is absolutely true. That is all you need to say.

To The Special One

Well, this quote is a good I Miss You quote for the person that you truly love.

Waiting in Deep Down

Well, you sometimes even try to lie to yourself as said in this quote. But afterwards, you realise that you miss them, and the feelings are real.

Ought to Be Together

Well, all the hours that you don’t spend with them, you wish that time to pass away quickly because as you know, you people will eventually meet again.


To be honest, I couldn’t read this I Miss You quote for mom because I don’t want to imagine how hard it could be. For the people living without their mom, you are really the strongest people I will ever know.

Miss, You Like This

Don’t you miss some like this? Everywhere you go, you want them with you, and you want to see them again so that you could love them in the best way that you can.

To Capture You

This quote is so true. You miss them so bad so that you do some many things to create an illusion that they are still with you.

You Felt For Me

Well, you have ended the terms, but you can’t deny the fact that it wasn’t like this. This quote says it all.


When you truly miss someone, you want to apologise in every single way possible, just like this quote says.

The Suspense Of Us

I guess you know this quote already. The suspense in something everyone wants to get out of.

Not To Disappear

Well, like this quote says, even if you may not be so innocent,  your heart still is. And you are tired of the people who actually just make your heart to miss them.

The Distance

Well, every moment you miss them, you will realise what the time means when you people are together. This quote is very inspiring.

And You Gave Her Away

Well, sometimes the mistakes like this will make yourself hurt a lot, and you feel like there is no way that you can amend. Or maybe it is too late, all you can do is just miss her.

Our Conversations

Well, there it is in this quote. The other thing that you miss is the conversations that you had with the one that you love.

And Everytime In Between

Well, sometimes you have to become familiar with this quote when you let go of the most important person in your life.

My Preference

Well, would prefer the way that is said in this quote. But, you just wonder why this becomes so hard.

I am Drowning

Well, here is a unique explanation in this quote about missing someone. You drown, but you never have to touch the water.

I Miss You Quotes For Friends

If you were looking for quotes that said how much you miss your friends, you could see this. You could even send this as a wish for them.

With Nature

Well, you do everything that you possibly can to lose yourself in nature. But, still, the feeling is there- clinging to you. And if you want some quotes like this- I mean about nature, take a look at our nature quotes.

Not Even Mine

It is not that you miss them only because they are not with you at the time, you even miss your crush when you are with them at the moment. It’s all because you miss them from your life, not at the time.

 Reasons For This

Doesn’t this quote almost say about every reason that you miss someone?

Killing Me Slowly

The pain that lies in the distance, well that becomes more intense as time passes on. This quote says it all.

Beside Us

Well you love them, they still love you, but you cannot neglect that you still miss them. Even, if you know that they are present somewhere close to you.

The Sadness

Maybe when you write your own missing you quotes for him, you will find it a little easier to cope with the problems you have. Just try to reflect your feelings in the paper, that will help you a lot.

Keep Doing Things

You sometimes really have to keep yourself busy trying desperately not to miss them. But when you are free, then the feelings are still waiting for you to be felt.


Are you missing someone because you think that your marriage is a fail? Well, you will need to read this quote from Nicholas Sparks.

The RainDrops

Well, doesn’t his quote gives a true explanation of missing someone taking into thoughts the raindrops? This quote is something that keeps you thinking, even if that be for a short amount of time.

As Much As You Can

This quote says it all. It is like missing someone is not a part of the feelings of the love, it is a unique feeling by itself.

These Words

Don’t these words from Drake relate to you as well? This quote is one of those quotes for the people who truly miss their loved one.

Navigation to Push Harder

Well, even if you miss someone, you could use it as a motivation. For more quotes like this, take a look at our motivational quotes.


Well, everyone knows it is too hard, but now maybe it is your time to try to stop focusing on the only part that you miss them. It could take some time, but you eventually will have to do it.

The Biggest Mistake

Well, you sometimes put yourself in a situation that you have to regret. Just like the one in this quote.

I cry inside

Well, this quote is familiar to a lot of us. Missing someone really means that the person is crying deep down in the heart.

Never Stops Hurting

Well, you did nothing wrong- everything that you did was the best you could ever do. But, still they keep you in a position like in this quote, and maybe it is your weakness, but you again can’t stop missing them.

For Daddy

Well, this is one of the most of most accurate I miss you quotes for dad. It says a lot by itself.

Doesn’t mean that

Isn’t this quote so real? It speaks the heart out of many people, doesn’t it?

The Puncture Holes

When you miss someone, then you think everything in your life is not the way you want them, to be, and everything can easily hurt you. R9manti miss you messages make us think for a while, that’s for certain.

Talking To You

Well, you can’t talk to them like you used to do when you miss them, and this quote reflects how much does this hurt you.

In Our Dreams

Well, you hope every single way that you still will be together with the person that you love. Even if that is in your dreams, that still is better than nothing, that is what this quote says,

The Hurting Turnaround

Well, you miss someone because you make decisions that lead to the situation. Now, like in this quote, you hope that you had actually made the right choice.

Your Heart Beat

Well, all these thoughts in the quote reside in your heart every second of the day when you miss them.


Missing your dad is very hard, and you want him to come back as said in this quote. But, you have to accept the fact that everybody goes through such a situation, everybody must.

Words From This Darkness

Well, this I miss you quote is the words that come out of your soul when you realise that the world is slowly getting darker and darker without the person that you love.

Stare at Your Pictures and Smile

Well, don’t you sometimes hate the fact that it is the only possible thing you can do? But nothing really seems that it can be changed, just like this quote says.

I Miss You Quotes For Him Long Distance

Seven words in this I miss you quote, and it already says more than what hundreds of other words mean.

Someone Worth Missing

Well, as this quote says, there may still be something positive about missing someone. If you liked this quote, then you could also check out our other positive quotes.

You Were Here

Like this quote says, only if the person was there with you, you could tell them a lot, couldn’t you?

As the Distances Between Galaxies

If you are not together, then you are not together- that is all there is to it. The distance always seems greater than it actually is because it needs to.

Most of all

Well, love is wonderful, but as this quote says, when you miss it, then it could be the most painful things that you can encounter with.

Caught Me With A Smile

Well, you do catch yourself frequently with a smile as said in this quote- whether that be when you are looking at the mirror or when you just notice that you are smiling because of the thoughts of the one you are missing at the moment.

What I Am Afraid Of

Well, when you are in love, you already realise how hard missing someone could be like, and now you are already afraid like said truly in this quote.

Always On the Mind

Well, this quote is definitely relatable to a lot of people. I mean to the people who miss the ones who have already had a permanent place in their thoughts and the heart.

A Little By Little

The intensity of the feeling of missing someone grows day by day. Like this quote says, maybe it could be a little- but still the growth is something that you realise and keeps bothering you.

With Anyone Else

The sad moment in your life is when you think it is all settled and are in a new relationship at the moment, but you still can’t stop missing your first love.

Right Now She Cares

Well, if her nag bothers you, then you have to pay attention to this quote. You surely have to make sure that you don’t get to a moment such that you actually happen to miss her nagging.

Missing some doesn’t simply mean you are just missing them- it is also a sign that you cared for them in the first place. So, all you need to know is that you are right for missing someone. But what you also should realise is that you don’t deserve to be in a tough situation like this. Well, even if you miss someone, then there is no reason for you to let the sadness engulf you. All right, you could miss the people that you loved, but still, you have to be strong- that means missing someone is okay, just be strong that you won’t let that ruin your own life.

So, what did you think about these I miss you quotes? Did they reflect the exact way that you miss the special people in your life that you hold close to your heart? Did these words help to soothe at least your burning feelings that were triggered by the absence of the people that you care about so much? Well, I hope that they did and till the next time, I wish you to be strong like you are now.

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